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  1. Hello everyone! I (US citizen) just married my sweetheart last week in Amman, Jordan Prior to that, I lived in Jordan for the past 19 years, then in the past 6 months before most recently coming back to Jordan, I was back in the USA doing job interviews to set up a domicile, and will hopefully be starting work as a physician there in July. Reading everyone's experiences here and online research makes it clear that DCF is the best option to bring my wife back home with me quickly. I have an appointment to file I-130 next week at the USCIS office in Amman, and was curious: 1. For physical address in the past 5 years, I had lived at the same address in Jordan but as I mentioned I was traveling around the USA on job interviews for the past months. The address in Jordan was still available to me at this time, so I'm wondering what to put in that field. In other words, should I put all of the addresses of hotels, Airbnbs, etc. over the past 6 months, or just the address in Amman? 2. Regarding the residency requirement in the country in which I'm filing DCF, would I meet the requirement, considering the many years I was in Jordan, and that I have Jordanian citizenship as well? I'm asking in particular about this most recent stint in the US to establish my career and our domicile, does that have any effect on the requirement? Warm regards to all of you, and thanks in advance!
  2. I am filling the I-130 form. We are processing the visa through the US embassy in London as I live here on a student visa until my husband's green card is approved. This question is for anyone who has had experience living in the UK and filing for the green card at the US embassy in London. Part 2, 10 asks for the mailing address (see attached photo). There it includes a link to USPS address lookup. Through my research, I have heard that the mailing address must be valid for the USPS to reach. However, I have not seen instructions on this for people filing in the UK and UK addresses are not listed in the USPS Zip Code Lookup. I could include my parents US mail address, but then I am assuming that all of our correspondence for the visa will be mailed there, and then it would have to be mailed back to us in England which would take a long time and expenses. Or would they see that I live in England from my 'physical address' details and then mail it to that address? But I feel that would not make sense... My question: Can I list my UK mailing address since I am applying at the US embassy in London, even though UK addresses are not listed in the USPS Zip Code Lookup? THANK YOU 😁
  3. I am filling out the I-130 and see that for addresses, it requests a province. What does this mean for in the UK? Specifically for in London. For example, I need to provide the province for the London US Embassy at this address: 33 Nine Elms Ln, London SW11 7US located at the London borough of Wandsworth. However, after much research, I am still not seeing what the 'province' is. Any help is much appreciated. Sincerely, A very stressed (but determined) wife
  4. So after 7 months I just knew I had to report address change of the sponser. The sponser is also the petitioner on I-130 (which we submitted change of address for.) Should we file I-865 or I-130 change of address was enough? How screwed are we?
  5. Hi, everyone. This is my first post...feels momentous. lol. I'm going to send off our I-130 any day now and I'm feeling conflicted about our address information. In somewhat typical Turkish fashion, we have never had proper lease documentation for our apartments. Officially, our address has always been listed as my husband's parents' address but we've never actually lived there. Should I use that as our address on the I-130 and then where we live as our mailing address? I'm filing with both of us living out of the US. I hate to list my address as somewhere I've never lived. That feels wrong. Yet, I don't want to open a can of worms with listing an address that's not on our official records here. I'd appreciate any advice.
  6. I am currently in the process of closing on a condo and we will move soon, we filed AOS about a month ago. I want to make sure my address for both me(USC/sponsor) and my husband(pending AOS/EAD/AP) on all forms are updated. I read we can update online for my hudband's pending forms (I-485, I-765, I-131) https://egov.uscis.gov/coa/addressChange.do BUT I also want to make sure my address on the I-864 is updated as I am his sponsor. I know what to do with his change of address(which is online), I'm a little confused on my part. I did my own research and read that I need to fill out I-865 to update my address. Is there an online version for I-865? Also, Is submitting my husband's address online will update both our addresses or just his? I mean we are married, it makes sense to update both of ours, but I want to make sure. thanks! I also live in Illinois, I need to send I-865 form to this address below, correct? USCIS - Nebraska Service Center PO Box 87485 Lincoln, NE 68501-7485
  7. We are a few days away from sending our AOS packet after getting married after Thanksgiving (K-1 visa), and we've been back and forth on what we should be doing about our recent address change. A little after new years we moved into a friend's apartment so that we didn't have to live with my new in-laws while we wait until we can afford a place of our own (once I get EAD and find a job we will be looking to move). I know I have to file a change of address with the USCIS (within 10 days, eep!) and I'm going to do that before we send off our application as I believe its simpler doing it that way (only have to file it online). My question is, will this change of address cause us any issues? For example, I've read a lot about people needing joint leases as proof of living together when they go to the AOS interview. We plan by that point we will have our own place and be on that lease together, but will it be an issue that we weren't on the lease at this current address and are just staying as guests. While we will be listing our new address on the AOS application, we are also keeping my in-laws as our mailing address for the application, as well as other non-visa things (e.g medical insurance, payslips, etc). Will USCIS take any issue with this? I don't want to arouse any unnecessary suspicion. I'm thinking everything should be fine but, erring on the side of caution, I thought I'd post this for peoples' thoughts on this, am I still missing something? Any help or information anyone have to add would be great!
  8. Hi Everyone, what determines the naturalization biometrics and interview location on N400? The mailing or permanent address? Thanks!
  9. When completing address section of K1 visa, if mailing address and current physical address are the same, do you enter in your most recent PREVIOUS address? Has anyone had difficulty entering dates in the "to" field in Address #1 field? How do you label "item number" for additional addresses and employment history in "Section 8"?
  10. My fiancee and I are just starting the visa process and in the process of filling out form I-129f. She is currently living in her home country of Ecuador Question 45 and 46 in part 2 deal with where my fiancee intends to live when she gets here. We do not know exactly where we will be living, because we will likely be renting a different apartment from the one I am living in now. We're trying to figure out if we should use my current address/daytime phone number or perhaps those of a friend who would be willing to put her up if we needed them to do so. Any ideas on how we should fill these out? We're very excited to get this process underway, and we would really appreciate any advice from anyone who is a little farther along in the process. Thanks so much!
  11. In the I-129F form, for both the petitioner and beneficiary, of the physical address is the same as the mailing address, do I leave the first physical address slot blank and just put the date to present or fill it with the same address and the dates to present? The instructions are not very clear. Thanks so much!
  12. Hello everyone, I tried to make some research on this specific matter, but I found different scenarios than mine. My husband and I are moving to California for one year only, or temporary at least. I know I MUST change the address on file with USCIS, also because I have RoC in progress, but do I have to change it also with the Secretary of State? Can I leave my previous address (as we'll be back at it anyway, my mother-in-law lives here) for USPS and DMV, and changing it ONLY with USCIS? Let's say the answer is yes. On March I will be applying for Naturalization from California, and I know I need to be living there for 3 months before being able to apply. Will they ask for like a proof of residency in California? What proof may that be? Work? Because if we keep our driver license the same, without having the California one, how will I prove I have been living in California for 3 months? Sorry for all the questions, and possibly confusion. I appreciate your help. Giulia
  13. Hey all! So my conditional GC expired 3/28/2019. I am sending off my I751 in January. Filing from AZ. The house we are in now in AZ and in both our names is SELLING 01/03/2019. My husband is going to a different state for a short term work contract, and I am living with a friend temporarily in AZ.. I don't know what to put as physical address? IF i put that my husband is in a different state will that raise serious questions? Or can I put my new AZ address as both of ours? HELP PLEASE!
  14. If we have moved and are the beneficiary, how can you update your mailing address to receive your mailing for packet 3/4 from the consulate. (Canadian resident) I only see the option to update the mailing address for the petitioner?
  15. Hello! My fiancé and I are filling out the I-129f to petition for a K-1 Visa for him. He is from Chile, and the name of his town (Coyhaique) is the same as the name of his province (also Coyhaique). However, he thinks that the region (Region de Aysen) in which he lives is crucial for his mailing address. Should I put his region in the blank for province? Thank you! Katie & Benja
  16. My husband and I are filing for the I-130 visa (CR1), he lives in the United States and I live in Canada. He will (obviously) be petitioning for me. I lived with him in the United States from November 2017-January 2018, I also lived with him for a few weeks while we got married back in October of 2017, and on our marriage license we put down his physical address for the both of us as we had a confidential marriage license (not our choice, it'll be fine as we had two lawyers confirm it won't be an issue as long as we have a bona fide relationship- but I appreciate the concern lol). On the form I-130a, it states that I have to write down the past physical addresses that I've lived within the past 5 years (within or outside of the USA). While living with my husband I was on a Visa Waiver Program (VWP), will this be a red flag? Normally I wouldn't write it down at all but because it's on our marriage license I feel obligated to have to state I lived with him for 2.5 months in the USA while on a VWP? I'm not even sure if that's legal? I have no idea.
  17. I have lived in 3 different places since after i got my green card. i managed to get and save my current and last residence information (lease, utility bills, letters) to be a supporting document for my I751. The problem is, with my first residence. We lived in my father in-laws' property and we didn't have any rent or utilities that we needed to pay. We also had a mailing address which we used in everything. Now, i don't know how to prove that we lived in that address. I was thinking of getting an affidavit of previous residence but i don't know how to proceed with it. My FIL is always so busy and i doubt he'll have time to help me with this and we live across the country. I need to submit my ROC packet asap. Any tips and suggestions? Thank you!
  18. would this be a okay way to write address on page 13
  19. Hello, We have 2 general questions about moving and K1. We put our intended address X on the I-129f, where we think we will live when I come to the US. We assume that if my fiancé moves somewhere else during the K1 process we can just fill out some form with the new address and send it to USCIS. However, what is if he has to move after they granted me the K1 visa but before I go to the US? (In the 6 months period in which the visa is valid.) And a related question: is it allowed to move during the adjustment of status process while waiting for the greencard; maybe even a few times due to a rotational program? Or do we have to stay at X until we receive the green card? Thank you for your help!
  20. My fiance was on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS church) for 18 months, the way it works is you move very often and you don't exactly have one home. Does she need to list every address or kind of a central address for her whole mission? Additionally, she has worked before but never officially. She worked as a nanny for a time. Does she need to list that work as well? Thank you so much.
  21. Good afternoon everyone I just moved out to a new place and I was wondering what was the best way to update the address without confusing the USCIS and end up losing notices. Should I : 1) Update my address on My USCIS account on the DHS website since I put my 2 cases number there? or 2) Update my address for each case number using the website https://egov.uscis.gov/coa/displayCOAForm.do? Thank you for your feedback.
  22. Dear VisaJourney friends, My fiance and I applied for a K-1 visa back in June. We are awaiting our NOA2, but we have a problem... I am living with my parents in Amsterdam, but they are selling their house soon. They also have a house in Germany and I am planning on living there until I can be reunited with my fiance in the US. Like I said, we have already applied and in the application I used my parents Amsterdam address and we said the Amsterdam consulate is 'my' consulate. Does anyone know: 1) Can/should I change my address? 2) Will it give me problems/delays if I move to a different country 3) Will the visa then be transferred to the consulate in Germany? If moving to a different country will cause enormous trouble, I will have to try to find a place here. Then the question about an address change still remains of course. The potential buyers of my parents house in Amsterdam don't mind receiving and passing my mail along, so that wouldn't be a problem. I am just worried they are going to deny me because I no longer live at the same place stated in my application. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  23. my parents having visa interview on 24th September at Mumbai (India) consulate for f3 category. now they are planning to go at Tampa,Florida as their first entry in to USA. but we wrote intend to live address in DS 260 form is of Pennsylvania. is it necessary to go first at DS 260 intend to live address or they can go tampa,florida (other than intend to live address) ???? kindly guide.
  24. Hi please Help. I'm really really confused about my addresses. So my question is, I13a requires Last 5 years addresses. Currently i'm living in my home which is located in my hometown. Where my parents are living and my whole family. But from jan 2014 to december 2017 i was in University which is another city. 60 kilometres away from my home city. So i had to live in hostels. I lived in different hostels during that time. But visited my home every week. Because my family is living here since i was born here. And i also came here in my holidays(3 months). So my home in my hometown is my permanent address. What should i do ? Should i put the hostel addresses ? But i was here every year during my holidays(3 months) how should i put that time ? It is really confusing ... My university was in another city and my home is in different city. 60 kilo distance. What should i do ? Please help me ... i'm so confused.
  25. Hi, I'm from Argentina with residence in Argentina, my wife from the United States, we got married in Mexico and from there we sent our case to Chicago, we received it. noa1 and 10 months ago noa2 now 3 months ago we waited and called NVC repeatedly, almost to everyday and always received different information, apparently the case was sent by mistake to mexico entered into the electronic system when in Mexico does not work that system because It is still done by letter, we choose to do the process in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we do not receive notification of how to proceed, we do not know what to appeal because simply to each call the operators tell us something different, that the case is in Juarez City, that is in review of document, that is with a supervisor, we must send an e-mail requesting a change of consulate, they even say that it is strange and that we should wait 6 weeks, but the months go by and nothing happens. someone had a similar case. Can help us? Thank you!!!