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Found 12 results

  1. mushroomspore

    American Spouse w/ DUI Flying to Canada

    Hey guys, so my American husband has a DUI from 2011. He completed his AA meetings around then. He finished his community service hours in 2016. We know he can't drive across the border. But we're wondering what we need to do for him to fly. I was reading about the Temporary Resident Permit and Criminal Rehabilitation. But I'm wondering if someone with more experience can point us to the right option. Thanks!!
  2. fatima ezzahra

    how to find a job in usa

    hey everyone i am from morocco i am 27 years old and i am looking for a job in usa, i got my bachelor's degree in geology last year but i couldn't find any job here or even in Europe or in Asia etc, so my last hope is USA. i have many experiences in selling, writing, sewing and fashion designing, journalist on a website teaching.. etc so i really need ur help cause i'm getting older and i feel like i'm useless hope that u help have a nice day all and god bless u all
  3. Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is doing well and all your paperwork is being processed. In regards to the Removal of Conditions my husband and I submitted ours on July 20, 2017. We have received his one year extension letter and we have completed his biometrics. What should we do when the one year extension letter is expired? It is good until August 2018, and then what happens? What should we do if we do not receive his 10 year GC by then? Please respond with some advise. I really appreciate it. Shelby van der Merwe
  4. Hello, Need some tips and help from everyone on this website. I really just want tips or helpful things you can provide. I didn't marry because it takes longer and it's quicker this way. I don't have a birth certificate either so another problem (don't ask please i just don't) So I visited this girl I've been talking too alot that i met on Instagram (talking since Dec of 17). She is Moroccan (4 year age gap, We are in our twenties ) and i'm Iraqi, I visited her in March for more then 10 days . When I got there we spent every single day with each other, and after 4 days I met the Family and we got engaged the Moroccan tradition way. Anyways i'll leave the romantic things to the side for now, I just want her to come live with me here in the US!!!! I came back to the USA, Filed and sent the Form I-129F with copies of my passport,pics together with her family and both of our rings together. Included plane tickets, copies of her Moroccan ID(back and front), My hotel info, copies of receipts for my payment to sign her up for English classes to get better (already ok but i want her to work here so better to learn more), copy of my citizenship and state ID, A letter from me that we will be marrying on day 1 or 2 once she's in the USA. I received in the mail the action of notice paper confirming her name is spelled correctly. That's it so far but i just filed it so very soon for anything to come in the mail i think. What are the next steps? Can someone explain their process to me? I know morocco declines alot of K1 Visas?? Why?? Why would any kind hearted man or women refuse us a VISA??
  5. Hey everyone! So my husband is planning to travel to South Africa for his sisters wedding next month. He has received his one year extension letter for his removal of conditions so that will end up expiring in August 2018. Is he allowed to travel with just that letter and his expired green card? Do we need to do anything else? Can anyone send me a link to any government article that states that is all he needs to travel? If anyone is currently or have just received their 10 year/removal of conditions. Can you please tell me how long it took you to get it? I am getting so nervous for him to travel and I need to make sure he will be allowed back in the US with that letter.. Please help me. Shelby van der Merwe
  6. Good Morning Guys, a little bit about me. I immigrated/became a permanent resident to the United States about a year ago. My marriage is not going well at all. I seriously think it is going to fall apart. It has been really really hard and we tried everything to make it work but its nothing like an endless fight. I am A german citizen. Before we got married i lived in Canada. Since this is falling apart i would like to move back to Canada and was wondering how easy its gonna be. I know for a fact that it was always easy to move to Canada as a German whenever i had written Joboffers etc. Is there a way to immigrate faster now to the Country since i am a Resident of the United States? All info will be appreciated.
  7. Hello. My boyfriend lives in Sweden and we plan on marrying here in the US towards the end of this year. We've only met in person once before as our entire relationship was mainly just online for the past two years. What proof will we need to provide later on next year once I apply for him? He won't be in the US when I apply to sponsor him, he will still be residing in his country. He will come to live with me once everything is approved.. if everything is approved. I'm just so worried about it all because we only met once and I don't know what evidence we need to provide.
  8. Hello everyone! My husband and I were at the bank today to get a paper notarized when the conversation of immigration came up with the banker who was helping us. Our banker said she came from India in 2003 on a B-2 Visa, got married two days before her scheduled return date and then never left the USA and adjusted her status while staying in America. She was adamant that my husband should NOT LEAVE the United States (despite his return ticket in one month) and was telling us that if he leaves, he probably won't come back until our CR-1 processes in 3-4 years. We explained to her that, since he has the ESTA Visa Waiver, this is considered Visa fraud, but she was holding firm to her beliefs that he should NOT leave the United States and that he could adjust his status while being here and we could live happily ever after. Of course, we won't follow this advice and my husband would never over-stay his time in America. On this visit, he is not staying anywhere near his allotted 90 days, so there are no problems. I was just alarmed that someone would be so adamant about this advice she was giving to two young adults! Also, she was recommending us to see the top attorney in California (one who processed her Visa) and that he would be able to process this case for us and get my husband to stay and adjust his status with no problems, despite the Visa Waiver Program. Another thing she mentioned was, if an attorney prepares your I-130 packet, your case will be reviewed "much sooner" whereas if you prepare it yourself, USCIS just puts it to the wayside. I just want to have some reaffirmation that my thought process is correct and my prior research about the CR-1 Visa has not let me down.
  9. Hi Guys! So, I have my one way flight booked to America on my K1 visa! Next Wednesday! It's been a long wait! I'm moving to Detroit, Michigan and I'm 24. Question - Can I drive on a foreign license? What are the rules and regs? Is there anything I need to do before getting behind the wheel? (Obviously get insured) I know I can probably find all of my answers on google! However, I find it easier to process the information that you guys give me! Thank you!!!
  10. Hi guys! Now that Christmas is coming and is family time I'm starting to feel very homesick and I miss everybody and every single thing back home, the food, the streets, the people, even the public transportation feels nostalgic to me right now lol I always miss everybody back home but the feeling is very strong at this time of year. I love being here and I feel very lucky to have my husband and his family that now are mine too, but sometimes I'm afraid that this homesick feeling will never go away. Does anybody feel the same way around Christmas if so how do you guys deal with feeling this way?
  11. My whole life was an amazing journey with ups and downs, downs because I've witnessed a war for the whole 10 years in Bosnia the country I was born in. At the time I was only 14 years old and I was forced to grow up over night. I really never had enough time to process anything...in order to stay sane I had to be on the go at all times. During the war time I was trying to finish the high school as I only had 2 years left but I really never knew when it would be the last time I'll see my family and friends alive which was always in the back of my head! So I promised myself to keep those fears to myself and try to move forward and I have. 10 years later Survived the war, visited USA on my student exchange visa J-1 in 2004. The day I've entered America I've felt the butterflies. I've felt the freedom I never felt before. Today and forever I Thank You America for taking me in for giving me a better life. Fortuna
  12. Hello I am from America and my boyfriend is from Sweden. What visa will allow him to visit America for a lengthy period of time (three months) and then return again after a short period of time in Sweden? And how often can he do this per year? Thank you.