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Found 12 results

  1. Hi! Is anyone in Kabul Afghanistan under AP? Has anyone gotten a visa that was under AP recently?
  2. Hi guys...my visa is Cr1...I had my interview in the end of jan 2020. My case has been pending in AP since then. As u all know that all of us got our status changed from AP to Refused around 3rd/4rth march I just want to ask anybody who got approved after that. I got few updates after 3rd march..like my date updated to 5th march...then 12th march...nd on 13th it got changed to AP again. My status went to AP again from refused on 13th march 2020. I have noticed in many cases that when a person goes to AP from refused, the person got issued visa the very next day. But, I did not get any update after 13th march when my status went from refused to AP again. Anybody with similar case? As per my understanding if a person goes from refused to AP, it can only mean that the case is done with the so called longer AP thing...otherwise why would the status change from refused to AP(when all other people still have refused status)....ANY SIMILAR CASES?
  3. Hello, Fiancé had interview November 15 and was issued 221g for joint sponsor and W2. Have had updates every week and today I checked and the case creation date and last update date were updated to today’s date. Still in administrative processing. What’s your experience with this? Going in the right direction?
  4. Hello all, I'm just trying this blog post to see if I might get some experiences from those of you on here. To make the story short and simple, my fiancé (in Manila) went in for her interview back in Feb of this year, Feb 6th to be exact. Her interview with the consultant seemed to be going great, she was able to answer all of the questions with enough detail and had all of the documentation required. However, towards the end of the interview, when she thought it was over and the consulate was satisfied. He stood up and went to his computer, was there for a few moments, then asked another Filipino agent to speak with her. They questioned her about a missing stamp in her older passport. While, studying abroad in Malaysia (legally, had a, student visa) she had decided to visit her aunt, whom was sponsoring her visa in Malaysia. However, her aunt was living in Oman; she was approved for a visitors visa to travel to see her. While there, she had to return to Manila due to some family issues that came up. So she was never able to get that return stamp apon returning to Malaysia to continue her studies. So she was given a 221G, filed under DS-5335. We sent all the required documents from her travels during that time. As well as the additional information sheet that was given. We received confirmation that these documents were received by the consulate a few days later. Here we are now almost 10 months later... I've had my lawyer send multiple inquiries to the consulate and to no avail, we are unable to get even the slightest information. Just the same copy and paste "we're still working on it" message. If anyone, anywhere on here has some idea as to why this issue is still ongoing, I'm all ears. My lawyer doesn't even know the reasoning as too why this case hasn't been approved or anything at this time. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.
  5. HI everyone i desperately need advice this is my timeline our visa is f2a visa *currently im 6mos pregnant and i have 2 derivatives April 11,2019- Interview( received 221g, IRS tax transcript 2018 for hubby and co sponsor, proof of dominicile because hubby is on vacation that timebut he is back im the states) May 21,2019- Submitted 221g May 24,2019-received in the embassy May 28,2019-updated in ceac AP MAY 31, 2019-Ap june 3,11, 14, 17 2019- Ap June 19, 2019- Refused Ceac status(emailed them immediately to ask the reason why?and i also called their hotline but they just made a report june 20 2019-updated again refused but received a generic email that is telling me that our case is under review amd that it the case is escalated to post for review of consul. june 21 2019- No update What am i gonna do how will i know what is happeninh in our case please help me i badly need help.
  6. Hi VJ peeps, Both my parents had their interview together end of June 2019. They had some documents missing so received a 221g sheet to submit the required. They submitted the documents on July 18. Throughout this period, my dad's status was at Administrative Processing and my mom's was at ready [for interview]. On August 1, my mom's status changed from Ready to Issued and she received her passport with the visa the next day. My dad's status changed from AP to Ready [for interview]. It's almost been a month now and my dad's status has not changed. We have tried e-mailing and calling. No feedback. Anyone in/or has been in the same boat? Appreciate any input.
  7. Hi, This topic might be redundant but has anyone from July 2019 interviewed in Pakistan been issued visa yet. We have been placed under administrative processing for a missing document. The case updated a few times and they confirmed that they have received the documents. We only got case refused on documentation incomplete box checked.
  8. I had my interview today at Sydney The officer checked my documents and said unfortunately your application will need to be sent for "administrative processing" and then he gave my passport back and gave me a return postage envelope and advised me that I will receive an email for further requirement. Can you please advise if I should still keep the hopes alive? All my LCA Degree and job offer letter was OK But i am supposing since I have a dual Nationality ( Pakistan) they might want to do further checks? Please advise
  9. We have been on AP since January and I have been so overwhelmed with these people. I am beyond tired of all of this waiting and waiting. I just need answers so we can go on to the next step. I feel like I want to scream.
  10. Can anyone share their experience who applied for US Visa and been to administrative processing after the interview? How long it took for you to get a result? Sharing my experience, I had my interview last April 16, 2019 and after my interview i was handed out a pink form 221g together with my passport and was told to wait for an email for 2 days for an additional information they need from me. After 2 days i got an email from them and received the DS-5535 for filling up. I send it back to them after completing the info needed after 2 days and got a reply from them that they received it. Up to now i didnt hear from them again and was checking the status from their website and getting same status that's it on AP. I just want to get an idea for those who had a similar experience here in KSA on how long the processing took them. Thanks
  11. Hi! My fiance had his interview in Rio (1/22) and he was put on AP. Today they emailed asking him for his social, phone #s, travel last 15 year, etc...basically I researched and saw these are the DS5535 questions. I'm wondering if anyone from Latin America has gone through a similar experience and how long they went through AP? I've seen a lot cases from the middle east that took 5+ months, but I'm wondering if anyone in Brazil or Latin America is in the same boat. My fiance is a Cuban refugee in Brazil. FYI. We turned in all documents asked at the interview. Thx in advance!
  12. Hey guys, husband just received and completed the DS-5535 form through email today after the consulate received his passport/ document on 10/24. Can anyone share tips/ success stories after AP and DS-5535? Pleaseeeee tell me someone’s been issued a visa recently. I’m starting to freak out 😪😔😰😰 I’m praying to be patient 🤲☝️
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