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Found 8 results

  1. I am not sure if this belongs here or in the RUB thread but here it is. We are expecting to move soon from Omsk, Russia to Detroit, MI and are looking for options to ship our household goods. We are struggling to find a company due to the current international humanitarian crisis over here as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. Does anyone have any ideas or companies they could suggest? We are at a loss and do not really want to just leave behind 8+ years of our possessions. We are primarily looking at sea freight due to the weight of the goods. Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone, I am living in Canada and my spouse is in the US. She is sponsoring me and our case is currently with NVC and by the looks of it, I will not be in the US for another 8+ months or so (hoping for it to be sooner of course, but it's looking quite unlikely). I saw a thread about tips and tricks for building a credit score in the US but, I'm not sure if I saw anything that relates to my current situation. Because I won't be living and working in the US for at least 8 months and I won't have a SSN until then, how can my wife and I get a joint credit card to start building our credit score in the meantime? Is this even possible considering I don't have a US SSN? Is opening a US credit card even possible let alone building credit? I don't have a US bank account either and I'm not sure if that is required. My wife of course does have a bank account and has great credit. Would love any info that can be provided! Thank you
  3. I have been with a British citizen for 10 years, before you say woah that’s a long time.. we met when we were just young and fun teenagers online and we’ve been climbed at the hip since 2011 (i was only 13) we first met in 2013 when I had turned 15 and he stayed in america with me and my family for 3 Months. Still in a long distance relationship we eventually decided I was going to go visit him in Kettering, england. I was 17 and I stayed for 6 months (turned 18 while over there) and I falled pregnant.. it wasn’t our plan and we we’re definitely scared shitless but we held it out and I went back home pregnant and we were so young we weren’t educated on any of this. Some greedy slob immigration lawyer told me to lie and have him go for the b2 6 month visa and just keep him here? He told me it was fine and I wouldn’t get in trouble or anything. I was young, Pregnant, naive. He went to the embassy and they obviously denied him because they saw he quit his job in order to come and see me and be there for the delivery. We. Were. Devastated. But we did what we had to do and he was there for me through our laptops and I had our beautiful daughter. I went back to England at the end of 2016 after she turned around 4-5 months and I stayed another 6 months and we sadly had to say goodbye. We come from average low income families and he was only working part time at ASDA. Which is a super market. It didn’t make the requirement for the visa.. so he job searched for months upon months, tried trials to see if he could do night shift to earn more, promotions, asked for family help. We were losing hope. In 2019 I went back (THIS was our last visit over there) our daughter was 2 and we stayed over there for 6 months obviously because we want to be together for as long as we possibly can without breaking the law. She had her 3rd birthday over there and he lives in Wales now and it’s absolutely beautiful. We went back home and then the pandemic hit. It broke us and stressed us out, we argued and we lost hope about us and gave up and now we’re in this slump… well fast forward to now my father has offered to co sponser him if he would like to come here and live in america so we can finally be a family. my question is what is the best visa to take? My father works full time and makes $19 an hour so he definitely earns the income and I’m thankful he wants to help us be a family in real life. I have trust issues with immigration lawyers as you can imagine so I felt the need to take the risk and go on one of these websites. So, which visa should we take? What is the process with that? your not only helping me your helping a little girl be with her father. after years of suffering with all 3 Of us please.. please just take the time out of your day to guide me. I don’t want to lose him and his daughter is losing him to depression.
  4. Hi all. My girlfriend is visiting from America next month. We originally thought it would be an easy process for her to just fly over for ten days then fly back. But after finding this site and reading peoples experiences I'm a little confused and scared. Would my girlfriend need to show ties back to America just for this little trip or would she be ok? If she does need to prove ties to America this would not be a problem, we would just like to know in advance so we can start preparing for that! This will be our first time meeting in person. Any advice would be much appreciated please and thankyou!
  5. I’m from Ohio and my fiancé is from Canada. He is moving to the states. Since him visiting me can interfere with the K1 Fiancé Visa process… would I be able to visit him in Canada?
  6. Hello people, my immigration was filed by my sister from California in 2010 oct. She is a us citizen with a perfect record in terms of tax and have no criminal charges against her. I am from Pakistan 🇵🇰 and as I mentioned before that my immigration was filed by my sister from California in the year 2010 oct. The case got approved by the us embassy and they told me to wait for some years. My case type is I-130. After the case was filed i got us visa twice and visited usa 4 times. I never did an over stay and any other illegal activities. Its been almost 11 year until my case is filed and there is no any kind of rejection or negative remarks from the us immigration. Can somebody please let me know how much more time should I expect to get my immigration completed. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sooo this might be a dumb question, but this was something I realized late. Me and my fiancee have been dating online for 3 years. The problem is, the entire relationship is online based with video and voice calls, digital gifts and money being sent back and forth and so on. In July, it will be our FIRST in person meeting in her county (Ecuador). Now TECHNICALLY this should qualify as there were no specifications on how many times we should meet, only that we meet at least once within 2 years of filing. Would our "how we met" be the online meeting or when we met in person? And would this lack of physical contact make anything automatically suspicious or have us denied?
  8. Hello, I really need help. My Fiancé applied for K-1 Visa in Oct-Nov 2019 in America and Visa came to Pakistan Embassy in April 2020. There’s no update till this date. I know due to Covid Embassies are not working on K-1 Visas. Please tell me what can we do to expedite the process. Should we change it spouse visa. What are the options. Can someone help.
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