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Found 12 results

  1. Found this video of an American trying to answer some of the questions on the Civil Test - https://youtu.be/RoeyfqChxxE
  2. Hello! Just thought I would start a thread for those of us who have Cameroonian fiancé(e)s. We submitted our packet at the end of October. Now we are just playing the waiting game. In the meantime, I’m trying to learn pidgin from my fiancé. Cameroonian culture is so awesome. I’ve never dated interculturally before, so this experience has been a roller coaster, but positive and insightful overall. Can anyone else relate?
  3. A friend of mine has been living here in US as a tourist, her tourist visa expired a fe months ago, now she is married to an American citizen. What kind of paperwork does she have to fill out to apply for legal status?
  4. My partner and I have been living together in Australia for about 2 years. We have just gotten engaged so we are looking to apply for a K1 visa and are about to submit a I-129f petition. Does anyone know if my American fiancee will need to prove domicile as she's been residing in Australia for 2 years now? If so does it need to be done prior to submitting I-129f form? She has been back to the USA 4 or 5 times in the past 2 years. She still has a bank account and filed tax returns. She also still attends university online through OSU. Appreciate anyones help. Thanks
  5. Hello! I was going to file my taxes today using H&R Block online service and I've encountered some confusion. Anyway, I got married in December 2017 and my husband is a citizen of Italy and we're in the process of the CR-1 Visa. He lives in Italy and I live in America, despite us being married. I have a job but my overall status is a full-time student, so I don't make much to begin with. My husband attends university in Italy and is a student, therefore, he is not employed. With the tax situation, I assumed "married filing separately" would be our status. However, when I input my husband's info it was asking for his SSN (which he doesn't have) or an ITIN (also doesn't have and I wasn't entirely sure what that is). I'm not sure what all this trouble is about, especially because he doesn't have a job in Italy, doesn't have a GC/SSN or anythign that ties him to being an American taxpayer or citizen at this point. I just don't know what to do next! I'm sure the people on VJ have some good advice and hopefully someone can answer me questions! Thanks in advance!
  6. I am an American male and last year in May 2017 I met an Egyptian guy while I was in Cairo. We started talking and now it's almost February 2018 and we have decided we want to marry. I have many messages of our conversations and I have many screen shots of video calls we've made on Skype and Zoom. I've bought wedding rings and I talked with a friend who recently married a Ukrainian man, and she recommended this website and gave me a lot of helpful information about her experience with the K-1 visa for her spouse. I feel that I have a pretty solid understanding and I will be asking more questions, but what I'm looking for right now is anyone who can tell me about their experience or give me tips if they've married someone from a Middle Eastern nation (especially if you've married someone from Egypt). I'd also like the same thing for anyone who's gone through or is going through the process as a same-sex couple (again, especially if from a Middle Eastern nation or Egypt).
  7. Hello. My boyfriend lives in Sweden and we plan on marrying here in the US towards the end of this year. We've only met in person once before as our entire relationship was mainly just online for the past two years. What proof will we need to provide later on next year once I apply for him? He won't be in the US when I apply to sponsor him, he will still be residing in his country. He will come to live with me once everything is approved.. if everything is approved. I'm just so worried about it all because we only met once and I don't know what evidence we need to provide.
  8. Long post but for anyone having doubts of any kind concerning your oversees fiance, maybe this will encourage you to have a third party check her out before you throw your life away to be with her. Not sure how this happened. I was successful but very lonely business man here in America and met a gentle 20 y/o Filipina online.. Fell so head over heels, I couldn't concentrate at work. I gave up my job, sold my cars, let my nearly paid off house go and moved my possessions clear across the U.S. for storage at families house.. then I went to Phil and married my dream woman. I should have been smarter. As soon as I got there, within two weeks it was obvious her family had been scamming me. None even tried to work. They'd been living completely off of me for months. I told my fiance that it wasn't right so if she wanted me, we should leave and we did. I set up a house far away from her families cause at this point she was afraid of them. We got married and things were good for the next 6 months while I was there. When I got back to USA, everything changes. I've since found out it was only a week later she started going out and within a couple months having men spend the night. I first noticed she was acting rude and short with me Until she needed her monthly finances..lol..nice for a few days ahead and a day or two after but then grouchy the rest of the month. Then pictures started showing up online and a mutual friend from there sent a picture of her snuggled on bed with another guy. Since then I confronted her and She denied everything. I sent a picture and then shes only texted responses to me since. Her mother texted me often to say her daughter didnt do anything wrong, just drunk and fell asleep like that and my wifes not talking because she's mad I accuse her, that I should apologize..lol..after awhile I wanted to believe her.. Friends from there are mad though because then she started being very open there with her infidelity. I have no doubt now with 260 pictures of partying and other men and witness accounts of her bringing them home or spending the night with them that she's not only been unfaithful but that she most likely never loved me at all. So great.. I've been scammed but worse ran through the most painful , degrading experience in my life. I nearly committed suicide I was so ashamed. But with the help of friends I've moved on but didnt divorce. One friend who helped me has been married for years to a Filipina and a few months back had his wife's cousin contact me. When I asked him about it, he chuckled and said everyone deserves to be happy and to get to know this young lady. I have and now as impossible as it seems, I love her. I'd like to marry her but my past is going to make things tough. Questions: 1. I can get divorce rather simply here. I would rather not get recognition of foreign decree there because of cost and time.All the information I find about the recognition of philippine courts concerns the Filipnas rights to remarry and it's affect on immigration. Since im American and goverened by American divorce law, If I have my divorce papers, will I be able to get a marriage license there? Will I be able to register our new marriage there. Will it mess up a DCF if I don't get it recognised first? When I go to be with my wife to be, I want to marry and just stay until I can file k3 DCF... I know this was long but when I go back to Philippines I want everything figured out first so I don't make a worse mess of things.. any help is appreciate.
  9. I really need an outside opinion. I recently met a morrocan man online through Facebook. I wanted to give myself tickets to somewhere exotic my 30th birthday and recently liked a bunch of morrocan pages. I got a friend request the next couple of days from a man I did not know. Thinking he was someone I might work with since I worked for a big company I messaged him and asked if I knew him. He responded no and introduced himself, said Facebook suggested me as a friend so he requested me. Other the next couple of weeks we have talked though messenger, had a couple of calls and a video chat. He immediately wanted to be in a relationship and I told him no, he's told me he loves me and I have told him back. He's already told me theirs no jobs in morroco, he lives with his parents, hangs out at the coffee shops and gym. We talk about many many things so these are some things he's mentioned. I tell him how can u love someone u don't know and he gives me the same reasons other men having been telling me all my life, like I'm thinking at least he picks up on stuff lol. A couple of months I went out of town and got my cards and palm read by a fortune teller, she described a big move, said the next man I meet will be the one and said all the love and goodness I've given out will finally come back to me. I can't help but think she was talking about this man from Morrocco. Also, our horoscopes are perfect matches, both my ex's are his same sign including my son's father. I'm not with my sons father cus of the age difference he was 10yrs older than me. I'm 29 and the man from Morrocco is 27. I don't know what else to do but stay away from the fortune tellers. Please give me advice, I feel like I'm crazy for feeling this way.
  10. My eldest daughter wants her stepmom (my wife) adopt her. She talked to us a month ago that this is what she wants on her birthday, My question is, If my wife adopt my daughter, does my daughter can also be a dualcitizen? Thank you for all your responses.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm here in the Philippines and trying to be proactive as the lady at the civil registrar here in Mandaue City, Cebu told us that our child will "have a hard time to get a Philippines passport because her middle name is one that we made-up and not her mothers maiden name, that its the law when it comes to Philippine passports." She said that "she had two clients that had trouble because of this," and asked us if we wanted to amend our daughters name! No we are NOT changing our daughters name just to have a Philippines passport, we get to choose our daughters name not the Philippines lol.... Of course it tradition here in the Philippines to name your child's middle name the mothers maiden name, but the mother is also a dual citizen and so we opted for "American" citizenship on the certificate of live birth. I couldn't find any information about any real actual law in this regard. I talked to my dual citizen classmates here in the Philippines, and some of them have "made-up" middle names on their passports so I'm wondering how they were able to do this? Why would the hospital, and registrar even allow us to put whatever name we wanted if it was against the law...I don't really care at the end of the day because we will be getting a US Passport anyway, and could try applying for a Philippines passport at the embassy in the US, but I want to know if anyone else has been though this IN THE PHILIPPINES with success. Again I have not even tried yet to get my daughters passport, I just want to go in there with ammo if they give me grief. I know that people here often confuse tradition with laws, its the chismis effect Any help would be appreciated, Salamat!
  12. Hi, my name is Jackie. My fiancé -Paul is a dual citizen Filipino-American. He acquired his citizenship through naturalization. He lived in the United States for 8 years and hasn't gone back since 2008. We met 2010, got engaged 2011 and 2012 our first child was born. We have been living together for 6 years now but we're not married yet. We are planning to apply for a K1 visa and we have a few questions: 1. Can he petition me? If yes, how will he do that since he is currently here in the Philippines living with me? 2. Is the K1 visa our best option or should we consider getting other type of visa? 3. I'm currently pregnant with our second child, will it affect the process? I hope you can help me and thank you in advance for your inputs. Much appreciated, Jackie