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Found 11 results

  1. To keep on track, here's my updated timeline: (Anaheim, CA) I'm on a B1/B2 visa filing concurrently for Adjustment of Status, married to a US Citizen. Filed: (i-485 , i-130 , i-765, i-131) + (i-130A , i-864 , i-864A) FedEx package sent on 10 April 2019 (overnight) FedEx delivered overnight: 11 April 2019 (received by 10:00 am) ** no updates as of today 16 April 2019, 07:00 pm **
  2. Hi, a couple of months ago I got pulled over at the USCB for a secondary screening where I was pretty much detained for 13 hours while the immigration officers tried to figure out whether I was planning to stay in the US permenately or not as I was on a ESTA visa staying for 3 months. My trip was to travel to LA, Miami, Nashville and then New York over Christmas. At the end my passport was stamped with 212(a)(7)(a)(i)(i). I was told to reapply for a visa that was more suitable for my purpose of being in the US. When I arrived, I had the following: Return ticket, bank statements, proof of my business, address, a couple of phone bills... Then they looked at my phone where they found a couple of messages from me to my friends saying “I’d like to live in the US one day” and messages from my friends and I just jokingly saying that we would find somebody in the US and get a green card etc... Obviously, I wouldn’t because I have a life over here in Australia! But that’s what the immigration officer read. I’m also a freelancer (when I have time) for some companies I’ve signed up for online eg: freelancer, behande and fiver. Some clients I do work for are based in America, but they’re based all over the world. I’ve also been to the US no more than 2 weeks for festivals the last 3 years. Im wanting to plan a trip over again for a festival and max I’ll stay is 2 weeks... will I be able to apply on a B2 tourist visa? Thanks!
  3. can anyone explain the process of obtaining a visitors visa to me? my husband’s family doesn’t really want to live here but would like the opportunity to visit us and our little one. also when you get the visa, is it a one time visa or is it for whenever you want to visit? if it helps any to know what country, they are from the Dominican Republic. thank you in advance!!
  4. Hi Everyone, I need help on how to process my Greencard. I came to the US with a J1 visa without a 2 year home requirement. A month before my J1 visa expire, I applied for a B2 tourist visa and received the pending status letter from USCIS. I recently had a baby and got married to a US citizen. I stayed in the US for almost 6 months now even though my B2 status is pending. Should I change status from J1 status or from the B2? And I need help on how to process the greencard on which forms to fillout and requirements. I cant afford to pay a lawyer, so any advices and help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. For those who have recently completed (2017-2018) their DS-160 from Canada Beneficiary: Where is the Canadian "Passport Book Number" - is it different than the "Passport Number"? In the DS-160, do Canadian passports have a number to put in or does not apply? National Identification Number, is that a Canadians "SIN"? When asked "Have you ever been issued a U.S. Visa" - do B1/B2 "visas" count? I.e., as a Canadian I was never given an actual paper visa like the K1 Visa will, but for all the times i travelled into the US with a Canadian passport, it was technically under a B1/B2. As such, do we answer Yes and then give them the number of our last I-94? Or is the answer no, B1/B2s aren't the types of Visas they are asking for? When asked "Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the USCIS?". No one ever has for me except as part of this K1 process, the first step was the I-129F my fiancee submitted to them. As such, does this count, do we answer yes or leave it no because a K1 is technically a "non-immigrant" visa? Any other wonky questions you came across that make not come off as straight forward?
  6. Hi everyone! So my dad had his interview yesterday and he was denied. We couldn't understand why. These are the questions they asked him: CO: What is the purpose of your visit? My dad: To visit my daughter CO: What does your daughter do? Dad: She is a Registered Nurse CO: How long has she been working as a nurse? Dad: Almost 1 year. 10 months to be exact. ( I passed my boards not too long ago). CO: How did your daughter get to the US? Dad: Through a K1 Fiancee Visa. (My husbad and I met in europe) CO: How long has she been in the US? Dad: 4 years. CO: Have you travelled out of the country before? Dad: Yes. (Visited my sister in Dubai for 2 months) CO: Another daughter? Dad: Yes. CO: Unfortunately, I cant grant you a visa today. Try again next time. What mistake did he do? I cant see anything wrong with his interview other than his denial. My dad has other 2 kids who are in college and highshool. What do u think is the basis of his denial? Can he apply again in 2 weeks? We have a planned vacation at the end of March. (We dont usually go on vacation so this is a perfect time 👌). And his birthday is on May. Thats why we wanted him to stay 2 months. What can we do differently?
  7. So my sister who is a pharmacist back home(Jamaica) has a 10 year B1/B2 tourist visiting visa, she wishes to change her status so that she can migrate and come to America to work. Any Advice on the steps she should take would surely welcome, which routes she should take.? What are her options? Im willing to sponsor her if thats a option, she's willing to go back to school to be a pharmacist here as well ifs thats a route.
  8. Hi, I'm 27 years old Indonesian woman. Me and my bf met online and start relationship since September 2016. January 2018 was our first meeting (He went to Indonesia for 10 days). After our meeting, he wants me to visit US on his birthday (July) for 2 weeks, meet his family, and see if we really are compatible each other. All of the cost will be on him, he will pay all of my expenses. The thing is I'm not good at lying or making up a fake vacation scenario, but bunches of people told me not to tell the Consular Officer that my purpose is to visit BF and dont ever show them invitation letter from my BF because it will be 100% denied. So, I need suggestion or advise.. 1. What I actually need to say to them regarding to my purpose ? 2. Should I show them my BF's invitation letter or not ? 3. Or any other suggestions ?? Thank you so much in advance. Xoxo.
  9. Hi - I would like to seek an advice. I am a B1/B2 10yr visa holder from the Philippines. I was married but separated when my visa was granted 2016 and will expire 2026. I was married to a Filipino citizen/visa-non holder. A year after my visa was granted, annullment papers was released - year 2017. My passport is about to expire. Should i renew it using my married name for the meantime to avoid change name issues at the US port of entry? Currently, my visa holds a married name. Or do i need to re-apply a new visa as single? In addition, i was petitioned year 2018 for L-130. Would it affect the status of my petition? Can i update my passport using maiden name before the visa expires or before my immigrant interview? I would greatly appreciate everyone’s response.
  10. Hello, I booked an appointment for myself and my 2 kids. While scheduling the appointment, I added my kids as dependents. The appointment confirmation , contains my name under the Applicant's name and Number of Applicants is 3. There is no mention of name of kids etc. However it contains the MRV receipts for 3 of us. Is this enough for Visa consulate Interview when we all go . Appreciate your response Thanks
  11. Hi, Thanks for having the wonderful platform to clarify the questions. I am planning to bring my mom (Widow & home maker) and younger sister ( Studying BSC third year) to US on B2 Visa. So, I have applied B2 Visa for both in single slot on August (2017) in Chennai Consulate. I have applied as Self sponsorship and opted the Tamil interview. The interview goes as below: My mom and sister went in to the panel. Mom : Greeted the officer. VO : Greeted back, Where are you going to US. Mom : Connecticut. VO : Who is staying there ? Mom: My son & Daughter in Law. VO : How long you are planning to stay ? Mom : 5 months. VO : (Pointing to my sister) Is she your daughter ? Mom : Yes VO : What is she doing ? Mom : She is studying BSC. VO : Which year? Mom : Third Year. VO: Is she Married? Mom : No VO : What is your husband doing ? Mom : He expired. After this, the Visa officer went inside and had some chat with another officer. In a while, VO came back and gave us 214 b. We thought , applying for my mom and sister in a single slot would have been a mistake and also I have decided to sponsor for them this time instead of self sponsor. We prepared all the needed forms and documents for sponsorship and applied again only for my mom on Jan - 2018. Again on Chennai consulate in Tamil. The interview happened as below: Mom : Greeted VO VO: Where are you going to US ? Mom : Connecticut. VO: How many months you are planning to stay ? Mom : Two months. VO : What are you doing ? Mom : I am a home maker and pensioner. VO : Pension ? Mom : My husband worked in Government office and now I am getting the Pension. VO : What is your husband's age? Mom : He died. VO : Issued 214 (b) We didn't know what we are missing. We are desperate to bring them here on April. We are looking for help for the below questions ? When can we apply again ? In both the times, the visa was rejected after the officer asked about my Dad. As my mom is a widow and home maker, please advise the best approach to maximize the likelihood of clearing the interview. Thanks in Advance!
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