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  1. Hello , I am new to these forums I have been lurking for a few weeks and enjoy reading of everyone’s experiences and advice. I would love to hear people’s opinions on my situation. I arrived in the USA June 2015 on an ESTA visa from Ireland. Due to unforeseen circumstances I overstayed and married my wife who is a USC in June of 2018 we filed our papers and and I was granted a combo card. Me and and my wife plan on flying to my home country at the end of the month using my combo card. My question is will I have many issues for overstaying back a few years ago. I’m nervous to use it however my immigration lawyer says I should of no issues. id love to hear of people’s experiences using it . Thanks in advance
  2. I submitted my AoS packet with the $1225 fee a month ago and just received NoA for both the Adjustment Of Status form itself and for my EAD work permit, but then today I received my I-131 Advance Parole application back with a letter saying it was rejected because I didn't include any fee....?? As far as I'd read/learned, I thought that, like the EAD, the fee for the AP was included/waived with my overall $1225 AoS fee?
  3. At the end of August, we sent our AOS package to the Chicago Lock Box. We received receipt notices on 4 Sep. So we are now at 180 days since it was received. If there was going to be an RFE, it should have been received by now? I came home from work, and she's been crying. She wants to go home to see her family, and I do understand her frustration. Calling the USCIS was an exercise in futility. Advice?
  4. Good afternoon, I just wanted to fill you guys in on my experience renewing my MO drivers license today. I filed for EAD/AP/AOS early November and it's still pending. I took my US MO Drivers test in November using my I-94, Passport and K-1 Visa page but my license was only valid for the length of the I-94 document. Of course this expired a little while ago, and I have been unable to drive. So my wife emailed the DMV requesting information as to whether or not we'd be able to renew my license for the time being. There is very little information out there in this. I have included the e-mail below. I walked into the DMV today, and brought the following documents with me: Marriage Certificate Passport AOS Receipt (With stamped biometrics) EAD Receipt (The DMV scanned this document) Utility Bill (Something with my name on it tying me to the address I live) It took her a few tries of various numbers on the EAD receipt but it was approved for renewal of my DL. The process took about 10 minutes once I was at the desk. So those of you wondering about drivers licenses, e-mail the DMV and ask about your state's laws regarding it. Remember: Not all DMV staff are competent. I hope this helps someone out there!
  5. Hi I am about to apply for AOS, AP an EAD for myself and my four children. My question is on behalf of two of my teenage sons as to what time period they can travel back to visit friends and family for without it being problematic. I know a few weeks is ok but that what about 1 - 3 months ? I understand this may be discretionary. I saw 90 days somewhere but that maybe for other visa types. Thank you
  6. Hello everyone. I have an EAD/AP (Advanced Parole) combo card and I am hoping to travelling to Nigeria in a few weeks. I really want to go, and I have a few specific questions 1. What are my options if for any reason I get denied entry to the US at port of entry? also what are my options if as I leave Nigeria, I am not allowed to board the plane. Could the travel officers in Nigeria not recognize the EAD/AP combo card as a valid travel document? 2. I have another question about unlawful presence in the US. I was initially on a H1. I applied for a change of status from a H1 to a B2 in September 2017. This B2 got approved in June 2018. The approval dates for the B2 are from 10/02/2018 - 04/01/2019. whilst the B2 was pending My wife and I applied for a green card through marriage in April 2018. Is there any chance of my being held from entry, when trying to come in to the US, for unlawful presence in the US? Specifically with regards to my wait for approval of B2 status between September 2017 and April 2018. Thank you!
  7. My wife and my daughter are on "Adjust-mental Of Status" green card. I am going to apply for "Removing Conditions" in month of September. My wife is pregnant and she wants stay in the last 2 to 3 months before the baby is born and she wants to take my daughter with her. Can they go to India ? How long they could stay in India ? Do they need any advanced parole for staying in India more than 90 days or so. Please send me some information (links , info that you already knew)
  8. Hello, we submitted the I-131 for advanced parole and have receipt date April 24, 2018. Questions: 1/ Anyone else submit around that time or the months before that? I am curious to see who has gotten approvals. 2/ Our “USCIS Office” is the National Benefits Center (NBC) and we have filed a family-based Form I-485 and then it says we should check processing times for our local field office > we are in Boston. Does that mean we check the field office in Boston or the service center Vermont? I am guessing Boston but they don't list any processing times Main purpose of this question is to 'meet' others who have submitted I-131 and are waiting so that I can get an idea of how long it might be. Thank you!
  9. Hello I entered the US on a visitor visa in the beginning of 2013. At that time I was given a paper I-94. In the meantime I got married and my spouse is applying to adjust status for me. I already have received my EAD/AP. Now I'm getting ready to travel on AP and I would like to know if I need to bring my paper I-94 along? I checked online at i94.cbp.dhs.gov and my records cannot be found. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello Everyone, I wanted to open this topic up for discussion and see if the VisaJourney community has had experience traveling with the Advanced Parole and Work Authorization combo card. My wife immigrated to the United States on a K1 visa. We have since gotten married and have filed the Adjustment of Status (AOS) documentation. Using the USCIS processing times as well as the VisaJourney processing time frame data it seems that my wife's green card could take a while before it gets processed and issued. At this point, my question is specifically regarding the Advance Parole. My wife and I love to travel and would like to be able to travel this coming winter to Canada. From what I understand, the Advanced Parole simply allows the applicant to leave the country without officially Abandoning the AOS application as well as allowing reentry in to the United States, however based on my research the the TSA officer at the port of entry has final say whether you are allowed to reenter the United States or not. Has anyone here traveled using the Advanced Parole prior to receiving their Green Card? What is the likelihood of someone not being admitted back in to the U.S and what are the main reasons why this happens? Do you believe my wife and I will be relatively safe Flying to Canada for about 4 to 5 days and then returning to the U.S?
  11. Hi, I applied for an advance Parole to travel for June 2018 but i'm a bit worries i won't have it in time. It is with my understanding that you only need the AP upon re-entry. Let's say I leave when it is still processing and someone mails it to me from my house while i'm still away and use it when i re-enter. Will this work? Or are you obliged to wait for it prior to leaving. I'm a leaving for 4 weeks in June for my wedding
  12. Hey guys! I thought I'd share our experience travelling with my husband's combo card. We flew out of LHR with Delta and weren't able to check in online. We got to the airport extra early and my husband's info was verified before we were able to get tickets, which I wasn't expecting (but actually reassuring in a way). The guy who checked our info had to double-check with his supervisor before checking us in because he'd never seen a combo card before, but he was very polite and the whole process was painless. We then flew into Detroit, and our experience with the airport staff was an actual nightmare! When we got to the border there was a woman directing people which lines to join. We asked for help and were told to "make it quick" because she was "directing hundreds of people" (there were like, maybe 20 people behind us in the entire massive hallway-- it wasn't crazy busy). She told us to join in a certain line so we went. I realized the line was all non-US citizens with either ESTAs or tourist-type visas, so we verified with a second member of the airport staff who insisted that the combo card wasn't a real thing and could only be used for work and that my husband was probably going to get deported (cue anxiety attack and tears on my end). We then frantically pulled out all our NOAs and verified we were good. Eventually we got to the front of the line and talked to a CBP agent. He was stern but cordial. Once my husband mentioned he was going to start teaching in the spring, he actually lit up and they talked about that for a minute. No issues whatsoever with the combo card. We did have to go into a secondary room for a specific stamp to be used, but that took less than 15 minutes and they didn't ask for any more information or paperwork. No one ever asked to see our NOAs or the note my husband got from work. All in all, it was pretty painless. MY QUESTION: We are trying to go back to England for a week in May to surprise my husband's family at a big family reunion they're having. Do too many trips on an AP card look problematic? Is there "too much" travel for a green card interview? Based on my office's timelines, we'll be interviewing in the summer of 2018. will two trips back to the UK in the year since he's moved over look bad? Thanks in advance!
  13. On June 15th, we filed for advanced parole along with the AOS application, planning holiday travel to see her family for the first time in over a year. We're planning on traveling December 24th, and we already had to buy plane tickets or they'd be too expensive. At the time, all the estimates I was seeing on the USCIS site showed about a 2-3 month processing for advanced parole, which left more than enough time. It has now been over 5.5 months and we have not received approval. I filed an inquiry a few weeks ago and received a notice in the mail that it was still being processed with no other helpful information whatsoever. I can't set up an InfoPass appointment at my local USCIS office, as they've all been filled for the next 14 days. The USCIS customer service line is completely unhelpful. There's no other way to contact the local field office, and it wouldn't qualify for emergency travel anyways. What can I do? My wife is going to be devastated if we can't go. Thanks for your advice, everyone!
  14. Greetings, Does anyone have recent experience obtaining an emergency advanced parole from a field office? More specifically the Sacramento, CA field office? They recently halved the days the field office is open, so it has been extremely difficult to get an infopass mtg. scheduled. I will likely have to obtain an emergency advanced parole for my wife and still have some questions about the process. I was able to ask a field officer if our situation warrants an emergency AP, and they said it did. But I still have questions concerning the process and scope of the emergency AP: 1) Can one obtain an emergency AP from a field office any time before their departure date? Or does it have to be within 48 hours of the departure time? For instance, if I know she will need to leave December 15, can I obtain her emergency AP now or will I have to wait until December 13 to visit the field office and obtain the emergency permit? 2) If I remember correctly, the emergency AP is valid for 30 days and no longer? Is this correct? 3) Has anyone actual done this recently? What was your experience in general? As always, thank you all for your support and the peace of mind it brings. sincerely, -Pajo