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Found 10 results

  1. Is anyone from Amman, Jordan has CR1 Visa got his/ her interview scheduled recently?
  2. Unfortunately our Embassy, Amman Jordan, is NOTORIOUS for not mailing/emailing packet 3. Its up to us to figure out instructions on our own. Some may get lucky and get someone from the Embassy on the phone to detail it but that hasnt happened for awhile. Very unfortunate. So Im depending on you guys to help some of us here. Perhaps Jordanian members here too? My biggest concern is the required ORIGINAL documents we must provide. I did find an outdated list on the Embassy website. Let me know what I am missing here: - Original I-134 signed in black ink from petitioner plus a copy and a signed I-134 copy from Co-Sponsor - with extra copy of each - Original Employment letter from both petitioner and co-sponsor - Original paystubs plus copies for petitioner and co-sponsor (co-sponsor will also include copy of business license since self employed) - Original certified signed 2018 tax returns or transcripts for petitioner and signed copy from co-sponsor - Original Certified Copy of Birth Certificates plus 1 copy of each for both Petitioner and Beneficiary - Original Certificate of Non-Conviction plus 1 copy for Beneficiary - Original Civil Certificate Letter plus copy for Beneficiary - Original Divorce Decree plus 1 copy - Sealed Medical Examination Envelope - 2-4 passport photos Also - Valid passport and copy of Passport for Beneficiary - Copy of I-129F - Copy of NOA2 letter - DS-160 confirmation - Photos of us - Chat/Video/Call logs Then...what from the above must be dropped off prior to our interview? Our Embassy indicates no less than 1 week, no more than 2 weeks prior to interview , documents must be dropped off at Embassy between hours of 11-12pm on working days. They do not indicate exactly where, what needs to be attached to it, NOTHING. If anyone knows, I would appreciate it. Then last but not least, IN WHAT ORDER DO THESE DOCUMENTS HAVE TO BE IN on day of interview? Again, no one has received instructions or packet 3. Even those way ahead of me as far as I know. Thank you! @A.Na. @leng22 @nkayx @C&M.2018 @Shrouq615
  3. So unfortunately, Summer 2019 does not offer any more openings for K1 interviews in Amman. I think only one member here on VJ was lucky enough to find and book an interview for July 2 , otherwise there is NOTHING throughout end of August and I don't even see any openings for September (unless it isnt open yet). Note: Consulate advised me via email last week that they only allow 8 time slots per month for K1 interviews. I am reaching out to any K1 members here for Amman and encourage you all to email the Embassy asking they open more time slots for appointment bookings for K1. Otherwise we are all looking at interviews in September or later. Email them at: Amman-ACS@state.gov. A secondary email is ABPamman@state.gov. I emailed both addresses today myself and both sent auto responses. Here is what I said in my email which you can copy and paste: Subject Line: Case #AMM2019XXXX - Passport# NXXXXX - URGENT Dear Consular Officer, I am writing to you today because I am not able to find and book a date for our K1 Interview anywhere in the months of July, August and even September. On top of that, my NOA2 expires on XX/XXX and Im not sure if I will need an extension or not. I am aware that you only allow 8 spots for K1 interviews per month but it seems you may need to allow for more openings since I am still without an appointment and you have already received my package from NVC. Would you please open up more date/time spots for K1 interviews or book an interview for me anytime in the months of July or August? Thank you,
  4. Hi guys, I'm a Syrian man 27 years old applied to K1 visa and had my interview in the US embassy in Amman, Jordan 27 November 2018 They told me there it takes between 2 to 3 months, but until this date 7 months passed but no answer, and the last update was in 7 January 2019 that what that website shows https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=o/iS8zDpeAKjMWCuebHqOw== My fiance started talking about giving up on me because she feels it's gonna take a lifetime and after all that maybe a rejection because of my nationality (she is American). I have to travel soon and I want to get a new passport, is there any problem if I keep the old one with me(the one I applied with)? And I have no idea about if I have to go back to Jordan once I get my visa approved or I can just send them my passport. They have told me the medical exam is only valid for 6 months! And now it's already 7 months. Any suggestions? Anybody has been through the same process? Best regards, Leo. Applied to K1 in 1 March 2018 Had the interview in 27 November 2018 Still under Administrative Processing...
  5. Hi Everyone, Im wondering if its possible to transfer Embassy's from Amman to Beirut due to the fact that there are NO AVAILABLE K1 fiance interview time slots anywhere in the next few months ahead and Amman Embassy only has 8 slots open per month for K1 which is why we are having this problem. Way too many K1's this year. I can easily travel with my fiance to Beirut of course if they accept the transfer. Anyone try this and any luck?
  6. For those K1 applicants for Jordan that have already gone through their interview, what questions did they ask?
  7. Hi Everyone, My fiance is required to drop off documents about 2 weeks prior to our interview. In regards to the Birth Certificate for both Me, the Petitioner and my fiance, the Beneficiary, do I need to make sure MY original birth certificate is in the package he drops off or just a copy and then have him carry in my original day of interview? Same with divorce decree? Our Embassy has 2 different instructions posted in regards to this. Traditionally what should be done?
  8. Hi There, I am wondering if anyone from the middle east has had an issue where the woman is older than the man and how their interview went for K1. I know there is much scrutiny over this. I am specifically looking for people in the middle east (i.e. Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, UAE, etc) to comment on their experience with the CO at their respective embassies. Anyone is free to comment of course. I am 12 years older than my fiance. Not that we or our families care. I am Jordanian-American, he is Jordanian, we are both Christian, very much in love and I will be providing tons of evidence including notarized letters regarding our relationship from his aunts, uncles, my family who all live here. Would surely appreciate feedback from anyone from the arab countries on interviews on this matter. Thanks all!
  9. This topic is intended for Jordan followers on this site. Have any of you used Nahda Translation & Immigration Services to assist and help you complete NVC stage and Interview Booking as a few Jordanians I heard have? What has been your experience? I ask because I used part of a whats app group where a few people said they would be using the services of Nahda, specifically Nisrene and Abo Samir were named, to book the interview rather than booking online. They said they charge $50 JD's and they you are able to get the interview well before 2 months which is otherwise the norm. I believe they check daily for a cancellation or opening and book on their end. Any feedback from anyone who used them? Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone! I (US citizen) just married my sweetheart last week in Amman, Jordan Prior to that, I lived in Jordan for the past 19 years, then in the past 6 months before most recently coming back to Jordan, I was back in the USA doing job interviews to set up a domicile, and will hopefully be starting work as a physician there in July. Reading everyone's experiences here and online research makes it clear that DCF is the best option to bring my wife back home with me quickly. I have an appointment to file I-130 next week at the USCIS office in Amman, and was curious: 1. For physical address in the past 5 years, I had lived at the same address in Jordan but as I mentioned I was traveling around the USA on job interviews for the past months. The address in Jordan was still available to me at this time, so I'm wondering what to put in that field. In other words, should I put all of the addresses of hotels, Airbnbs, etc. over the past 6 months, or just the address in Amman? 2. Regarding the residency requirement in the country in which I'm filing DCF, would I meet the requirement, considering the many years I was in Jordan, and that I have Jordanian citizenship as well? I'm asking in particular about this most recent stint in the US to establish my career and our domicile, does that have any effect on the requirement? Warm regards to all of you, and thanks in advance!
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