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  1. Hey everyone! Any July 2018 filers around? We sent ours on July 5th, waiting for NOA1 Good like and happy waiting!
  2. CamilaRemolina

    I-130 Filers for Dominican Beneficiaries

    Hello everyone, I decided to make this group based off of another member's suggestion and my experience here on visa journey. Of course, different beneficiary countries will have different experiences in obtaining the final visa, the interview process, the medical exam, fingerprinting, etc., etc. I also had a difficult time at first getting specific answers tailored to getting my Dominican spouse to the U.S. because of the diversity in countries on the I-130 Filer groups per month. So this group is to answer questions for those with Dominican beneficiaries. Please feel free to also add any recommendations, experiences, updates in regards to same. Thank you! and Good Luck to everyone
  3. josie125


    This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
  4. My fiancee and I are just starting the visa process and in the process of filling out form I-129f. She is currently living in her home country of Ecuador Question 45 and 46 in part 2 deal with where my fiancee intends to live when she gets here. We do not know exactly where we will be living, because we will likely be renting a different apartment from the one I am living in now. We're trying to figure out if we should use my current address/daytime phone number or perhaps those of a friend who would be willing to put her up if we needed them to do so. Any ideas on how we should fill these out? We're very excited to get this process underway, and we would really appreciate any advice from anyone who is a little farther along in the process. Thanks so much!
  5. I am a U.S. Citizen and I am filling I-130 petition for my spouse. I married her in November 3, 2018. Her mother who is also a US citizen filed a I-130 petition to change her status from B2 visa to F1 in May 2015 then in April, 2016 the petition was approved, in June, 2016 she receive a letter for the National Visa Center telling her "A visa number is unaivalable and this petition is not elegible for further processing". Now, I don't know how to answer the question "Has anyone else ever filed a petition for the beneficiary?" in form I-130, in other word, I don't know if counts as a petition or not. Should I answer YES or NOT? I need help! Please. Thanks!
  6. kittyanne

    129-f June Filer (Philippines)

    Hello guys! i just want to ask if our approval arrived what documents do we need to prepare? they said we need to schedule the interview at USEM 1-2weeks before to prepare all the documents. is 129f included? do they send it back to the petitioner? and then send it to her fiance to present on the interview? if yes, how long should i wait for the documents to arrive? from uscis to petitioner to benificiary. thanks!
  7. Hey All, Happy Friday! A quick query with an eye on the next couple of months of our process. Background - We are currently awaiting our NOA2 (pending any RFE) from Nebraska - I am an Indian citizen, currently working and staying in Myanmar (Burma) along with my Spouse - the US petitioner Question - My family just sold our house in Mumbai. This address is on my Passport and also on my I130A. We are buying another house, the address of which might only be confirmed by End November - Mid December - I might have to change my Passport to reflect the new address - When we do the next steps - I864 and DS-260, will have the new address and new passport number (We ll put a covering note to explain that) - Will that suffice? Alternately, If I use my current passport with the old address for my the next steps - like interview and eventual submission, and apply for a new passport after, would that be an issue? - If, I get a police certificate, from India and Uganda, on my current passport - would that be OK or should I wait to get the new Passport and then apply for the Police Certificates? . (I am traveling to India next week and wanted to apply for the Police certificate) Thanks and have a great weekend everyone. EmMo
  8. Hi, hope you are all good. I called NVC and they received my case on 24th of September. People have said to call them once or twice a week, has anyone had any success with that? Does that actually expedite it or am I wasting my time? Should I just wait or call them once or twice a week until i get a case number? Us citizen mom filing for minor under 21 IR2 Visa I've noticed some people are rude on here so if you're going to be rude then do not comment. Thank you for those who are taking their time to answer my question, I appreciate your time. Have a nice day!
  9. When I recently visited my fiancee in Albania, I forgot to have her write out her letter of intention and sign it. Is a scan of her letter with the signature sufficient? Or do I need her to mail her letter to me, with ink on it, which may add a couple of weeks before I could send it in?
  10. Us citizen mom petitioning for children 14 years (15 by the time of the interview) and 18 year old sons. What kind of questions will they ask at the interview? Children are in Ghana
  11. Hi everyone. I know there are many topics here about applying K1 Visa with a criminal record. I’m a beneficiary and I got a criminal record for shoplifting. I was convicted for shoplifting in Malaysia when I just turned 18, that was a mistake, I regret it and I did not have any other record since then. I was sentenced for one day in prison and paid USD80 for the fine. I didn’t really go to the prison as the judge sentenced me for one day in prison the day of my hearing, and one day for them is from 8am-5pm but I know it is still considered as I was in prison. Now me and my partner already filed the petition in October 2017 and we’re expecting the embassy to call me for the interview in May 2018. I read that I can apply for petty crime exception but I just don’t know how. We did not disclose anything on the petition saying that I got a record because my partner said only give them what they asked on the form. Only mention about it when they’re interviewing me. My question is how do we apply for the exception? Do we need a lawyer or I can just show them my court record? Do you guys think I can get the visa? The visa means a lot for me and my partner. I’ve been worrying about this too much and got sick a few times thinking about the visa. I really hope anyone would give us some ideas before they call me for the interview. Thanks!
  12. I have decided that I will still file a K-1 Fiance Visa (Form I-123F)- In the past Forms G-325 (Biographic Info) and the Affidavit of Support (I-134 I think?) were required also; I know the G-325 is no longer required however is the I-134 still? And what else is still required such as my birth certificate, a photocopy of my passport, passport size photos of both of us, etc? I am asking because it appears that so much of the info / instructions on the USCIS website is outdated- Thanks!
  13. Hi please Help. I'm really really confused about my addresses. So my question is, I13a requires Last 5 years addresses. Currently i'm living in my home which is located in my hometown. Where my parents are living and my whole family. But from jan 2014 to december 2017 i was in University which is another city. 60 kilometres away from my home city. So i had to live in hostels. I lived in different hostels during that time. But visited my home every week. Because my family is living here since i was born here. And i also came here in my holidays(3 months). So my home in my hometown is my permanent address. What should i do ? Should i put the hostel addresses ? But i was here every year during my holidays(3 months) how should i put that time ? It is really confusing ... My university was in another city and my home is in different city. 60 kilo distance. What should i do ? Please help me ... i'm so confused.
  14. I filed a K-1 Fiance Visa for the first time in 2008 which was processed and approved within approx 7 months with no issues/delay at all; My fiance arrived here at LAX from The Philippines in June 2009 and we married in August 2009. Everything was in good faith but unfortunately things happened and the marriage did not work out and after year trial separation we decided to divorce in 2013. I met another lady in The Phils and filed another K-1 Fiance Visa in May 2014 and it was approved by Nov/Dec 2014 and she was to spend Christmas and holidays there with her family before coming here to the US in January 2015. As I was preparing for her departure/arrival in early Jan I received lots of evidence (luckily a mutual friend of ours in Las Pinas discovered this and warned me BEFORE I bought her ticket) that she had plans to abandon me at some point shortly after her arrival to stay with an aunt she has in New Jersey and entertain multiple American men that she was communicating with and I obviously knew nothing about. Even though I never really did cancel anything (She knew better at this point to not even attempt it) she never did come here and the petition, approval, visa, etc. eventually expired. I understand that because I have 2 previous filings, I need to file a waiver? Is this waiver still necessary even if my first filing was over 10 years ago (Filing was exactly 10 yrs ago now however approval is not quite 10 yrs ago as of yet)? I would like to know how this is done; If there is a form for that or I submit a cover letter or what- Also, what are the odds I will be approved or denied? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Hello fellows, First of all, I am very sorry if this question has been answered before. I tried to look for the thread but I still can't find the answer to my question. Let me share our situation: My fiance and I sent our package to Texas PO box on June 15th. We got our NOA1 a week later (hurrayyy) and we are waiting for our NOA2. He will file an expedite request under the following criterion: Department of Defense or national interest situation (These particular expedite requests must come from an official U.S. government entity and state that delay will be detrimental to the government.); He says he is getting a letter signed by his CO and fax it to USCIS. When we sent our 129F package, we did not know about the the letter of intent from the beneficiary. I live and Japan and it will take a week for my letter to get to Florida. I was thinking of sending the letter ahead of time so when the RFE comes, the letter is ready. I can only find the PO box for California service center. I am a bit hesitant to use it since it's not the actual address. Does it matter? while writing this post, I realized I could ask my fiance to check the address on the envelop of our NOA1. If the California SC address isn't written there, would it be okay to use the PO box for my letter of intent to marry? Should I send my letter now to my fiance or should we just wait for the RFE? Your help is highly appreciated. Cheers, G
  16. Please see attachment. Why are people sending in passport photos for overseas beneficiary? Are people getring rfes for something that's not even needed?
  17. Looking for input from others about the risk of NOT attending the fiancé interview? I realize that the feedback will vary by country and most interested in feedback about INDIA and other countries that might be more heavily scrutinized (not that I don’t have love for my European, Latin and other friends)! We have an iron clad relationship but attending adds a certain weight to the scenario and might expedite the approval process. What’s your experience???
  18. Hello Forums! First off, let me say.. Big thank you to all of you, I've been trudging through the process of filing my I-129F and building the subsequent packet, and I've been using the website a /lot/ for questions and suggestions. It's made this daunting task seem more manageable and put me way ahead of schedule to get this sucker finished. (I'm nearly there! ) Now, for my question. I didn't occur to me when I was filling out my beneficiary's information that while her name is Kateryna, she always goes by Kate. Not an issue, as 95% of the supporting documentation has her full name on it. Like Airline tickets, Itinerary, Legal documents, etc. However, when I was attaching some AirBnB receipts that I was using as evidence for the 'circumstances of your in-person meeting' portion, I realized that a few of them have my first and last name and her first and last name, albeit listed as Kate - Not Kateryna. Is this going to be an issue? The receipt still corroborates with the rest of my documentation: dates, locations, etc. I just don't want to get ding'd on it and get an RFE because I didn't list Kate under 'Other Names Used.' What bothers me even more is in the I-129F instructions, it states that - "If either you or your beneficiary use a name other than the one shown on evidence submitted in support of your petition, you must submit copies of the legal documents (such as a marriage certificate, adoption decree, or court order) reflecting the legal name change." I don't, nor would I ever, have legal documents as to why her name is Kate. So in short, will they be humans and realize that clearly Kate is short for Katernya and accept it? Will they ignore it altogether, and just look at the other evidence on the receipts which still supports my claims? Or are they going to go crazy like the border patrol agents do, when it was late and you typo'd your name on a plane ticket and it no longer matches your passport, and subsequently disappear into the windowless van for a series of polite questioning? Thanks in advance, Kevin
  19. Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I am a Canadian citizen (born in Canada) and I have been dating my girlfriend who is a us citizen (born in the us) for approximately 4 years. We have now filed petition for the k1 visa. My questions and concerns revolve around my criminal record. Juvenile record is assault police officer in 2010 ( which I recived while trying to be detained inside my home and resisting) I was 16 at the time. I have an assault x2 which I received for slapping another youth that was in a cell with me during the time I was in custody for the assault police. At the time I was told I no longer had a home to go to and was scared to leave the juvenile hall and not have a home to go too. I slapped this youth intentionally to be able to extend my stay in detention. fast forward 2 years in 2012 I am now18 years old. I had a really bad day and made the mistake of trying to relive my stress by drinking alcohol. While at my friends house I realized I've had way to much to drink and called a cab to come take me home. I remember getting into the cab and then I woke up in custody. I had been dropped off not at the requested destination, where I had stumbled into a coffee shop. I ended up picking a fight with one of the employees and damaging some property. I received an assault charge and a mischief under. I was also charged with breaching my conditions of probation from my first conviction ( a no alcohol order, a curfew and a keep the peace) fast forward to 2016 I've mature and made many positive strides in my life. I am now 22 and in a committed long term long distance relationship. At this point we've done some reading and assumed I'd need a waiver for inadmissability. We spent many months going through this process and come to the final step of handing in the forms at a port of entry. Where I was informed by the officer (who also went and spoke to his superior) that I was indeed admissible because I have no cimt's. He specified that they don't even take into consideration my youth record, and the assault and micheif could be something very minor( I did not go into detail about my chargers) he told me I had been misled by the waiver company inside Canada. He clipped somthing to my criminal records copy that said "no cimt's" and told me to bring this record file everytime I cross and hand it to them at the boarder when asked about my criminal history. I left with a huge smile excited to be able to go see my girlfriend there and finally meet her family and her 2 young children who at the time I have never met in person just FaceTime but had still grown to love them very much. fast forward another 2 years and it's now 2018 and I'm 24. My girlfriend has both been here a bunch and I have traveled there a few times with 0 problems crossing the boarder. I took the advice of the officer at my initial vist at the port of entry. The longest time spent there being 3 months. As the time between now and my interview shortens I find my anxiety about this at an all time high. I've planned my whole life around this and I am with the woman of my dreams, the thought of any coming between that makes me sick to my stomach. im concerned if my k1 visa will be approved in the interview. I know they base their decision on cimt's which I've been informed I do not have. But I've also read they use discretion at these interviews. I'm fairly good at articulating myself but that little voice in the back of my head named anxiety doesn't allow my mind to be at peace with this. Please, I would really appreciate any and all input on our situation. Thanks in advance. I also apologize for the story book, I just like to be thorough.
  20. Wondering whether to sign Maiden Name signature to match all my documents (passport/marriage certificate etc) or to sign new married name which doesn't match any of my Maiden name documentation. Got married last week and filing tomorrow. What did all you newly weds sign?
  21. Hi All, I am the Beneficiary and am preparing what I need in advance for my interview at the Dublin U.S. Embassy. I lived in the U.S from 2013 - 2015 and so it's my understanding I will need a police cert from the U.S. Has anyone else obtained this who could guide me how I go about getting it? I am finding it very difficult to find information online. Thanks so much! Sarah
  22. Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am preparing i-130 and i-485 and I am a beneficiary. While I am preparing filing fees for these two forms, I had a quick question on the personal check. For the form i-130, should I submit the personal check under petitioner's name? I've looked into USCIS page and searched Visa Journey, but could not answer this question.. Currently, I am planning to write two checks (i-130 and i-485) under my name. (my personal check which has my name only). Could anyone share the opinion about this? Thanks a lot
  23. I'm filling out the I-129 right now, it asks for an address where my beneficiary intends to live in the US. He will be living with me, but I am moving residences in about four months time. For now should I just put my current address? Is there a process to update with my changed address once I move? Thanks!
  24. Hello, everyone! i need your advise. I'm a beneficiary, we filed our i129 a couple of months ago and I found out that I have an outstanding bench warrant for failing to appear in court. While I was in US this summer I was arrested for tresspasing and they set a date to november so I physically was unable to appear because my visa expired in september. We contacted the attorneys and they want 5000$ for this. We simply can't afford it. What shall we do? Will it prevent us from getting an approval and is there any way to explain the situation to the officer to be able to resolve it upon my arrival? Thank you.
  25. Hello everyone. This is my first post so please be nice. Thanks. Okay I am starting my I129F package and am very frustrated already. My fiancee is Nigerian and I was wondering if someone could tell me all the documents I will be needing from her from the onset so I don't cause delays for myself trying to get documents shipped back and forth. Thanks