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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a question about a claim my wife is making. She is threatening to involve law enforcement because I am neglecting her and I would like to know if she has any grounds to make this claim. I was staying at my boss's house watching his place while he was gone. The first few days I stayed there with my wife but she was acting very crazy, insisting on arguing, and intentionally keeping me and my 5 year old son awake at night with loud music and standing in the room loudly talking about what she was angry about. I told her if she doesn't stop she would have to go home while I stayed at my boss's. She didn't stop so I took her home the next day. Since then she has had food, a warm place to stay (my place), internet, a phone to use, and a little spending money. I told her to let me know if she needs anything. She got sick at one point and I asked her what she needed and her symptoms. She had a fever and was tired and felt sick to her stomach, so I went to check on her and gave her ibuprofen and asked her if she needed anything else, she said no. She stayed with a friend for a few days because she felt neglected while I was at work and she was sick. She was sick for two days but was feeling better today. So today I am still not staying at home with her and it has been a little over 3 weeks. She has still been angry at me and argumentative when I am there so I am staying with a friend for now. She asked me this afternoon to take her to do laundry at the coin laundry and get her Popey's Chicken. I told her I couldn't today and would be there tomorrow after work. She got very upset and said I was treating her badly. Then later says she is getting law enforcement involved. Does it sound like I did anything wrong here to the point where law enforcement or immigration would do something? Thanks for reading.
  2. Hello. Congratulations to all of you in amazing, loving relationships and marriages. I have been here for about 6 months. Got married 3 days after landing thinking it would be awesome. Been in a LDR for 4 years. Had our ups and downs but always took his side and helped him through the . So, I paid to get here, paid for EVERYTHING. The application, medical, flight, shipping, flying my pet over. I landed with $40. I've left my (very small) family, hundreds of friends, a good paying full time job, fully furnished house to be with this man (he didn't want to leave his huge family, only just got a job because no one would help him with sponsorship with me). Since being here, we've ended up moving into his cousin's basement. My stuff still in boxes and suitcases, the cat chasing and catching mice, spiders everywhere... I never go out, I don't see much in the way of sunlight. My only $40 was spend on a birth control pill that he told me I had to get because he couldn't afford protection. If I ask to go out anywhere, I get hell. I've seen my US friends twice since being here. He gets so crabby with me if I am texting friends or if I'm gaming with them. He got SO angry when I was out with his cousin to help her in Ikea. Very much a 'i don't like you doing things' attitude. My husband argues with me constantly, has told I'm not welcome here, nearly threw me out of his car in the pouring rain on a highway because I asked him to slow down. He refuses to put in the Adjustment of Status forms for reasons he won't tell me, he never seems to have any money even though his mother has given him over $1.5k, always gives me hell about nothing, I've recently found he's got folders full of female facebook "friends" and his other cousin's girlfriend's photographs and videos of them performing sex acts on his phone, messages arranging meet ups and asking for sex with his ex/best friend dated right up until I landed... I've also found cartoon porn of children!!! He's also on an online blog saving links to very, very young women performing gross acts. Texts looking for cocaine... This is all just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot count the amount of times he has cheated on me since we got together. He's giving me because I'm homesick and don't feel comfortable. I miss being out and about, makes me out to be a bad person for not being intimate with him because his hygiene is terrible. Honest to god, he's probably showered 5 times and cleaned his teeth 4 since I've been here. It's very his way or no way around here. He's so manipulative and argumentative. Absolutely everything is twisted to being my fault. So, I'm stuck. I have spent all of my money getting here and marrying this guy who said he loved me and I was the only one. I'm getting the and being told I have to lighten up "for better or worse", that I have to give myself up and have sex with him to stop him wandering etc.. I don't want to be here. I don't want to be in this terrible relationship. I don't want to be with a man who treats women like this and has a load on the side. God knows how. I don't love him. This is awful and I've spoken to online councillors because I have felt suicidal. I am so broken. He's told me if I speak to his family about anything he has done, he'll just throw me out and I'll end up getting deported. He's, allegedly, wiped the SD card of all the gross he had on it but has told me before that he knows of apps to retrieve deleted data. I love this country and I love my friends I have here. I'm so ashamed of everything that's happened and happening, no one (apart from his family) knows I'm/we're married. What can I do? I'm stuck, not a penny to my name, cannot drive, work, or make calls without him giving me hell for numbers appearing on the bill (so I use other online messaging services). What options are out there for situations like this? I can't live like this, I cannot return back to the UK as I have no money and no home or job to go to... Please... Any help would be greatly appreciated. - A friend in need.
  3. Hey there, I have filed ny i 751 waiver based on divorce and abuse (yes, checked both boxes). Since I filed I moved and I have been trying to change address with no success. Filed online but i was told i have to send AR 11 to Vermont Center with a letter stating its me who trying to change. I done it.. 3 times. Infopass said the same, send ar 11 with a letter. I ve been trying to change my address for almost 4 months now and no success. Its scary because its pending so i cant risk any notices going to old address.. They keep putting me on hold to talk to level 2 officer and then schedule a call back but they never call me back..i dont know what to do at this point.. Anybody went thru the same situation? Any advice?:(
  4. Hii, I had my i 751 waiver filed not too long ago. It was based on divorce and abuse. Where do i mail my AR-11 address change form, Uscis Attn: Change of Address 1344 Pleasants Drive Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Or Uscis Vermont Service Center 75 Lower Welden Street St. Albans, VT 05479-0001 I read online if you have previously filed a i 751 based on abuse then you gotta send ar 11 to the Vermont address. Is that true?
  5. Hi A quick background, also a request Please do not send me any abusive responses, if you do not like what I am asking, please do not respond, you do not know my situation, therefore, you have no right to criticise me. Thank you I got married, and followed up getting her here, on a spousal visa, I think K1 She came here, and few months later, became abusive, lazy, demanding etc. I tried and did what I could do to keep the marriage going, then we had a baby. The wife came here on Jan 20th, 2017 Now she is visiting her family back home ( with the baby), and I want to divorce her, and hopefully try and revoke her visa, so she cannot come back to the USA I will support the child fully, I am down with that. Its here that is just plain unbearable. Now in a threatening mode. Thanks to anyone who has any idea what I should do here, frankly I am scared for myself and my two kids from previous marriage.
  6. Hello everyone. I will remove conditions on GC based on divorce + abuse. I hope will have my divorce final before submitting all documents for a GC. And I have few questions : I have few video / phone record of my husband, threatening me .I know in IL it's illegal to record someone without his permission.But how can I use it for immigration like a proof of mental/emotional abuse??? What can I do ? Can I bring this records to a po li ce department and ask advice there ? Or can they make a report base on the records ? Also I have some nasty text messages from him (sex related) ,and even some with a porno pictures , saying "if you will not do this with me, I will not go for an interview " ( it was for temporary GC). Of course I feel absolutely shame to tell someone about things like that, and don't know how send copies of this messages to immigr. for my 10 years GC. Thanks in advance for any advice !!!
  7. helllo, I was wondering if anyone could help with this. im trying to file my I 751. if you entered the marriage in good faith but went thru abuse, and unfortunately dont have much evidence for it besides photos of bruises, personal statement and affidativ of friend and videos but since you cant submit that i guess it doesnt matter. never called cops, was too afraid. i am officially divorced so I can check the box that good faith marriage but ended with divorce. or check bot boxes. with the battered spouse box. I am just concerned because I have missing evidences as we were living in friends house so no joint lease, no joint bills, nothing like that. no health insurance together. I have photos, wedding, engagement, with family, plenty. and bank statement. joint account. also life insurance, me stated as beneficiary. pretty much thats it. should I check both boxes and send in the good faith evidences but since i have missing ones i explain why i dont have it and that i cant get them because I cant contact him or his family cause our marriegde ended with me escaping from abuse. and send the photos on injuries etc. or just check the divorce box and say that i cant attach certain document due to me not being able to get them since the marriage ended not on good terms? thank you for any help. greatly appreciated