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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! We will be filing for my AOS shortly, and since tomorrow marks the start of a new month I thought it would be appropriate to start a new thread for all June filers adjusting from K1 visas. If you're filing soon or if you think you'll file within the next few weeks, please join
  2. Hi All, I haven't seen an April 2018 thread/forum for an AOS . I arrived on a K1 Fiancee Visa. I mailed AOS packet to Chicago lockbox on 3/20/18 and they received 3/22/18. I haven't got any notification since March. Expecting email/text notification soon this April 2018!. So, Welcome to the AOS April 2018 filers!. ☺
  3. Our second RFIE had no specific bullet points and this is our last chance to get AOS right. I read some odd interpretations of what tax year "Most recent Tax Return" refers to. It's mid-March so our 2018 Return (filed about a month ago) is our Most recent Tax Return, right? Neither of us filed for 2017 as she was not here and the USC/Spouse income level did not require it. So I should send another Written Statement of not filing in 2017 plus our 2018 1040 Return? The Income RFIE has us worried because it's merely a boilerplate recitation of the Income requirements and does not identify what is missing or defective. No bullet points beyond stating what everyone must submit. We exceed the 125% FPL for 2018 using only the USC/Spouse' 2018 income and 5x cash assets (should be only 3x for spouse but we document 5x) and; We also exceed 125% FPL Income level using our Combined Income although she only began (W2 work) 2 months ago. USC Income is 1099-R so both are indisputable. I don't know what they want (beyond a sponsor but that's not possible and should be unnecessary as we have the assets and income). The non-specific RFIE is denying us an opportunity to effectively Reply and prove our case. My only option is to document 5x assets USC income and Combined Income w/no assets. Such a shotgun or and/or alternative approach will make our Reply confusing and itself likely to justify denial. FWIW: I see the same IO sent both RFIE's. The first was spot-on and specific. The second is just Income Boilerplate. What happens when AOS from a K1 is denied? Will they commence removal proceedings? Employment Authorization gets revoked? We can Stay it? Ned, NYC
  4. Hi all, So I came here in the US last year (Oct 2017) with K1 visa. Got married after a month, and sent my AOS package last January 2018. Ive done my biometrics and received a noa for initial interview in April 10. It says there I have to bring my I-693 and other documents for the interview. Here's our problem, we called several civil surgeons around here (Maine) that are listed on the USCIS site and got a no from most of them. One said they don't do that stuff anymore. The other one said we need a full medical (which I've read from here that I don't need one as long as my overseas medical is within a year from application of aos) which cost a minumum of $700+ depends on whether I need more vaccines or not. I'm shocked as how expensive it is. 😞 Does a full medical really costs $700 or does it cost less? I already have everything I needed for the interview except the I-693. Do I need to call USCIS for other option/ suggestions or I keep on searching for a surgeon that will transcribe my vaccination report or just do the full medical? Our interview will be in May 10 and I'm worried if we'll be able to have the document with us before our schedule interview. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks. God bless.
  5. Hoping to find guidance as I do that see it posted, but maybe I didn't dig deep enough. Our NOA1 notice date is November 28th for AOS, AP and EAD. My husband has the Biometrics on December 18th. And we had no RFE. As of January 31st, per the USCIS site, his AOS is "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview". It's 2 weeks and nothing was received in the mail. Both the AP and EAD are still saying "Case was recieved" with a date of November 24th. Should I be calling to find out what's going on? It will be 12 weeks (90 days, not including weekends or holiday's) since they accepted our submissions. So many approvals for November submissions, and I feel stuck in "immigration hell". But curious about the "interview" status and not receiving anything about it.
  6. Hey everyone, I sent in my AOS papers in October. I am adjusting from a K1.I followed all the guidelines on VJ and then some. About 100 days after filing, I received an RFE about discrepancies between the name on my forms and that on USCIS record. Now, I filled ALL the Maiden name boxes with my appropriate maiden name and even my extra middle name where space was provided.I also sent 3 certified copies of my marriage certificate with the l-485,765 and 131. I honestly don't understand what other document they want. They said to send a marriage certificate and another form of ID but I already sent all of those earlier. I have searched this forum and seen people from 2015 with a similar issue but they didn't come back to say what worked for them. Please, help me. I am so very frustrated with this process. Cant work, cant drive,half-depressed. Someone help me, please. Thank you.