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  1. I've been trying to track my passport and I'm getting these different replies from these different sources recently: USTRAVELDOCS Profile: "Document Delivery Information" instead of "Your passport is still with consulate/embassy" passportstatus email: "There's no status update available for the passport number submitted" Is that a good sign? My CEAC visa status still says admin processing though. Thank you.
  2. Hi all! I had an interview at the US embassy in Cairo on May 30th. I am applying for an F1 visa as I want to pursue my PhD studies in the US. The VC asked me about my research background, the universities I applied to, etc. Then, he took my CV and told me that there is some administrative processing that needs to be done. He said it will take 1-2 months. It has been 2 months and 13 days now. Checking online forums, I understand now that this shouldn't necessarily be the case. - I would like to know other people's experiences with administrative processing on F1 visa, more specifically how long it took. - Secondly, my case status update date is the same as my interview (May 30th), is it true that if the update date is not changed for some time (3-5 months), then the case will be cleared and labeled as no record? Thank you! and really appreciate your feedback!
  3. I am a US citizen and my husband is a Palestinian citizen. We had been living in Gaza since 2011. We started the immigration process in October 2018. After the I-130 approval and request to expedite, our case was automatically sent to Jerusalem since we were living in Gaza. Since then we have moved to Cairo. After arriving in Cairo, we sent an email to the IV Unit Cairo with our Passport stamps showing we are in Egypt as they had indicated in a previous email via my Constituent Liaison in Virginia regarding transferring the case. We received a response back with a checklist instructing us to upload Civil Documents to the CAEC portal, fill out the DS 260, get the medical exam etc. We have uploaded the Civil Documents to the CAEC website but the site has not allowed us to upload the AOS or pay fees. After no response following uploading our documents (documents marked as 'Submitted' only- not reviewed or checked), on April 22 I sent a request letter to the Embassy explaining our situation and requesting them to expedite our case. Yesterday (May 5) we received a virtually identical email to the last one with the SAME checklist. The only difference is instead of uploading the documents we are instructed to SEND the documents via courier (see below) Please prepare the following documents for each person applying for a visa and send them to our office via Aramex courier service Question 1 There were no 'How To" instructions for sending the documents and no address- I can obviously look up the address but do I need to put anything specific about IV Unit and do I need to send a cover letter with anything specific? I don't want to send original documents in and have them disappear since I have no specific instructions on who/where to send them to. Question 2 I wasn't able to upload the AOS onto CAEC- anyone else have that happen? Question 3 I am still unable/not allowed to pay the fees on CAEC- when do I pay? Question 4 Is it normal for them to ask for us to upload the documents and now a month later they still have not reviewed the documents on CAEC and are requesting we send them? Thanks for any feedback on this. We were expedited for family medical reasons. Side note: US Embassy Cairo is very unresponsive and not very professional. The original email response I received from them was from a worker's office email account by mistake then they resent it from the main email account for the IV Unit. There is a link to fill out the DS 260 in the email checklist they send and it is an incorrect/broken link and some vague instruction to add a note on the DS 260 about invoice ID and there is no place on the DS 260 to do so, and another comment about DOB which is unexplained (see below) 8- DS260 for all applicants http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=https://ceac.state.gov/iv/ and add a note about the “ Invoice ID” to enter the applicant’s DOB in YYYYMMDD. Oct 2018 I-130 Sent to Chicago February, 2019 I-130 Approved March 4, 2019 NVC Case Number Created March 14, 2019 Case Expedited, sent to US Embassy , Jerusalem March 26, 2019 Email to US Embassy, Cairo Requesting Transfer to Cairo March 29, 2019 Case Transferred to US Embassy, Cairo April 2, 2019 Uploaded Civil Documents to CAEC, DS 260 Completed April 22, 2019 Email to US EMbassy Cairo May 5, 2019 Email From Cairo IV instructing us to send documents
  4. Hello all, we applied for IR1/CR1 visa and we have been on administrative processing for 20 months without given reason or update since the interview when no papers or additional info was required from us. so we are thinking about takin some legal action at least to know what is going on and where we are standing and shake things a little bit. so please tell us what you think and recommend good immigration lawyers that handle similar cases successfully. thank you.
  5. Hello everyone after about 21 months in AP the embassy contacted me for sending renewed medical, police certificate and passport and resubmit the ds-260 then asked me to schedule an interview to retake oath (fingerprints) and told me I am approved and to wait for the passport with visa within two weeks .... 3 weeks passed so far and nothing yet is there anyone here who went through the same experience ? Is it usual to take a lot of time after that with a bazillion update on the website also those of you who know about the (mailed/available to mailed or available) thing ... I know it happens when AP is over and it happened to me but the wierd thing is it changed back again to mailed/available .... is this normal?
  6. So I had my interview last Tuesday. I was missing my family register. The CO gave me my passport back and a white form with a check on the missing document. I immediately got the family register and sent it on the same day along with my passport via Aramex. Now my status on CEAC changed to Administrative Processing. I need to know if anyone had a similar experience before. How long will it take? Is it going to take the same as the regular AP? I was only missing one document which I wasn't even informed of. Also, my fiance is doing a surgery next month and I need to be with him. I have a valid B2 visa. Am I able to retrieve my passport and visit him using it? Or Will the whole procedure be called off? Thank you.
  7. Hey everyone, My husband finally received his passport with his US visa inside - hooray!!! It took about a year and two months from start to finish...not bad considering our current government. Anyway, my question is this: My husband is not yet 30 and has not yet completed his military service - he's continued his studies and hasn't been required to do his service yet. Now that we are ready to move to the States, we are wondering if we need any sort of stamp or paperwork from the Egyptian military stating that he is allowed to travel? Or will an enrollment certificate from his university be sufficient? Also, because he's not yet 30, would we be able to travel back to Egypt without fear of him being conscripted before a) he turns 30 or b) he becomes a US citizen? Any answers and advice help. Thank you and please feel free to message me with any questions regarding the entire CR1 application process - it's not as daunting as it seems, promise!
  8. Hey all - My husband and I went to the embassy in Cairo yesterday for our scheduled interview at 7:30 AM. However, when we got to the front of the line, they told us our name wasn’t on the list. Along with 10 to 15 other people, we sat on the side until they came back out to tell us that the National Visa Center had not yet sent our paperwork to the embassy! When we asked what the next steps were, they took down our phone numbers and said they would call as soon as they receive the paperwork to reschedule the interview. I called the national Visa Center and they said they sent my paperwork on July 6, about a month ago. I’ve been called the embassy as well and they said, again, that the paperwork was not there. I emailed the embassy, but have not yet heard back from them. Not sure what else to do. I traveled here for the interview from the US and I am missing work for this. I know I don’t have to be present at interview, but I wanted to come and support my husband and just be here throughout the whole process. It’s a total bummer. Anyone else have this experience in Egypt? What ended up happening? Can anyone offer advice?
  9. Dear all i would really need any help if any one face the same yesterday case was created in NVC should be happy right yep we was till we read at welcome email we received that Embassy is in Abu dhabi not Cairo , i tried contact NVC and inquire what do as it is just created and they said send Asknvc from the website not email after one said send email with your prove of Eligibility so i sent them all MY ID and Egyptian PP and even an Egyptian Police Clarence i call again to check if they received what i sent and no one can confirm agents kept saying you will get a reply one of them said to even start working in my current wrong number and once new case number is sent i will find everything moved i dont understand really who to get any confirmed information as every time i call i get something new that i became afraid to call i check the case status is still at NVC what shall i do now any help .
  10. Hey everyone - I have a quick question. My husband has his interview at the embassy in Cairo next month and I'm trying to plan my travels there. I would love to be there for the interview, but I can't take too much time off work here in the U.S. How long did it take you between your interview and actually receiving your passport back via Aramex? Thanks!
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