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Found 9 results

  1. I am an American male and I met an Egyptian guy in Alexandria early in 2019. We have been talking a lot and we've pursued a relationship and I have visited twice. We've decided we want to marry. We both come from conservative, Christian families and neither of us are "out" to our families because we know they would not approve. He plans to present me to his family as a "friend" and we will likely take pictures together with his family whenever possible because I know this would be good evidence where there is lack of family support affidavits. I will be visiting him at least once a month for a few days at a time in 2020. In July 2020, I plan to spend almost the entire month with him. I will save the tickets and receipts and we will take several photos. I have many screenshots of our WhatsApp conversations and will continue to keep them. I feel that I have a pretty solid understanding of how the K-1 visa works, and I will be asking more questions, but what I'm looking for right now is anyone who can tell me about their experience or give me tips if they've married someone from a MENA country (especially if you've married someone from Egypt). I'd also like the same thing for anyone who's gone through or is going through the process as a same-sex couple (again, especially if from a MENA country or Egypt). I'm not really sure what the best way is to go about this. Once I get him to the U. S. A., he cannot go back to Egypt. I've considered us getting legally married in Ecuador or Mexico or another place, but all those options would involve him going back to Egypt for an indefinite amount of time while we file for a visa to bring him to the USA as my spouse. So, our only real option is for the K-1 visa. Does anyone have any advice? What are some things that he and I can do that can better solidify our application when we decide to file (most likely December 2020). I want to be able to front-load the application with as much information as possible, because I know that filing a K1 from a MENA country is risky because many of the K1s from this region aren't approved.
  2. Guys!! Small question. I saw on the USCIS website that the final rule of public charge will be applied only for the applicants/petitioners postmarked on or after Oct 15th 2019 (if applicable submitted electronically). What does this mean? Does it mean that the i130 petitions postmarked after Oct 15th 2019? Or AOS submitted on or after Oct 15th 2019. I mean although the rule is on hold for the time being, I just wanna know if this goes into effect someday, the stage of the process this applies to? Thanks in advance!!!!
  3. Hi there! I’m an American married to a French man going on 4 years married and together for almost 10. We currently reside in France and have been for the past 4 years. I’m here on a 10 year spousal visa. We recently have had our first child together who we’ll be starting starting the process to get her dual citizenship. Once this is finished we plan to start the process to move back home to California. Question is, which visa would we fall under? There are so many it’s actually quiet confusing! I’m thinking we should file under the i-130 or Spousal Visa (IR1 / CR1)? Since we’ll be applying from France will it be more complicated? We’ll have a US based sponsor in my parents who more than qualify for the requirements needed Does anyone have any idea of how long we’re looking at waiting? Thank you in advance to anyone willing to shine some light for us!
  4. Good morning all, I was wondering if LPR's had any experience hiring a car. Let me give some background info. I am a British citizen living in the USA, I have my Green Card interview in 2 days so I'll be an LPR (hopefully) by the time my UK trip comes around I hold a Missouri drivers license We have a Bank of America credit card We are with Geico insurance I am from the UK I want to hire a rental car in the UK We are going to the UK for 2 weeks over October/November So long story short, can a British LPR hire a rental car in the UK using a Missouri driver's license? If so, what will I need? I have never hired a rental before in any country so I am clueless where to begin. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Hi we are a married gay couple living in England. My husband is Italian and I’m American. We were married in New York in 2012. We are both are working and living in England, but are ready to move to America. I’m not sure what the process is or where to start since I’m living in the U.K. I’ve heard conflicting information which stated I should get an attorney, relocate back to the USA and set up residence. Ideally we would like to stay together and move at the same time. If anyone could give us advice on where to start or recommend a lawyer that would be much appreciated. We both would love to be in the states next year or so. Thanks for taking the time ,any feedback would be great. Paul
  6. I want to thank you all for the replies to my original post. I will definitely contact the London office when we get back to the U.K. I was just wondering if we are both living in the U.K. I’m American and my husband is Italian, and are both planning to immigrate back to the United States do I need to relocate permanently in the states without my husband coming with me. This would be something very difficult for us to do. I’ve heard mixed responses to this question before,, any feedback much appreciated.
  7. I'm an American with indefinite leave in the UK. I'm currently living in England, but making the move back home in October 2019. Thanks to some wise advise from a couple members we've decided it's best to start the CR-1 application process (in England) before I go home. Here's the question. I'm not going home to a job. I've got a couple good leads but nothing is set in stone. As his sponsor, how do I explain this in the application? Thanks in advance for any information. 😁
  8. Found this video of an American trying to answer some of the questions on the Civil Test - https://youtu.be/RoeyfqChxxE
  9. Hello! Just thought I would start a thread for those of us who have Cameroonian fiancé(e)s. We submitted our packet at the end of October. Now we are just playing the waiting game. In the meantime, I’m trying to learn pidgin from my fiancé. Cameroonian culture is so awesome. I’ve never dated interculturally before, so this experience has been a roller coaster, but positive and insightful overall. Can anyone else relate?
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