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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I’m trying to schedule my appointment for Visa in Pakistan but its showing me available appointment date March 28,2022. Is anyone able to schedule for an appointment in near future? Thanks, -Sal
  2. My fiancée and I are currently waiting on Ciudad Juarez to reschedule her K1 visa interview (originally scheduled for August 2020 before being cancelled). In the meantime, she is going to come visit me on a tourist visa. Her previous B2 visa expired fall 2020. She has a renewal interview waiver but still has to bring her paperwork to the ASC in Merida at the end of this month. My question is: does anyone know how long it is taking embassies in Mexico (or specifically Merida) to process and deliver the B1/B2 visas from renewal interview waived applications after the embassy has the paperwork? From what I have read in the past it is usually only a few weeks but I don't know if that it still true given the unusual times we are living in. An information would be great!
  3. Hi, I really need help. My partner and I have consulted with 2 lawyers already, but they are saying different things. Just a background story, I have worked in the US on my tourist visa in the past and a month ago I got detained at LAX airport for 4 days. I was honest with them that I have worked in the past and that I have a boyfriend in the US for 3 years. They gave me a choice of withdrawing my visa (not banned) for me to be able to apply a visa again.. Although, my worry is not being able to apply again even though they said I can. I want to know the chances of us getting approved for Fiance or Spouse visa in case we apply, the timeline, and what kind of waiver do we exactly need and how long does that take as well. We have been doing our research, but there are a lot of waivers and I'm not sure which one is the best to use if ever we might need one. We've been apart for more than a year and the clock is ticking for Fiance Visa 2-year window. I really want to be together with my partner already and I want to believe that we can be together again. It will also be helpful if there are lawyers out there who are experienced with this case. Thank you for your help!
  4. I’m re-applying for B1/B2 usa tourist visa from Islamabad,Pakistan and when i go to schedule my appointment ‘ the next date available keeps changing, first it was showing December 22, 2022, then February 8,2022 then it went back to December 28, 2022 does anyone else noticed this, also Does anyone think that the dates are going to go back , or keep increasing, i havent booked my appointment yet just in case they dates get available earlier! any insight on this would be helpful! thanks
  5. Earlier november 2020 Applied for B1/B2 visa at Karachi consulate CO said your visa is approved later after 2 weeks they requested Additional information and refused the case under 221(g). It was an emergency appointment. Did anyone else got into same thing and was interviewed recently. Have your visa been approved recently?
  6. Hi guys Could someone please guide me. I have been trying to find the info about if the new delhi embassy is open to process b1/b2 visa or they are not doing any processing for tourist visas. If i fill ds160 form, will I be able to take an appointment? Are appointments available? Is there any ban in place for tourist visas? Thanks
  7. Hi Community, I am pretty sure this was already asked here, but I need some assistance with this. So, in 2018 I moved to the US on K1 Visa and me and my wife were planning a wedding, so we invited our families. My parents (citizens of Ukraine) both got denied and after that we never tried again, but we would like to try get them visas so they can visit again. They applied for b1/b2 visas and denial was stating the following (I requested US Embassy in Kiev to provide explanation in writing by email and they did): *the email is very long, but the below is the most important "They have been found ineligible for a nonimmigrant visa under Section 214(b) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. A denial under Section 214(b) means that they were not able to demonstrate that their intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which they applied. An alien shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he or she establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer, at the time of application for a visa, that he/she is entitled to a nonimmigrant status under section 101(a) (15). They have not demonstrated that they have sufficient ties to compel them to return to their home country after their travel to the United States. When they reapply, they will have to show further evidence of their ties or how their circumstances have changed since the time of the original application. It may help to answer the following questions before reapplying: (1) Did I explain my situation accurately? (2) Is there any additional information I can present to establish my residence and strong ties abroad?" Interview was very short: Officer: Are you married? Parents: Yes Officer: What is reason of your travel to the US? Parents: To attend our son's wedding. (they offered a written invitation to our wedding and officer took to look at it as well as our marriage certificate). Officer: Do you have any other kids? Parents: No Officer: Who will be paying for your trip? Parents: Our son insisted to pay for us, but we can pay ourselves. (they had bank statements to prove but officer didnt ask). Officer: How did your son move to the US? Parents: (my parents told the story that I moved on K1 visa) Officer: Where do you work? Parents: They both said where they work (my mom is a professor in the University and dad is retired police office, currently runs small business; mom offered a latter from work but office refused to look at it) Officer: What countries did you visit in last year? Parents: They named around 10-15 countries mainly in Europe as well as Egypt Officer: You were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which you applied. That is it. So, what confuses me is the part about "they were not able to demonstrate that their intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which they applied" ? So is visiting son's wedding is not b1/b2 visa ? But anyway, I think visa type was correct and the actual reason is "ties to home country". What advise you guys can give? I would like to have an ability to have my parents over to visit me, because otherwise when I get citizenship I will have to move them as family based immigration, but neither I or them want to do that because they don't speak English at all, so the life will be not fun if you can't communicate with outside world and also in my culture it is kind of not okay to live with own kids after they are 18 (or same for me, I don't want to live with them, I would like to have my own private life). But looks like this might be a case if US b1/b2 visa will never be granted to them...in the end of the day I don't want to abandon my parents when they are older. But looks like under INA 214 (b) we got at least 3 problems: I am their only child who lives in the US (so no other kids to return to), they are traveling together (so no souse to return to as they travel together) and my dad has no full time job, he runs his business (considered as not important to return to ?). However officer at the interview didnt ask any other potential ties to home country: for example my dad is handicap and he needs to have annual medical treatment in a specific place in Ukraine as well as they both are looking after my grandma. The question is should they mention this even if office is not asking if they apply again ? What overall advise and strategy will you guys propose ? Strategy of being truthful and honest lead to failure 1st time, so I really need assistance to figure out how to proceed to avoid moving them here in the future. Should they maybe apply separately, not together ? Also about me - I am currently pending I485, I360. I work legally and pay taxes. Never overstayed in any country or broke laws of any country as well as my parents.
  8. I was in AP since march 5 and my visa was issued on CEAC at 25 March but i got my passport on 12 June. I have just been issued with B1/B2 visa this month from #IslamabadEmbassyUSA, Now i am thinking on what to do as i have issued with one year validity which is quite astonishing and will expire in March 2021. Can you answer me as below: 1: Why i was issued one year visa? What could be reasons? Any particular reasons to it? 2: Should i travel in August with it? What you suggest would be issue on Immigration during #Covid19 Yes i have few meeting scheduled there but would that work in such pandemic? If you've traveled to US recently how was immigration response? Do they look for priority? 3: if you've traveled from Pakistan, Did you experienced any issue with immigration in Pakistan? How was your experience? Which visa category? Please share your experiences. Looking for answers.
  9. Hello, good people! We were about to file AoS for my wife back in early February but turns out only a computerized birth certificate is allowed from her country to file for any immigration visas. This delayed our process long enough for the new i-944 requirements to take effect, and then lockdowns happened across the world, and now here we are trying to decipher what is acceptable. I hope y'all will be able to answer some questions/doubts. New to all this and appreciate any insight. Quick info about her (beneficiary): - graduated med school in her country in 2019 (never been employed) - studying to take medical licensing exams here, which have been delayed due to Covid-19 - has visited the US in 2019 to do two clinical electives - has a valid B1/B2 visa that expires mid-2021, but just entered the "overstay" category in June 2020 - no SSN or ITIN - no name on any lease/car insurance/utility bill - no credit card or credit score - unfortunately, we also did not renew her travel insurance which expired in March Quick info about me (USC): - make between $40k - $50k at a non-profit (above 125% FPG in 2019 Tax Return, and above 250% in the new career in 2020) - bachelor's degree - less than $25k student loans, $6k credit card debt - no health insurance (employer-offered plan was too expensive). Marketplace will not open till November ☹️ - credit score: good (700+) Questions: Is it possible to add her to anything (lease/bank account/utility bill/credit card) without having SSN or ITIN? Have any of y'all had success with getting a "no credit score report" without SSN/ITIN? Should I get private health insurance for both of us ASAP? Will $6k credit card debt and a not-so-great checking account be a negative factor? Would I have to show a healthy bank account and hence get financial deposit help from my family till the green card is approved? Is switching jobs seen as negative? If I find a better employment opportunity, should I jump on it or would it be seen as unstable? Is there any advantage to filing the forms concurrently versus sending them at different times? Will I-131 (Advance Parole) add an extra $575, and I-765 (Employment Authorization) add an extra $410 to the cost of Adjustment of Status application? If she has given the TOEFL in 2012 and all her education has been where official language of instruction is English, does she need to still prove her English proficiency? Do we need to get her British-education high school diploma and Asian-education medical school degree evaluated? P.S if anyone knows a company in Texas that does not take away half my income in private health insurance, please recommend! 😅
  10. Long story short, my parents are from a very traditional Hindu background and would be very hurt if they learned that I married someone from outside our caste, let alone an atheist foreigner. I thus decided to never tell them. They’re very old in their seventies and I just don’t want to them discover this fact and lose their tranquility in the twilight of their lives. For the sake of this question, please assume this decision as given. I’m still in touch with my parents and we talk once or twice every month. The problem is, they may want to visit the US. I wouldn’t have to invite them; they have the financial means to apply for a visitor’s visa and come here by themselves. In this case, they would have to provide information about their son which includes my marital status. They will be putting it as “single”, and I’m guessing the immigration officer will most likely catch the inconsistency and reject their application. Do I need to worry about this? If yes, will the officer let them know exactly why it was rejected, thus revealing my true marital status to them? I have asked this question on other forums and received varied answers. Some points of concern : The DS-160 visa application does not ask for marital status. It does ask however, my status in the US (US citizen, permanent resident, etc). They will be putting in 'temporary worker' since they're not aware of my permanent status. Even if in some way I communicate to them to put in "PR holder" without revealing my marriage, it might cause inconsistencies in the interview process since I will be the main stated reason for the visit, and they will be unknowingly answering wrongly to questions about me. Tourist interviews are short and if the Officer believes parents are concealing facts it won't go well and may get denied. Now, this is fine even if it does jeopardize their chances of getting the visa, what I'm *more* concerned about is the immigration office letting them know the exact reasons for rejection, and my details to them. Elsewhere I have received varied suggestions, but the consensus seems to be that even if the visa is denied they will give my parents a paper with the section under which their visa was rejected, not a particular reason. Is this accurate? and what about inconsistent answers *during* the interview process? is it a possibility that the officer crosschecks the info there itself and informs them? Lastly, is it a bad idea or a valid option to write to the embassy (after the submission of the DS-160 form) informing them of my situation ? will they be cooperative ? Thanks
  11. Will your future visas be affected if for some reason, an agent schedules your non immigrant visa with a visa fee receipt he bought for someone else for you? How can you resolve this?
  12. Hello, I'm helping my brother apply for a VISA to come to the US and I would like to ask a clarifying question just to be sure. His situations is that he is divorced from his wife 15 years ago, but is now living with his girlfriend of 7 years. They are not married and I don't think there's a law in his country that accepts Common Law Marriage/Civil Union. He's from Thailand, but if anyone knows for sure whether this law exists, please let me know. So my question is, which option should I choose for him for his marital status: "Divorced" , " Common Law Marriage/Civil Union" , or "Other"? (I'm guessing "Single" wouldn't be the correct choice, right?) What if he shares bank account and other assets with his girlfriend, is this an important factor to mention or is it not important for them to consider? Thank you.
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