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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, My fiance received an RFE letter in the mail after 5 months. Before the letter was delivered we were speculating that the RFE might be about the case of my fiance that happened 20 years ago where he plead guilty to a case of groping a minor. Luckily, it was that (the USCIS had asked for me to submit my letter of intent to marry my fiance), my fiance gladly complied and mailed the letter the next day. My question is, does the USCIS normally sent all RFEs at once and if they are satisfied with the letter of intent to marry that we mailed thats it? That we only need to wait for their confirmation? Or will there be another RFE that might be mailed later on which might be related to my fiance case history 20 years ago? It wasn't a rape or physical abuse but groping and all his records were deleted. Please enlighten me as everyday that we are waiting for the update from the USCIS is putting a lot of stress on me and my fiance. Thank you.
  2. Samer78

    Beating AWA Again

    When I first joined VisaJourney in 2014, I was kind of skeptical about gaining any knowledge, directions or thoughts about how I proceed with my AWA case. I read a lot of threads related to AWA, the more I read the less hope I have because all I hear here is negativity, and cases being denied not until I ran into Angie Y Shane story and started to think in a positive way. I said if it works for them, then it should work for me if I do my own research, and this is what I started with: * I read almost every single denied case (learning from others mistakes) * Learning about what are the necessary documents needed to overcome AWA Summary: From the two bullet points above I learned the following: 1. Be honest about your story.. do not hide anything (tell the beneficiary the truth) 2. Admit your mistakes and do not try to give excuses about what had happened in the past 3. Send as many supporting documents as you and be creative, do not stick only to the same list Ex. (Community Services, Donations, Letters of supports, pictures, polygraph, psychological report, certificate of recombination, resume, phone logs, airplane tickets) and more and more 4. And definitely hire a good lawyer who have worked on similar cases to yours. FYI: I received 1-797 notice of approval yesterday 5/3/2018 Shutout to everyone who gave us such a valuable information on this site, and wish everyone a good luck.....
  3. about 8 years ago i was arrested and charged with sexual battery class A. due to circumstances of the case and the plea bargain i was able to get, i was convicted of CLASS C simple assault. i never had to register as a sex offender and to my knowledge, this crime would not be considered a sexual crime if it was based of the conviction charge. so my question is what would the uscis look for to determine it this is an AWA case? do they look at the intial charge? the contents of the case, or the final disposition? or the combination of them all? also the i129f asks you to list both arrests and convictions , so just by the mere fact that i was charged with an AWA act disqualify me?
  4. Rbhp58

    Help with AWA

    Hello. I am currently filling in an I-129f form for myself and my British fiancée. Please can anyone help / advise .. this is embarrassing but I’m at a loss and wondering if it is a lost cause. 8 years ago I was arrested and jailed 6 months for sleeping with a minor I was 21, the girl was 17, my fiancée knows and has always known about this. My criminal record was recently expunged in 2016 and I had hoped this was enough. Though now I look into it a lot more, I realise it’s not enough at all. I sadly can’t afford the $$$$s a good immigration lawyer costs to help with the waiver process. What I’m asking is has anyone been in this situation /know how unlikely / likely I am to get a waiver without help of a fancy costly lawyer. We are both truely devastated and heart broken. We had even put down money for a deposit on a wedding booking. Thank you in advance
  5. Hello! I'm a US citizen AWA filer (petitioner). K1 approved October 2016. K1 interview January 2017 & approved. Fiancee enters US in February 2017. We get married and file for AOS. Wife (Applicant) does biometrics, and Interview scheduled for July 2017. Interview cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Went to the USCIS office anyway, was advised background check still in progress and that they didn't have the file yet. Today received a letter for me (Petitioner) to do biometrics. Should I be worried that USCIS may re-review the approved i129 and revoke it or something terrible? Thanks for the feedback...
  6. I fall in AWA category. I have received NOID. Any suggestions on responding NOID including a suggestion of a good/Experienced Atty in this matter as well as a Psych evaluator? I am faced with NOID and in need of expert advise ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello, I apologize in advance for my formatting errors and possible auto-corrects, I am currently on mobile and have been trying to wrap my brain around this issue. When I was 14 ( 2008 ), I had an inter-family problem, which I'm not here to debate the case, because that doesn't matter- but the results show me as being charged with: Sexual Assault in the Second Degree. ( A.C.A. § 5-14-125(b)(2), Class D felony ) I was found guilty under circumstantial evidence. I was not put on the sex offender list. Or registered as a sex offender. I completed probation, Psychiatric therapy, and the dismissal was approved in 2008. The case was also expunged and sealed. However, this was over 10 years ago now, and I have been scared and unsure of what to do. The immigration attorneys in my area I have contacted have been useless in the assistance of understanding what is needed and can not assist me. They did not know whether this is subject to AWA, and if it still needs to be disclosed if it has been dismissed. I have been trying to get my fiance here to the US, as she is from Australia, and we were currently working on a K1 Visa for the past few months. ( No paperwork has been submitted yet. ) I would hope someone could assist me in this process, and I hope to know if there's anything I should be doing. Thank You.