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  1. Hey guys. Just wondering about the financial aspect of the K1 visa. I am wondering what I will need to provide to prove my income since I did not work a lot the previous year and so my income on my tax returns were very low. However , I currently have a new job where I have been working for 7 months and my income meets the requirements based off my rate of pay. What would I provide if asked for my income since I haven’t filed my income tax for this year yet.
  2. I was responsible for managing the bills and my spouse used to transfer me money during the month for our expenses (That is basically why we opened a joint account). Sometimes when she transfer money, she would write me a note. Those notes could be sometime a little inappropriate. We both had dirty sense of humor, we never really assumed anyone will take a look at the statements, so I am wondering is it okay to just conceal those notes with the sharpie like the president? I will not touch the amount or the transaction info tho. Also, I am not keen that the USCIS IO keen of Zelle and such money transfer, do I need to explain to them how Zelle works? I can ask my soon to be ex wife for a bank statement to prove that she is the one transferred the money; other than that, the statement usually shows her first and last name, bank name and #, and amount
  3. Hi guys. I know I read somewhere that not all BPI branches can process the MRV fee. I can Google major branches that are more likely to be capable, sure, but I've been thinking that might give me locations that are too far from me and therefore inefficient, so I want to be certain first before I spend resources on time and transportation. I live in Antipolo City, Rizal 1870. Close to "Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort". Bottomline is 😂 Can anyone share which BPI branches in Manila are certainly able to process the K1 MRV visa fee? Thanks in advance for any help! 😊
  4. Hello there! I was just wondering if I am able to pay the visa fee through online banking via BPI app? If so, how? Is there a reference number/account number etc? We got a ready status on CEAC website and I would like to pay already so we can schedule the interview as soon as possible.
  5. Hello Everyone, I just arrived yesterday through SFO , i just wanted to know how can i apply for my social security number, I know my green card is coming in the mail, i paid the immigrant fee a while ago , and how can i get a driving license if i already have a License from Pakistan, will having the license make it easier for me ? or should i just go without one. Do i have to wait for my social security and green car to open up a bank account ? thanking you in anticipation
  6. Hey everybody, My husband and I just successfully opened a joint bank account yesterday, and there were a couple things that came up that I thought might be helpful for others to know. First, we opened the account at Chase, and the lady helping us said that a Social Security number is not necessary to open an account. My husband did have his SSN already, but she said it was not necessary. My husband had to provide one photo ID and one form of ID with his address on it. They accepted his passport as photo ID, and our electric bill in both our names with our address on it as the secondary ID. The other thing I noted was that the girl helping us was very well-versed in opening accounts for foreigners, and it turns out it is because we happened to go to the branch closest to the university where a lot of students also go to open their accounts, including a lot of foreign students. She even told me that she has the ID requirements for foreign students memorized, she opens those accounts so often. She was very helpful and friendly and excited to practice her Spanish with my husband. I suspect that others might have the same experience elsewhere, with branches nearest to universities (or other hubs for foreigners) being more accustomed (and open) to dealing with opening accounts for foreigners and/or special circumstances. Hope this helps someone down the line, enjoy your weekend!
  7. Hi guys, based on some of the posts I've read around these forums, I understand that having a joint bank-account is one of the important proofs that can validate the genuineness of the marriage, & therefore, K1 couples should get a joint bank-account immediately after getting legally married. This being the case, when we're filing for Adjustment of Status, how much of the assets in the joint-account can be claimed by the US citizen-spouse on I-864 for the purpose of income-requirement? For instance, if a couple has 50k in their joint bank-account (some of which was brought over by the immigrant-spouse when they came to the US), can the US citizen claim the entire 50k as belonging to the US citizen, on their I-864, for the purpose of meeting the income-requirements for Adjustment of Status?
  8. Hello, I got marriage last month and I'm working on getting everything ready to file. My question is about joint bank statements: Will we need bank statements with detailed charges over a certain period of time, or would a letter from bank stating that we have a joint account enough? Do we need to disclose the amount of money in our bank account? Thank you!
  9. Hi, I'm from Peru and I need help, a have a big debt with the bank , people are saying that I can get the visa denied, please does anyone knows if this can affect my k1 visa.
  10. Hi community, I'm making my affidavit. Do i need a bank summery with opened date, balance, etc. Or a bank statements with every deposit and expenses detailed? Thanks
  11. My husband and I have a joint bank account together, however, we just opened the account and our most recent statement says we have nothing in the account. Would a blank check from that account (which obtains both our first and last names) be sufficient enough to scan (front and back) and use as evidence? We also have another joint bank account here in Canada, I have statements and proof of consistent deposits and withdraws from that account, which we are also using as evidence for THAT specific account.
  12. Hello everyone, First time post here. Thanks for reading. Background: I am a CR-1 holder. I just landed in US 1.5 months ago. My husband is a US citizen. Before I moved, I gathered my saving wish to put them in one of US investment account in order to continue growing my money. We found Fidelity seemed like a good choice. So we went to their customer counter in NC. We had a good time doing business there without knowing it was the beginning of a disaster. Me and my husband opened few accounts at the same time, he as a citizen, he could walk out with accounts ready. In my case, they needed to review all my papers, including passport, green card, social no. and international driver license. After couple days, I got my accounts ready too. Everything was going well. I put my money in the accounts and started trading. I got the account confirmation, also the trading confirmations etc...Just last week, I found out I couldn't log in my bank page. It showed my accounts was locked. I was shocked since I just got their trading confirmation. I called them and they said I hadn't have enough credit record, and then I needed more documents to prove my identity. When I opened my accounts, there was no problem. I got everything they need. I deposited my money and started to invest, and bam! my account was locked without saying a word. I have no problem against identity thieves, but man, how lacking and inconsistent the communication was.... The communication between me and Customer service was bad, and between Customer service and so called their Risk department was bad too. One time they didn't know what documents I needed to provide. The instruction was actually sent to the message inbox in my LOCKED Fidelity account that I couldn't get. A manager said I could call back the day after, so that her colleague could let me access the account temporary just to read the instruction. I called back and the other person said it is no such thing of 'temporary access the account'. Customer service is very apologizing, but honestly they just couldn't give me any help at all! All the info and action came from their Risk department but they don't talk to the customers. What they needed was 1. passport 2. International driver license 3. Utility bill with my name and my residential address 4. other bank statement to show the source of my money. For 1 & 2, clearly I had provided them during the process of opening accounts. I had to provide again just for their risk department. For no.3, I had to provide a letter from the house owner (my mother in law) and signed by her because all utility bills are in her name. I provided all the documents and faxed to them. To get them process on the papers, I waited 2 days. 2 days later, first call, they didn't receive my fax. I called again, tried to get different person, they did receive it, but I was rejected again because they needed a medallion stamp on the signature, which they never told me. Again, I asked my mother in law's help and went to one of her bank to get the stamp. Then I mailed the paper. USPS shows delivered successfully on this Monday. It has been 3 days, Customer service said either they hadn't received them or the risk department was still reviewing them. Money got kidnapped and I couldn't do anything about it. If they had told me at the first day I couldn't open accounts because I didn't have enough credit record or just simply I was a new immigrant, I would have appreciated their honesty and walked away with some respect for this company. Right now, I just want them to unlock my accounts and move my money away from them. It's not much, but how can I trust them if they can hold them whenever they wanted? Guys! if you just move to US and wanted to put money in a bank, think twice about Fidelity Investments. And also, what's your opinion if you are in my shoes? any step I could have taken? Thank you!
  13. Hi and good evening or day to you, My fiancée will be moving from Mexico to the United States, under her K1 visa in august. We are struggling to understand the best way to transfer her money to the US. She will probably be receiving a retirement bonus from her company, and she will also be selling her car. We are maybe expecting $5,000 USD, maybe a max of about $10,000 USD. Our question is this, what is the best way to transfer her money to my bank account? Once she arrives to the US, I will add her to my bank account as a joint account. However my fiancée was informed by her bank that the US could seize the money during a money transfer, until we prove that the money belongs to her, and was obtained legally. Thank you for any suggestions and information you may offer. God bless and have a great rest of your day or evening.
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