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  1. Hello I was having B1/B2 interview in Islamabad at 5th March 2020. Till yesterday status was Refused but now i checked it says ISSUED (25 March) and mentioned: Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application. For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy Islamabad. What does it mean? Issues mean passport is issued or visa is issued? What you think due to Corona they are rejecting it? as i heard AP take alot of time? Anyone face same issue please share experience. & if ISSUED mean Visa issued then how rejection is shown. Because i didnt see anyone posted that my status was REFUSED and then i got call to pickup. Please explain both cases. ill be grateful Thanks
  2. My case has been in AP for more then 7 months. I very exhausted mentally and just cant deal with the torture. We sent more then enough evidence but the counselor said they wanted more proof. We sent so much and it seemed just hard to believe that they would want something again. They contacted us after some time and said documents where not receive. I genuinely thought that I was being discriminated. It sounded so B.S that they didn't receive the documents. I had the tracking number and gave it to them and they responded. They said they received the documents and since then heard nothing. Im frustrated. I am US Citizen and I miss my wife so much to the point where I have become depressed. Now the Cornovirus has come. Will this impact the processing? Will they still process the case? Anyone in the same boat?
  3. Back again, So I wanted to start a new discussion regarding the Administrative Process. So my husband was approved for his visa, passed his medical exam, and his passport was taken. However, my husband only had a certified copy of our marriage certificate and not the original. He was given a 221(g) refusal form that provided information on what he needed to provide, and how to submit the marriage certificate. (I provided the picture below) ***Original Marriage Certificate Mailed (2/3/2020) same day as interview ***DHL confirmed that Marriage Certificate arrived and signed for at embassy (2/6/2020) I am writing this post for two reason... To inform others and to understand that administrative process "pool" myself. I say "pool" because there are others in the same category as myself and are wondering about the process. Please help me with the questions below. True/False: Every application initially starts in the "Administrative Process" after the interview approval, then status will change to ready, then to issued. True/False: If you are missing a document and it is submitted, the embassy will notify you by email to let you know they have received the missing document. True/False: Your case creation date will change once your visa is ready to be mailed. And of course, the obvious... how long will the Administrative Process take based on a missing document?
  4. Hi guys, I had my interview on 17 July, it went smoothly, the interviewer kept my passport, then my visa status was under 'Administrative processing' for 6 weeks and today it changed to 'application received'. Is there anyone can help me what does that means? Why does it go back from administrative processing to application received? Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone. My husband's case has been in AP for more than 4 years in US embassy in Kabul Afghanistan. Now his case date changes once a week what does it mean? He was also emailed by the embassy that his previous passport expired and to drop off his new passport. Is that a positive sign? Will we be expecting his visa soon?
  6. Hi everyone ! Yesterday I had my interview at the embassy of USA en lima for a k1 visa . I thought it would be the best day and finally I'd be with my fiancé soon and get married as we were planing ! Everything went well during the interview but at the end of everything the CO asked me for my migratory movement and I had no idea what was that because It wasn't part of the required documents . So when he asked to give him that document I said I don't have it so he said unfortunately I'm not going to be able to give you the visa and he gave me a yellow paper and Marked the missing documents .. only the "migratory movement ". It was very disappointing for me. The same day I went to get that document at migraciones office located in Breña ,I paid 20 soles at banco de la nación and finally got the paper the same day so after that I went to DHL office in San Isidro and sent the migratory movement + my passport ( it's the only office can deliver the envelope to the embassy ) I didn't have to pay nothing . They gave me a tracking number and shows that it might arrive on Monday 10th to the embassy wich is 3 days after . So now I've been reading other people who are freezed in this process and some of them says it can take months even a year and others says it can even be sent back to USCIS 😭. I'm so scared and sad now . Tears can't stop coming out from my eyes . Please if anyone else have been through the same process at the embassy of lima let me know how long did it take to have visa in hands ? Thanks in advance !!!!
  7. Hello, please can someone tell me what i can do, we are on an F4 family immigration visa, i was placed under AP and handed ds-5535. 90 days have passed now, and i have received 6 updated but still AP. MY MOTHER, FATHER AND SISTER received their visa and will be travelling before the expiry. which means i will be left behind, is this normal or you think they will issue me a visa? i am only 19 years and i was asked to submit travel history for the past 15 years. thanks
  8. Hello. I had my second interview. They said they will call with a decision in two days. The day after my interview the embassy emailed me to do my medical exam because the first one were expired. Two days after i did my medical exam they updated the status on CEAC. Since then nothing new. Its been1 month . I dont know what to do, to email the embassy or wait for an phone call or email from them.
  9. Hello. This is my situation. I had my second interview last month. Me and my spouse were interview Separately. Before we started the C O said he was sorry to let us wait so much. He told me, this is how we are gonna do this. I am gonna do some questions to you, then to your Husband and then we are not gonna give you a response today. We are gonna do some administrative review then we are gonna call or email with a decision. He did the exact same questions as in the first interview but it was different CO . Then he did some questions to my husband and told him that everything looks good to me. Only thing that is missing is your spouse medical(which i did 7 months ago but they are expired) He told my husband we are gonna call with a decision. I did my medicals and the last update in ceac it was right after i did the medicals. What does it mean administrative review, and what is the difference between administrative process and administrative review? How much do you think it will take do give us the answer. I will appreciate your answer thank you
  10. HELLO, We were under AP for 55 days, after submitting DS-5535, today the embassy called to us to submit passports for visa to be issued, but my 19 year son is still under AP, we are on an F4 immigration visa. BEIRUT/LEBANON
  11. Hello . I had ma second interview last week. me and my spouse were interview Separately. Before we started the C O said he was sorry to let us wait so much. He told me, this is how we are gonna do this. I am gonna do some questions to you, then to your Husband and then you dont have to wait here at the embassy . Do whatever you do enjoy each other. We are gonna make a decision then we are gonna call you or sent email. He did the exact same questions, it was different CO . Then he did some questions to my husband and told him that everything looks good to me. Only thing that is missing is your spouse medical(which i did 7 months ago but they are expired) He told my husbang, we are gonna call with a decision and how we can proced. I dont know how to understand this???? They put my case in AP after the interview. can someone with similar case give me some Explanation. Thank you
  12. hello, will someone please expalin what the "case last updated" changing of the DATE means ,especially during administrative processing, is it a good sign or not. there has been several opinions on the matter, some people said it is good since it shows that the case is being worked on and others said it is insignificant since it is probable automated. please can some on answer this case? thanks
  13. we had our interview on 12 september and we were asked by the counsil officer that one of the family member fill in the ds-5535, when checking the status on CEAC , the case update changed date from 12 september to 18 september, but the family member with administrative process date is still on 12 september. any one knows what this means? our visa is family based F4. thanks in advance
  14. I am a permanent resident of Canada but originally from India. I had my K-1 visa interview at US consulate Montreal after 11 months of waiting on July 24, 2019. I came to Canada about 4 years 8 months ago as a student. I did my masters in engineering here in Canada and I have been working for almost two years in an automotive company. Overall interview process was pretty smooth, surprisingly the outcome wasn’t as I was expecting. Interviewer asked me a few questions related to me and my fiancé but tons of question on when and how I came to canada, How old I was when I came to Canada, What program did I study and what kind of work I did in the past or still do, she also asked if I had a copy of my resume, luckily I had one with me. Officer kept the copy of my resume and told me that they were going to refuse my visa as they want additional information. Upon asking what kind of information, I was told that you will receive a form and you will have to answer few questions. later that evening I received an email from the consulate asking for up to date resume with exact dates of start and end dates of my school and jobs I have done. they returned my passport and my case has been put under administrative processing. I had a B1/B2 visa aon my passport, officer cancelled it as well. Stamp says (Cancelled without Prejudice) Can anyone tell if this is a typical case? Even though I forwarded my resume with all the detailed but I am not sure what caused this
  15. IMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION Expiring Soon Immigrant Visa Case Number: Case Created: 31-Mar-2016 Case Last Updated: -Jul-2017 Section 203(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires that your registration be canceled and any petition approved on your behalf canceled if you do not apply for your immigrant visa within one year of being advised to do so. You have advised of this requirement over 1 year ago, but we have not received a response from you since then. As a result, your application for a visa has been canceled and any petition approved on your behalf has also been canceled. Your application may be reinstated and any petition revalidated if, within one year, you can establish that your failure to pursue your immigrant visa application was due to circumstances beyond your control. Please provide a written statement to the Embassy or Consulate outlining the circumstances beyond your control and noting that you still wish to pursue this visa petition. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV. Hi, could anyone help me please ASAP? I applied for my husband 1 year ago to come to the USA, his visa status was in Administration process for one year, but yesterday I checked his Visa Status in Ceac website and it was changed to expiring soon!!!!!. I don't know whats the reason. and scared so much! He already had an interview and everything.
  16. Hi everyone! I’m confused on my application, had my interview last May 29 and the consul kept my passport and handed me a small piece of paper as to where I can track my passport. So the next day I check the ceac website immigrant section my case was AP. Consistently checking in everyday then on June 5 i can’t get through the immigrant section it’s very slow but it’s still AP. The next day I tried the non immigrant section and I got in but it still says AP, up until today. What confuses me is that today is June 10 but the case created and case updated date still says June 3. Is there something wrong? It’s been 9 working days since I had my interview. Can anybody explain to me what’s going on? Im so confused right now lol. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello everyone. I’m hoping someone can help me understand what is going on. Yesterday I had my interview for cr1 visa and I got approved and was told I should get my passport within 4 days. Today iv been called by my husband saying that he received an email saying that the case is under administrative processing, however I didn’t receive anything from the consulate( Nairobi, kenya). Is this normal? What do I expect, because I was so happy yesterday that I will finally be reunited with my husband only to get this news right now not knowing what to expect. Also the visa status still says ready( not administrative processing) and it was updated today.
  18. Anyone go through this? How long did it take? We have been going through this since dec 7 last update on case Jan 4
  19. Quick question We are in administrative process for two months already for cr1 visa and my wife is due to visit this weekend and she emailed the consulate that she’s visiting but we got no reply yet is it okay to visit the embassy upon arrival as she is a USC or she must make an appointment before being allowed in the embassy? Thanks in advance for your response 🙏🏾
  20. Hello All, My husband was interviewed at the Islamabad Embassy in Pakistan on August 28, 2017 for his CR1 visa. The CO didn't ask for anything at the interview. We checked our email three days later and saw there is a ds5535 form that we had to fill out and send back. We sent the form back on September 6. Ever since that day we never saw an update on our case. It has been 9 months and two weeks. is anyone else still stuck in Admin process from August 2017? Please let me know.
  21. Case created on the 25th July 2018 while interview was scheduled at 11 December 2018..and now I’m in AP ever since. And only started checking my status on the CEAC website after my interview so my question is is it possible I have under AP since my case was created even before my interview? Have anyone come across something like this before? thank you very much for your assistance
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