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Found 19 results

  1. Has any K1 beneficiary changed their first name before filing for the green card application? Did you run into any issues?
  2. the status in CEAC to change from "at NVC" to "In Transit"? I got the interview email yesterday and I was wondering does anyone know a general ballpark of when it'll say the file is no longer at NVC and is on the way to the consulate/embassy. Thanks!
  3. What is the status of a person that had filed to change from a B1/B2 visa to an F1 while they wait for the process. Is that person technically considered as illegal if their 6 month initial stay on the tourist visa had expired? Or what will their status be?
  4. Currently working in the US on a H2B visa, would like to change to a ESTA visa. Need to quit my job for personal reasons, but would like to remain in the country for approx 1 month before I go home. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  5. Hi, In 2016 I was a victim of domestic violence where she was taken into custody and the judge denied her to go back to our house. At this time we had one child together and she threatened me with many things to the point she went to meet with ICE to get me deported. Anyway, it didn't work and after several months she came back asking to see the child. During this period (08/16) I filed I-751 as a battered husband and included the domestic violence as proof. By February 2017, I was done with my biometric and we decided to come back together and drop the domestic violence. Since, we are living in a new address, had another child. My question, since I didn't update my I-751 and it is still pending (moved to the local office), what is the best course of action to keep the case up to date? (update the I-751 with new pieces of evidence of our common life?)
  6. So i have filed a petition for my Wife (I-130) with a priority date of May 10, 2018. However, I may move here in the next month to next few months and i was wondering what the process of changing the address was like. I asked around and people ( Immigration attorney and I-130 Preparers) have said that the mail will go to the original address for period of 9 months before getting a "welcome Letter." Not sure what this means. Does it really take 9 months to change the address and receive mail at the new address?? Also, my current address is what i put as the expected address where my wife will be living after entering the USA. Would this be a problem?
  7. This may be a bit of a weird one, but I am at a loss as to where to go. I am a UK citizen and when I was between 5 - 8 years old my parents changed my name by deed poll. I have misplaced the original 80's document and need to get a replacement but the UK does not have a central database of name changes!!! So I am not sure where to go to get a legally binding copy of the certificate, for my K1 interview at the Embassy in London. Has anyone else ever had to show a childhood name change? What paperwork was required? All my documentation is in my current name, apart from my original birth certificate which has my mothers maiden name on. Anyone had a similar experience?
  8. Hi all, I’m about to head out of town for 6 weeks (from this weekend) to Utah (I’m in California). Just received my one year extension notice - did you guys get your biometrics appointment scheduled within 6 weeks of your notice? I’m worried that I’m going to miss it, and as I’m not here I won’t get the letter to try to do a walk-in in Utah. Anyone have any advice to what I should do?
  9. Hello! I am looking for the information about the petitioner changing jobs while we are waiting for NOA2. My fiancé (the petitioner) had a part-time job when we filed I-129F in November as well as he was a student. He graduated on December, 2017 and now he has started his own business with business license, and that's different from the part-time job he did while he was in school. He got his business license for his business in April 2017, bus since he was still in school, he wasn't really making money yet as a self-employee. So we only listed him as a student and also listed his part-time job on the employment history as current employment history. He is filing the tax for his business this year as 1099 since he made money off of it once school ended, and it made me realized that maybe we should have listed his own business in I-129F as well...? If so, should we mail his job information to USCIS? Since his business really started after we filed I-129F, do you think it would be okay if I bring a proof that he has a new job when I have an interview, and not mailing them about his business beforehand?? Since he is self-employed, there won't be any letter from the company or something like that unless it would be okay that he wrote himself a letter...? We are thinking that a copy of his business license and a copy of the rental lease he is renting for his business. I know I am writing the two different questions here, and I bet it is confusing..haha So please let me know if you need the clarification. We are a November filer so we still have a lot of time to wait until NOA2, but we would like to gather information from now so we are ready to receive NOA2. Thank you for reading my post. Any advice is appreciated!:)
  10. Hi I was wondering if anyone had experienced this. We’re 3months into the waiting period for the petition and now I’m trying to plan our summer on the little information we have so far. Portuguese visa applications are sent to Paris where you take a prepaid self addressed envelope to your interview. Can the address you put on that envelope be different tothe address you filed with? I want to visit family in the UK and was wondering if I can use my mother’s address while I wait for the passport to be sent. The other question is, can I book my medical appointments in advance even though I haven’t had the NVC referral yet? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, I am just wondering if anyone else out there has guilt of moving away from their parents and siblings in this process? I am very close with my family and my petition just got approved but now the tough feelings are setting in. I just wonder if there are other people out there who feel this guilt or is this something that shouldn't be happening. I'm not sure why it bothers me, just upset to be missing out on all the things involved when I'm in the same city as my family and not coping well with the change. Don't get me wrong I am super excited of course to start my new life and finally be reunited with my fiancé, however just looking for some tips or acknowledgement that I am not alone. Thanks for reading Brentwood
  12. Hey guys, I am currently working on the I-130 to petition for my wife and i know i will have to send tax returns with my W-2s in the future for i-864. However, I have a nick name. I don't want to put my real name on here so.. i'll give an example: My legal name: Jayeshkumar Bharatbhai Shah. My Nick Name: Jayesh Bharat Shah My Legal name is all of my legal documents: Passport, Social Security, Citizen certificate etc.. however one of my W-2 has my nick name on it, but the corresponding tax return has my Legal name on it. So my Question is.. Would guys put down the nick name and include a letter with the I-130 explaining that it is only a nick name and not a legal name change and hence i do not have any proof of name change? Also What problems could i run into with the name being different on the W-2 vs. the tax return? The social security number is the same on the Tax Return and the W-2.
  13. Can you change your address again? I am asking this question because I made a mistake when I filled out the Alien's Change of Address Card. What can I do to change it? Please HELP
  14. My apologies if a thread like this already exists, but does anyone know if changing your address with USCIS effects the processing time of the K-1 visa? I'm moving out of my current place, but will still be able to receive mail there. I petitioned Feb 6, 2018, NOA1 Feb 8, 2018, so USCIS probably has my case buried under a mountain of others and hasn't looked at it yet, so I imagine it doesn't effect anything. The paralegal at the law office I hired (currently regretting that decision) told me it has no effect, but I don't have a huge amount of faith in her opinion: when she filled out our petition using the information I provided, she listed my fiancé's country of birth as "Managua" instead of "Nicaragua" and she made a few other mistakes on the petition as well (luckily I caught the others).
  15. I need advice as I’m not having any luck in my searches, or USCIS customer service/website. I have my conditional green card, and recently submitted an AR11 online as we moved from OH to AZ. I received and email saying my request was successfully submitted. It has been 5 weeks, I call customer service they tell me if I need to know what address they have I need to go to a local office ? That seems very unnecessary and a waste of everyone’s time. What is is the general process ? Is this right ? Should I not get some kind of confirmation ?
  16. Hi! Recently my friend got a b-2 type US visa for 6 months (She is from Ukraine). When she was applying, the purpose was to attend a language camp and live under "homestay" conditions, so the visa came with the annotation like "Name of the camp", HOMESTAY, CITY, STATE, and that the reason is to study English. After she received her visa, the plans have changed and she does not want to go to the camp (after further research we figured out that the camp does not match her preferences). She doesn't care about losing her deposit (which she paid for the camp), but she still wants to go to the US to see her friend (it is me) and stay with me for a couple weeks. Is it possible to visit the US for tourist purposes, but ignore the annotation and do not attend English courses? If not, what to do if she wants to come here anyway? Please, help!!! Thank you!
  17. Hi all, I have a question about dates that were filled out in the application for Tourist B2 visa. Can travel date change to earlier? For example we filled out date of trip to be in June, but now the plans are changing and if the visa to be approved, would want to travel in March. Would it be a cause for them to deny entry in immigration upon getting into US airport? How stringent are they about it? Also is staying for 1.5 months instead of mentioned 2,5 weeks be a cause for them to deny entry or cancel visa? I really don't want to re-fill out the application, but will the changes like that if visa is approved by consul result in problems in immigration?
  18. I had my interview on 21st December and was approved CO told me ill get te visa in 10 days but nothing uptil now. On 23rd jan my case creation and update date were the same IV change to NIV and status was application received. Until yesterday it was the same but now if i check it show “ ur search did not return any data” and if i check through NIV it shows no status. any idea whats happening?
  19. Hi everyone, I am currently working on my EAD that I got through the OPT. Me and my husband are planning to apply for my green card and the new EAD through this process in a week or so. I am planning to take his name and all the forms that we will be sending to the immigration will have his last name, that I am would like to take. We are currently in different cities, but I would like to move to where he is currently. I am planning to keep working on my OPT EAD till my new one comes. If I start the name change process with SSN + Drivers License and then I move jobs, now EAD will no longer match my government issued documents. If I don't change my last name and wait for 90 days for the new EAD to come, this might create issues with my Adjustment of status. Did someone have the same situation or knows what the best way to go about this is? I am not sure if the old EAD with the marriage certificate would be sufficient till the new one comes or will that cause issues when the new employer is onboarding me? Thanks!
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