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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, My husband is now living back in America and I am about to post off our I-130 petition. He has mailed me a check to cover the filing fee of $535, however I have just noticed the instructions say only cashiers checks are accepted, not personal ones. I have however looked at previous forum posts from others who say they've successfully paid via personal check so I'm confused as to whether my petition would get rejected or not. Has anyone paid with a personal check recently without any problems? The check is from Bank of America and made out to US Department of Homeland Security. Thanks
  2. Hi, I don't have personal check book but I want to track my application packet using cashier check. I can pay bank fee to get it on the same day and will be able to track when it is cashed vs money order that can not be tracked easily. Can you please share experience, if someone has used this method for J1 waiver fee payment or know anything about it? Or any other suggestion to get bank check in 1-2 day or other traceable method? Main purpose is to track sent application packet using check cashed method. Thanks!
  3. Hey friends! I'm curious, at what point of the process do I go for my police background check/ clearance? I am the beneficiary and I live in Canada. I heard a lot of mix up and controversy about which type of forms you need (there are two options for this in Canada?) Do any of you happen to know exactly which form you need? Can you go to any RCMP building or must you go to specific ones that are required by the embassy (like the medical)? Does my husband (the petitioner) need a police check? Thanks!
  4. My Lawyer mailed the IV and AOS package on Wednesday Sept 26 2018, I'm impatient so I called on October 1st 2018 to confirm that NVC recieved the case, I was informed that they did received our case on Friday Sept 28 2018. I check out case daily I'm obsessed at least 100x lol. Anyway I see on CEAC status went from Action required: send requested documents to At NVC and also our AOS fee section disappear. From research I see when the AOS fee disappear and status change to At NVC you can assume your case is complete. So I called NVC and I was informed that our case was in fact complete.....yaaaaay so we are in line for a interview to be schedule and case to then be sent to embassy. Just waiting for notification of the update.
  5. Hello, we are about to send our I-129f this weekend. Is it okay to have a check not from the petitioner, but from someone else (for example petitioner's parent) ? Many thanks for quick help!!
  6. Hey guys! We got our NOA1 today and a big question came to my mind: Police check! So, I'm currently in the USA visiting my fiance and we filed the form I 129 F while I'm here so the time apart is not as big (we did a TON of research until we found out that it's actually OK to file while the alien is in the USA). I'm Argentinian but since March 2018 I have permanent residency in Italy (I have double citizenship Argentinian-Italian). I've lived my whole life in Argentina, traveled the word for five years non stop and finally "moved" to Italy this year. Here's where things get tricky: I got engaged and we decided to live in the USA. So, long story short, here is what I wrote on our forms: MAILING ADDRESS: My brother's house in Argentina (I requested to attend the interview at the consulate in Argentina, since I'm going to be visiting my family by then) CURRENT PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Italy (legally, that's my current address) March 2018 - present PHYSICAL ADDRESS 2 (HISTORY): Argentina Now, the big question: Police check Of course I need the one from Argentina. I understand that I only need the records from countries I spent more than a year at so, even though Italy is my current residence, by the time I attend the interview I won't have been living there for a year (hopefully). In fact, I left Italy in June and I'm planning on going back August 2019 for a visit. So technically, I have only spent 4 months in Italy. Do I need the Italian police clearance? Thanks!!
  7. I have seen different responses regarding submission of checks for filing fee and biometrics. My attorney says to do two separate checks (one for filing fee, one for biometrics). Interested to see what others have done and get more of a group consensus.
  8. Upon checking my case status today, after sending in my I-130 package, I got the notice "My Case Was Rejected Because My Check Or Money Order Is Not Signed". At first I got really disappointed with my lack of attention for such a basic item. Then I decided to check the pictures that I took from my application before send it in, and was surprised to find my check perfectly filled and signed just as it should be. Did this happen to anyone else, or does anyone have any idea of why it could have happened? According to the message on the USCIS website, they emailed my application back to me, but I'm afraid that if I write a new check and send it back, they'll just reject it again, because, as I said it, the check was properly filled! Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. I, like the complete idiot I am, have just forgotten to include a cheque with my I-751 application (I'm absolutely kicking myself but what's done is done!). My GC expires at end of April so I have another 10 days still to submit my application. I sent the application last Friday 13th (of course - I should"ve known) and it arrived on the Saturday 14th - I'm just wondering, for anyone who has done the same, how long (and I realise that it's never exact) did it take for the cheque-less application to be returned? As I have time should I just re-submit a whole new application complete with cheque (but without original documents that I submitted) or hold tight until the package is returned and submit late with explanation? I know these bases have kind of been covered in some previous discussions, to which I did further post but no help, but if anyone has had any more recent experience I'd be super super grateful for any more info! TIA!
  10. Hi all, After sending my I-751 packet off last week, I realised that I had put the date on the check in the incorrect format (I used the British date format instead of American). What can I expect to happen now? Will they send the whole packet back, or just the check? Should I send another packet off to get this solved quicker? Many thanks, Dale
  11. Hello Guys! I hope you canhelp me. My wife is American, and we both are living here in the US. She is applying for the I130 form being my sponsor. Here are the forms we are sending: - Form i130 (sponsor) and i130a (supplementary infos): $535 - Form i131 Travel Permit : $575 - Form i485 Adjust of Status: $1,140 - i765 Work Permit: $410. - Form i864 Affidavit of suport: NO FEE So, I have to send the checks with the values. My doubt is: can I send just one check with all the values together, or do I have to fill one check for each form? In the second case, Do i put all the checks in the beginning of the papers, or do I put each check in the front of each form's page? And since I already applied for the forms, and had it dennied because I applied for a Fee Waiver, Can I give up the Travel Permit and send again without it in the package? Thanks you so far!
  12. Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am preparing i-130 and i-485 and I am a beneficiary. While I am preparing filing fees for these two forms, I had a quick question on the personal check. For the form i-130, should I submit the personal check under petitioner's name? I've looked into USCIS page and searched Visa Journey, but could not answer this question.. Currently, I am planning to write two checks (i-130 and i-485) under my name. (my personal check which has my name only). Could anyone share the opinion about this? Thanks a lot
  13. Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. Ok, I know my mistake. USCIS tried to cash the check for the fee. I didn't verify the money in my account 4 days in a row. I transfer money to my account, but they stop to try to cash the check yesterday. I call the USCIS service and they say I just need to wait, but the deadline of my green card is 09/29. Any comments? Help! Gracias!!