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  1. So this is my AOS interview experience in Tampa office. My appointment was at 9:30 and we reached exactly at 9. My husband wore a coat and a tie and I wore a formal shirt, We showed our interview letter at the reception and were given a ticket with number and went and sat inside in the waiting area. I just about 30 seconds our number was called and the guy at the counter took my picture and both index fingers finger-print and asked us to wait for our number to be called. At around 10:10 the IO came out and called our number. She was very professional with a straight face(Like a strict teacher ). We wished her and she walked us down the hallway and showed us to the room. Asked us to keep our documents on the desk and too the oath by raising our right hands. We sat down and she first asked for our birth certificates, passports, DL's, I-94 and marriage certificate (I saw her touching the certified marriage certificate, trying to feel the seal ) Here are the questions we were asked. Surprisingly most of the questions were directed at my husband (US Citizen) and I was just voluntarily jumping in add few details. I was secretly happy he was doing the answering part 😅 1) How did you meet? (This is a sure shot question) 2) When and where did you propose? My Husband was telling her he proposed to me in my house and all my family was waiting outside and then I jumped in and said "it was in my room and I never expected he would propose and that I instantly said yes." IO just smiled. 3) She just asked my husband- So you proposed and came back to the US and started taking care of the fiance visa application for her? My husband answered yes. 4) She asked my husband - I see you got your citizenship in September and immediately you went to India and came back and applied for K1-visa. She wasn't sounding rude or anything. She was just calm and just asking a question. 5) She now wanted to see all our shared/joint documents and gave her IRS, Joint Bank statements, health insurance card plus monthly summary, Gas/Utility Bill, Mobile Bill, Car Insurance, My husband's payroll copy which had my name and number listed as Emergency Contact, Our hotel booking for our honeymoon, travel itinerary etc. 6) She now turned towards me and asked me if I had applied for an immigrant visa before and I answered no. 7) She asked me if I was ever rejected a visa ? I said yes and she asked me if I remember when and why? I had my denial notices with me and she specifically asked me why was it denied and I answered her. She took both my Denial letters and noted down the numbers on them. (Here is where I was wondering if that would be an issue but it wasn't) 8 ) Asked me a list of security questions to be answered yes or no She asked us if this was second marriage and I said yes it is for both of us. 9) We had printed about 70 pictures and had an album with writing -When, where, who etc. But surprisingly the IO wasn't interested to see even one of our picture together. She did not even ask for our wedding photo (We aren't that bad looking ). We also had greeting cards we exchanged, card addressed to both of us congratulating on our marriage by our friends. But none of these mattered. All she wanted is the documents. That's all. 10) Asked if we had any children and I told her we are expecting soon and handed over my sonogram. She smiled and asked me when I was due and gave it back and congratulated us. That's it she said she has everything and she is going to approve our case. My GC will be valid for 2 years and then I'll have to apply for removal of conditions. She asked me if I had any questions and we said no. We thanked her and she showed us out. We are out by 10: 35. My case got updated to "New card is being Produced" in about 2 hours. 😎 Overall it was a good experience. Even-though the IO did not seem friendly she was definitely professional and remained calm and no where she put us under pressure. Overall Tampa office is great from the security guard at the entrance until the interview. Everything went well. I wish everybody Good luck and please please one request is stick to the facts and be honest and confident.
  2. Hello everyone. I understand this is under K1visa but i could not find any other forum specifically talking about AWA waivers except this one. We filed our package with the waiver including all the documents that we have gathered over a year and a half in July 2019. Having researched about adam walsh act and its policy in USCIS really scared me and my spouse. (We got married last year) we received biometrics for beneficiary (nothing for petitioner since we have submitted everything up front i think), finished the biometrics. Just have been waiting for EAD card but hasn't arrived. We aren't sure whether they have finished reading our package including the waiver and supplements. No NOID's or RFE's so far. However we recently got notice to appear initial interview of AOS for November. We want to know whether this is a good sign. Or is it going to be a false-hope. We have been praying ever since the incident took place and having to deal with such extremely difficult process. I wonder if they will be just leave us hanging and wonder if they will ever approve our case. Typically the interview would be the last step for green card, but having Awa is huge burden on our backs... anyone who got approved, has any good ideas? And maybe care to share their steps of their own process? What else can we do? thank you for reading this post and we humbly receive any criticisms/opinions/ideas/recommendations. Grateful to be part of visajourney with you guys. - prayerwarrior89 in Michigan
  3. Hi guys! so I finally have my AOS interview on the 31st of January (in Kendall office, Miami FL) and we are in the process of getting stuff together for the interview. I would really appreciate if you can take a look at my checklist and let me know if I'm missing anything? well, Thanks in advance and wish us luck... ... Also, any tips and advice is welcome!!! SUPPORTING EVIDENCE TO PRINT: BANK STATEMENTS OF JOINT ACCOUNT PHONE RECORDS (I plan to highlight calls between us) INSTANT MESSAGES PRINTOUTS (VIBER - this is a ton!!! ) EMAILS between me and his family, mostly wedding planning stuff and birthday congratulations etc. LOOSE PHOTOS of us and our family photo album WEDDING PHOTO ALBUM Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates Wedding congratulatory cards from family and friends WEDDING VIDEO (okay, I know this one is pretty much useless because they won't watch it but I rather bring it and say, "this is our wedding video" it can't really hurt right?) Itineraries of all trips we've been to as a couple Lease agreement with both names on it PHONE BILL SHOWING BOTH OUR NUMBERS in same account copies of ALL FORMS AND DOCUMENTS SENT IN INITIAL PACKAGE, maybe not necesarry but I won't be taking any chances. BRING ORIGINALS AND COPIES OF: Birth Certificates for both us Passports for both us SSN CARDS for both us My I-94 My VACCINATION RECORD Certified copy of our marriage certificate MY Medical Examination sealed package -the've requested an RFE for this one and I am required to bring it DMV issued Driver License for both us My EAD/AP combo card Joint Credit cards(3) CAR INSURANCE CARD with both our names on it Health INSURANCE POLICY with both our names on it JOINT TAX RETURN 2016 (1040EZ) with both our names on it Copies of wedding vendors invoices with both our names on it PHONE CONTRACT with both our names on it HUBBY’S DOCS Copy of Affidavit of Support, 4 recent pay stubs employer letter, W2 2016
  4. Hi everyone, Really need your insight on something. We have Green Card interview (marriage based) in a week. My husband and I have to bring our IDs, and both of them have different addresses. Mine has our current address, and my husbands his old address. He changed his address online, so in DMW database he has our current address. He didn't apply for new DL/ID because it doesn't expire any time soon, and for domestic traveling he has his passport. Would that be a problem during the interview?
  5. Hi, I had my AOS interview yesterday April 16th. The IO went over all the questions on the i-485 application and that alone took a long time. Afterwards he asked some questions about our relationship, nothing too personal, just how met, where and when, our engagement, family, my husband's previous marriage, etc. When it came to the evidence, he only asked for photos and insurance. We did have plenty of photos (places we traveled to, with family, wedding reception, etc), joint bank account statement, credit cards, taxes statement we filed jointly, a lease for a place we rented together for a while but not insurance since we just don't have insurance at the moment for several reasons. Anyway, he didn't ask for anything else but photos and health insurance. Even though I provided him with all the other paperwork previously mentioned, I forgot to give him our tax return as evidence. I genuinely just forgot that one thing plus he didn't ask for it or anything else for that matter besides the photos and insurance we didn't have. What are your suggestions? I think our taxes return is good evidence for our case and would be worth the shot to mail it as it was something I meant to submit as evidence in the interview. He did ask if we didn't have insurance because of me not having a SSN till recently which is partly true but the main reason why is because we couldn't afford it before and we have been looking for more affordable plans plus we did go to the doctor and dentist plenty of times without insurance and we never had any issues so we never felt pressured to get it. Besides that, the interview went OK.
  6. We have the interview for K1 AOS coming up in a couple of weeks. I think we gathered everything that might be needed (and more...and extra), based on the interview notice, but I'm hoping I can get another pair of eyes to check over it: Here is what has been gathered: - I-485 Interview Notice - Government ID (immigrant's passport), along with SSN card just in case they want it - Form I-693 (not required, but good to have a copy in case they mess something up or something) - Form I-864 (I already submitted one and we more than qualified, but my income went up since then so I figure it's good to have an updated one handy) - Various I-864 supporting documents including taxes information, pay stubs and Letter from Employment, bank balances - Documents Establishing Eligibility for Lawful Permanent Residence - K1 visa - Entry stamp for K1 visa - I-94 printout from USCIS - Marriage Certificate - Previously Issued Immigration Documents - EAD + AP Combo Card - Documentation from RFIE - Approved I-129F copy - All I-797 and I-797C notices from I-485, I-765, I-131, I-129F - Copies of Submitted AOS documentation: I-485, I-765, I-131, I-864 - Travel Documents used to Enter U.S. (same as Eligibility for LPR Documents) - Passport - K1 visa - Passport stamp for K1 visa - I-94 - Immigrant's Birth Certificate + Translation - Petitioner's Evidence of U.S. Citizenship - U.S. Citizen's Birth Certificate - Copy of U.S. Citizen's Passport Biographical Page - Marriage Certificate (already mentioned in Eligibility for LPR Documents) - Supporting Evidence of Relationship - Join Bank Account Statement(s) - Joint Health Insurance - Life Insurance Beneficiary - 401k Beneficiary - Wedding photos - Vacation photos + receipt - Various other photos of our life this year - Copies / Originals of Documents submitted with I-485 (various stuff here) No children, divorces, arrests, etc., so nothing in there for that. I've been digging up documents I didn't even know I had 😆
  7. Hi All, My husband came here on a K-1 visa in April 2017. We filed for his adjustment of status in December 2017. My questions are: 1) He had a medical examination in Feb 2017 in his home country. Does that expire after so long? I am asking because in the letter giving us our interview date it says to make sure he has the i-693 completed. 2) I speak Spanish... do I count as the interpreter for my husband or do I need to hire a Spanish speaking interpreter for my husband's interview. 3) We rent from my mom but don't have that written down legally... Therefore we don't have anything jointly besides a savings account. Is this going to be a problem? We do have a son together but no like bills or anything. 4) Can someone (the more people the better) who has been approved send me a copy of their interview checklist? Also I don't know how to change it but I am not at the California Service Center... I am at the Seattle one. Idk if that makes a difference for the answers.. Thank you!!
  8. I know that the actual time it takes to actually get an interview date scheduled varies by local office etc but i am just curious: How long did it your status to change from "biometrics" to "ready to be scheduled for an interview"?
  9. Hey. i have a short story and need an advise from someone who was in my shoes. so i applied for asylum back in 2017 and never got my interview but last year i applied for marrige based aos and just got an interview date for it. do i need to withdraw my asylum case or that put me in risk to become illigal? or i should leave going and withdraw it if i get my aos approved? P.S. I'm planning to call a lawyer tommorow but im stressing right now and i need an advise thank you
  10. Hi guys! I've been a silent reader here for a while and this forum helped me a lot, so I thought I would return the favor by sharing my own experience : ) Me and my spouse (same sex marriage) had our interview together on 4/29 at the Las Vegas office. Our appointment was at 1:30pm and we arrived at 1:00pm. After security check, we handed in our interview notice (I advise you have that in hand together with your IDs, so you can easily show both at the entrance) and we were told to wait until our names were called. We were not given any numbers. After a few minutes, they called my name (beneficiary) to get fingerprints and picture. We then sat back down in the waiting room and...waited lol. We had quite a heavy bag with binder of proof and photo album, thankfully my wife is stronger than me and offered to carry it around. While waiting we talked about plans for the day, and for our upcoming trip to California - we left our phones in the car as we were not sure they were allowed in the building, so I can't quite tell the exact time we got called in by the officer, but I assumed it was around 1:30pm. He first asked for our IDs and made copies of both, then walked us to his office and had us take a seat. He explained how the interview would work (he would review both I-130 and I-485, etc.), told us that we would be videotaped and swore us in. Then started asking questions from the applications: {To Beneficiary} -Full name, DOB -Country of citizenship -Latest and first entry in the US -Current address -Are you employed? -Are you married? (this one kinda threw me off for a moment lol me and my spouse looked at each other a bit confused) -Spouse's full name and DOB -Yes/No questions from I-485 Asked for proof of our relationship: I gave him our heavy binder and handed in joint bank statements, credit card and savings account, retirement & investment, joint car, dental/vision and Aflac insurances, affidavits from management at work (he liked that my manager put some personal opinions about our relationship - they tease each other a lot etc.), screenshots of payroll system showing that we are both married and have each other as emergency contacts, joint amazon prime and Sam's Club memberships, itinerary for our upcoming trip (with car reservation and tickets for universal studios), consular card from my country's ministry of foreign affairs showing that I am married & attached certified translation, collection of texts between the two of us, and loose pictures with family and friends. We then showed him our photo album, and in the meantime he asked my wife {petitioner} to give him a timeline of our relationship. She started and I kinda continued from engagement to moving in together etc. He also asked her: -Are you employed? -when did you two meet? -when did you get married? -have you met your spouse's family? -if we have always dated girls -what was our last argument about (this one actually made him laugh) -who is the most romantic one (definitely me, she didn't even hesitate lol) And that was it! He told us he would step out to make copies of the pictures, and when he came back he told me I was approved and I will receive my green card in 3 weeks, then explained everything about ROC. Overall, our IO was very nice but also serious and professional, as expected. I was nervous and stuttered a little at first but he did not get impatient. I am now just a little concerned because my online status is stuck on "Interview was scheduled", and has not updated yet... has anyone had that issue before? Thank you and good luck to everyone going through the process! Stay strong!🍀
  11. I recently received my request for AOS initial interview with a list of items I need to bring with me. The affidavit of support form i-864 is listed unless already submitted which I did when I applied for AOS back in October 2017 so I assumed I didn't have to bring it to the interview as I sent out my i-485 and a completed i-864 with all the evidence required (federal income tax returns, W-2's, letters from employers, evidence of sponsor's US citizenship, etc). However, I called USCIS and got two different suggestions, one was that I should bring another updated i-864 form with all required evidence all over again and then later another agent said that since I already submitted it when I first applied, I only needed to bring a copy with me. I just want to make sure whether I have complete this form again or not as I don't have that much time to put all that paperwork together. I just want to know what's best for my case and as usual, I received mixed answers from USCIS customer service.
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