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Found 18 results

  1. Will a child age 17 be required to answer interview questions a and what kind of questions will they ask?
  2. I would like everyone to give me their honest opinion. Please Judge my Situation before my Interview. CR1•Waiting on Interview Letter•(1Beneficiary) Petitioner (Male) - Age 29 - No kids - Income $21,000 - Never Used Government Benefits - No health Issues or Disabilities - Has Health Insurance (Wife will be added when in USA) - High School Education - Working at the Same Job 3years - Not Specialized in any skilled (Maybe Customer Service) Current Savings in bank ($10,000) - No Credit Score (applied for a Credit Card to build Score) Household Member (Petitioner Mom) - Income $26,000 - 2 years with Current Job - No Dependants - No health Issues or Disabilities - Never Used Government Benefits - Has health Insurance - No assets (One Car) - Age 62 - Good Credit Score Beneficiary (only one) - Age 30 - No kids - No health Issues or Disabilities - University Diploma
  3. Hey guys, I'm Italian and my fiancé filed the I-129F form and we received NOA1 on the 25th March We both agree on a PRE-NUP 👰 but since that has to be done before getting married I'd like to know what's the procedure as a foreigner: - do i need to go to a lawyer in my country (where i own a house and a bank account) - or seen that i'll move to the US it has to be done there?? - how long does the process last? - do we both need to be physically present before the lawyer? Thankssssss
  4. We recently had to change my Fiances phone number do to an ex stalking her. How can we update this so that she doesnt miss out on any communications? Does the embassy communicate at all by mail? We are just past the NOA 1. My concern is that she lives in a squatter area in Philippines and the addresses arent so clear. I noted to call her OLD number for any deliveries so I really need to update that.
  5. I’m trying to file the i130 for my Canadian husband. It’s asking for the beneficiary code from his permanent residence card. We currently live in Vietnam. When we visit the US he’s classified as B2. This is not a drop down option. He hasn’t been granted permanent residence status. That is why we are filing. What am I missing?
  6. Good Morning and Evening All. I have been scouring the forums and really anywhere I can find information reagarding all this Fiance Visa related (don't we all?). I have been attemting to find straightforward answers about filing out the DS-160 and the social media disclosure question. This is a new, mandatory question added in May of 2019 that requires "a disclosure of all social media". what an absolutly daunting task for those of us who live their lives throught the internet. here are a few questions i simply am having a hard time finding the answers for: - When completing the DS-160 for K-1 visa application and the question asks for social media handles who are they wanting them from? Me (the US citizen petitioner? or the foreign Beneficiary?). If I am reading correctly on most "help" sites it is only the Beneficiary (person applying for the visa itself). - The question asks for "all social media in the last 5 years". this is a two part problem for me. If the social media site has not been used in the last five years but still has an active user account is that still considered as part of the five years? the second part is that it says "all" but the drop down menu is a limited list of social media sites. I know it is best practice to be honest but also best practice to give no more information than is asked or necessary. So which is it? "All" or honest? - Another issue that has vexxed me is the amount of social media handles someone may have. If they are prone to starting a twitter account or reddit account on a whim because they can't rememeber their last log on or decided on a new email account how would you find out or where could you search to recover the old account handles? What if you can't remember past email accounts or handles? Do throw away accounts still count towards the disclosure? If you miss/forget about an email/handle/social media affiliation or account and it is found out later will the CO conclude you are lying or intentionally trying to hide accounts? While I understand the need for disclosing this information to the asking governement and there is no getting around it what can be done to ensure that we have fully completed this portion of the application without inadvertently committing perjury or ommissions? Thanks in advance for any and all advice, this is truly a trying time in our lives! Cheers, Lizzy
  7. Hi - quick question. I am the beneficiary in our I-130 application. In the section where I have to fill in my information, it asks for both a passport (Q47) and a "travel document" number (Q48) separately. I have both a Passport and a NEXUS card. Do I use my Nexus card number as a "travel document" number on the form? I do use my NEXUS number on my airline tickets. Or do I just leave "travel document" as blank and only use my passport number? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I have a question on I-130 processing in F2A category. My I-130 PD is May 4,2018 at CSC.I know i have to wait for some more time for my I-130 approval as i have waited for this long(1 year and 3 months now) I have seen lots of approvals from Jan,Feb,March and April ,2018 in the facebook group i follow ,even though the USCIS processing time webpage shows Case inquiry date as August ,2017. I am happy that things are moving fast or people with PD in 2018 are getting approvals. But i have the following questions. Does the I-130 approval is based on PD or based on PD and country.? I know that when the beneficiary is not in USA,the application goes through NVC. And most of the approvals for I-130 i noticed seems to be for application with beneficiary outside of US.Am i wrong on this, Appreciate your thoughts on this.
  9. Hi everyone. Basically I need information regarding how to withdraw a visa petition. I went to the USCIS office from my home country and i was told only the petitioner can withdraw the application; however, my former fiance doesn't seem to know how to do it. At this point, I dont even think he wants to do it. Anyway, I found this on the internet: "A petitioner or applicant may withdraw a petition or application prior to adjudication. Withdrawal is a voluntary action. It should not be coerced, although it may be suggested as an alternative to a formal denial. Whenever a withdrawal is received, it should be acknowledged, in writing, for the record. Although a withdrawal by a petitioner is not necessarily an indication of fraud, the facts surrounding any prior withdrawal should be considered in the event a subsequent petition is filed by the same pe titioner. See Matter of Isber 20 I&N Dec 676 (BIA 1993) A petition which has been withdrawn cannot be denied. See Matter of Cintron , 16 I&N Dec 9 (BIA 1976)." English is not my mother language, but it gave me a bit of hope regarding the matter. Can I as the benefiaciary send a letter to withdraw the application? If so, where to? I guess I've got to send the letter to an American office and lastly, i don't even know the state of my current case. Last info my ex sent me was on September last year. he sent me the attached file. My problem is I wanted to travel earlier this year for a congress and my visa was denied because this process is pending. I wonder if it even expires after certain time, but I read somewhere there has to be a written record of the withdrawal. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi All, I just wanna ask if it is possible to change job as a beneficiary while waiting for our NOA2. (We filed last April). The affidavit of support will be filled out by the petitioner so I guess me transferring to another job wouldn't affect? Or would it? Will it affect during the interview or my background. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone! We're hopeful that our interview will be coming up soon, and originally I was planning to go to Turkey to be with my fiance, Yehia, when he does his interview. However, I am in Turkey now visiting and the process has actually gone quicker than we expected, and it would potentially mean going back to Turkey soon. That isn't a bad thing, except flying back and forth can be expensive. Just wondering if petitioners are usually there for the interviews or not? If the petitioner is there, do they ask them questions. Suggestions on if the petitioner should be there or not? While we're at it, what were some of the questions they asked during the interview??? Thanks in advance! Sam
  12. Hey everyone! Any July 2018 filers around? We sent ours on July 5th, waiting for NOA1 Good like and happy waiting!
  13. My fiance is French, but he lived in China with his parents for several years with a student visa from the time he was 10 years old until he was 19 years old. He moved back to China when he was 21 years old with a visitor visa (S2) to visit family and he has been living in china for 2 years (including the multiple renewals). Do you know if he is required to get documentation for a criminal background check from china even though he is not a Chinese citizen and has been on a visitor and student visa all these years? If a criminal background check from China is required, where do you recommend to go? He lives in Shanghai. Thanks!!
  14. Hi please Help. I'm really really confused about my addresses. So my question is, I13a requires Last 5 years addresses. Currently i'm living in my home which is located in my hometown. Where my parents are living and my whole family. But from jan 2014 to december 2017 i was in University which is another city. 60 kilometres away from my home city. So i had to live in hostels. I lived in different hostels during that time. But visited my home every week. Because my family is living here since i was born here. And i also came here in my holidays(3 months). So my home in my hometown is my permanent address. What should i do ? Should i put the hostel addresses ? But i was here every year during my holidays(3 months) how should i put that time ? It is really confusing ... My university was in another city and my home is in different city. 60 kilo distance. What should i do ? Please help me ... i'm so confused.
  15. Please see attachment. Why are people sending in passport photos for overseas beneficiary? Are people getring rfes for something that's not even needed?
  16. Maybe I'm overthinking this, but just want to make extra sure. My fiancé's (beneficiary's) mother is deceased. What should I list for her city/town/village and country of residence on the I-129f? Should I list where she previously lived? Or just put N/A and explain that she is deceased? Thank you!
  17. Hello everyone, I decided to make this group based off of another member's suggestion and my experience here on visa journey. Of course, different beneficiary countries will have different experiences in obtaining the final visa, the interview process, the medical exam, fingerprinting, etc., etc. I also had a difficult time at first getting specific answers tailored to getting my Dominican spouse to the U.S. because of the diversity in countries on the I-130 Filer groups per month. So this group is to answer questions for those with Dominican beneficiaries. Please feel free to also add any recommendations, experiences, updates in regards to same. Thank you! and Good Luck to everyone
  18. Us citizen mom petitioning for children 14 years (15 by the time of the interview) and 18 year old sons. What kind of questions will they ask at the interview? Children are in Ghana
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