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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, I have received the email from nvc that they sent my case to the Prague embassy yesterday morning. I already had the ustraveldocs account, so I logged in, and followed the steps in "new application/schedule appointment". I got to step 8 where it asked me to confirm the case ID, but when I hit the confirm button it gave me error message saying ""To attest payment you must enter your receipt number and check the box." Which was very confusing as it didnt give me any payment options yet and there were no boxes to check. I figured there was something wrong with the website and tried a different browser, which turned out to be a big mistake as I think that is what gave me the freeze on my account. I emailed the Prague embassy first, but then I learned that there is a ustraveldocs email adress (support-czechrepublic...), so I emailed them explaining the situation and asking for help (that was before I found out the account was frozen). So far I only got an auto generated email from CGI support saying they changed my password. To make things worse, they (CGI support, which i didnt email at all) sent me an email for new users with my login details to my gmail (but I already had an account made with my czech adress, the one they froze), so in hopes I could get past the freeze and finally schedule the appointment I logged in, but it just made me merge those two accounts - I have 2 email adresses, I used the Czech one to create the first account and the gmail to email them about the error message since my czech email looks a bit sketchy to non-czechs, but they probably just took it as that was my login email and sent me a new password for that again this morning. I don't think anybody has actually looked at the error message I got, at least not yet, and I am quite worried that when they finally un-freeze my account, it will be the same issue with the same weird error message. Do you have any advice as to who to contact or how to get help with this? Also, is it possible that if I dont confirm the interview date within x amount of days, they will give it to somebody else? the wait time I got is already way longer than everone else I have seen in Prague, so I would be really dissapointed if it got postponed yet again. Thank you!
  2. Please How long does it take to get a visa interview for your k1 fiancé visa after the Ghana embassy has sent your foreign fiancé an email that we should book an interview, because there have been no available dates for 3weeks
  3. Hi Folks - somebody awaiting an interview appointment at Rio de Janeiro's embassy, that can share the timeline?
  4. Hi everyone I’m confused at this point as to what happens next. my fiancé and I are doing a K1 visa. He is from Afghanistan and we had his case transferred to Islamabad. I saw on CEAC that they received the package from NVC on 7/21/2022. We haven’t received anything about instructions or interview appointment. From everyone’s experience do I pay the visa fee first on cgi federal website? Then apply? Or do I need to wait for embassy in Islamabad to schedule the appointment or send instructions first? When I email nvc all they say is to contact the embassy and that they sent the package to them. when seeing other peoples timelines it’s showing that after around 13 days they got their instructions and then interview dates were scheduled for between 30-45 days after. I already filled out the DS-160 form but I’m not sure what else I need or If I’m missing a step. Any help or advice is truly appreciated.
  5. When scheduling an appointment, you get the option of Resident or Non-Resident. If you pick Non-Resident, you can schedule a date in March 2023. If you pick Resident, (my fiancé is a polish citizen) then I get the message "there are currently no appointments available." I have been checking almost every hour in the last 4 days. I also called in a few days ago to see if they could book it for me but they got the same message as me and told me to check once a day until it becomes available. Am I suppose to pick non-resident even if she is a resident? Has anyone been able to schedule an appointment for their K1 in Warsaw sometime recently? When can I expect appointments to become available? How far in the future will appointments be for residents?
  6. Hey! My husband finally got DQ last week. He's Italian (Naples US Consulate), I'm an LPR. Do you guys know how long it takes for NVC to give him an interview date? And also, how far out are they giving appointments nowadays? Thanks!
  7. The visa was issued on feb 4th, and we received a email yesterday that it is ready for pickup at the document delivery location: Loga corporate -Rua Humaita 275 The same place as our biometric interview was. We chose to pick up the visa/passport because it seemed like a good idea at the time, the approval processes ended up taking another 4+ months, we now wish we just had it sent in the mail. I was told by two people at the US phone number that we need a appointment to pick up the visa. I did not have any directions from the embassy in the email that included the tracking number. In the portal the status is ready for pick up. I do not see any way of scheduling a appointment other than through follow up action: send additional documents, which gives me the option of scheduling a appointment at this Rua Humaita 275 building. We are trying to schedule picking up the visa with flights from Natal to Rio and, Rio to the US. I have sent emails but have not received any direct answer. Does anybody know if appointment is needed? Would it be a problem if I scheduled a appointment using the follow up action, send additional documents? Thanks in advance>
  8. Hello VJ members, I'm super confused now, I saw on a different thread the following link: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/CDJ-Ciudad-Juarez.html There's an option to register your appointment online (my mother's documents were accepted at the NVC months ago), so... does that mean I can go ahead and schedule her appointment now? Or, should I wait until being contacted by the NVC? The last email we received from the NVC said "NVC will work with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General in CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEX to schedule an interview appointment for you" So... seeing the option of scheduling an appointment by yourself followed by the same steps I took (medical examination, fingerprints, etc) is so confusing, I just want to be sure if I should keep waiting or if it's on my end to move things forward. I appreciate any help on this. Screenshot from the website:
  9. Hello, I am travelling for Conference but the Website is Showing that the first available appointment is on March 2023. Why is it so ? Is this problem with website or are the waiting times are typically that long ?
  10. I sent an email to make a medical appointment in Rio de Janeiro. how long do they take to respond? Thanks
  11. Hello! I hope you're all doing well. I know this process is really tough, but hopefully we will all see more and more movement soon! I was wondering if any of you have any advice with trying to get an expedite for an early interview appointment. I was stuck at NVC for months and they finally released the case to the embassy but the earliest appointment is not for another 4 months. Has anyone requested for an expedite successfully? And has anyone requested for an expedite with the Dakar Embassy?
  12. My wife was meant to have her medical for her CR-1 in London about a week ago, but we were delayed because of a family emergency that caused us to postpone. The next available date was Thursday the 12th of August. Her interview was scheduled for the 18th of August, which doesn’t leave 5 business days between the medical and the interview. Does this mean we need to cancel and reschedule the interview? Or should she attend her current appointment.
  13. Hello! I have a question about scheduling an appointment on the eVisa site. I am trying to get married in Egypt to my fiance and the first criteria is setting up an appointment with the US Embassy in order to get a marriage affidavit. Unfortunately there are no appointments available. Many of the days are in blue signifying they are booked, but a lot are also grey, signifying they haven't been opened up. For reference this is the scheduling site: https://evisaforms.state.gov/acs/default.asp?postcode=CRO&appcode=1 I contacted the embassy via. email asking them when the site gets updated or how it's determined if a day is opened up, but aside from automated email response and one actual response of "keep checking the site" they haven't been helpful. I even had my fiance visit the US embassy to see if they can offer any insight as to when a date opens up, but they just referred her to the email address I had already contacted. Does anyone know when these grey dates are opened up? I read on other threads here that they open up appointments a few months in advance, but some of these grey dates are within this and next month. As an example here is what August shows: As you can see there are a few dates at the end of the month, but I am not sure if or when they open up. Do I just have to keep checking daily or are these blocked out because of other reasons? September has only 2 grey dates and the rest blue. I have all the documents that are required to perform the rest of the steps for a civil marriage in Egypt, the only thing I am missing is this one affidavit which it seems I can only get from this embassy. Any help is appreciated!
  14. How bad can be if I change the appointment at the embassy? My husband and I still waiting for the passport of my son ( he born after we started the process), in the country we are the government called for state of emergency so everything about documents is taken forever! so we are not sure about it, I need advices!
  15. After I got the information about my interview in the embassy , I read that I have to schedule an appointment in the embassy, but I have to fill the DS 160 form to get it? I'll appreciate if somebody respond my question.
  16. hello so when i try to get to schedule an interview it tells me ( There are currently no appointments available. ) how do i get to fix this ?
  17. Hello everyone, I am here to trying to maybe get some insight to what is going on with others and their wait time. I will try and make this short. My husband and I started dating in 2014 then married in 2016 and right after I filed paperwork to start our journey on making him a legal resident of the US. He came over at the young age of 13. Anyways long story short in 2017 he was pulled over because we forgot to put the sticker on the car and of course he had no licenses so he was taken to jail they told him they would let him sign himself out soon but when i got there they told me ICE had been called so I had to pay $10,000 I drove all the way to Minneapolis and paid the bond then went to Grand forks to pick him up since then our case took a detour. After a long process we eventually were able to continue with our journey and in September 2019 our case was documentarily completed everything was accepted and paid for the only thing we were waiting on was an interview date. However the month before in August 2019 he had immigration court and the nice judge gave him the option to stay and fight his case (which would cost us another $8,000 with our attorney) or we could just do Voluntary departure and he wait on his appointment in Mexico we were told it would possibly be up to 6 months so we agreed to that. He left in December 2019 and to the date of July 1st 2021 he is still there waiting for his appointment we have not heard anything. I understand covid was never expected and of course messed that up for thousands if not more families. So does anyone have any ideas of when or how much longer? His interview will be in Juarez, Mexico we have just been told our case is just at the NVC awaiting for the consulate in Juarez to give them an appointment date. I am well aware that everyone else is affected just as much, but I don't know how much longer we can do this. We have 3 children and one grandchild he was only able to see for a week as she was born a few days before he left. Anything would help! Thanks so much and God Bless!
  18. Hello I received an email from Embassy to schedule an interview. After entering all the details, I could not find any appointment dates. Just to check if that was really the case, I created another profile with a secondary email address. To my surprise, I can see that there is an appointment date available. Note that the primary email address contains all the information so I cannot duplicate my profile in my secondary email address. Upon inquiry with the support, I did not receive any update. Its been 2 months already since I asked questions from the embassy support. Yet there is no solution. My question: 1. How long does it take for the consular to rectify to my problem? 2. Is it normal to not have an appointment date while another profile does have? Additionally, to check again - I tried a new schedule to check with other visa classes and still no date show up. This is a website technical error. Does anyone have a solution to this or have encountered this before? Thanks
  19. Hello, I just got my appointment notice yesterday and it says that I'm going to have the appointment in Miami on 4/26/2021, the only problem is that I live in Jacksonville which is 6-7 hours away from Miami and right now, it's not impossible, but it's a little bit complicated to go. I was wondering if I can go to the center here in Jacksonville, without having to wait again 4 to 8 weeks. I sent everything back in August 2020 and I just got my biometrics appointment, so I don't wanna wait that long again. I read about people with the same problem and they just went to the nearest office, like a week before the appointment, and they had no problem. I really don't know what to do.
  20. Hello, my wife has her naturalization/citizen interview this week, but wanted to make we do not miss anything. She has practiced, understood, and memorized the 100 questions for the civil test. She has also remembered all her answers on her N400 Application. Her appointment is at the Indianapolis location. Main: 1. Appointment Letter 2. Green Card (LPR Card) 3. State ID (Drivers License) 4. Her Foreign Passport (India) Applying through marriage (Evidence). 1. Marriage Certificate 2. Our Son's birth certificate 3. My US Passport 4. Tax Return Transcripts 1.) Is there anything else she needs to bring or is this ok? 2.) For evidence we submitted on her N400 application for marriage proof, does she need bring everything we submitted online or is that not required? 3.) She should bring original documents right? Thank you. - GuruSikh
  21. I’m re-applying for B1/B2 usa tourist visa from Islamabad,Pakistan and when i go to schedule my appointment ‘ the next date available keeps changing, first it was showing December 22, 2022, then February 8,2022 then it went back to December 28, 2022 does anyone else noticed this, also Does anyone think that the dates are going to go back , or keep increasing, i havent booked my appointment yet just in case they dates get available earlier! any insight on this would be helpful! thanks
  22. Hello, so I am the petitioner for my wife, she lives in Singapore. So far we have had a relatively smooth process to reach the NVC scheduling us an Interview. However, we are having one confusing issue. We got our Appointment letter and inside the letter it gives us a Time and Date for our Interview (March 3rd, 8.30AM). Then it gives us a link to a list of things to do: Step 1. Register online This process involves going to: https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ Creating an account (if one doesn't already exists), and entering document delivery information like address and everything. Selecting a bunch of options and filling it all out. Well, eventually we get to a section called 'Appointment date', however, it says "There are no available appointment dates". But, do we need to select an appointment date? The NVC/Consulate of Singapore already assigned us March 3rd, 8.30AM in the Appointment letter. It is concerning that on https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/, the dashboard says 'No appointment'. But the letter says a specific date... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hello guys, So I just got interviewed today for my citizenship and I passed it. The officer told me that my Oath will be next week on Thursday but he said to wait for their email as he didn't give me a time yet. I really need to get the Oath though because I live overseas as my husband works for the military, and I already rebooked my ticket and the officer knows the situation that I am not staying here in the US. My question is what if they don't email me, can I just show up in the Immigration Office on Thursday?
  24. Basically the title. My wife's appointment is scheduled for Jan 7th, but for reasons related to my work, it would be so much more convenient if we could get it done earlier - sometime this week or next, ideally. I have heard of people who just show up to the appointment, even weeks earlier, and walk-in and get it done. Is this common/ acceptable? Should I call the office and confirm with them first if it's okay? I would much rather wait until the designated date than go through USCIS's formal rescheduling process. Thanks in advance!
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