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  1. I am filling out i-129f for my girl in China and all the questions about addresses is driving me nuts. First of all, I can't possibly fit any of the translated (from Chinese to English) addresses in the form. If I can't fit her company address in the from, should I put all the information in Part 8. Additional Information including the company name? Or should I still fill out the company name in the form and specify "See attachment" where the address should be? I know I am probably over-thinking this... Secondly, the section to fill in "Your Beneficiary's Name and Address in His or Her Native Alphabet" (49a~50f), what address is this referring to? Physical address? Mailing address? Address on her ID? Lastly, my girl is like a nomad... she's been living in so many different places that she can't even remember. How detail does the address history need to be? How much do they look into it? What is the purpose of this information? Thank you to anyone who can answer any of these questions. Really appreciate any help.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to try asking about something 1) For the address my beneficiary will live upon arrival, well currently I rent a room (waiting until it's closer for her to arrive to go get apartment/studio) and was wondering when filling out the form should I simply put the address I'm at now for her or ..would that even be ok? Do you absolutely have to have you'r own place at the time of filling out? (a lawyer told me no and that it's ok but I still want further clarification and inputs) thanks! Wayne
  3. In the I-129F form, for both the petitioner and beneficiary, of the physical address is the same as the mailing address, do I leave the first physical address slot blank and just put the date to present or fill it with the same address and the dates to present? The instructions are not very clear. Thanks so much!
  4. When completing address section of K1 visa, if mailing address and current physical address are the same, do you enter in your most recent PREVIOUS address? Has anyone had difficulty entering dates in the "to" field in Address #1 field? How do you label "item number" for additional addresses and employment history in "Section 8"?
  5. Hello, Is there anyone that has experience in France sending the K1 visa packet (if hopefully approved at Interview tomorrow) to southern France, specifically Nimes area, with all the strikes currently going on, would this delay it? Is it better to send to family in Paris and go and pick it up from them? Packet with passport, visa etc... Appreciate any response thanks jay
  6. Hey there! My fiance is currently in Ukraine studying and will be done by June of this year and returning to his home country of Uganda by September. My question is would it make more sense to wait to file my 129f or send it off when I want to at the beginning of May? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi guys, I would like you to help me with this because it’s the last thing I need to finish filling I-129f form. The problem is I don’t remember the exact dates of my first job in the last five years and I don’t remember the exact dates of my last two address, I know the last five years I’be lived in two different address but not the exact dates. Any advice for this please?
  8. I (the beneficiary) moved to some new place like 6 months ago and USCIS asked me to mail my new address to them which I did but I didn’t get any notice that they have received it and changed it. I am worried about my NVC letter which they’re supposed to send me in few weeks. If they’re gonna send the letter to my husband too and or do they send the email if they have (beneficiary’s) email?
  9. I am currently filing out the i-130 to sponsor my wife, i am currently in the UK with her and have been for 15 months. On the online form, it states 'mailing address' which is my mom's house in the states. it then asks if you 'live' at your mailing address, which will b the case when we return. so not sure if i need to answer yes to satisfy the domicile element? Then it asks for your addresses from 5 years ago, would i include my wifes address in the UK? I will be staying here until her visa is approved, so not sure whether to add it, as it wants a end date from me?! please help, i want to get it right!
  10. My beneficiary lives in Kenya and she lives in a place where there aren't any proper addresses with street names and numbers, etc. which means that I can't fill in a number for her address. So for the I-129f application, where it asks for beneficiary's address, can I just put in the postal code for the city she lives in and leave the street name and number fields blank? They do have a post office in the area, so I believe that a postal code would work,but I'm not sure. Can someone please clarify?
  11. After about more than 20 attempts on updating my address, I keep getting the following error: New address ZIP Code is invalid. Please try again. After putting all of my info of my new address, i get a pop up message saying: USPS found an address matching your entry. When i select it to confirm it is accurate it then says: The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has updated your address using the USPS format to ensure that your mail is delivered correctly. We are stationed overseas and to receive and send mail we have USPS on base. I'm just frustrated to not be able to keep going forward! Does anyone know any shortcuts or suggestions on what to do besides calling? It's a bit tricky with a 16 hours difference
  12. I’m going to USA on k1 to marry my fiancé and will after that apply for AOS. me and my fiancé is going to stay at his mother’s apartment but there is a problem. She might not want to tell the landlord I moved there because they are only allowed to be 4 people living there but with me we will be 5 people. will this cause a problem when applying for AOS? Do uscis want proof like a statement from landlord that i live there?
  13. Hey y'all, What is the best way to fill in the address history sections if both the OP and USC have been backpacking for the past 2+ years in various countries? In a few places we lived long-term in hostels or rented houses but other times we were travelling round for months at a time. Thanks
  14. Hey everyone. Last week I filed online to change my address on the USCIS website. Does anyone have any idea how long it usually takes before they notify you that they received the request? Ashley
  15. Okay, so this may not be a big deal at all, but my fiancee is a little concerned about it, so I thought I would ask. Her interview at the consulate is the day after tomorrow. Everything seems good overall, but she was a little concerned that her father (who lives in Miami) had moved (addresses, not cities; he's still in Miami) since she put in her application. He was living with his sister, but since the application was filed he got a place of his own. So the question is: Should she update them at the interview of the change in information? And how should she update it? It's not exactly a major piece of information directly concerning either of us, but it is about an immediate family member who lives in the States, so I'm not really sure how important this is. Obviously we don't want any issues about falsifications or difficulties confirming information, but at this point is this even of any importance? Are we inviting more difficulty by correcting it? Like I say, the interview is Wednesday the 31, so some timely advice would be helpful. Thanks!
  16. Hi guys, I have been filling out form I-130a for the application of CR-1 marriage-based green card. I have a question about filling out address history. Please help! I believe that most Taiwanese people know that we have residential address (or government-registered address) (戶籍地址) and mailing address (通訊地址). However, for some reason, I have had a residential address where I have never lived in. (That is my uncle's house.) So, for the question "Address History" in the form, how should I fill out? If I just fill out my current mailing address, which is where I live in, then they might know my address is wrong since that is different than the address shown in my Taiwanese ID card. What can I do? Thank you guys so much!
  17. Hello, I have just begun this process for myself and my fiancée (yay! I can't wait) and I have a few questions about the filing of the I-129F Form. (1) First, she is currently at a university dorm and may be moving from there when she graduates in late July. She also said that she wouldn't trust packages to arrive there. My question is whether she could use her parents' or her aunt's address as her mailing address to receive correspondence. Her parents are 4 hours from the capital (where the Embassy is) but it is technically her permanent address. Her aunt on the other hand, lives about 20 minutes away from her dorm. Do you know if either can be used? (2) Second, she said she cannot remember the exact dates when she moved and when she worked, although she remembers the month and year. Could that be a problem with the application when it's reviewed? (3) Finally, in regard to the letter of intent to marry and her passport picture, is she required to send me the originals? Or can she print, sign, and then scan the letter and email it to me (and same with the picture by sending it digitally) and then I can print them and send them in? That would significantly shorten the time until I submit the application. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond! I can't seem to find a clear answer to these questions.
  18. My father is on work visa living in another country in form DS260 they ask for father's current address which address should i put our home address or his current address in another country? he comes once in a year because he works there.
  19. Hi there, I am getting closer to being done with putting together my I29F application. However, my address on my passport is different than my current address. I used my parent's address (who live in a different town than I do now) when I had to get a new passport a few years ago. Is this something I should be worried about? Are they going to look at something like this and wonder why my current address that is on the entire application (and intended address for my fiance to live at once in the states) doesn't match my passport address? Or am I overthinking this whole thing? Thanks! -Jena
  20. When I was filling form I130a there was confusion about the addresses where the beneficiary lived during the studies. so i asked here on visa journey. And few respected remembers advised me not to write Hostel addresses because the beneficiary never left his Own Home "Permanent Address" during the studies. That time my question was I130a requires Last 5 years addresses. Currently i'm living in my home which is located in my hometown. Where my parents are living and my whole family. But from jan 2014 to december 2017 i was in University which is another city. 60 kilometres away from my home city. So i had to live in hostels. I lived in different hostels during that time. But visited my home every week. Because my family is living here since i was born here. And i also came here in my holidays(3 months). So my home in my hometown is my permanent address. What should i do ? Should i put the hostel addresses ? But i was here every year during my holidays(3 months) how should i put that time ? It is really confusing ... My university was in another city and my home is in different city. 60 km distance. most of the time during studies i was in home i lived in hostels temporarily because i wasn't able to travel 60 km daily each side. What should i do ? Please help me ... So i didn't write hostel addresses in i130a because here some respected members advised me to write only my permanent address where i was born and still living. but now on ds260 they want educational background which means i would mention about that degree too which i got from another city but i didn't write hostel addresses. now i'm confused because the following reasons. i- if i put only my Permanent address in form ds260 which i already mentioned in I130A because i'm living here since my birth AND also write about the degree which i got from another city won't they object that why i didn't write hostel addresses? i-And if i put my hostel addresses in form ds260 then it will differ from form I130A won't they ask why i didn't mention it in form I130A? so what should i do? should i put only my permanent address in form ds260 and write a letter to and submit to Nvc and explain everything in that letter that why i didn't write the hostel addresses? Need guidance Note: i never left my country also the city where i got degree is in the same state where my hometown is.......
  21. Hi please Help. I'm really really confused about my addresses. So my question is, I13a requires Last 5 years addresses. Currently i'm living in my home which is located in my hometown. Where my parents are living and my whole family. But from jan 2014 to december 2017 i was in University which is another city. 60 kilometres away from my home city. So i had to live in hostels. I lived in different hostels during that time. But visited my home every week. Because my family is living here since i was born here. And i also came here in my holidays(3 months). So my home in my hometown is my permanent address. What should i do ? Should i put the hostel addresses ? But i was here every year during my holidays(3 months) how should i put that time ? It is really confusing ... My university was in another city and my home is in different city. 60 kilo distance. What should i do ? Please help me ... i'm so confused.
  22. Hello everyone! I (US citizen) just married my sweetheart last week in Amman, Jordan Prior to that, I lived in Jordan for the past 19 years, then in the past 6 months before most recently coming back to Jordan, I was back in the USA doing job interviews to set up a domicile, and will hopefully be starting work as a physician there in July. Reading everyone's experiences here and online research makes it clear that DCF is the best option to bring my wife back home with me quickly. I have an appointment to file I-130 next week at the USCIS office in Amman, and was curious: 1. For physical address in the past 5 years, I had lived at the same address in Jordan but as I mentioned I was traveling around the USA on job interviews for the past months. The address in Jordan was still available to me at this time, so I'm wondering what to put in that field. In other words, should I put all of the addresses of hotels, Airbnbs, etc. over the past 6 months, or just the address in Amman? 2. Regarding the residency requirement in the country in which I'm filing DCF, would I meet the requirement, considering the many years I was in Jordan, and that I have Jordanian citizenship as well? I'm asking in particular about this most recent stint in the US to establish my career and our domicile, does that have any effect on the requirement? Warm regards to all of you, and thanks in advance!
  23. I am filling the I-130 form. We are processing the visa through the US embassy in London as I live here on a student visa until my husband's green card is approved. This question is for anyone who has had experience living in the UK and filing for the green card at the US embassy in London. Part 2, 10 asks for the mailing address (see attached photo). There it includes a link to USPS address lookup. Through my research, I have heard that the mailing address must be valid for the USPS to reach. However, I have not seen instructions on this for people filing in the UK and UK addresses are not listed in the USPS Zip Code Lookup. I could include my parents US mail address, but then I am assuming that all of our correspondence for the visa will be mailed there, and then it would have to be mailed back to us in England which would take a long time and expenses. Or would they see that I live in England from my 'physical address' details and then mail it to that address? But I feel that would not make sense... My question: Can I list my UK mailing address since I am applying at the US embassy in London, even though UK addresses are not listed in the USPS Zip Code Lookup? THANK YOU 😁
  24. I am filling out the I-130 and see that for addresses, it requests a province. What does this mean for in the UK? Specifically for in London. For example, I need to provide the province for the London US Embassy at this address: 33 Nine Elms Ln, London SW11 7US located at the London borough of Wandsworth. However, after much research, I am still not seeing what the 'province' is. Any help is much appreciated. Sincerely, A very stressed (but determined) wife
  25. So after 7 months I just knew I had to report address change of the sponser. The sponser is also the petitioner on I-130 (which we submitted change of address for.) Should we file I-865 or I-130 change of address was enough? How screwed are we?
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