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Found 6 results

  1. So my husband went for his first interview at the Consulate in El Salvador on September 4th 2019 I was there with him. He was handed a paper and the lady said congrats you are approved your passport will be available in 7-10 days at the Cargo Expreso you chose. Well 2 weeks, 3 weeks went by and nothing I began emailing and all I was told was it was in AP which to my understanding was normal but not for that long for approvals. My husband has no criminal background, zero tattoos, no medical issues, never been in a gang etc. We got an email and they requested a second interview at the consulate on Oct 3rd at 2pm. He received the email from FPUSS which with my investigating is Fraud Prevention Unit San Salvador. I found it weird because they weren't requiring me to attend so it wasn't a marriage fraud and all the threads I read were due to tattoos and he has zero. He went to his interview and he said it was around 45-1 hour long and they questioned his life in El Salvador prior to coming to the US. They were extremely focused on his father which has been dead for almost 9 years and was killed by gang members. My husband left El Salvador before 18 years of age due to the violence and the crime. They kept asking him why he liked Nike years ago, why they killed his dad, and about a brother he doesn't speak to. They drilled and drilled him and asked if he was a gang member etc. Told him they knew about his family in the US and facebook and this and that he said that's fine I will give you access to get into my facebook if youd like. They told him no need. At the end he said they told him in a week or so he would get an email with next steps, denial, or approval. Now mind you he was already approved at his first appointment. Now we are just waiting I haven't been able to find anything on someone with a similar situation. Has anyone been through this? Most of the stories I see are they are given a 221g paper, tattoos, etc but that's not the case with my husband. I guess its a waiting game now.
  2. Hi all, my husband went to interview today everything went well, the officer even told him we have nothing to worry about and that we provided more than enough evidence. BUT the lawyer who worked on Our case forgot to upload my husband's military record online!!!! So because of that we got 221g stating to send and upload. We did that within 2 hours of his interview. we uploaded on CEAC AND he dropped it off At the courier and they said tomorrow at 10am they will take it. again his interview was a few hours ago. his passport is also at the embassy. i read so many places that admin processing takes 60 days :(((( please, does anyone have an idea how long this type of issue will take? Again, the officer said he has nothing to worry about and just to upload the requested docs. many thanks!!
  3. Question is for both K1 and CR1 under Administrative Processing. How often do you email the Embassy for status updates? Thanks!
  4. I want to know a few reasons/possibilities someone case can go in AP? What do you think they look at usually for consulate review to put you in AP after visa approval especially males from Pakistan?
  5. Hi all, I've been a long term reader of this very helpful and supportive site! As I've been reading so long, I'd like to share and ask if anyone is going through a similar situation as my fiance and me. 1) My fiance had his interview in Guangzhou on 2019-01-24. The interview was ~10 min, and the CO did ask about his PhD in Materials Science & Eng and also kept the resume my fiance brought. None of the instructions asked to bring a resume, but we wanted to be very prepared as my fiance is in a TAL field. Atfer the interview, the CO gave my fiance the blue slip with only "Administrative Processing" marked and informed him there were no problems and the processing would take ~3 wks. 2) On 2019-01-28, we received a follow-up instructions email from the consulate with a Word doc attached named "SAO-M" (we presume SAO indicates Security Advisory Opinion-Mantis"??). When we opened the doc, the header was "Administrative Processing". The doc asked for my fiance's detailed resume in both English and Chinese (format resembled the DS-5535). And on 2019-01-29, we emailed the resume as instructed by the consulate, and we have been waiting every since.. 3) We have emailed the consulate multiple times. I have called and emailed both my senators and my congressman. My congressman has been very helpful in contacting the consulate and then the DOS (Bureau of Consular Affairs). But each time, we still receive the same AP comment. I did call NVC last Fri, and received conflicting responses: 1st response said a note had been placed into the system stating the case has been returned to the USCIS on 2019-05-31. When I called again to confirm, the 2nd response said there was no such note. One of my senator's office did say the consulate will often return cases for further background checks. Right now, we are just very confused and frustrated. Any tips would be much appreciated; thanks!
  6. After living in Morocco with my husband (married May 10th, 2016), I returned to Atlanta to start the process. I was able to verify teaching certification and got a job teaching and started in Aug of 2017. My pay stubs and contract were enough to prove to NVC sponsorship and we were approved, interview Jan. 9th, 2018. When he went for his interview, everything went smooth except tax information. We were asked to get a co-sponsor, which my parents did and we sent all of that paperwork in by May 2018. We have been on Administrative Processing since (last updated May 3rd, 2019). In this time I have worked another year and my taxes show more than double what is required. I sent them an email and attached my current taxes. Still no update. I contacted NVC directly because I get no response from the embassy in Casablanca, I email every month or so to check in. They stated that someone had "dropped" the ball and they would reach out. Nothing. It has now been a year and a half since his interview. My husband and I have now been apart for nearly 3 years and as a teacher can only go back twice a year. Any Advice?
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