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  1. Hello everyone, this isn't the first time on here but now I am here because I am very desperate for help. Let me tell you guys my story, I fell in love with my current BF who is also my ex husband in 2015, we were together but because of distance and other problems we broke up in 2016, we had gotten married that year. Filed divorced in 2017. Recently we have rekindled our relationship and want to get back together... the distance is a problem. He is in DR and I am in the USA. He has gone to apply for B1/B2 visa but was denied. I am a US citizen and want him to come stay with me. What is the best and route you guys reccomend me taking. We were already married, should we get married again and go for an I-130, or go for K-1? Will him applying for B2 and also us being divorced affect either of these processes? We do not have any kids... but want to get pregnant very soon.
  2. Hello, I am from Myanmar.I was in U.S for nealy six months December 2017 - June 2018 (J1 by DOS sponsored exchange program). During that time, I've started dating my boyfriend and we are having LDRS at the moment. I would like to visit him and his family for a week during Christmas. I am final year in college and I am also employed at my family business as an english tutor as well as part-time language tutor/ engagement representative at a private tutoring service company. Within two years, I have visited Japan and four ASEAN countries (youth leadership program sponsored by Japanese Government) Yet I do not make a lot of money and my cousin (not a U.S resident) and my boyfriend would be taking care of some of my expenses. I am worried as "mentioning boyfriend" seems to perceive as a red flag, an immigration intent. I'll be only staying there a week, as I can't miss out my college for more than that. I have no intent to hide my relationship status with my boyfriend as he will be metioned as partial sponsor for my trip. Any tips for me? Thank you
  3. Dear Friends, Can anyone help me with my situation. I'm Chinese-Indonesian girl, almost 29yo. I just got my us visa rejected 214(b) : Failure to establish ties, this morning. I'm applying B2 visa for tourist, since me n my boyfriend haven't engaged yet. I'm currently having my own business which i tag along my dad n my sibling in it, that makes me own a family business. (But for info, this business is my baby since it's all my sweat, tears, n blood {no its not blood, just time}). I've bring along all the documents needed to show my assets in Indonesia, but the interviewee wont even look at it, since the documents still on my side, and i've asked to show it to him but he refused. I've told everything honestly,I even said that since my boyfriend already came to Indonesia for 2 weeks last July, my Dad only permit me to go to US for only 2 weeks too, just to be fair. My boyfriend is ABC, he even already sent me invitation letter, which the interviewee didn't see either even i'm already asking to show him. When the interviewee gave me the red paper, i know for sure i got rejected. And i asked him immediately before he gave me the paper, why i got rejected. (Maybe i'm kinda a bit mad when i asked it, since his face was shocked. it's bcoz i chose to be honest, eventhough my friends told me to lie) The interviewee said it's because: 1. i have a boyfriend in US 2. my business is family business, which makes it looks like i can leave the business easily. i answer him that i'm the president director of this company, which makes it harder for me to leave it. and I go to US, so i can meet my boyfriend's family, and bring along his parents to meet my parents in Indonesia. once again i asked him to see my legal documents, but he said the decision can't be changed. Please help me figure out another way to reapply the US Visa. Since i really need to meet my boyfriend's family before we go to more serious relationship. Thank you for your help, it means a lot for both of us. God bless
  4. Gmaciel

    visa to visit Cuban boyfriend

    Hi, i recently went to Cuba, and voila, Ive met someone and we really clicked. We’ve been talking everyday and I’m returning in 2 weeks to visit him. My question is that first I went under the category of helping the Cuban people (8) now with the new Trump administration rules things is getting really confusing, anyone in the same situation? Is that a different visa we can apply for??? Many thanks
  5. Hey! First off, if there are plenty of threads like this I apologize! I'm new to this place and just looking for some advice. Anyway, to my point. So I'm going to the US for the first time ever to visit my boyfriend now in april, I have a trip booked for 77 days, with return ticket and everything. We are planning on getting engaged while I'm there and then file for K1 visa before I go home. I'm really worried about entering US, and getting trouble att PoE, since this is something I haven't done before. It's all very unknown and scary to me. So I've read things like "bring ties to homecountry", I do not have a job right now so obviously can't have a letter from employer, nor do I own a car, I do however rent an apartment with a lease right now that I'm somewhat tied to, if that helps.. I will not have alot of funds on me on the day I travel, I do however have my bank statements from end of march that states I have a bit atleast, I will also get paid twice during those 77 days, not sure how to prove that tho. My boyfriend is also obviously going to host me, and help pay for whatever food/other stuff there might be. So, does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Any documents I should make sure to have on me? And should they be translated to English? Also, seen people mention say "friend" and not "boyfriend" I am confused on which I should say. When they ask what my business in US is should I say "vacation" or "visiting boyfriend"? Also does it help if I have a letter from boyfriend stating he will host me/help pay for food and whatever else is needed during trip? I'm a bit worried they're gonna ask about my funds since the trip is pretty long... My PoE is MSP by the way, which I've heard some bad stuff about probably why I'm so worried in the first place. And I'm from Sweden, if that info is usefull, haha. Sorry if my post is confusing, I'm new to forums... Hope someone has some advice for me! Thanks.
  6. Skuzy


    I am planning to apply tourist visa in the USA this summer. But I have certain concerns. 1. My Mom will be the one who's paying my entire trip. (She's working at Europe) 2. I have an American boyfriend. One of the main reasons why I want to go there including traveling around USA. 3. I am a third year college student, will this be considered as a close tie in PH? Also, I'm 18 years old. If its too risky, I have a back-up plan but I'm not really sure how safe it is. We can have OJT in USA and I will apply for that this summer (J1 VISA) and after the OJT, I will apply for Tourist Visa. Would that help or not? thank you so much for your help guys.
  7. I recently moved back to the US after living in Moscow, and invited my boyfriend of two years to come visit for a couple weeks to meet my family. We are planning a future together but there was never any intention to overstay in the U.S. or illegally work here. He is Russian and has a managerial position at a reputable tech company in Moscow and is completing his Master’s degree at a top university. He applied for the visa in Kiev because the Moscow embassy is completely booked. After the interview, he was denied, because he mentioned his relationship to me. They didn't believe he wouldn't just stay in the US. He can pay again and schedule another interview there for next week and return, but now he's been denied once and it’s possible he may even meet with the same interviewer. The US Embassy in Ukraine also has a 40% denial rate for visas. So... He has already spent $600+ in embassy fees and travel costs to get this visa, to no avail. That's not mentioning the 12-hour train rides to Kiev and back... I feel so bad. 
Please, does anyone have experience with this? Advice? Should we try again at this same embassy? Replies would be appreciated, thank you!
  8. Hi all dear, I am not a US resident and thinking of going to United States for studying. I have been concerned about my stay in USA and if my visa approved or not. My situation below. I once was in USA for 3 months with ESTA for the first time. I stayed always with my bf who has a green card not American. It took 2 hrs to get out from airport because I just left my job and I said " I stay with my bf" , then they had suspicion. After that, I mean now, I wanted to go abroad for middle-term( 6months to 1 year) to learn IT skills or IT design and brush up my English, so my bf offered me to pay my tuition to go to school in USA. This is a really surprising and ideal offer for me, but I know if I have bf in USA, they would think there is suspicion to me. And they must have recorded what happened my first stay. (I was visiting my bf and unemployed)Then, I've faced my problem. 1: Is it possible my bf sponsor my student fee? 2: I have BA. But I want to go to the university extension or a school for studying technical IT skills, not my BA field. But I have worked in IT field for 5 months after graduate. Will this be suspicious or a problem? 3: I have been unemployed so I am looking for short-term or internship job in IT field and will do it until I go to the school. Will this be a good point? 4: I actually wanna stay with him while my study, but I think this is not good to get visa... Should I borrow or stay in school accommodation? 5: I want to visit him this April for 1-2 weeks. Is this okay if I wanna F-1 Visa? ( I think I should not visit USA before I go to school? I would honestly say to immigration officer " I am visiting my bf " again because I did) I think No.1 should be a problem , it might need to be my parents or relatives I guess. If it is not possible or not cool, I will get school loans. Could you give me any help or advice? I am really excited but now I am more confused and getting upset now. Thank you for reading.
  9. Hello guys! I went on exchange last year on a J1 Visa and of course my silly self fell in love and got a boyfriend. Thing is, I really want to attend the local community college in 2018, but I've heard being young and having a boyfriend would be a problem to get the student visa. I am from Brazil (a high fraud country), I am young, I don't have kids or property in my name and my job would never hold my position with me being away for the four year program I plan on attending. I know my case doesn't look good but I really don't plan on getting married or staying illegally. What can I do to higher my chances?
  10. Hello, I am a 19 years old Filipina and currently studying. I'm planning to visit my boyfriend for a tourist visa this summer. I'm just worried about it because with that reason I might get denied or not? thank you so much for your help. Highly appreciated.