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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for California Service Center Filers.
  2. Mrs. RiRi G


    For those whom received RFE (referral for evidence), what were some of the documents that USCIS request from you'll?
  3. Good day all, on the USCIS processing times page, for California Service Centre, there isn't any estimated time range for a U.S citizen filing for a spouse. Can some give me an idea of what the processing time at the mentioned service centre like?
  4. I had I 751 videotaped interview after denial of N 400 interview last month. I had N-400 interview scheduled last month but they did not take my Interview last month. I and my spouse arrived at USCIS 30 min early. After security we went to interview line windrow where they checked my N 751 joint appointment letter as well as I showed them last N 400 too. They gave us token number and informed you will be called soon. After 15 mins of wait super friendly young officer called our number and from the starting point to the end she was super talkative and friendly. She then took us to her office and told us that before you take seat you need to talk oath. After that she turned on the camera and took out my N751 and N 400 big thick files at the same time. Then she goes we will go through both case one by one. She started with what is your wedding date? Where was it? How did you meet? When did you decided to get married? Why you do not have kids? Where do you work? Then she asked for any evidence we have for our marital union. We provided with Car insurance, last 3 years tax return, our Chicago, Texas and India trip tickets, pictures. Bank statements. She said she cannot approve i 751 but she is going to request because her system is down at this time. then she goes now we will start with N 400 I was in impression that she will not take exams for 400 because last month during my official N400 interview date they denied to take my interview because 751 was pending. In N400 mostly she went through my form which I sent. She asked all those questions again and then she took writing, reading and history test. She just asked 6 questions in test and she said you got all 6 right so we are done. Officer provided me with form N-652 which says my A number and CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL. She said because we need to stop your new green card process we will not be able to put you in next Oath Ceremony but most probably you will be schedule for last week of June. We both were there for i 751 Interview. After 751 was over the officer said I am not going to ask your spouse to go out as it will take only few minutes for test so my spouse was there next to me while IO took Reading, Writing and history Test. Today my 751 status was changed online and now it says that "New Card is Being Produced" but IO already informed me that I am not going to received 10 years GC as n400 is approved.
  5. Hello everyone, I'd like to send an expedite request letter (and evidence) via mail to the California Service Center in support of my I-129F. I believe that I can demonstrate my request meets two of the criteria. I called the USCIS Contact Center to make the request but the call was disconnected in the middle of the discussion. When I called back to restart the process of submitting the request, the USCIS agent notified me that a service request had already been submitted on my behalf (the agent whom I was disconnected from went ahead and submitted the request after we got disconnected). Although I'm sure she was well intended, she only documented and submitted half of my request and with the stakes being so high, I don't think it's fair to make such a submission without confirming all the information is accurate. I asked if the request could be modified or cancelled and was informed that it couldn't. As a result, I'd like to send a letter and evidence directly to the service center. Does anyone have any idea what the correct address would be for something like this? Finding an address online has been difficult because the California Service Center has a few different mailing addresses. Thanks!
  6. California processing center recieve my I129f on oct. 27 2017. I got an rfe in august 2018 and they recieve my reply august 10. They inquire about criminal record and I have none. I send them court record check and live scan and statement of facts concerning 4 arrests, 2dui and 2 faiure to appear...all happened over 20 years ago...both backround checks found no criminal history. Just wondering how long before they respond....anyone have a similar case or experience?
  7. Hello fellows, First of all, I am very sorry if this question has been answered before. I tried to look for the thread but I still can't find the answer to my question. Let me share our situation: My fiance and I sent our package to Texas PO box on June 15th. We got our NOA1 a week later (hurrayyy) and we are waiting for our NOA2. He will file an expedite request under the following criterion: Department of Defense or national interest situation (These particular expedite requests must come from an official U.S. government entity and state that delay will be detrimental to the government.); He says he is getting a letter signed by his CO and fax it to USCIS. When we sent our 129F package, we did not know about the the letter of intent from the beneficiary. I live and Japan and it will take a week for my letter to get to Florida. I was thinking of sending the letter ahead of time so when the RFE comes, the letter is ready. I can only find the PO box for California service center. I am a bit hesitant to use it since it's not the actual address. Does it matter? while writing this post, I realized I could ask my fiance to check the address on the envelop of our NOA1. If the California SC address isn't written there, would it be okay to use the PO box for my letter of intent to marry? Should I send my letter now to my fiance or should we just wait for the RFE? Your help is highly appreciated. Cheers, G
  8. Hi any updates for california service center processing time for i 130 (perminant resident applying for spouse) My petition was recieved in october 17 and i'm waiting for approval. Thank you
  9. How much time it will take to get approval we filed in july 2017 we got an RFE on 30 January by mail.
  10. Evening all, I need to vent a sec then get some sound advice and/or suggestions. I feel I am a very patient person and so is my fiancé. We both are Christians and I have faith that things will work in our favor. BUT, it's been over 190+ days since I filed our I-129F K1 petition. I wasn't worried now we both are getting concerned. I even tried using the tracking app but it just made me more concerned because most of the I129F for May 22, 2017 are completed and there are tons of I130 for the same date. I don't know if was reading it wrong but what I did was try to analyze by the last 4 numbers of our receipt and look for May 22 and May 24th dates. I did review all but was just trying to get and idea of where USCIS is at as far as the cases. I front loaded and sent the Affidavit of Support. I called the end if last month and spoke to a rep but they just read the same thing I saw online at that time they were still in April. The rep said next month which would've been November. I tried doing an inquiry a few days ago online and then on Dec 1st. They system did not process the inquiry and I got a message saying our application is within the current processing time. I'm traveling abroad this week so I'd like to have some good news to share with my fiancé. Is anyone else having a similar issue? I'm I missing something? Any idea?
  11. I spoke to a Representative at the USCIS this morning since no status update on my claim and they received my petition on 05/24/17. I was told they are working on cases from 04/01/17, which I also saw that online somewhere as well. The gentleman told me that my processing is about a month away and that they are still within the normal processing time. I believe I have been patient my fiancé as well but should I get concerned if by December 1 I don't here anything? The Rep just reiterated about a month. I need to put my vacation time in at work and I have ALOT but planned on going to the interview. Now I'm getting anxiety that I either can't go or will loose my time since you can't transfer over 40hrs and have over 100+. A friend said just put time in anytime and change later(easier said than done)but I don't know. Do you think by December we will here something? I did front load. Any suggestions?
  12. any approve for i 130?( permanent resident filling for spouse at California service center) my pd is October 17 2016 please reply with any updates or helpful informations