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Found 9 results

  1. Very excited! We just mailed everything to the embassy they should have everything on Monday! For those who have filed in Thailand how many weeks does it take to get an interview? Do they email you about when your appointment is? Can I email them and ask? Or do I just look on the PDF they have on their webpage? If it’s the last thing then do I check that periodically or is it uploaded one time for one month?
  2. Is there any way to get the interview quicker? Is there an expedited request there? What reasons would they accept? Any help would be great. Thanks!
  3. Why do I read you need to bring these to the interview online but nothing is required on the packet 3 or 4? Is it only some countries?
  4. Hi, I think we sent the original affidavit of support with the petition to the USCIS. Do I reprint it, sign it again and bring it to the interview? (I'm going with my fiance). I looked up the form and it has has an expiration date of October or November 2018 so how can I print a new one? Also do I need to use my tax transcripts from 2018? I haven't filed taxes yet. Any help would be great.
  5. Hey Everyone, Sorry if it is a long post but I want to give all the information to see if anybody can offer any insight or help and suggestions. My fiancée had her k-1 Interview at the Bangkok embassy almost exactly 2 months ago on January 17th. The interview was long but it went well and the consular told her that she passed the interview and congratulated her. The only other thing he said is that they wanted a new Single Status Certificate as the one she brought in was one year old and they only accept ones from the last 6 months. He instructed her to send in a New Single Status Certificate with a translation and her passport and said they would mail back the passport with the visa shortly after. My Fiancée was previously married but that marriage ended more than 10 years ago as her husband passed away in a motorcycle accident. That was her only other marriage. Please note that they did not give her a 221g form or any form all they told her is she passed the interview and to mail in her passport and new certificate and to wait to receive the visa back. We mailed in her passport and the certificate and translation the next day and emailed to make sure they got it the next week and they replied and said they had received everything. Now it has been 2 months later and every time we email the embassy for an update we get the same response. Your case is currently undergoing necessary administrative Processing pending a decision while we are unsure how long this will take we appreciate your continued patience. etc etc. Thats where we are very confused we were told at the interview that her visa was approved we were not giving a 221g form or any forms like that but it seems our case has ended in Administrative Processing with no updates on anything for the last 2 months. So you know everything about our relationship I have known her for 3 years. I have lived in Thailand for 6 months I was fighting professionally in Muay Thai there and that’s how I met her. I lived with her and stayed with her for 4 out of those 6 months. I have gone back to Thailand to visit her 4 times In the last 2 years staying in Thailand with her for 1-2 month periods and we took a vacation together in Bali for one month as well. Talk everyday plenty of pictures I’ve met her entire family and she has met most of my closest friends and some of my family. There is a bit of an age gap I am 26 years old( I am a male) and she is 40 years old (she is female) you would not know her age if you met her and I could care less about it I’ve been with her for 3 years and love her dearly. But the gap is 14 years I am only bringing it up as it is the only reason i feel like that they could of moved us to AP. Besides that everyone was perfect tons of evidence and pictures and we have spent a lot of time together Its just very confusing that we were told the Visa was approved but now we are stuck and have been stuck in AP for 2 months even though no 221g form was giving. Is anybody going through a similar situation. Are they just being very slow on Processing the visa or are they reviewing it again. Is there anything we can do? Are we stuck should we just wait it out or does it look like they are going to change there mind and deny the visa now? Anybody else getting stuck in AP for a while? Please any insight and information would be great this process has been heartbreaking being so close to everything finally being finished yet now it seems so far again. thanks for any help
  6. In thailand, you can get arrested for playing cards at a friends house. I have a friend that is applying for K1 visa whose girlfriend 6 years ago was driving a motor bike and pulled over. Her friend had a small quantity of drugs on her, but they were both arrested. From what I read, this is an immediate denial. Any information someone dealing with the same issue or resources I can pass on to my friend? thanks in advance.
  7. I need information for direct consular filing for my Taiwanese spouse. I am getting conflicting reports. My question is if I can file for dcf at the Bangkok uscis because that is the office that covered our jurisdiction. I want to find that out before I send a $535 check to the lockbox in Chicago and have my case pending for a year, when this option is viable. Second question is if DCF is available at the AIT in Taipei? I read co flirting stories abt that but I haven’t been able to reach anyone with a valid response. AIT informs me to contact uscis, uscis phone number has an automated recording. Which doesn’t help me answer any questions. ASK EMMA, doesn’t answer my questions either. I emailed both parties but keep being told that they can’t answer because I am in Taiwan and they don’t have jurisdiction. Thank you for your time, and assistance.
  8. Good evening everyone, post interview 221g for not sending a certified copy of the divorce decree. Certified copy sent and received. Ceac website showed AP, this morning it changed to Application Received. Now this evening it’s back to AP. A little confusion sprinkled with a liberal dose of anxiety just for fun has set in. Any insight from those much more intelligent than I?
  9. Good morning all. My fiancé had her interview and we were in AP because I forget to send a document. The CEAC website has been showing AP. Today it shows application received. Any idea what that means.