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Found 27 results

  1. Hi Guys, So my partner and I are trying to decide on whats the best visa for us to go for. We are definately thinking the CR1 over the K1 but not liking the time apart. Were currently living in NZ and my visa expires in November. We will get Married this year but not until later on in the year as we want our families to be here for it. So if we apply for the CR1 at the end of the year it will be quite some time we will be spending apart. Then we thought is it possible (my partner is from Aus) if i applied for the partner visa there, that way i can go and live with her, whilst the CR1 is being processed. Has anybody done this or know if this is even possible to both apply for visas in eachothers countries at the same time? Thanks in Advance
  2. From what I can gather on this forum, one of the pre-interview forms is a police certificate/check from any country you've spent more than 6 months in. Can anyone give me the details as to what type of police certificate/check is required? (Ideally an official link to where this info is posted?) In particular, does anyone know if a fingerprint check or just a name check is needed for an Australian police check, for those who have spent more than 6 months in Australia in the past, but do not currently reside in Australia? We have not received a request from the NVC for these documents yet, but are getting closer to the time we will need all that info, and I want to ensure we have these documents ready to go when needed, since it may take some time to get these completed/mailed. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi, I am very new to the visajorney site. I applied for my husband. My husband is originally from Bangladesh but he is in Australia with a student visa . He needs a police clearance from Australia. Which one police clearance he needs ? The regular type or with the fingerprints one . And there were 2 code I got confuse with code 33 and code 35 . Can we get the certificate over email ? Can anyone help us with this? Because he is leaving Australia within 2 weeks .
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the process. My husband is a USC and I'm Australian. We met and married in New York and now are living in Australia while I complete my Masters. We have already dealt with time apart and I'm trying to figure out if there's a way for us to avoid being separated while the visa is processed. Can we petition from Australia to the Chicago lockbox with a joint sponsor and prove intent to domicile? Or can you only do that with consulates that accept DCF? I also can't find any clear information on whether or not the Sydney consulate accepts DCF. I emailed them and their response is extremely vague and mostly just links back to the confusing website. I've been drowning in all this confusing information and really just want clarity on whether or not we will have prepare ourselves to be separated, or if there's a way around it. I don't trust lawyers and message boards are such a great resource I'm really hoping someone who's been in a similar situation can help! Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum and hoping for some help in our situation! My husband (US citizen) and I (Aussie) recently got married in July this year and have been living in Australia. He has been on a Work and Holiday visa here which runs out in May 2020. We were planning to go ahead and get his permanent residency for Australia (takes 22 months for which he'd have to stay in Australia and about $8000 aud) but recently have felt that we want to move to the states as we will have more support there from his family as a newly married couple. In looking into the Cr1 visa, I'm seeing the timeline to be around 15- 17 months which worst case takes us to around May 2021. (i've been confused about the timelines, on the USA website it says processing for the i30 varies between 6-11 months. Is that the whole process? Am I missing something?) My question is do I have to stay in Australia during this processing? I know I'll have to go to Sydney for the interview (we are near Melbourne). We really don't want to be separated and have been trying to figure out the best option. As far as we can see this is what we have come up with: a. he does 3 months farming work somewhere to get the second work and holiday visa which should last us until the green card is approved b. we simultaneously apply for his permanent residency here at the same time as my green card (we were told by a lawyer that this shouldn't affect either application) but this is very expensive and we wouldn't be able to travel c. we move somewhere nearby for a time until the visa is approved (possibly New Zealand as they have a work and holiday program and as an Aussie I can work there too) so I can easily fly back for the interview Obviously the last option will not work if I have to remain in Australia. If anyone has any insight or experience in this kind of scenario we would be super grateful! Kind regards, Jonas and Anne
  6. Hey all, I am in the final stages now, waiting for my appointment for the interview to roll around. As i was double checking i had all my documents i came across something that I'm unsure will apply to me. When detailing the requirements of the police certificate in the P3 issued by the embassy in dublin Ireland I noticed it said you must submit police certificates for any country your a citizen of - now I am an irish citizen and I have my police certificate from here, but I am also an Australian citizen through decent and have an Australian passport but have not lived there since I was like two years old - I am unsure if I need a police certificate from there as I am a citizen but have never actually lived there. Any insight anyone can offer will be of great benefit to me. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I was thrilled to finally received my interview date email the other day for my spouse-sponsored green card (CR-1) at the Consulate General in Sydney. I got an automated email from the Consulate today with general info about preparing for the interview, but the email also had a message at the top in a bright header reading: The 1040 US Tax Return will no longer be acceptable for your application. Applicants who are required to submit a US tax return with their application are now required to submit the US Tax Transcript. The IRS generated transcript can be obtained for free from the IRS website by filing IRS Form 4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return. I'm being told this 3 weeks before my interview, even though the NVC accepted our joint 1040 tax return as supporting financial evidence (the option was to submit EITHER the tax return+W2 form OR a transcript). The IRS hasn't processed our tax return yet (it's going to take a while given the backlog and because we had to apply for and ITIN simultaneously) and so it's impossible to get the tax transcript for at least a couple more months. Has anyone else been in a similar position? Can they really change the required documentation rules just before the interview and after the NVC has given the all clear? I've emailed the consulate but I'm expecting their usual generic replies. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, My fiance had his interview at the Sydney consulate a little over a week ago. He was given the 221(g) form since he did his medical exam a day before his interview. (Sydney allows people to do the medical exam a day before since they only have a few on their list of certified doctors for the interview). Firstly, I would like to know an estimate of how long it would take for the medical exam results to be sent to the consulate and how long it takes for the consulate to look over that before making a decision? Secondly, when we go onto the Consular Electronic Application Center to check the visa application status, it says "No Status". I read online somewhere that the status gets updated before you have your interview and after you pay the DS-160 fees. As I said we have already had our interview, so that means we have also paid the DS-160 fees. Is there something I am missing? I am honestly really worried that I missed a step. We were hoping that he would receive his passport back with the approved visa before October, but at this rate I am kinda getting worried that our plans will have to change.. Thanks! 😽
  9. Hi everyone, My Australian boyfriend and I have went through quite a bit of bad news recently. He has visited America before through an ESTA, but last week, he had an interview for a B1B2 visa, which was denied. After the B1B2's denial, he got notified that he needed to reapply for an ESTA, and after doing so, he was also denied for the ESTA. In his past visits to America, he had never overstayed or caused any problems, so his visa denials were very shocking and confusing for us. At this point, we have no idea where to go from here. He's kind of resigned to the fact that he won't be able to get an ESTA. I'm not financially stable/independent enough to sponsor him on a K-1 or CR-1, so that's off the table. If he applies for a B2 now, what can we do and what should he mention that would help get it approved? Is there another type of visa that could potentially work in this case? Also, would the consulate be able to access the notes from his denied interview? Thanks.
  10. I’m curious how long it took for anyone being interviewed in Sydney, How long it generally takes to get an interview after you return the packets they want from you?
  11. My husband and I are living in Australia, so far for almost 3 months now. We are putting the I-130 petition together right now, and I don't know how to proceed with the payment. Do I pay the amount I need to pay in AUD through a check, or is there a different payment method I need to do?
  12. Hi all I am looking for any advice or any input from individuals who may have gone through a similar experience. The Consulate in Sydney emailed me my packet 4 on Friday March 29, 2019. The email they sent was blank. It contained no text in the body at all. All I recieved in this email was three attachments; a copy of my approved petition, the 'K Required Documents' pdf and the 'K1 Document Cover Sheet' pdf. From looking through Visa journey I was acutely aware this email should not be blank. I proceeded to lodge multiple enquiries with the consulate including phoning the 'call centre' and the robot line. When they finally responded on Thursday 4 April 2019, they advised they had sent an email on March 29, and forwarded it again... forwarded the BLANK email again. See below: My mind was blown. I was extremely concerned and confused. I responded once again advising them that the email was blank and did not contain my interview details. They responded with this on Friday 5 April 2019: I responded asking them to please confirm the date as the date they had provided does not exist and the year states 2017. They finally respond on April 8 2019: They had not even given me 24 hours notice from when they had scheduled me. I am currently in the US visiting my fiance and had literally no way to get to this appointment on time. Even if I was not in the US, I live in regional WA and for me to get to Sydney at such short notice would be extremely difficult. I immediately requested to reschedule, however, their response to this has been quite vague and I'm left wondering if I'll have a new appointment scheduled at all. Does anyone know if I have some sort of protection due to the communications from the Consulate containing errors that prevented me from knowing (or being able to find out) my interview date with enough time to be able to attend? This has been one of the most stressful and frustrating things I have ever experienced. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I cannot find much help anywhere else or find anything on Visa Journey from anyone who has experienced something like this. Perhaps I am not looking hard enough. Thanks all.
  13. Hi guys, I have a K1 interview in Sydney on the last Tuesday of March. I noticed some people have requested an earlier interview after being assigned one, how did you go about this? I know it's not always possible but I thought it's worth a try if it's no harm. Additionally, what did you bring as proof of income? At the moment I have my fiance's: W2s 2016-2018, and am in the process of getting the most recent tax transcript Stamped letter from his bank to show his savings account balance and when it was opened Employment letter that states his hourly rate, start date, that he's a current employee, but not a salary (not a salary based job) 3 months of pay stubs Is this enough for the Sydney consulate and is there anything else I should bring for proof of income supporting documents? Thanks!
  14. My wife (AUS) just got her visa approved this month, and we're moving from Australia to the US in May. We're planning to go to Dallas to set up, and we want to ship our belongings, but finding out general costs to just ship things isn't working very well without a well defined manifest. We're looking to send general household goods, and we might send some flat pack furniture (only about 1500 new) but we'd like to just pack some stuff up in like a 2x2x1 meter crate if we're going to do that. Has anyone done anything similar, or should we just sell off furniture for whatever we can get for it and buy new in the US and send our smaller goods by smaller package sea chests? Any companies people have had good experiences with? Thanks!
  15. hi guys! so I applied for the I-130 for my husband who is from Brazil. at the time we sent the documents in from off shore while living in Australia. we just got the notification from the NVC that they have opened our case and we can start to upload all the affadavit and documents to the portal. so the interview date has not been scheduled yet but the interview location is suppose to be in Australia, but our visa there expired and we had to leave. we are now living in his home country of Brazil and need to switch the interview to Brazil. does anybody have experience doing this? I have tried to call a bunch of times and the NVC nobody will pick up. any advice on this would be super appreciated. trying to get all these things done as soon as possible!
  16. Hi, I had an account on this forum before but I can't access the email it's linked to, so I've remade- hope this is ok. Recently I abandoned the K-1 Visa, I don't wish to disclose why but we still want to be together and get married, we really do. But what if we want to move back to my home country to marry, are we able to? Especially if we've abandoned a Visa before? Does it look bad/suspicious? The process itself was fine and went smoothly. We did everything by the book. No hiccups as far as actually getting the K1 and going through all the steps. Does anyone know someone I can contact about this sort of thing? Also, most importantly, we still want the opportunity to go back to the US if need be (BOTH of us), whether it's to live there/visit (as a married couple). So let's just say I have them on a fiance visa of some kind (I am from australia, so perhaps a subclass 300? Correct me if I'm wrong. I also saw online someone mentioning a 'i130' but that almost doesn't make sense to me) and we want the opportunity to move over in the near future (after 8 months-2 years say of being in Aus/being married. It really depends). So what if we married in my country but decided to move back to the US after all? I did every single thing by the book and it went great, but does it look suspicious? I take it we can't file for the K1 Visa again and I can't get married over there at this point on any Visa (correct me if I'm wrong though), so while it is tempting to ask about that too I think I know it's out of the question. I know this sounds all a bit strange but any advice/messages are appreciated. Thanx everybody.
  17. Hi! Does anyone know or have an experience with regards to providing police clearance from a foreign country when you applied for the K1 visa? I stayed for a total of 6 months in Australia as a tourist only. I've read here that people who worked and lived in foreign countries for 6 months or more needs to provide a police clearance. Does this directive apply to tourists? Thank you.
  18. I filed the I-129f (petitioner form) for my fiancé and I begin the K1 Visa process in Aug/Sept, and am expecting it to be adjudicated Feb/Mar. We're getting ready to start working on all of the other documents that will need to be done before my fiancé's interview, one of which is the police checks. My fiancé is a Japanese citizen currently living in Japan, but he has lived in Australia and Canada for 6+ months in the past 2-3 years on working holiday visas, so he'll need to get police checks from those countries as well. Does anyone know the process(es) for requesting a police check from Australia and Canada while abroad? Is this doable by ourselves, or would you recommend getting a lawyer to help? My fiancé got a lawyer estimate in Japan for assistance with a K1 Visa, and it came out to about $2000. Thanks in advance for responses!
  19. Hi, I don't know how to post in the country specific forum so if someone needs to move my post to the Australia specific area please feel free to do so. I received an email from the Sydney consulate stating I should have received my interview email from NVC by now ( I have not) but my issue is they have asked me to fill out the Cover Sheet in the email - I am not understanding how? Yes I can put my name and NVC case number but in regards to all the list of ordering of the documents - am I suppose to tick off the ones I have as well as putting them in order? I also don't require a joint sponsor for my case - why have they asked for those documents?? I also don't have an Australian Citizenship Certificate because I was born in Australia, so I have my birth certificate only. I have attached a copy of the cover letter. any help is appreciated
  20. Hi guys, My husband had his interview 17 days ago and is dying to get back to the US as we just had a baby 2 months ago and it's been absolute torture being away from our son for this long, especially because it took 5 long years to conceive. Anyway, he attended his interview alone in Sydney and they requested a couple things but was told he should get his visa in 1 to 2 weeks (although he wasn't given the official approval.) #1. That I send them an email stating that I don't have a W2 for certain years because I've been working in Australia from <date to date> (Even though we showed them my Streamline Offshore Procedure paperwork which is only used when you're working overseas) #2 that I email my birth certificate to show proof of how I'm related to my father who was my joint financial sponsor. Because my income over the last 6 years has been overseas, they recommend i have a sponsor from the US. My husband called me as soon as he was out of the building and I emailed those documents within an hour. I then get an auto response email saying if they need anything else they will respond within 2 business days. 6 days later (4 business days and 2 weekend days) I receive an email stating that I need to sign and date the email I sent regarding why I don't have a W2. Again, send that within the hour. Next day we receive an email stating that we upload the I-864 on CEAC under 1099 and to change the file name. That one was very odd because we weren't the ones who actually uploaded that document, they did. Regardless, my husband does that straight away. We get the same auto email response saying they will contact us within 2 business days if they need anything and that it generally takes 10 business days to get the visa and documents back. I wish they would have told us everything we needed to do in one go! It would save so much time. Has anyone experienced anything like this where they needed more information after the interview and how long did it take for the status on CEAC to say approved, or for you to receive an email or tracking number from Australia post saying your visa is on it's way? Also, on under 1099 on CEAC it says "missing" which as I explained earlier that I've been working in Australia for 6 years hence why I don't have one. I'm just worried they are going to respond saying they need something else. Meanwhile it's Labor Day weekend and it's just another day nothing will get done. Thanks in advance.
  21. I'm beginning to research how to get my stuff from Sydney to the US. Any Australians here who can recommend a good shipping company? We likely won't be shipping any furniture, mostly clothes/personal belongings in large suitcases or boxes. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, While I've been looking at the timelines of other people who have done the K1 journey from Australia, I've noticed a bit of a pattern in that it seems like the Sydney consulate conducts most of it's K1 visa interviews towards the end of any given month. Is that just a coincidence, or does the Sydney consulate actually wait to do K1 interviews in the last two weeks of the month? Reason I ask is my medical is next week and I was hoping to jag an interview early next month. Thanks.
  23. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone who has done the K1 process in Australia can give me some info about the way the US consulate in Sydney deals with the AFP police checks? I tried to get a AFP fingerprint check done but I live in a rural town that has a lot of problems with crime so the local police always said they never had time to do my prints. So, I went and did the name check instead, which the US consulate says is acceptable as long as you list all the aliases I've ever used, well, I've only ever used the name on my birth cert so that's the only name I put on the police check. Is that going to be enough for the consular officers or are they going to reject it because I only have one name on the police check? Thanks in advance!
  24. Question for anyone who has recently had their K1 interview in Sydney! Just reading over my Packet 4 checklist on what to bring and I noticed most items on the checklist state in brackets after - copy or original Letter of intent - copies are accepted Medical - original Passport photos - original MRV receipt - copy Etc.. But the I-134 form and supporting documents it says COPY ONLY Which I guess just surprises me as its an official form.... So just curious if originals are needed OR Does anyone know if a copy will suffice?
  25. My fiancee and I feel like she's running short on time to get her interview scheduled since our wedding in the US is scheduled for December 1 and the Sydney consulate seems to only do interviews toward the end of a month. She emailed packet 3 back to them with 2 attachments (DS-160 confirmation, MRV fee receipt) last Wednesday, September 12. We still have not heard anything back. When she calls them, they just tell her to email USTravelDocs' Support-Australia address. But they said they haven't gotten her email. She doesn't have time to call them again because she has to go do her medical exam today and then get back to work tomorrow. Here is the text of the email she sent to Support-Australia: Why haven't they gotten this and moved on to sending Packet 4 and scheduling her interview yet? What can we do? Edit: CEAC says "Ready" on our case. If you need any other info, please don't hesitate to ask me.
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