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  1. Good day everyone. Well, by His grace, my wife's visa was approved at her interview. They kept her passport, and all the documentation she brought with her. They gave her a form letter saying that she had been tentatively approved for the visa, and to return on the 11th of October to likely pick it up. Now I understand that this a a legal matter, and that putting something in writing means something, so giving themselves "wiggle room" by stating it as they did makes sense. When I check Ceac, it shows a status of issued, and says that visa has been printed. My question is: do I sit tight and wait for my wife to get the visa in hand, or can I book a flight now in order to get as best a price as possible on airfare, since we are getting into the holiday season, and choosing a departure date sooner than four weeks out usually raises the prices. I'm happy to be in this predicament mind you. Having been in the visa process for over two years (initially went with a I-129F), I'm just anxious to actually get to sleep in the same bed as my wife. I do appreciate any and all comments. Chris
  2. Hey everyone! Any July 2018 filers around? We sent ours on July 5th, waiting for NOA1 Good like and happy waiting!
  3. I know everyones case is different, wondering how long it took to get your visa once you were approved in Santo Domingo? I read some people got theirs same day, next day or had to wait severals days. Just curious to know, any input for SDO would help!
  4. Hello All! I am just about ready to send my K-1 Visa petition; After spending all this time getting everything prepared and planning to get it out before today's last mail pick up for the week at 5 PM (I live in a small town ), something has been really nagging at me up until this last minute to not do this, but to file a CR-1 instead, and here's why: Even tho I was in Manila just a few weeks ago, I AM fortunately able to travel again almost anytime (this is also one of the times of year up until the Christmas season, where airfares are at their lowest), and my question is how long I should plan to be there to complete the entire marriage process from beginning to end? We would have a very simple civil wedding with her family and friends in attendance- Can I do this within about a 10 day or 2 week period? I have, as mentioned in previous posts, had 2 K-1 visas approved in the past, 2009 and 2014, and I have already completed my Multiple Filer Waiver Request Letter that I would need to send with the K-1 petition. I also have a minor criminal record (all more than 20 years ago now and all could even be simply borderline "infractions" but they were recorded as misdemeanors) however these are NONE that are considered the "Specified Crimes" list on the I-129F application. This form was revised last year and the previous forms did NOT ask about these minor crimes like they do now so now I must reveal them which is no problem. But when I contacted each court (there are a few different counties) and am told by each one that because the cases are so old there is a longer process in which they need time to search for these records. So instead of doing this, I simply typed a detailed account and explanation of each incident, including each disposition, to send in but I am afraid I may still get and RFE (or even NOID) because i did not submit the actual records and this may create possible delays. I see nowhere on the I-130 or I-130a forms or instructions any mention or request for info on these minor crimes and the I-130 form is the same filing fee of $535 as the I-129F. I see also that the processing times are getting closer to each other (CR-1 is still longer). Any feedback is welcome (the post office is only a few blocks away)!
  5. I am noticing that some of the various visa assistant/processing consultants & services online saying that the because of the current (Trump) administration's "crackdown on immigrants" (not my words), that if there are errors on the forms a higher percentage of immediate denials will be issued by USCIS and they will not bother with sending any RFE (Request for Evidence) and NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) notices to allow these corrections to be made. My first thought is that this is merely a sales tactic to "scare" us into paying for their services; I actually had one of these consultants tell me this on the phone and they then made an me immediate offer & discount to "act before things get worse". Is this truly the case or am I right? Please, I am not looking for comments about Trump or politics as this is not the place for that, only sincere replies to my question... Thanks!
  6. Hi all! How easy is it to expedite the USCIS approval process for an I-129? I know there is a specific criteria but are they pretty strict with it? Do you have to have a good case?
  7. Hello, on to the next step. For our case to be send to NVC and awaiting NVC case number. This page is for all JANUARY 2018 case approvals. And of course for everybody else who is interested in this topic.
  8. Hey all, Firstly, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been so supportive with answering questions and helping me stay sane throughout this whole process. Today I was approved for my K1 visa in London!! Here's my medical and interview experience. Getting a cancellation - My initial medical was booked for the end of July, but I am desperate to get to the U.S ASAP and we do have our heart set on an August wedding so I decided to call Knightsbridge 2-3 times a day to try and snag an earlier appointment. Despite being told that this was almost impossible, I was very determined and called at the same time every day. On the 6th of July, I called around midday and they had just had a cancellation for the 9th at 8.50am. Woohoo!!! My medical appointment - 09 July - 8.50am So I was SUPER nervous for this, firstly because I hate being at all naked in front of strangers and also because I was worried about past mental health issues being a problem and possibly causing a delay. Due to anxiety, I arrived at about 7.30am Found the medical office, which was obviously closed. Walked around for awhile, checked my paperwork around 20x and sat on a bench around the corner until they opened. I went in at 8.40am and was the first person there, the receptionist was very polite but asked me to take a seat until 8.50am. At 8.50 she called me to the front desk and took all of my required documents: Photographs, passport, medical questionaire, police certificate etc. She also gave me their slightly longer medical questionaire and a little cup to pee in. After filling that in, I returned it - along with my pee - and then she asked me to wait in the waiting room again until I was called. So, I was called at around 9.30 by a young male doctor - He was a young, British asian guy (I forgot his name) but he was lovely and very professional and he told me right away that I wouldn't have any internal or intimate exam and that he would take blood sample. He first had me sign my photo and confirm that I didn't mind having a male doctor/didn't need a chaperone. Then he asked me about my medical questionaire (Confirmed no other health issues) and then asked about my history of depression. I explained that I have had anxiety during stressful periods (Like this visa process!!!) when my mother was ill and during university... I had low mood due to my anxiety and stress and had a letter from my doctor explaining that I'm not at harm to others. He looked over everything and said he felt everything looked fine however, my GP letter was quite short so, he said that if I could get a longer letter from my GP, it would help to insure that the embassy did not call him for more information from me in the future and cause delays. I asked him if it would cause any delays on the medical side and he said that as long as my GP letter arroved within 5 days, my information would still arrive at the embassy within the promised 7 days. Fab! He then asked me to stand in front of an exam table and read the letters from the opposite wall for an eye test. After that, I got on the table and he looked in my ear, took my temperature, my blood pressure and then took some blood (standard test for syphilis). He then looked in my mouth/back of my throat and finally asked me to lay on my back so he could listen to my heart and poke my stomach lol. Nothing to worry about! The most awkward part was him poking my stomach and it really wasnt that awkward. That was that. The doctor kept my passport and told me to wait in the waiting room for the Xray technician. I was called less that 5 minutes later by a very friendly man who told me to go behind a curtain, take my top and bra off and put on a gown. The xray just took a few minutes and although he said he couldn't tell me anything - I did look over at the image myself and based on the extensive medical knowledge I aquired from watching 15 seasons of Greys Anatomy, I concluded that my lungs looked fantastic The technician took me straight through to the nurse - who was also lovely - she quickly told me that everything was fine with my vaccinations, she signed off my paperwork and told me not to lose it because I will need it in the states for AOS and that was it. I went to reception, they gave me a form with the email address for getting my additional GP information to them, they returned my passport to me and then I paid 330GBP and left. SIDENOTE: I had actually already asked my GP Surgery for a longer letter the week before and had been waiting for it, so right after my visa medical, I called them again to ask if it was ready and it was but they refused to email it to me because they could only take cash payments!! This was a major issue because my doctors office is in Bristol and I had just moved to London the week before. I absolutely flipped out on over the phone because they had told me previously that I could pay over the phone for the letter and get it by email GRRRR. This ended up causing a 4 day delay as I had to get a friend in Bristol to go over and pay them the 30GBP for me. Ridiculous!! I love the NHS but who tf can't take payments by card or over the phone in 20-bloody-18.... Anyway.... The GP letter got to Knightsbridge on the 12th of July. I called Knightsbridge to confirm receipt on the 13th and I was told that the doctor was looking at it and if all was well my packet would be shipped to the embassy within 48hours. On the 16th, I called to ask if it had been sent and I was told again that my packet was ready for collection within 48hours... *Time to freak out because my interview was on the 18th* At this point I was convinced that my medical would be late for interview and I was so sad. I felt like I was being annoying and didn't want to call again so got my fiancee to call on the 17th - They finally said it would be going out on that day as soon as the courier arrived but I half didn't believe them and I thought it was still too late for the medical paperwork to be seen by the embassy in time for my interview. I nearly cancelled at the last minute but luckily I didnt. Interview day! 18th July - 11.00am Of course I was early. I only live 25minutes away but arrived at 9.30 (lol why am I this way!!?? ) It was very warm this morning so I sat by the pond/lake outside the embassy and tried to chill out. At 10.00, my mom works nearby so came to meet me, told me to get a grip lol! and sat with me until I could go in at 10.40am. There were two women outside the entrance checking DS-160 and passport information. They instructed me where to go and then I went through the airport style entrance. I actually set the entrance alarm off twice when walking through even though my belt and watch etc was off and the security guard couldn't figure out why but let me through and into the embassy anyway!!! Once inside, there was only one person in the queue in front of me who was there for K1 too. I showed my passport and DS-160 again and was instructed to 'go to the first floor - turn left and left again and sit in front of cubicles 20-21' My number was called after about 10 minutes and I think the lady who checked my paperwork was in training as she had a man in the background who she kept showing my documents to for confirmation that she was doing things correctly. She asked for my passport, DS-160, Birth certificate, Affidavit or support and my fiancees 2017 tax return. She gave me everything back but kept my passport and then gave me a disk with my Xray on it - The had recieved my medical!!! GO KNIGHTSBRIDGE!!! The officer was very polite and made convo about where I was moving too - She went to college in the same state. After about 10 minutes, she said everything was fine, took my fingerprints and then I sat down and waited to be called to the next window. I waited for what felt like forever but was really about 20 minutes and I was called to the next booth. The lady asked me my name and I raised my hand and took an oath that I was being honest. She then asked me just two questions - How me and my finance met and where I planned to live. She took my fingermarks and that was it!! It was less than 5 minutes and she just said "Okay everything looks great so your visa will be with you within 1-2 weeks" AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! That was it!!!! Praying my passport is returned ASAP without any issues and then I'm out of here and back with my man <3 Sorry for the loooong post but brevity has never been my strong point. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them, Good Luck everyone!!
  9. Hello everyone, I was just wondering how you guys found out your cases were approved, was it in the mail or through the USCIS case status online? I filed an I-130 for my wife and I've heard that the USCIS website doesn't always update on time, and to rely on the mail instead. What has been your experience?
  10. Hey folks, my pd is june 30th, 17. And my case is under F2A category. Help me regarding noa2, please. I think i couldnt find right dates about whose getting noa2 rn. Uscis website says; sept'2016 filers getting their noa2. But I'm very confused I saw people talking about getting their noa2 and their pd is really not sept 16. They were the filers of the end of the year'16! Please guide me and if anyone could tell me whose getting noa2 these days itd help a lot! And please check that chart for me. And lemme know! And yessss don't forget to share your timelines. <3
  11. My husband is an LPR and he filed i-130 for me. FILING DATE: January 18, 2018 PRIORITY DATE: January 19, 2018 I-797c RECEIPT (NOA1): January 23, 2018 I am quite worried since we haven’t gotten the approval notice (NOA2) yet and the priority date for July 2018 for my country is already 01-Dec-2017. My question is, if my priority date is current but the i-130 is not yet approved. Can concurrent Filing be an option for us? Please advise. Thank you! https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/concurrent-filing-form-i-485
  12. Wallhut

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    WHAT A GREAT DAY! I just wanted everyone to know my fiance had his interview today at the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana, and by the grace of God he was approved! Soon he will come to America for us to be married! I must thank the U.S. Embassy in Ghana for their kindness to him and their approval, and also all the great people on Visajourney who helped me navigate this process smoothly. If not for the generosity of those on here and those who make videos like the ones on YouTube I'm not sure we would have been able to be successful. I wish all of you awaiting your loved one's approval the best of luck and encourage you to stay vigilant and positive that your day will arrive too. I first mailed off my I-294 application on 06-15-2017, so from mailing to approval it's been about 11 months. I am here to help in any way I can as always. Wallace
  13. I am a foreigner, who is married to a US citizen. We have applied for AOS from my F1 status to permanent residency status. I over-worry about everything, and I am very stressed out and scared of my case getting rejected even though I haven't even gone to the interview yet. My spouse and I were together for more than 3 years before our marriage, and we both are the first spouses to each other. We are close in age, and I have many photos of us from the relationship. We texted each other almost every day throughout our relationship, which I am planning to take screenshots of to bring to the interview. We got married over a year ago, so we have been together for more than 4-5 years now, and I just got my fingerprints taken for the AOS. However, as time went on, we have seen more differences between us after living together, and we fight or argue more than when we were just an unmarried couple. Although we are not thinking about a divorce, we are not a very "lovey-dovey" couple like we used to. But we still live together, have a life together under the same roof, and we always sleep together and so on. Of course we got married truthfully in love. Could this "us being not really lovey-dovey" or "us seeming not very very close" affect our interview result? We are of course trying to get things better, but there is no guarantee that we can go back to our "honeymoon period" when we were loveydovey when we were just dating. Also, does anyone know where I can see the statistics of marriage-based green card rejection/approval rate? I know it won't help anything, but I want to know if the AOS through marriage is more often approved in general, than rejected.
  14. Hello everyone, this just an inquiry as to approval for a spousal visa. My husband and I are over ten years apart. We met and became friends through a church setting where we later communicated through phone calls etc. We've met three times before our registry wedding in Nigeria . His mother and brother attended the registry wedding followed by a beautiful reception two days later of which his other siblings attended. I have met with his parents and his siblings on many occasions besides the wedding and the reception in August 2017. I was in Lagos last week to visit my husband and family also. So in total we have met five times. I am a December, 2017 filer but is curious based on information I have read about Nigeria being amongst the high fraud countries.
  15. mcromer

    Passport return delay?

    Hi friends! Just wondered if anyone has had experience with this: it is day 9 of working days since his interview, which he passed with no other information needed. Embassy told him he would have his passport back a week ago- online, there’s still no updates. Neither CEAC not the ustraveldocs site even recognises his passport, it says “no updates available”. What’s going on? Did he get stuck in AP for some reason?
  16. What is the approval timeframe for a US citizen filing for spouse and children under 21?
  17. Hello to all i-130 applicants! After receiving our NOA2 on Feb 1, 2018, from Hellbraska, I received an e-mail today from USCIS stating that they sent our i-130 package to NVC on Feb 15th. So, just FYI for anyone out there waiting for their documents to reach NVC, I'm assuming it takes about 2 weeks for USCIS to send out i-130 packages to NVC. Of course this depends on the service center it was processed in, etc. Add of course another 2 weeks for it to arrive at NVC, roughly making it 30 days to finally reach the DOS. I just hope it doesn't take so long to get a case number! 😀 Hang in there and good luck to us all!
  18. faithful12

    EB3 visa approval

    My interview was scheduled for 07:30 IST Jan 2018 at the Mumbai consulate for EB3 visa. Arrived at 06:50 IST and was asked to wait across the road, opposite the consulate. Immediately, all immigration visa applicants were called forward to the consulate to form the line irrespective of the time slot. We grouped into the queue as a family of 4 and were asked to keep the following documents ready for check: § P4 Letter § Passport Original § Visa Centre stamped DS-260 (received after biometrics) At 07:05 IST the line started to move forward and initial checked the DS-260 and passport and then into the building for security checks. No electronics gadgets such as Cellphones, Power Banks, SIM enabled watches, CDs are allowed. Place all the wallets, purses, documents, bags into the x-ray scanner trays. If you have kids, snacks and juices are allowed. Since there are also chances of long waits for any unforeseen reasons, you can carry books to read while waiting. After the security check, we will be directed to the next building where the Immigration counters available and the Counter Window #1 issues the token number which will be used throughout the process. Counter Windows 1 -16 will be available for Immigration visas. Counter #2-6 for Documentation Checks, Counter #7-16 for Immigration Officers. We got called to Counter Window 3 for setting our Documentation in order, ensuring whatever required for the Visa officer to study the case and interview. We are asked to produce copies of marriage certificate, birth certificate, original Police clearance, 2 photos, offer letter. Once completed we were asked to wait at the lounge for our Token number to be called for the VO Interview. This waiting for us took at least 3 hours of waiting. Finally when our token number flashed, the VO greeted and introduced himself as the VO for our case. He then asked us lift our right hand up and swear whatever we say from this point is the truth and nothing but the truth. As the primary applicant, initial questions were directed to me and later my spouse. No queries were directed to the kids. Note that kids can really get restless at this point so ensure to occupy them with something so that they may not disturb the interview. The following are the questions raised by the VO: Primary Applicant 1) Who is calling you to the US? 2) How did you know about this agency? 3) Will the agency support your salary in case you loose a job or they are unable to find an opening? 4) What will you be working for the agency as? 5) Why is the reporting location different than the work site address? 6) Where did you do Master’s? What all subjects did you learn in your masters? What courses did you do apart from Masters? 7) How many years of experience you have in your profession? 8) Where were you born? Spouse/Dependent Applicant 1) Where were you born? 2) What is your current job? Explain the roles and responsibilities 3) Did you visit US before? What were the job roles in US? 4) What Team did you lead? 5) Who did you work for during the period of H1 and L1? ( ince he had already been in the US before on H1 and L1) The interview seemed very nerve wracking to me. But after 20 mins of questions and answers back and forth. The VO took some time of typing on his system and discussing with his colleague/Supervisor about this case. Once he completed that he paused for a while and told us that all 4 of our visas were approved and gave us 2 forms. We sighed with relief. One form explained how to pay the GC fees, the other form explained that our visa was approved – in bold letters and a tick mark against it (It also contained instructions what next after this interview). We thanked God and the officer for the approval. Overall the experience was different from what I had in mind. The officials and workers at the consulate were helpful. Special attention was given to senior citizens or differently abled applicants, helping them in arranging their documents in order, language support / translator in case applicant does not know English. After a week of getting our visa approved, we were intimated by email that our passport were ready for pickup. We got a large grey packet that had a sealed packet and our passports with visa on it. The yellow sealed packet is to be handed over to the Immigration Officer at the POE along with our X ray CD. This has been our visa interview journey. Thanks VJers for your constant support and help. God bless you all.
  19. I received my NOA2 (notice of approval for I-130) in the mail today. It has all the information correct except the mailing address. I have a PO Box for my mailing address. So the letter says my first and last name and (c/o has same last name as mine but for the first name they have different first letter and the rest of the spelling is as same as my first name) it looks like there's a typo. Should I contact them to correct it or should I leave it the way it is. Even if I don't change it I'll be receiving all my mails under my correct first and last name but c/o name will be incorrect. Would it matter later on? (Sidenote: when I received my NOA 1 in October 2017. It didn't have c/o listed on there I don't know where they got it from now)
  20. My fiance had his interview last April 3, 2018 and was told at the USEM that his visa was approved. He was advised by the consul to expect his visa in 5-10 business days. Checking the CEAC status reveals that it is still READY for interview but last updated April 10, 2018 but no change in status (e.g. AP or Received) What is the average time or duration from visa approval (interview) at USEM to visa issued? From the status ISSUED, how many more days till you can claim or pick-up passport and visa at MOA? He only needs the CFO sticker, he already underwent the seminar weeks ago. Thanks. Would appreciate any feedback especially for folks who had their interviews March and April 2018.
  21. Just wanted to share that there is hope for those waiting for the ROC approval. My Wife Just received her approval yesterday dated 3/27/2018. This was with out interview. Here is the time line. So there is hope with the activating the original receipt number things seem to be moving along. Lifting Conditions Event Date CIS Office : California Service Center Date Filed : 2016-10-13 NOA Date : 2016-10-17 RFE(s) : Bio. Appt. : 2016-12-08 Interview Date : Approval / Denial Date : 2018-03-27 Approved : Yes Got I551 Stamp : Green Card Received : Comments :
  22. Hi I petitioned for my husband . USCIS received it on March 1st 2018. I receive the NOA1 on March 12th. Then on March 16th, they sent the RFE, for the i130A. I responded to the RFE on March 20th. I am a US citizen. How long will it take to receive the NOA2? Thank you
  23. Good afternoon guys... This was something I had been running away from, but finally between yesterday and today I have already prepared it, and I have to really say that I only need 2 documents to ask my country: Cuba. And the documents of my wife's AOS that we will request once the NOA2 arrives, I made a complete guide of the steps to follow in the NVC stage and the cover letters of AOS and package IV are already advanced. date and my case number once assigned. At the same time, the document that is ready, birth certificate, is scanned and waiting, the photocopy of the biographical page of the passport is scanned and waiting, and the questions that required memory for the DS-260 are also answered. I did a spoon-based guide for myself based and adjusted to my case, and I have learned a lot of things in these 2 days! It is my advice to those people whose NOA2 is eventually close, my PD is August 24. Greetings to all.Jhonny.
  24. Hi All! This is my first time posting so, please forgive me if I’m not doing this properly! My husband and I filed for our marriage visa (Form l-130) on June 27th, 2017. A couple weeks later in July 2017, we received confirmation that our case had been received. NOW, about a week ago, we received an email from our attorney requesting our marriage license. This has been the first time in 9 months that we’ve heard anything regarding the visa. It’s encouraging to know there’s been at least SOME progression ( I think) - we see this as a good sign. I’m probably just getting my hopes up but, I was wondering if any of you had any similar experiences to this, while going through the marriage visa process? Could this mean that we may hear something soon? What was your process like? Thank you!
  25. Good Morning All! I need advice, hope my fellow VJs can help me. My husband came in a K-1 visa and I showed proof that I am able to support him for the time being. We married, however, I am now running into financial hardship due to having to buy a new car since mines broke down and buying text books since I started my master’s program. Him and I live on our own and I am taking care of things on my own as well, however, I am falling short on money due to these unforeseen expenses. Do anyone know if I can file for financial hardship and it will not affect the AOS application in the long run? Can I expedite the EAD card due to my personal financial hardship? I can show through my credit card statement the down payment of the car that I had to purchase and how I had no more credit left in my credit card and my bank statements show how low I have been with money lately due to school expenses. My husband also signed up for LYFT and UBER so he can drive while I am at work, however, we are in need of the EAD so he can start driving. Can this be considered a job offer?