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Found 6 results

  1. Happy Summer 2023! Hoping to hear what other people’s experience doing the waiver I601 for personal belief not doing the medical examination specifically Covid vaccine during Adjustment of Status here in the US. My sister came here on a J1 visa in March 2019 and had to extend as B2 when the pandemic first hit in March 2020. Took so long to process her B2 so she had lots of time spent with family and friends in the country while waiting and apparently met her now husband a US Citizen. They have been together for almost 2yrs now and just gotten married last December 2022. Couple months later filed their I-130, I485, I-765, etc. Before those even got filed, they had her husband’s tax returns amended due to some errors in the past so that took even longer process. She was supposed to mail I-485, I-131,I-765 by March 2023 so the I-693 Medical Examination signed by a civil surgeon was still temporarily waived then but tornado hit their town on the day she was to mail the documents and got mailed instead early April. Question is, she got an RFE letter asking for the I-693 medical. Would she still need to submit that but just do the physical exam or can she go ahead and file for the I-601 waiver? They are opposed to the vaccines since her husband’s side has a history of autism for taking those vaccines. Appreciate all of your inputs.
  2. Hello, I submitted a petition for k1 visa for my fiancé from Romania. The case is in process but is taking longer than we expected. He tried to come to the USA with b1 visa but was denied, then tried to come with a work contract that was also denied, now while the k1 is processing he wants to go try again for b1 to come visit me and my parents. I’m just not sure if this is a good idea. Also, if it gets denied will there be any problem with the k1 interview ? Thx!
  3. Me and my partner are looking for the best way to proceed. I'm from Italy, he's USC. Since the waiting time is almost the same, we're leaning to get married and proceed with a CR-1 visa, more than picking the K1 path. Our concern about this is the traveling while the I-130 is pending. What are the chances of a tourist visa getting denied because of this? Would this be a problem only with a pending I-130 or also with a pending I-129F? I know for this purpose there's the K3 visa, but the waiting time is the same so there's no point. We are willing to wait for the whole procedure to go through, but not being able to see each other in the meantime would be crazy. Thank you for the help!
  4. Good day I desperate for legal help and advice for my niece.. hear me closely.. she is over 21 years old with approved F2B visa petitions.. she is person with disabilities (cerebral palsy ) since birth with seizures occasionally.. she is only child dependent of my sister and brother in law who live in US. 3 years ago, My sister who took care of her since birth is already in US. (Spouse visa of LPR) recently, last April 2022 to July 2022 her parents had a vacation her in Philippines. We need a big help from consular and senate office to take a look to her petition case to expedite to a ground of SPECIAL DISABILITY PERSON. Or could it be possible can granted her a B2 visa ? her case is took so long and her both parent is not with her in everyday of her life since April 2019. ( the day my sister travel to US). Her companion in her household is her 78 years old grand mother.😞 sometimes if had seizures attack her grand mother had high blood pressure because of nervousness and lock of things knowledge to her seizures problem. I’m 3 blocks away from her house.. we lucky when he have attack I’m available to attend her and help her to regain herself. But I’m also under petition with my husband.. I keep thinking about her? Soon I will travel too. Her parents and I keep on thinking how we can help her to live with her parents in the US with out giving up their work and spend the whole time with her? Please help me to get through with this errand.. and hope those who in government office can help her to reunite with her parents.
  5. Hi everyone! I came to US with my B1/B2 visa in June 2012 with tourist intent and CBP officer gave me 6 months stay. I submitted I-539 extension status few months later and it was approved. Totally I had 1 year to stay in US legally. I’m in US for 8.5 years and I overstayed my visa for 7.5 years. I decided to stay and I didn't leave the country and I’m still in US. I worked without authorization for years until 2020. In 2020, I got married to US Citizen and submitted forms to start green card process. Everything went well and my interview was scheduled in 5 months. We went to interview in December 2020. At the interview, officer told me that my B1/B2 visa was revoked. He asked me if I was knew something about it to tell him. Obviously, I didn't know anything about it and told him that I don't know why it was revoked by authorities. Also he asked me 2-3 times if I overstayed. I admitted, I said I overstayed and worked without authorization. At the and of the interview, officer said they will review the case. I paid all my taxes since I came to US. I showed my ITIN letter from IRS and last year Income Tax Return. I have never been arrested, committed a crime, never contacted with any ICE agent. My question is what is the possibility to get approved? Anyone had similar experience. Thank you!
  6. Hi. I would like to ask if 1 year and 3 months interval is okay to travel again to the USA? I have b2 tourist visa. I was in the US for 6 mos, visited my friends and relatives in LA, chicago and las vegas. Went there feb 2019 and went home aug 2019. Didn't overstay. I'm planning to go back this december for a 1 month trip. Do you think the interval is enough to re enter US? Thank you.
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