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  1. On the form it ask where my fiance will be living when he arrives; the address I am living at now will be different in a few months. Should I wait to fill out this form until I move or will I be required to do a change of address withing the process of getting his Visa approved?
  2. Hello! I'm completely new to the form, and the visa journey. My backstory is that I'm trying to help my fiancé come to the US to be married and settle down together in FL. We're currently in an LDR, so we've never met in person within the last two years. Reading along the guidelines of the CR-1 visa - it shows that proof that we have an consistent relationship (for avoiding marriage fraud) is required. Even though we haven't met in person because of the travel ban, he would be staying in the States while waiting for his green card. Beforehand, we're also looking to see if marriage online would be acceptable by their standards. What if we submitted chat logs/receipts of where we sent each other gifts, video calls, recorded calls/sending each other money through Paypal? I'm happy to let them look through our messages on messaging apps we transitioned through from 2016 - present. [TL;DR] I tried contacting USCIS personally for more information about specific requirements, but got an automated system each time. Our main goal is to be married and bring him to the States for settling down. Help is appreciated in advance.
  3. Hi everyone 😊 COVID-19 has changed the everything, and I'm in a bit of a dilemma. My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years now, and in June of 2020, he proposed. I'm a U.S. Citizen, and he's a U.K. Citizen who often visits me on an ESTA. We had plans last year to file for the K-1 Visa, but with the US Embassy in London suspending the non-emergency visa services and interviews, we decided to wait a bit to see what was going to happen. During that time, I visited his family in the U.K., and since December, he's here visiting with my family in Texas. But still, nearly a year later, there hasn't been much change. It wasn't until just recently that we had the idea, "hey, what if we just go ahead and get married?" I've seen that it's possible to file for an AOS after getting married, as long as his intent on entering the country wasn't to do so. He came here just to visit, but now, with COVID-19 still in the way, and a possibly huge backup on K-1 visas, would it be a better idea just to go for AOS? I'm honestly afraid of the risks of him getting deported if something happens with the AOS, but he has no criminal history whatsoever, we're both in our 20s, and we truly do love each other and will have plenty of evidence of that. I'd love an opinion from someone, because I feel really stuck, and time is running out. Thank you
  4. Hi there, I and my family is applicants of F4 family visa category. We received DQ email in October 2020. Recently I've logged in CEAC and noticed that my name has been removed from the applicants list while the other three family member including principal applicant remained unchanged. I thought this might be because my age is no eligible to move to USA in a F4 visa category. Therefore my question is DOES NVC REMOVE APPLICANT EVEN AFTER DQ DUE TO THE REASON I'VE STATED ABOVE? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi! I received my passport today with annotation “212 (g)(2)(B) Exception under PP on Risk to Labor Market IV DOCS IN CCD” Is there someone who have received a visa with the same annotations? Also, what does it means specifically? Anything that I should do? Mine is IR-1. Thank you.
  6. Good evening, can someone please offer any advice for our situation, our details are: US Citizen - F UK Citizen - M Married six years living in the UK - US wife has IRL Want to relocate now back to the US (West Coast) One of the questions I have is around our children, we have three adopted children (under six year old), we assumed that like biological children our adopted children would gain dual citizenship through my wife however we have read conflicting information on this and I wanted to see if anyone on here had gone through this? I have read that we will need to apply for I130 for each of them (at £600 a time each) is that right? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello all, can anyone please advise. We are preparing to begin our applications to relocate to the US, one of the things we are trying to figure out is the affidavit of support, the plan right now is to have my father in law provide this for my application. However what we cant seem to find out is if our children will also need to have the affidavit of support from my father in law as well? Does he have to cover all four of us or is it just me? All my children are under 10 and as they get citizenship through my wife we are not sure where we stand on this? Anyone else been through this please.
  8. My Pakistani husband (fiancée at the time of doing K1) applied for a K1 visa in the past - HOWEVER, they denied us and the reason was never given. I would really love for him to come visit me in the U.S for the first time and am wondering if this will cause an automatic denial (I'm assuming it would). He has traveled out of his country to Dubai, Qatar, and Nepal and always made sure to follow all the rules and return to his country on time. We are going to do the CR1 in the future but are still thinking about were we will both choose to reside. In the mean time, I would love for him to visit! Is this possible? any advice?
  9. Long story short - my husband and I got married in October of 2020. He lives in Pakistan, and has never visited, or lived in the U.S. I am in the process of filling my taxes (I am a U.S citizen) and have been told I can file as single since my husband has never lived here in the U.S with me, and does not have a SSN, or a ITIN number. However, I asked if it was possible to file as married for immigration purposes and I was told I could, but I would have to go through the lengthy process of having my husband get a ITIN number. SO my question is does it really matter if my taxes are filled as single or do i have to go through this process of my husband trying to get a ITIN number (I prefer not to)? THANK YOU for your help and time.
  10. Hi everyone, me and my husband got married a month again in the US. I am a US citizen and He came to the US on a tourist visa and went back to Mexico. We want to know if he will have issues coming back to the states. Will CBP know in their system he is married to a United States citizen ?
  11. Please direct me to a Thread for People Waiting on Green Card after Arrival. Thanks
  12. Hello, My husband recently traveled to Karachi, Pakistan on an expired 10 year green card without realizing it. When he tried returning after 3 week trip-he was denied boarding. We contacted US Consulate in Karachi. Were told to apply for "Transportation Boarding Foil" which we did through their website and paid the $575 Dollar fee to USCIS website After a lot of emails we were told to make an appointment online and someone will call us. We weren't able to make the appointment , No one picks up the phone at Consulate. Everthing is done via email. So were being told it could take up to a year for this process and were better off just applying for a visa instead. Once he's in US then he can apply for green card renewal. Does anyone know if this would be the correct way to go about this situation? Should we hire a immigration lawyer? Were getting conflicted information. I am a US citizen. He's in dire situation as he has his job to return to&support his family.
  13. Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well. My husband had his interview on October 28th 2020. He had his interview in dhaka bangladesh embassy. His visa is approved and he recieved a green slip its says Congratulations on your immgrant visa. Kept his passport and told him to pick up when its ready. On 29th October we checked our ceac status . It showing issued and it also saying your visa has printed. Its been over 12 days we haven't receive any email or sms. To collect our passport. I have seen people who had interview on nov.1st ,2nd ,3rd already got their passport. After 3/4 days. My husband called the embassy coustomer service they couldn't help much. I have booked my husband ticket. I had to cancle once. Our case was expedited from NVC. I really worried now. Why its taking so long after visa being issued. I cant find any solution i really dont know what to do. Any expart help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Hello All, I am going through a very complicated situation. I am a US citizen by birth and living abroad most of my life due to my fathers work (he is also a US citizen). I got married to my wife and she holds a foreign passport. She is currently pregnant and we were planning for her to give birth in LA. A day before her Visa appointment, the embassy canceled all appointments due to Covid 19. So we are currently can’t fly to the US because she doesn’t have a valid Visa and will not be able to give birth in the US. I am just short of meeting the 5 years for the child to get the CRBA. My wife also can not pass her foreign nationality to the new born. So what it means, the child will be born without a nationality, which is inhuman and will destroy my child’s future. Anyone can help with this unfortunate situation? Covid 19 changed everything and a new born will pay the price for something we can’t control.
  15. Hi guys, I had my IR2 visa interview on 4th of November 2019, and I would like to share my experience. I searched through the internet and I could find only two experiences for IR2 for children who are close to 20 years old (have mentioned the links below). Hope this post might help someone in the future. First I'll dive into the actual interview day directly, following I'll share a brief paragraphs about Medical, Biometrics and other stuffs if any. Interview Time: 7:15 AM. Went to the consulate around 6:45 AM in Formal dress, and were waiting opposite to the consulate. Then they called applicants with 7:15 AM interview and formed a queue outside, where an Indian guy/officer checked for the Interview Email Printout from NVC, DS260 with a stamp from our Biometrics and our passport. Then there'll be a screening process like in the Airport. I just took my Wallet and other files. Electronic and food items are prohibited, and they have a locker for the electronic items if you bring any (I believe that you have to pay some amount for this). I then arrived to the place where the interview takes place. Few Indian officers will instruct you to take specific documents in the language you are comfortable with. The documents they asked to takeout from us are: Passport, Birth & Police Clearance Certificate - Copy and Original DS260 with a stamp from our Biometric interview Two 50x50 White Background Photographs Sealed Medical Envelope. Then we get a token number according to the language we choose. There were 15 counters and the officers in the counters call up the token numbers on a First come First serve basis. An Indian officer will be present for this initial calling from the counter. He asked me to hand over the documents which was mentioned above and asked the following questions after greeting him with a Good Morning: Who's calling you (Who's you petitioner)? When's your birthdate? Have you been to USA? Have you been outside India? (Answered him with the places I have been) How long have you been in those places? (Answered him: "A week each") He then returned the Xerox copies of the documents and kept the original, and said that an US officer will be calling you for the next interview(with the same token number). This should be around 730 I guess (Didn't carry my watch inside) For the interview of US officer, what I noted was they called in specific categories to a specific counter. And for the US officer interview there were only three counters active. One counter was processing Parents Visa(IR5), another was IR1/CR1 and another was processing group people (where father and kid comes together). I kept on waiting till my number was called upon (I was sleepy too as I had only 4 hrs of sleep and have to just stare at the closed counter in front of you :P). Finally around 11 AM, my number was called. Greeted him with a Good Morning. Asked me to raise my hand and took an oath saying that the information I provide today is true, then you’ll be asked to provide fingerprints here too. Then he proceeded with the following questions: Who’s is petitioning you? (He didn’t get my answer, hence asked it twice) How old are you? (Answered 22) Are you married? Have you applied or denied for a US Visa before? How did your father go to US? (Answered: Through employment) What did he do? (Answered with the title of his occupation) Did he go on a H1B? (Answered: Yes he went on a H1B, then got his Green card and then through naturalisation he got his citizenship) He was looking into his computer in between the questions and it took around 5 min for the entire interview Then he said the golden words “Your Visa is approved”! And gave the originals back and a sheet saying the next steps which was basically on how to pay the Green card fee (This should be paid before you enter US) He didn’t ask me any other documents, but I took the following documents which was present in the checklist (https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Supplemental/appt%20letter_checklist%20for%20interview.pdf & https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Supplemental/BMB - Bombay.pdf): Affidavit of Support Tax Documents: Federal and W2 for last 3 years Pictures & Chat logs with my Dad Proof of US Domicile of my Dad PayStubs and Employment Letter of my Dad, Notarised document from my mother saying that she is okay with myself immigrating to US with my Dad (I am not sure if these is a compulsory doc, just in case if they ask I took, since my Mom will not be travelling with me to US) Other things which I carried is copies of my siblings and Mom’s VISA and Passport Copy, Dad’s driving license copy Few tips from people were: Read the DS260 answers well, be confident and truthful in your replies, answer strictly to the question and not give extra unnecessary replies. I had chosen pickup option for Passport, and it was available for Pickup at Chennai 3 days after the Interview. Medical process: I did my medical at Apollo Chennai. The base fee was around 15k with 5k extra for required vaccinations.Take: 6 50x50 White Background photographs Interview Email Printout Passport Original and Copy and DS-260 A report(original and copy) from a Doctor listing the vaccines you have taken from your birth until now. Initially, you’ll be giving your blood sample, then Vision and other general checkups will be done. You’ll be taking a Chest X-Ray then. Finally, a doctor will examine you and ask necessary questions and choose the vaccinations you must take. Then you’ll be taking the vaccinations. During the examination by the doctor, she’ll be entering the information you provide into the computer, make sure that the information is correct like dates and spelling. You can pick up the report the next day evening before 5. In case if they find any abnormality in the tests, they’ll call you else you can assume that you have passed the medical test. They’ll return the report sealed which you’ll be taking to the interview, then a sheet mentioning the vaccination’s you have taken and the ones you have to take in future and the a X-Ray disk (2 and 3 are not required for interview). Had my appointment at 9 am, the entire process got over close to 1pm. Biometrics process: I had my Biometrics at Chennai VAC, Kodambakkam 830 AM. Documents required: Passport, Biometrics Appointment Letter, DS-260. (In addition I also took the Visa Interview Email printout). You’ll be screened first. Avoid taking mobile phones. They’ll stick a couple of barcode stickers onto your passport. Don’t remove this. Then you’ll be called upon based on your token number. They’ll take fingerprints and a photograph and ask your birthdate, Visa type. This photograph will be present on your visa. Take care of your fingers before both Biometric and Visa interview, as there will be delays in you have a visible cuts or injuries in your hand. The earlier you go, the earlier you complete the process. For me it was over in around 20 min. NVC Received: 18-Jan-2019. Case Complete: 21-May-2019 Submitted all docs on April 12, and I was notified to re-upload the passport scan so that it can be read from left to right. This verification of scanned passport took more than a month. Interview Scheduled email: 15-Oct-2019 (Mumbai had a backlog at that time). Both VisaJourney and a Mumbai folks WhatsApp group were very helpful for the part from Interview letter waiting process to the end of the Interview. Other experience links: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/486953-ir2-visa-interview-experience/ https://wynonapauline.blogspot.com/2017/07/my-detailed-us-immigrant-visa-interview.html
  16. S' vremena na vreme VisaJourney odradi "ciscenje servera" i zatvori velike teme. S' obzirom da nama treba prostor za stare i nove clanove, evo ovde mozemo da nastavimo sa pricom i savetima o procesu dobijanja viza za USA. Na linku ispod mozete naci stari topic koji je zatvoren za komentare ali je pun dobrih saveta. Dobrodosli <3
  17. Hi all, Happy New Year. I hope everyone is coping ok in the current world situation. I am new to the forum and after reading through the guides, old topics and official sites, I wish to seek preliminary advice on personal situation regarding US work visas. (Note I am aware of the executive bans still in place). Apologies in advance if there is a resource which I have missed or if I have not followed etiquette. My situation is as follows: - I am a New Zealand citizen living in New Zealand, with a US partner (not married/no children) who is currently based in the US (Rocky Mountain states). - I am seeking a way to join her in the US, at this stage this would not be permanently, as we have future plans to potentially reside in New Zealand as well (but one thing at a time!). - Based on my research, the only way for me to do this (outside of lottery and/or fiance visas) is via a work visa. This is beyond the 90 day tourist visa. - The intention is therefore to live and work in the US on a temporary <24 month basis. I guess this would almost be equivalent of a work holiday visa, which the US does not have. - I have sought advice from the US Consulate in my city, as it has been difficult to find any sort of immigration lawyer who knows about US processes. Work Visa: Based on the information available on the US Visa official website, I am unsure as to whether I fall into the category of temporary worker (H-1B/H-2B), or skilled/professional permanent (EB2/3). - I have a First Class post-graduate degree in History from a university which ranks roughly 55-85 on most global annual ratings. Equivalent to 4 year US degree I believe, though it is our equivalent of 'Grad School'. - I have 6 years work experience in NZ and 1 year in the UK in Banking/Finance roles. These were business/commercial analyst roles, then also lending/credit risk roles. - The H-1B visa doesn't specify what type of areas might be included. Research on other websites suggests that Finance is included. - However, I do not believe that I would fall under this classification in terms of being in a specialty occupation in which there is a shortage of US workers, nor is there anything specifically exceptional about my experience to date. - Additionally they might find fault with History > Banking in terms of my education and career path, though I hold other smaller Finance related professional qualifications needed for my roles. - H-2B (Non-Agri) appears as though they are more about seasonal roles, rather than a short term (<24 month) contract role for a professional. - EB2 or EB3 - these appear to be permanent immigration visas with intention to reside long term. I have the degree and experience for EB2, but not in an extraordinary/exceptional/shortage way. I also wonder whether my degree and career path will also be an issue (i.e not as clear cut as Law Degree > Lawyer for 5 years). - My impression is that EB3 is the one which would match my skills and experience, having a degree and 6-7 years experience. - However, from what I understand these are very difficult visas to obtain, as I would have to job hunt in the US, find a sponsor willing to go through the process to employ me, and then I would face an extended wait time (potentially over 12 months), which makes things difficult to plan. Based on the above, I was wondering if any of the experienced posters here would be able to provide advice on my options, correct anything that I have wrong and provide any further insight/guidance which may assist. I apologise once again if the above is rudimentary in nature. Thanks in advance.
  18. I am filling out the DS-260 (F41 Visa Class) for my sister, her spouse and her child who live in another country. My sister's child is going to turn 21 in about 7 months. By this time, I will turn in the Visa application and the necessary documents. We waited 14 years to have this I-130 petition approved, and I would hate to have any issues because of this. So, will there be any issues to the case because of his my sister's child's age?
  19. Hello, I really need help. My Fiancé applied for K-1 Visa in Oct-Nov 2019 in America and Visa came to Pakistan Embassy in April 2020. There’s no update till this date. I know due to Covid Embassies are not working on K-1 Visas. Please tell me what can we do to expedite the process. Should we change it spouse visa. What are the options. Can someone help.
  20. On Part 11 of the Affidavit of Support (I-864), I need to fill this section out, because I need extra space to write down the full international mailing address, since it's simply too long for me to handwrite/type it in Part 2. However, it says to "sign and date each sheet." But, there's no space to properly sign and date the sheet anywhere on the page?? Has anyone here had to use this page when filling out the I-864? If so, did you have to sign and date it? And where did you sign/date it?
  21. My wife is waiting to be contacted about picking up her Visa. We see an on-line status of: Issued/Printed. Is there anyone immigrating from Morocco who has received this message? If so, how long before you were instructed to pick up your Visa? We received "Issued/Printed" status since 11/30/2020. We have had to change our flight once already.
  22. Hello VJ members! As of December 2020, US embassy in Algeria have resumed limited processing of new immigrant visas, including K1/K2 fiancee visas, and are beginning with those cases scheduled and cancelled in March 2020. I'm asking and making this topic in hopes that someone here has heard back and has a date yet? I know they are probably backed up and have many cases but I'm curious if anyone here has a date yet. And if so, was your original date canceled or this will be your first interview date. Thanks!
  23. Hello, so my husband had his second interview oath/fingerprints in July and was told to submit new medical along with a valid passport, which we did in august, today my husband received a call from the embassy asking to confirm that it was medical and passport that he mailed and if there’s an additional phone number for him, the guy on the phone stated he’s going to pass all my husband information to the officer for processing..on ceac our case went from refused to administrative processing and date updated. Any idea if this may FINALLLY be some good news after 17 months total of AP!!!!
  24. Hello VJ members! Happy Holidays! (ASKING FOR A FRIEND NOT IN THIS PLATFORM) A friend of mine got married few years back and brought their spouse on spouse visa (i-130) they currently have been granted their 10 year green card now. Sadly, things started to go downhill and the spouse started to show their true colors. They are not a USC yet and haven't applied for naturalization yet. What happens next? Are they invited for a naturalization interview? If so, do they need to be there (they just got divorced). If they don't show up to the interview are they no longer eligible for Citizenship. I'm not sure what happens now. Do they just leave it and then after 10 years when the green card expires that's the end of that. They aren't planning on submitting anymore applications on their behalf because of how they've been treated. So they're just confused as to what happens next and I myself am not sure either. Any help would be appreciated. The spouse was brought in i-130 visa I'm not sure which year, but they now have their 10 year green card.
  25. I am a US citizen filing for my sister who is located in Russia. As far as I understand, it will take around a year for my I-130 to be approved, but overall around 15 years before she can go to the interview and receive her permanent resident card and actually move to the US. She has a US visitor visa that is valid two more years. Can she still travel to the US as a tourist during this time? Will she be able to receive another tourist visa and travel? She can't move to the US and wait for her status, right? Otherwise it will not be legal and she will not be able to work or receive a SS number, correct? Thanks a lot!
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