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  1. Hi everyone! Is anyone can help me about this, please? My I-129F was just approved but I moved to another city here in Brazil. Where can I update my address? I’m afraid of them sending something to the old address. Thank you everyone!
  2. Hi! I really need your help here. I am in the process of completing the DS 260 online form, however I cannot continue because the street address is invalid in line 1. The address is Poblacion Weste, Catigbian, Bohol, that's it. I tried everything like putting the special characters etc, but im not successful. Any assistance is HIGHLY appreciated. Thanks you and God bless
  3. Hey guys, So we’re currently working on gathering all the documents and evidences for my I-751 but I have a concern I need clarification on. I recieved my conditional green card in March 2021. We moved in in our apartment on February 2021 and we have lived in my spouse’s parent’s home before moving in to our own place. I have a lot of evidence to provide(lease, banks statements, bills, etc) using our current address but for other evidences, like our car insurance, we completely forgot to change the address right away and it wasnt changed till late last year so some statements have our old address. I guess my questions would be: 1. Is it okay to keep those evidences and submit it anyway? Maybe add a copy of our old licenses with the old address and include an explanation that we didn’t get to update the address right away? 2. Should I add that said previous address on Question 22 of the I-751 “Have you resided at any other address since you became a permanent resident”? I’m really doubting on this one since we’re already in our new place since I got my green card. 3. Or should I just ignore those evidences with old address and settle with all the other evidences? It’s really hard doing all these without a lawyer/professional to work with so I would really appreciate all your suggestions and thoughts on these!
  4. Hi all, My wife (US sponsor) and I (foreign applicant) recently received notice that I have been given my interview date (yay!). At the time we submitted our application to NVC, my wife and I were both living together at the same address in Canada. However, since that time, my wife has moved to the USA and I have moved in with my parents, meaning that neither of us currently live at the address listed on application. I did not want to update anything on the NVC website until I received my interview notice, as I had read that it might cause me to go back to the end of the line (unsure if that is true or not), so all info on file is therefore the exact same as when we initially submitted. My questions are: 1. What is the best way to notify NVC that my wife is now living in the USA? (and no longer at the address listed on our application) 2. What is the best way to notify NVC that I (the applicant) am currently living at a new address that is different than the one listed as current on my application? Thank you very much and any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello, my Fiancée and I have a few questions about our form before we finish it up and send it off. I apologize if I am not supposed to put several questions in one post. Item 8: Your Mailing Address: We are going to live in Mexico City while we wait/because we want to. I rented a private mailbox for my correspondence, not just for this purpose. Is it ok to have a private mailbox or a PO box as your mailing address on this form? Item 9: Physical Address 1: Is it ok if this changes? When we move to Mexico is it ok if I change this to my parents house? Should I make it my parents house now or after I actually move in October of 2022, leaving my current address in this spot for now? Item 32: Information About Your Parents: One of my parents passed away, how do I fill in 36.a. and 36.b. for City and Country of Residence? The last place they lived? Item 40: My Birth Place: If 40.a. Birth in the United States is my answer, then I can ignore Items 41 and 42.a. 42.b. and 42.c. correct? Item 45: Address in the United States where your beneficiary intends to live: We intend to live in Mexico City while we wait, so the address in this slot is kind of unknown. Is it ok to put my current apartment here then change it later? Item 54: Proof of Relationship: How much detail do we actually need to give? We’ve been together for about 2 years and have tons and tons of proof. Page 8: Additional Addresses In 5 years I have moved 4 times, I can stick the addresses into the Page 8 3.d. 4.d. Fields just fine. I am confused about the Page Number, Part Number, and Item Number. The continuation of 9a to 12b leaves space for 2 addresses, but 13 begins Employment History, so I can't use 13 in the Item Number. I-129 Question: I met my fiancée while she was working here with a TN Visa. She did file an I-129 (Non-Immigrant Worker) Visa which was approved in July 2021, but she quit her job in November 2021, she never received the notice in the mail. We are wondering if it is a problem to file the I-129f with her older I-129 already being approved? Is there any advantage to her I-129 being approved and in the pipeline already, or do we have to restart anyway. Thank you
  6. Hello! Hope you all are doing well and that I'm in the right section here. My parents recently filed the I-130 form for me (unmarried son, over 21 years old / F2B). Right now I'm living in Germany but I want to leave it in the end of the year and live as a perpetual traveler / digital nomad until I'm allowed to enter the US as a permanent resident. This means I won't stay longer than 180 days/year in the same country. Unfortunately my family and I are running into a problem. As we understand we have to immediately notify the USCIS when I as beneficiary relocate somewhere else. Since I will fully deregister myself from Germany and don't register somewhere else officially (like a normal relocation), we don't know what we should tell the USCIS to prevent the application getting cancelled. I won't obtain any special visas and travel only via normal tourist visa if that's important to know. I already thought about asking my sister here in Germany if she would be willing to let me user her address for this purpose but she declined. Also my parents and I are wondering if I can just tell the USCIS that I won't have a permanent address anymore but my parents (petitioners) address in Florida as contact address? Which consulate would be responsible for my case when I officially deregister from my home country? Does anyone know how I can handle this correctly? I'd be absolutely happy if someone can help me out since this topic gives me nightmares and absolute headache for weeks now. Thank you very much in advance!
  7. I am a f1 student married to a USC. I am currently living with my spouse for the last 1.5 years inside the US. While filling the i-130 I found this question on page 5 part 4. In 11a. I typed in my current residence inside the US that I share with my spouse, can someone help me with part 12 and 13 please.
  8. Hello everyone! My husband (the petitioner) was about to submit all of our documents for the CR-1 application a bit ago and than we had a bit of a personal delay. He will now be sending it out within a few days and as we are reviewing everything we have noticed a few things on the forms that we are unsure of and would love some advice! 1. For the form I-130 in regards to address history, my husband has lived at the same house for his whole life except for September 2017- April 2018 when he came to Canada to attend university with me than moved back home to the house he has resided at since birth. Since you have to provide address history for the past five years (since may 2017) and my husband moved to Canada in September 2017, should he list the address in Canada and than add the USA address (which was already provided as his physical address in parts 10a-10i) in additional information on the last page with the dates being from his birth to the day he moved to Canada? 2.For the form I-130 in regards to employer history, my husband has worked for the same company since 2018 but started with a different occupation title than what he holds now. Should he list the same company under employer 1 and 2 with separate dates and occupation titles or just consolidate it under employer 1 and list both occupation titles and just have the date he first started with the company? 3. For the form I-130A in regards to address history, I lived at my home until September 2017 and than moved away to University until April 2018 and than moved back to the house I lived at previously. Do I have to list all the addresses including: my address now (house #2) , the house I lived in prior (house #1), my address at university and than the house #1 again? Since it has to be for the past five years (may 2017) and I lived in house #1 until September 2017 than moved away and than moved back, I'm so confused about this. To try and simplify these are the dates: House #2: September 26th 2018- Present House #1: April 30th, 2018- September 26th, 2018 University: September 3rd, 2017- April 30th, 2018 House #1: July 15th, 2015- September 3rd, 2017 I hope any of that makes sense, I had a hard time explaining all of that so it's probably somewhat confusing.
  9. My fiancé and I are wondering about question 49, beneficiaries address in their native language. She is from Nepal but is living in Kuwait. Do they want her physical address in Kuwait written in Nepali, or are they wanting it written in Arabic?
  10. Hello all! I am having a bit of trouble understanding which address(es) to list in the i-130 application. My spouse is from Ukraine, and we have met up in Istanbul, Turkey, when the war started. We have been here for the last month. We plan to be in Frankfurt, Germany next week in order to file the application locally at the US embassy there. After that, we will most likely leave to a non-EU country to live and wait for the documents to process. I do not know which addresses to write down. I wrote my address in the States as my mailing address. In regards to physical address, what do I write down? How long must one live in a place before its considered a "previous address"? Thank you!
  11. Hello everyone, I am currently filling out documents for the CR1 visa. My wife and I were married in Ecuador, and I work semi-remotely. Every 3 months, I need to be in the US for 3 weeks for work. When I'm not in the US, I'm living and working in Ecuador. So at the moment, I am traveling back and forth. My question is, since I am currently living out of 2 different addresses (Ecuador and US), should I say my primary residence is in the US or Ecuador? I think having a US address as my primary residence helps with mailing documents, but I also want to show that I am living with my spouse in Ecuador as proof of a legitimate marriage. Not sure which one has more weight in their decision or the process. Thank you,
  12. Hi everyone! I'm filing i130 for my spouse. I'm currently staying with him in Canada (visitor status) and this is my second time visiting him after marriage. I'm filing i130 online. My question is what would be my Physical address? My primary address in USA or my current address in Canada. Although I don't have anything under my name here & this is a temporary stay. My next query is about the 'last address at which you physically lived together'. I came to Canada in October 2021 and got married here. I went back to US in January and came to Canada again in Feb & currently staying here. So how should I spread out the dates? Thanks in advance!
  13. Is it possible to change address online for physical mail after applying 485 adjustment of status. If yes then after we change online is we has to need send hard copy by mail to uscis aswell. Please help me
  14. Hi fellows So my wife got her IR1 and i just paid her green card fee on USCIS I've recently moved to a new place so the address listed on her i130/i864 is will not be used to receive her green card. I remember i entered my new address when i paid the 220 fee on USCIS two days ago, however, i can't remember if it was for a billing address or confirming the receiving address So my question is, since i've already paid the fee, at her POE of end of this month, can she still update the green card receiving address with the staff over there? If she updated at POE, is there any way to make sure that the staff correctly updated our new address after her entry? Thanks.
  15. Hello, I have a 2 year conditonal greencard based on marriage and am currently in the process of applying for my ROC. When we submitted our application we triple checked everything was correct, including the address. I got the first piece of mail from USCIS saying that they had recieved my application just fine. But the second piece of mail saying my fingerprints were ok to use had only parts of my address. It was a miracle that I even got the mail. I called in and gave them the correct address. They told me they would input it and gave my a case #. I called in a month later to double check because I had never heard right and this time my address was incorrect but it was missing different parts this time but had other parts it didnt before. So I gave them the correct address and got a case #. I called in AGAIN and the excat thing happened AGAIN. BUT, I got an additonal 2 year extension and it arrived fine but it changed the city for me. It's a city beside mine and when buying things online I frequently get autofilled to that city so I don't know if thats why their system keeps messing up my address or because my address is so long. Has anyone else encountered this? Help. I am afraid of missing important notices since I can't see my status online as i-751 isn't integrated into their system yet.
  16. finally got everything we need, just need to put them all together and mail it!! I've been looking for cover letter samples, even pay $10 for it... but find it not helpful!! Q1>>> since we filed I-130 and 130A online, received I-797C at 09/16/2021. I know we need to copy that and put into my file, but on cover letter what do I write?? I am thinking **Form I-797C, Notice of Action for filing I-130 & I-130A on line will this work? Q2>>> we pay with check not credit card, what do we write? It seems like every one is paying with credit card and using G-1450 Q3>>> we are moving house at end of October!! should we change the address now with all the forms?? (as I-130 and 130A already filed online with old address) or everything keep in old address and I come back to collect the mail? (old house it's our friends house, only 10 mins away from new house) I read once you submit it then changed, it will make you wait longer!! what will be the best way to do it? if there are any good examples of cover letter will also help too, thank you!!
  17. I am a US citizen married to an alien and living abroad for two years. I haven't filed I130 for her yet. On the USCIS online application form, I need to provide my current address and whether I live there currently or not. If I pick Yes as an answer to where I live currently, how will prove that I have been living with her abroad during our marriage? How should I proceed in the address section while I am maintaining basically two residencies, one in abroad, and one in the US?
  18. My current postal address is different from the postal address I have on my marriage certificate because it (Marriage certificate one) is fetched from the postal address (the house that i changed 10 years ago) stated on my National ID card back, so my question is that Is it okay to mention a different postal address on the i130 & i130a from what is mentioned on the marriage certificate? Because my marriage certificate states my old home's address.
  19. Hi all! I've almost finished gathering all the documents for my spouse's I-130 petition and am looking to file online (from Japan) within the next week or so. However, it looks like we may have to move from our apartment back to her in-laws house at some point towards the end of the year due to the corona economy taking a hit on our incomes. With this in mind, I'm listing my mailing address as her in-laws address on the I-130A and online application, but our apartment is still listed as our current address. I have a few questions regarding this topic: 1. Are we able to change our address during the petition process? If so, are we to alert UCSIC directly of the change? 2. Has anyone ever experienced a delay in their petition due to a change of address? 3. Since our mailing address will be stable, can we rest assured knowing USCIS will use it as their point of contact with us? Thank you very much in advance for your time!
  20. Hi everyone, we have just started filling out our I-130. Our situation is as follows: family with 2 + 2 children living abroad, married for 5+ years, 1 non-US citizen. Intent to move to the US all together at once. Obviously we don't have an address there yet. But we intent to stay at our relatives for first days/weeks until we have found a place to stay. Can we fill in their address in the question below on I-130? And also later when applying for IR-1? Do we need any sort of "proof" or anything like that and at what stages of the process do we need it? Thx for every help, Tom
  21. It's a mistake or an error made by USCIS. My application had a mailing different from physical address . I wanted all mails to be sent to Mailing address not physical address. , but USCIS sent the mails to physical address.
  22. Hello All, I'm US citizen and my wife is Canadian PR and i am filing form I-130A on her behalf as she is not living with me in US. We have never lived to-gether but have visited each other several times, that being said when filing up I-130A form Address history she does not have any US address so should i keep 4a , 6a blank or write Not applicable and fill her address from 8a , which says ( Last Physical Address outside the United States).? Same question goes to Her information about Employment, should i start with Part 2, or Part 3 ( Information about your employment outside the United States) ? Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  23. I am completing the I864 EZ form and have a question about part 2.a. "Immigrant Mailing Address" My husband is the immigrant, and he lives in Honduras. I am the sponsor and live in the US. For the immigrant mailing address, I am not sure what to put because he lives in a rural area and does not a street name or house number. Should I list his sister's mailing address in Honduras, or list mine?
  24. I would love to know if anyone has any advice. I moved and did the whole address change and everything but I haven't gone to the DMV to switch over my Drivers license as yet. All the DMV appointments are like 90 days out etc. Would going to my interview in my new state with my old state ID be an issue?
  25. Hi everyone! My father is the joint sponsor for my husband. He applied as a household member (i864a) because i was staying with at my parents place at that time. But i am no longer living with him. My latest w2 will reflect a different address. We are already documentarily qualified. Will this change in my address lead to a delay? Will we be asked for more information and get a new DQ date? And in this case will it push back our interview date? Thanks!! And help would be incredibly appreciated!!
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