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  1. Hi everyone! I want to share with all of you a nightmare that I have been experiencing since I got married. The purpose of sharing this is to hope that someone can throw some light on my situation and help me make a good decision. Last December I came to U.S to spend Christmas with some friends in Missouri. I had an application installed on my phone named Clover. On the same month an attractive, polite and nice gentlemen sent me a message. He was from, Arkansas. Everything seemed to be perfect. Then we decided to have our first date. He flew to St. Louis. I traveled to St. Louis to spend the weekend with him there. He asked if I liked him, if I would return with him to Arkansas to stay there for a week due to he was going to be on holiday. I couldn't believe that finally and apparently I found my soulmate... I'll resume it so no one is going to get bored. After everything we lived together during my stay, he asked me to not live the country. At airport when I was returning to St. Louis he asked me to marry him. I said it was quite early. Then he asked if would I come back to stay with him before I departed to Spain and do it from Memphis. I accepted that. I was very comfortable with him and his environment and I decided to spend mine 90 days visa period with him. He asked me again to stay and to consider about marrying him, this way we could build a life together and so forth... I decided to stay with him, but first we had to establish the steps to be done after that choice. One of them were about my financial situation due to I was not going to be able to work for awhile. He told me that in the meantime he would take care of everything. We got married. We filed all the forms, etc. after that, strange things started happening. Some personal effects were stolen, like clothes, iPad, iPhone, 2,000.00 from a suitcase that was forced and the pad lock broken... not everything happened at the same day. I didn't know that he had problems with alcohol. He had a device on his car that before moving it, he had to blow into it to determine if he could drive or not. Every time that he was inebriated, he was trying to argue or fight with me. First time he attacked me; after that when he was inebriated I was avoiding any kind of dialogue to prevent arguments. However he started humiliating me and saying that I couldn't do anything because I was an illegal immigrant and he was threatening me if I reported it. He stopped buying food and essential needs to the house. There was time that I was starving. I didn't want to have sex with him, because of the way he was treating me, but in some instances he tried to force me. He deactivated my phone line to prevent me of receiving advices from family and friends. I didn't realize that little by little I was falling into depression and getting unable to react. He thought that I had a lot of money because I had a very good job in Europe , carrying out medical procedures as a nurse. Also will be shown websites supporting me as a good professional. I use to travel to many countries to give presentations in congresses and training courses. But now I feel like a loser and incapacitated after this horrible experience. Last argument he destroyed the luggage compartment of my car by hitting the back of his truck into mine. That day I was going to leave the house, but I couldn't because my car had to be fixed first. His insurance repaired everything. Then eventually and being encouraged by my best friend from Madrid, I left the house. I have a clean background and no criminal records anywhere. I also have my religion and I have served a mission long time ago as a Mormon missionary for two years. I'm still in Arkansas, but I know that soon I'm going to receive the notification for the interview with the USCIS and I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance to anyone for paying attention to my story.
  2. Hi all, I filed the I-130, I-485 and I-765 concurrently on February 3rd along with all evidence including the I-693 that was one month old when I filed. I got a Courtesy Letter that said " a complete and signed I-693 was not submitted" and said to bring it to the interview. Then 4 days later got an update that my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Now I am 100% sure that the I-693 was correctly filled and signed and it was sent in a sealed packet in the same envelope as the AOS packet. Is this courtesy letter generic to everyone or is it possible the I-693 was lost/incomplete somehow? A lawyer said to go to the interview without it and tell the officer that I think a mistake has been made and that they do have the medical. If it turns out they don't, then I can mail a new one after the interview. Does anyone have experience with this?
  3. My boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship. While we realize it is a rather unconventional arrangement, we really hope to meet soon. He is currently a medical student, studying in Poland, and he would like to come stay with my family in the summer of 2020 to get to know my family. He has found a program at a local medical facility at which he would be able to study for the duration of his visit. They would be able to provide evidence of this; he also has strong ties to his country of residence, as he has an apartment lease and he must also return for his studies. Our biggest concern is presenting his lodging to the visa officers, since he will be staying with my family and we have not yet met. My father owns a home with an apartment upstairs and one downstairs, and we would be renting it to my boyfriend during the summer. If we give evidence of this, as well as a letter of invitation, will that be enough to strengthen our case? Or does the fact that we have not first met ruin our chances of him being granted a visa?
  4. I asked a similar question a week or 2 ago about a issue while having my medical examination which I was made to feel incredibly uncomfortable and judged due to my past in regards to selfharm I was honest and due to nerves was a little stuttery with my responses she had asked if I had ever had any help with my depression and self harm and I said no because I didn't go to but one meeting with a doctor and the medication I was on I couldn't remember the names as I was 11-12 at the time. she was very cold when it came to my selfharm and grabbed my arm to feel my scars as she seemed generally disgusted at them she also accused a couple scratches on my leg to self harm even though It wasn't . She said that she thinks I should go see a psychiatrist but would need more info from my doctor, my doctor writes a very basic letter and puts in the letter of a time where a suicide attempt was made (which wasn't the case) I sent my doctors letter over and she called me back saying that what I doesn't match what my doctor said and when I tried to explain that it wasn't a suicide attempt at all she got quite rude with me and said that she needs dates of when this happened because my doctor only said it was when I was on my way to school and not an actual date and that she thinks I will need to see a psychiatrist regardless but doesn't know if that will be enough either. Could I get denied over past issues with self harm? I have been 4 years free of selfharm and my scars prove that they are old I'm just really scared that my past will have a huge impact on mine and my partners future because of misleading information will the psychiatrist help get to the bottom of all this misunderstandings? any help would be appreciated. I'm just really worried and heart broken over it and I don't know what to do with myself.
  5. We we wanted to pass on a successful action that someone gave us. It could help you get your visa approve quickly. She he was told to dress professionally when she went to her interview at the consulate. Not to show up in jeans, T-shirts etc. She was told that she would be video recorded in the lobby while she waited and looked in on by the interviewers Well she showed up looking very nice and professional with a professional business jacket. She said that there were others who showed up in sandals, Mickey Mouse T-shirts and jeans. She wasn’t the first person to arrive and was actually number 9 on the list. However she was the first person called and her interview went well. She was approved for her K-1 visa and arrives to the USA in less than three weeks! We hope this helps you as well. Good luck!
  6. Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me out with confirming what I need next? I require a police certificate from 8 months I spent in NZ, living with my fiancé on a working holiday visa. I am UK resident, filing for a k-1 in London. When looking for what to do I can’t find a definitive answer as the NZ police checks are automatically part of their K-1 process. As such, I have applied to the Ministry of Justice for a Record Check and filed a Section 14 Vetting Form from Police NZ. If anyone could confirm whether either of these are what’s needed, what happens next or just more information, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Matt
  7. My husband and I are preparing to apply for his greencard. We won't be applying right now because I have to use my passport for other reasons (unless copies of passports are okay too send in, please let me know) but I've been doing some heavy research so that we are prepared. We currently live just outside of London so going to the US Embassy there won't be a problem. I guess my concern is: Will I need to move back to the states for the Consular Processing part as proof that we plan on moving to the US together? If so, about how long did this part take for you and are we allowed to visit each other during this time? Also, a big part of my worries is filing the Affidavit of Support (Form I-485 I believe). I'm worried that my taxes will be thrown off and I have NO idea how to do taxes and all that. Would it be enough to file for a joint sponsor right away? And just so I can keep it in mind, how much proof did you provide to prove your bona fide relationship with your spouse? And if you have lived abroad, how long did you have to wait until your I-130 got approved? Even before we got married we knew that we would have to file for a greencard for him so we have already been stacking up on all the types of proof that we would need. Any further advice on this first step would really help!
  8. Katelyn

    Entry into the US

    Hi! I’m going to be driving to Canada to pick up my fiancé, I was wondering if anyone has crossed the border and remembers the exact process and questions you were asked? I recently quit my job due to a toxic work environment and to look for better opportunities for better money. Will me as the petitioner not having a job (just for a a short time) effect her entry into the US? Do they ask about that?
  9. First off I apologise of I come off as rambly, my anxiety is through the roof right now thanks to a combo of a severe anxiety disorder and autism. And also if I'm posting this incorrectly - I've never posted here before. I'm submitting my interview letter tomorrow, but I'm super worried I'll have done it too late because I've worried so much about making sure I have everything. I had my medical exam last month on the 21st, and I'm just getting around to sending the letter tomorrow. I'm so scared that I'll have wasted time, which I feel like I definitely have in arranging the interview. I had an unpleasant experience with my medical examinor making me uncomfortable and I've had to wait and get some extra paperwork to forward to them to boot (All sorted now though) I'm immigrating from NZ to the US, and I have no clue how long getting an interview takes since I can't find a solid source that tells me a rough estimate. I feel completely insane, and I don't blame you if you read this and think so too. I miss my man so much, and I hate coming to him constantly over my worries because in my head I know there's nothing I can do and I'm doing my best where I can, but the anxiety is crippling some days. Today is one of those days. Am I worrying too much? Is there anything to worry about, or am I just driving myself mad with worry? Any support, or advice or just an internet hug would be appreciate it.
  10. Hi, my fiancé has her K-1 visa interview next week. When we started this process, she was here visiting when we decided we wanted to see what we could do so she could eventually be here with me. We hired a lawyer. Long story short, he lied to us, took advantage of us knowing we were young and uneducated on immigration and such. He told us she could stay in the U.S with me while we filed. She overstayed 120 days, but she left as soon as we talked to another lawyer and found out she’s WASNT allowed to be here. The lawyer stopped contacting us, and wouldn’t admit his lies and manipulation. Has anyone dealt with overstaying and still been approved and do you think she will be approved or denied? Her interview is in Montreal, Canada and she was here in the U.S. just with her passport.
  11. Location Chicago IL Need advice about k1 visa my fiancée is from Morocco tips for filing the petition how to transition from k1 to adjustment of status tips about doing the adjustment of status process AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Life after k1 process and marriage with green card spouse as for filing jointly for taxes and insurance and all that good stuff i need so muccch help I don’t know what from what and it’s all scary and stressful HELPPP
  12. Hi all, My husband and I received our noa2 recently. However on the letter it said that the petition indicates that I (the beneficiary) am in the US and we are filing for AOS. I’m not in the US and am in the UK. I then figured out that my husband must have gotten onfused when filling out the mountain of forms because, when I looked at photocopies of what we sent, in Part 4 Section 61a-61b where it asks for details for those applying for AOS within the USA he put his location/city. Then in the next section (62a-62c) which is for those who are applying for a visa from outside the US (which we are doing) he left it blank. Is there any way we can sort this and get it sent to NVC without having to file form i824? I looked online and it says the wait for i824 approval is up to 11 months and we can’t wait that long! I know it’s our error but the last thing we want is it to be delayed or to file our i130 again and wait another 6 months... I’m devastated by this and so embarrassed that we made such a stupid mistake on our form. What can we do?
  13. Hi all! We received the NOA2 about a week and a half ago, I just want to make sure I understand the next steps. Here is what I believe is next: Until the application has left the NVC, we will not hear anything. When it does leave the NVC, we will receive notification of this and receive the case number. I understand that in the meantime, we can call the NVC to get the case number prior to receiving the letter. Once it gets to the London Embassy, I (the beneficiary) will receive notification of this and the next steps. I assume this will include information on how to pay the visa fee and how to book both the medical and the interview. I pay the visa fee and book the medical and the interview. I make sure I have the following information: Passport with at least 6 months left before expiry 2 photos that meet Department of State requirements Birth certificate (I have a certified copy) Police certificate Form I-134, Affidavit of Support (As my Fiancé is at university and does not meet the income requirements, I have a form filled out by her as it is required for the petitioner to fill one out, but I also have one filled out by her mother to meet the income requirements) $265 ready for the Visa Fee Vaccination proof (Question about this below) 4 photos that meet Department of State requirements for the medical £330 for the medical exam A printed copy of DS-160 completion confirmation A complete copy of the initial application (I-129F) Copy of Form I-797C and Form I-797 (NOA1 & NOA2) Proof of ongoing relationship. Go for the medical exam, and then wait at least 5 working days for the results to get to the Embassy before having my interview Go to the interview. Get Approved (Hopefully) Wait around 1 week to receive the Visa and have the passport returned Questions: Vaccinations; I was born in Greece (I only have British Citizenship though), and the vaccinations I had are on the vaccination proof, however, they are missing the batch numbers. I read on another post that the medical requires the vaccination proof to also have the batch numbers on all vaccinations. Can anybody verify if this is the case? I am going to my doctors soon anyway to make sure I have all of them as I don't fully understand how to compare the letter from my doctor to the vaccination chart provided by the Embassy. Medical History; Do I have to get my full medical history for when I go to the medical? Am I missing or misinformed about anything? I appreciate your time, I will be writing posts about my experiences at the interview and medical in case anybody would like to read them in the future. Thank you all! Liam
  14. Good day, I met my Girlfriend via a dating website. We are a solid match and are planning on meeting soon this coming October to be exact, She is currently finishing her contract in Malaysia, she is from the Philippines. In October I will be flying to Malaysia to pick her up and we will be flying together to the Philippines. I will be spending my two-week vacation with her and her kids (Ages 6-3) We are planning family activities such as traveling & amusement parks. We are very happy and can clearly see a future together. We make a year together in July (sadly only online via facebook messenger) as her current employer does not allow visits or allow her to stay outside for a night, so we will have to wait until October to meet each other. I will be flying down again in December for a week vacation. Marriage is in the talks as I stated we definitely see a bright future together. Since the first time, we talked we have a very positive vibe. I have helped her with the kids almost monthly around 50-100 USD I've done this on my own will and have never been forced to do so, on the contrary, small little arguments have raised since she feels shy I've been helping her without yet being able to meet her. I would like to the know some advice from this community since we are starting out and definitely can see a happy future. what are things we should keep saved and what are things we should start doing and keeping records of? If she & I decide to marry then it will be in July 2020, when we make two years together, as of right now I'm helping her family rebuild their home after it was severely damaged. Do I keep a record of this or will this be useless? I have never done online dating before of has marriage ever even come to my mind, out of my previous relationships none ever really sparked that "This is someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with" So I am a bit clueless on some of the processes, I have looked online but everyone states something different. Some state we need to live together first, this will be hard for me to achieve since I have a very good job working for Harvard Univerity, the IT company I came from has a location in Manila should I bite the bullet and apply? What do you guys think, and for those of you who have been in a similar situation how did you deal with it? The distance does hurt as we all know and since I'm a full-time employee its difficult for me to take a flight and go whenever I want. I would greatly appreciate all and any advice as we want to make sure we do things correctly from the start. I've read stories of couples tossing very good evidence not knowing and then being stuck. Thank you all in advance !!
  15. Hi so finally my case is documentairly qualified...the email I received today stated they will contact me and my husband once they’ve scheduled an interview in Islamabad. I would love to hear from others their experiences and advice etc 😊🤞🏽So excited to finally going forward in our journey!!!!
  16. Hello all, I am looking at what's needed for the K-1 interview at the American Embassy in London. Now my original name on my birth certificate isn't what I currently use on my passport/Drivers license/the name we used to fill out the application. I contacted my local registrar's office (Where my mother thinks the name change was done) and they have no record of the name change as it was done by a justice of the peace, and unfortunately I don't have the original birth certificate, I only have the copy that I sent away for. This is on the website telling me what evidence to bring, but the only thing I have is my high school GCSE records, in my new name as I wasn't baptised. Will that be enough? Should I contact the registrar's office and have my name legally changed now? I appreciate any help you can give! Steven
  17. hi guys!!! So let me give you a little run down of things....around 12/10/18 I received email from NVC that I am able to move to my next step I need to submit fees and documents etc..I went ahead and paid AOS and IV fees and around 12/14/18 once my fees were “paid” I was able to submit documents and it took NVC a few for them to let me know what’s accepted and what’s missing etc. so I believe 1/4/19 I received an email stating what else I need and what is missing so basically my spouses IV stuff was all accepted and I from my end needed to upload my w2 AGAIN and give my household member(my fathers) tax transcript and also I needed to fill out I864 instead of the ez and I’ve uploaded those and it’s been accepted 🙌🏻 Now I keep going back and fourth with them my w2 states next to it “accepted” they keep sending me messages that i need to send in every page and I’m pretty sure I’ve done that twice! It’s so frustrating I feel like I’ve been waiting forever I’ve submitted it all literally nothing is missing at this point here I am waiting another 2-3 weeks for them to review things yet again! Has anyone else had this problem? It sucks because it will obviously take them time to schedule an interview also 😭😭
  18. Hello VJers, This is actually very off topic, but I don't know where else to go. My husband is an avid redditor so that forum is not an option... I immigrated on a K1 Visa two years ago, I am sending in my ROC paperwork in May. Life has been very good for my husband and I, we both have good jobs, in August we bought a house and a new car, we have four cats and we are talking about babies in the very distant (like 5 yrs) future. I love life here and I absolutely adore my husband, but there is a big issue and I am struggling to figure out what to do about it... My husband and I took a road trip to my Canadian hometown to visit my family (about an 11 hour drive) this past July. We had a great trip, I saw a ton of my family, we all had a good time swimming, eating, and drinking. BUT on our last night there, my husband and I got in an argument (they happen!), it wasn't an extremely bad one and after fighting for about 15 minutes he wanted to leave the house to cool off, which he usually does when we argue. My Mom saw that I was upset and got involved in the argument, she was screaming at my husband and physically tried to stop him from leaving the house, which included putting her hands around his throat (according to my husband). While everyone was screaming, my Dad panicked and called the police. My husband left the house before they arrived, he went for a walk and ended up at my Aunt's house. The police arrived and questioned me at my parents, then went to speak with him. They made a note about us getting in a domestic dispute, there were no charges against anyone. We were told to spend the night apart and not communicate, in the morning I was to pack the truck, pick him up, and we would head home. We did text a bit during the evening, mainly me apologizing multiple times and him saying he just wanted to leave me in Canada. I picked him up first thing in the morning and we headed home, we argued for the first hour or so and then talked it out. Fast forward to today: my husband and I are still great, our relationship is good and we love each other more than anything. My parents are planning a trip to visit soon to see our new house and bring some of my furniture, and my husband plans to leave the house and not see them at all while they are here. My husband feels betrayed, heartbroken, and has lost his trust in my parents. He saw them as his own parents because he never had strong parental figures in his life. He loved them and is so beyond hurt. We have had altercations in my family's house before (between my parents, with neighbours, etc) which have been much worse and never did my Mom lay a hand on anyone nor were the police called. My husband feels like my parents true colours came out and that they have always hated him, mainly because he took me away. I feel stuck, I want to support my husband in any way possible but it hurts to have to sever ties with my family more than I already have. I miss my hometown, I don't want our children to miss out on seeing where I grew up and having their Aunt, Grandparents, and the rest of my Canadian family. In addition, my Mom's health is poor and I worry that something will happen to her. I don't know how to continue to make my husband feel supported and like I am on his side, while also trying mend the relationship between them enough that we can at least be apart of my family still. I am hoping that someone here has any type of advice to help me through this. Thank you for reading the long post, and thank you in advance for any replies. Sydney
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