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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I just wanted to share this article for our Canadian friends and their SOs. Canadians who work in the marijuana industry — and those who invest in the booming pot sector — risk a lifetime ban on travel to the U.S., according to a senior official overseeing U.S border operations. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/09/13/canada-weed-pot-border-783260
  2. Hello everyone, I'm planning on filing my parent's I-130's soon. My parents have overstayed their visas 1+ years before. They're last entry was in June 2009 and exit on July 2009. Before that, they entered in 2002 and stayed in the US until October 2007. Since I'm filing soon, I'm hoping their I130's will not be approved before July 2019 (10 years from their last entry). My parents have not attempted to return to the US since then and have not renewed their visas. Has anyone had a similar case? What are my chances of being able to bring them to the States?
  3. Hi there ! i would like to know where I can find a statement where it explains a minor brought to the US does not face a ban if the minor leaves the US within 3 months after their 18th birthday
  4. wannatravel

    Tourist visa after 10 year ban

    Hello, just wondering if anyone on here know of anyone that has been approved a tourist visa after being deported with a 10 year ban. I entered the country illegally with my parents when I was 7, they claimed a false asylum and of course that was denied. I was 22 when I was deported. If I apply for a tourist visa I will be applying as a Mexican citizen, however when the asylum case was filed, it was filed as if we were Guatemalans (my dad grew up there). I have been at my job for 5 years, my salary is above average (for the town I live in), I have plenty of money saved up, in the past 2 years I´ve travelled to Canada, Asia, Europe, South American, but I also do not own a home, and am not married...can this be seen as not enough times? Purpose of travel to the US will be to visit friends from school. The 10 years have passed, will I need to apply for a pardon? Before or after I submit the visa application? I´ll most likely get denied but would really like to know of anyone with similar situation. Thanks everyone
  5. Hi All! Thanks in advance for any help you can give. So in spring 2014 in completed the 3rd year of my B-arch at SCI-Arc in Los Angles. I still had 2 yrs till i completed. I unexpectedly had to take a leave of absence for the next academic year due to financial exchange rate reasons. I returned to SA in december 2014 with plans to remain home until the next fall. In march 2015 I decided to return to move my apartment into storage (cheaper than paying rent). Now (stupidly) I went using my student visa which still had 3yrs on it . At the POE i was told my SEVIS had been cancelled which i was not aware of (due to ignorance) and that my visa was being cancelled and i was put on a flight back home. I was found inadmissible under section 212(a) (7)(a)(i)(I) with a 235(b). I've been home since working , havent tried to go back because the whole event was a bit traumatic tbh. I have recently come into some money and am able to complete my degree FINALLY! The school kept my place and I've just received my i-20. I'm looking for advice on the process of getting permission to return to school. Would a (7)(a)(i)(i) apply with a 212 at the visa interview? Thanks
  6. My dear friend of 15 years accepted my marriage proposal. I'm excited. I visit every year from USA to Thailand to see her, other friends. She lived in the USA for several years, and managed to get caught in a visa overstay situation (she moved and the mail did not get to her). So she has been banned from reentering the USA for 10 years. It's been nearly 6 years into that ban. The question is: if I go to Thailand to get married, will she be able to now get a spouse visa? Or will the ban prevent her, as my wife, from getting a Visa to USA? And if so, can I/she petition the ban? It was not her fault she overstayed (by a few months).
  7. Hello everyone, My husband is at the stage where we are submitting DS-260 and scheduling an appointment for a visa interview at the Juarez Consulate. My husband entered the USA in 2001 unlawfully and left in early 2008. After he left, we maintained contact and I eventually moved down to Mexico with him. We lived together in Mexico for 7 years as a married couple and are now applying to come back. We decided to immigrate 1.5 years ago, and I returned first back to the USA in January 2017 while he is staying in Mexico. Rather than apply for an I-601 so close to the date, we decided to just wait out the 10 year ban for him to apply "normally". Interesting thing about this is that my husband was never under any immigration proceedings in the USA. There is literally no evidence that he was ever there. Even so, we are going to tell the truth regarding his time in the United States unlawfully. My question is if the consulate will want to have evidence of my husband leaving the United States, even though there is no evidence that he was ever there either way. The reason I ask is because there is also no solid evidence of when he returned to Mexico, because when he returned he just crossed back on foot through Tijuana. Will they even care about this? If so I suppose we could prepare affidavits, but I just want to check if anyone has been through this or has any insight. Thank you for your help!
  8. Salaam Everyone I have created this topic so we all may benefit from it. My friend recently got an appointment at DIJABOUTI for his I-130 petition for Alien relative. In other words he got an appointment for his wife. He traveled to Dijabouti and did his appointment but was not issued the visa. He spent over 4 months in Dijabouti awaiting his visa. His petition was under ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING and still is. My question is what’s going on with the travel Ban? How long will his case be under administrative processing? Dijabouti is costly for the average Yemenie and many yemenies are suffering trying to bring their family members into the United States. Is there a lawyer or an immigration specialist out there who can help? Are there people out there of yemenie decent with the same issue? What can we do? Help help help!