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  1. Hi everyone. I’m going to try and make this short but any help is appreciated. I’ve been living in the U.S. with my spouse after an unplanned elopement last July, we filed for my Adjustment of Status concurrently with my I-130 petition, as well as my I-765 EAD, and I-131 AP. I am Canadian and crossed via land border to visit my wife for the Canada Day & 4th Of July holiday week in 2022. So I was not issued an i94, as well as did not have any valid visa status. But since I am Canadian I did not need a visa to visit. when we got married and decided I stay, we contacted a lawyer and he said it would be no problem since our wedding wasn’t planned. Fast forward to a year from then, my EAD has been approved and i’m about to start my new job on this coming Monday, but I just got a letter in the mail saying my interview has been scheduled for this Wednesday. When it comes to Bonafide evidence of our marriage, my wife and I have affidavits from our family and friends (we even lived with my father in law for many months while we worked through this process), we just very recently signed a lease and moved into our own apartment in the city so we do have a lease. I am on her health insurance card as a dependent, as well as I am a named insured on our car insurance. We do not have joint bank accounts because we just use an online no-fee bank and they don’t allow joint accounts. however, we just downloaded my wife’s tax transcript from the most recent filing year (we filed her i864 with the 2021 tax year and she’s since filed for the 2022 year) and we realized that her tax agency filed her as “Single” and not “married filing separately” (as I did not work in the U.S. that year and have filed in Canada for myself.) we did not realize this error until today, which is one week from the date of my interview. will the other evidence we have as a married couple be enough that the IO won’t question it ? Or will this severely hinder our chances of a successful interview ? She is filing an amendment for 1040-X to change her marital status with the IRS tomorrow, but it takes about 3-5 weeks to receive that confirmation. It was an honest mistake, as she has been using this tax preparer for years and we truly didn’t realize until right this moment. many advice on next steps? Or if I should or should not be worried?? thanks xx
  2. Hello. I have already filed my I-130 and I did not submit any pictures, or proof of marriage other than the required documents. My lawyer said I would not need to show my pictures, and other proof of marriage until my husband has his actual interview. Is this correct?
  3. Hello, Me and my husband have started looking into the requirements to submit the I-130 form. In order to submit it we need to provide proof of a bonafide marriage. We have been unable to create a joint bank account or add me as an authorized user on his accounts because I do not have a SSN. Is there any way to get around this or prove the marriage bonafide in a different way?
  4. I have a question about my spouse's interview & bonafide proof - We dated for 3 years and got married in Jan-2020 and filed i130 in Feb-2020 We got our NVC approval back in Oct-2020 and waiting for an interview at Montreal, CA When we filled our i130 we only submitted the documents which were minimum needed: we did out paperwork through a lawyer -- so did not submit any pics or proof of visiting my spouse (tickets) or anything else to that regards --- only bonafide proof we submitted at that time was join account opening letter, and my life insurance beneficiary declaration. We got our i130 approval and filled paperwork from NVC where we submitted again listed document as well, so again no pics, or anything. We have pics, flight tickets of our visits, gift receipt, affidavits from our friends and family, join account info, 401k & life insurance beneficiary which my spouse will be bringing to the Interview -- but as we did not submit any of these proof before - do we need to worry it? I have seen some posts where they had a similar case and they got 221g, so we are just worried.
  5. My Husband and I recently got married in October of 2020. We live in separate countries and visit each other every 3-6 months by meeting in different countries. We are applying for the CR1 and are wondering what we can provide to prove that our relationship, and now marriage is bonafide. We have never lived together, nor do we have anything joint really as we do live in separate countries. WHAT I DO HAVE as proof is our chat logs, phone calls, traveling to meet each other in different countries including his (Pakistan), money-gram receipts, LOTS of pictures throughout out 6 year relationship, and things like that. Will that be enough? what do you suggest we do? I can also get friends and family to write letters confirming our marriage, and relationship. PLEASE HELP! Thank you in advance!
  6. Hello everyone~ Ad the time to upload our online I-130 is approaching, I found myself wondering on the proper way to upload all PDF forms for our bona fide proof. We have a lot of PDF to prove our marriage and Here are some ways to upload them. Please help choose which one of the following looks/sounds correct to follows: OPTION A: upload all documents separate in each PDF: 1. Previous apt lease 2. Current apt lease 3. Bank transaction 4. PDF of the Cover Letter with photos 5. Letter of support from friend A 6. Letter of support from friend B 7. Letter of support from friend C 8. Health Insurance card with name of a spouse and beneficiary 9. Power of Attorney for Year-end tax OPTION B: put each PDF as a category: 1. Both Leaves in one PFT: previous apt lease + current apt lease 2. ALL Letters of Support as one PDF 3. Health Insurance card and Power of Attorney for Year-end tax or another way not mentioned above? Thank you all~ Hope this thread helps others too.
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