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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I am a US citizen sponsoring my Venezuelan citizen spouse for an immigrant visa. Our I-130 petition was recently approved and we are now at the beginning of the NVC stage. Since the US Embassy in Caracas has been closed for over a year, I understand that the immigrant visa interviews are being conducted in Colombia. I would love to have some insight into the process of a Venezuelan traveling to Colombia for the final interview, and anyone that has been through this process personally is someone I would love to hear from. In the interest of planning ahead, I have several questions: 1) Is the US Embassy in Bogota even open right now due to COVID-19? Are interviews on hold? 2) How much advanced notice is given for the interview date (to plan for travel to Colombia from Venezuela and from the USA since I intend on going to be there to support my spouse even if I cannot attend the interview)? 3) Must the medical exam appointment be made and completed in Colombia? 4) Must Spanish documents be translated to English even though Colombia is a Spanish-speaking country (I ask because I read conflicting information online)? 5) How long after the interview is the immigrant visa issued and what options are there for receiving back the passport with the visa in it (return to embassy, DHL)? I may have other questions which I will ask later, but these are the most pressing. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ok, so I recieved an RFE to complete the 2 year requirement. But am dumbfounded what they need? I included airline itineraries back to Venezuela on all five of her trips here. Seems like job justifying work to me . However, I will send them copies of her passport that clearly show that she recieved an "entrada" stamp for all five visits. Other than going around asking for affidavids from people, I do not have access to anything else and I need to get this to the USICS processing center in California by July 13th 2020. My question is: Assuming they can read the passport stamps, will this satisfy the requirement? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I have included one photo from her passport. THanks for any and all comments
  3. I have received an RFE for my Venezuelan Fiance to prove that she is divorced from her ex per commond law statute. The recept date is 4/17/200 and the due date is 7/13/2020. She sent me official documents in Spanish and I had them translated by a certified translation service. Her documents clearly show that she is within the common law statues of her state to be considered divorced. My question is, since everything is closed in Venezuela, including the office that appostilles, should I send copies of the original documents and the translations to the USCIS, with an explanation that because of COVID, we could not get the documents appostilled? Or should I wait until the offices open? I don't think the latter is an option. thank you for any and all comments
  4. Good evening VJ community, I am looking at the requirements for filing for citizenship for my husband. He has an almost 15 year old daughter from a previous relationship who lives with her mother in his home country (Venezuela). While she doesn't have his last name and he isn't on her birth certificate due to a conflict-prone relationship with her mom when she was small, everyone knows that he is her father and they are currently in fairly regular contact. We have included her information on every immigration form we have filed. He has sent money on a regular basis to her mother for her support pretty much since he has been here (4+ years) and has also taken clothing items and other necessities for her when he has visited Venezuela, or more recently sent them back with another family member who was visiting the US. Because of the currency problems that Venezuela has had for many years, he isn't able to send money through regular channels like Moneygram, rather it is done through a third party arrangement: We deposit checks into that person's US bank account, and they deposit Bolivares into the accounts of the people in Venezuela to whom we are sending money. Does anyone have any ideas of how to demonstrate this payment of support? I think the mom would be willing to write a letter saying that she has been receiving the payments, but would that be enough? Perhaps the woman with the US bank account could also write something explaining that she has been facilitating those payments for us. All the checks we have are written to her (the money transfer woman) not the mother or the daughter. I suppose he might also have Whatsapp messages talking about money and other things he has sent, but I don't know how useful those would be?
  5. Hello all! Soon I will be beginning my K1 visa process (exciting times!!) However, I previously lived in Venezuela. I entered on a tourist visa and began the process of gaining temporary residency. During this process my passport was not with me and the officer in charge had it. Because of the problems in Venezuela, which are ongoing and which were the reason I left in the end (I left in 2016) I am having difficulty obtaining the police certificate. I have emailed embassies and also the government body in charge of issuing the police certificate (obviously written in Spanish). However, because I was never issued a "cedula" number (again because of the situation in the country....they said there was no plastic to produce the card) it is proving difficult to get some sort of Police Certificate from there. I am in contact with a friend in Venezuela who has told me that I may be able to get a document for $200, which isn't a problem, but if this fails, what else can be done? I'm curious if anyone else has had a previous experience in Venezuela or a different country? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello good morning I wanted to ask a question My fiancée is from Venezuela but lives in Colombia with a two year permission only. I want to submit the k1 paperwork with a lawyer but a bunch of lawyers keep telling me that there is a travel ban from President Trumps law. One lawyer even told me that there is a 5% chance she can get accepted as a k1. Some lawyers don't even call me back. My question is do you know anyone that has had a recent case after President Trump's law that have either been rejected or approved with a k1 visa? Thank you and God Bless!! I really need help. My fiancée and I are really depressed because everything seems so difficult and almost impossible. PLEASE HELP!!!! Hola Buenos dias. Queria preguntarle algo. Mi comprometida es de Venezuela pero vive en Colombia solo con permiso. Yo quiero meter los papeles igual a ustedes del k1 visa. Varios abogados me dicen que pueda que la niegen por el travel ban osea Venezuela esta en una lista negra de Estados Unidos. Han escuchados otros casos recientes de que los acepten a los Venezolanos o los niegan?
  7. Hi, I am filling out the I-129f form to bring my fiancee from Venezuela here. She has two children. I have entered the children's names on the I-129f form. I would like it if they could travel with her. I assume the consular officer needs to approve the "bona fides" of our marriage first. Assuming that happens, what do i need to file for her children? I found this line in the I-129f processing guideline "Note: The US Citizen may also apply to bring the K-1 Visa holder's unmarried children, who are under age 21, to the United States." How do I apply? what forms do i need to fill out? I have read in other places that I need to fill out K2 visas for each child? What exactly are the steps, e.g.: 1. submit I-129f form 2. interview in Bogota 3. K-1 visa approved 4. At this point, how do I get her 2 children into the country? What do I need to do? Will the consular officer in Bogota stamp the kids' passports? Many thanks for any and all information!
  8. Hello everyone! I am extremelly happy to give you all the news that my expedite was approved. As I stated in other post this was a very rare chance of approval but here we are. I tried it and Im glad I made it. So this post might be able to help other venezuelans or anyone else who's looking to expedite but doesnt know how. Well first you need to know what the grounds for the expedite are: Severe financial loss to company or ​person, emergency situation, humanitarian reasons, nonprofit organization whose request is in furtherance of the cultural and social interests of the United States​, department of defense or ​n​ational ​i​nterest ​s​ituation, USCIS error or compelling interest of USCIS. In my case, I think the most accurate ground for Venezuela was Humanitarian crisis. Yes, I understand no one has declared it but that doesn't mean is not happening. ​ First thing I did was finding out how to start the expedite process and this is where the fun part begins! The email you want to contact the NVC to speet up your process is this: NVCExpedite@state.gov (yes, also take notes I requested the expedite two days after I got my NOA2, asking the NVC to expedite it as soon as they got it) Well next, this is how you start the email. Is important that you put in the first line of the email whats the grounds for expedite you're requesting this on. And of course, the expedite request must be from the petitioner, not the beneficiary. Example of me being the petitioner: Name of the person submitting the inquiry: ______________________ NVC case number or USCIS receipt number: _____________________ Petitioner's name: ___________________ Principal Applicant's name and date of birth: ____________________ I, Arelys Weimer, I'm formally requesting that the (whatever visa type is) be expedited on the grounds of (Humanitarian Crisis) as soon as it reaches you (in case that is not at the NVC yet). NOTE: If it's already at the NVC or at the USCIS, leave at "...reaches you". On the second paragraph you want to explain how you got to the conclusion that the expedite is neccesary and the grounds for it are correct. In my case, my husband explained how theres a serious lack of primery products here such as toilet paper and medicines. Added to this he explained that my country has the second highest crime rate in latinamerica and there has been rapings, murders, kidnappnings, people are breaking into houses, robberies everywhere. He explained how this has put a lot of stress in the marriage and how he can't even sleep knowing that Im here and I cant even be safe at my own home. On top of this he explained that theres airlines leaving the country and even if I get the visa I might not be able to find a plane ticket to leave. Of course, there's the upcoming elections and we don't know for certain whats going to happen. Maybe something, maybe nothing but he wasn't wiling to risk it. Once you've explained everything in your email, the next part is doing a bit of research. Add to your email all kinds of news covering what you just said in that email. News in english and spanish. You do wanna find the news that cover stuff close by where you live, thats what will be the most helpful tool for you. Note: if you dont know where to find english news about the country you're requesting the expedite on, I recommend you this portal: http://www.insightcrime.org/ You will find travel warnings in the Department of State's website http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings.html (Find your country on the list) Get the warning printed, scanned and attach it to this email as well. (They can't contradict you on something they know). Make sure you explain to them how serious the situation is. I tried this with little to non chances to getting it, and here I am. Do not be afraid to try. IMPORTANT: IS A FREE INQUIRY SO YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY TO GET IT EXPEDITED. ALSO, IT DOES NOT SLOW DOWN THE PROCESS IF IT GETS DENIED. So as you cna see, there's no downside of trying. If you think it meets the requirements, try it. The worst thing they can do is say NO and keep working on your paperwork on their ussual timeframe. NOTE: If you didn't get to pay the fees in the NVC because your case got expedited, don't worry. The embassy will let you pay the fees and submit the original documents the day of your interview. In your currency. Keep out for this post since I'm now in contact with the embassy, I will explain how the rest of the process goes from this point and on. God bless, and if you need any help with this; ask away. Doesnt matter if you feel its a silly question.
  9. Hello, my fiancée is Venezuelan and is under the impression that in order to have his documents fully validated (birth certificate, police report, etc) he needs to get an apostilla, which is some kind of extra step to make official and formal these documents. This is different and a part from the notarization process. Does anyone know if this this is required for the K1 interview documents? We have our interview in a couple weeks in Bogotá and he’s stressing about this apostilla stuff, but I haven’t heard anything about it whatsoever from my research in the K1 process, nor is it mentioned in the packet or any government website. Thanks,
  10. Greetings my name is Kevin, im currently in wait for my interview schedule NVC accepted all my files and told me that the interview will be held in bogota Colombia, being said does anyone no how long does it take or any estimate till NVC gives me a interview date? (NVC accept my case on 08/27/2019 and said to wait for an interview date!), does it take long since every process for Venezuelan citizens now have to go to bogota for interview?
  11. Hi, this is my first time posting here, but I imagine there are others in my situation. My fiancee is Venezuelan, currently living in Caracas. Her petition was approved, and her file logged with the NVC - the Department of State sent her application to Bogota, where we await an appointment confirmation. We have all the documents ready - but one of the things that my fiance lacks is the police record, or what is called antecendentes criminales in Spanish. This is a document from the Venezuelan state that lists previous crimes (or lack thereof) to demonstrate that the visa beneficiary is not a wanted person. My fiancee's record is clean - no worries about that - but she is finding it difficult to reach out to the local police for that record. does anyone on this forum have experience in the past year or so with Venezuela's government in getting a police report in a timely manner? thank you!
  12. Hi there, For any Venezuelan who recently had a medical exam- now since all interviews are being conducted in Colombia, does the medical exam also have to be conducted in Colombia? If yes, anyone have advice on where to go, how long to wait for an appointment, how long it takes to get all the documents required there? For example- if my fiance goes to Colombia a few weeks before his interview, will it be enough time to get all his medical documents in time for the interview? Thanks, KT
  13. Good afternoon! So my Venezuelan fiancé had his interview scheduled for February before the embassy was shut down. They transferred his case to Bogotá and he leaves on the 3rd of May to take his fingerprints on the 4th and his interview is on the 6th. He has his vaccination and exam paperwork from Caracas that is still valid (the doc actually died the day after his appointment oddly enough so hopefully they don't have to call him directly at all?). We got the approval extended by contacting Bogotá embassy via Email. The original approval expired after his interview was canceled, but they want proof of the approval apparently so I'm gonna scan the original paper. They also say they need the Affidavit of Support. Since it's not the full submission like for the Green Card, I'm assuming they're not super picky about it? I got laid off and I'm on unemployment so I'm not sure if we'll get denied over that. Is it just something they ask for and glance over for basic eligibility? I'm gonna scan his ring receipt and also the Dress receipts as further proof of wedding planning. I'm not sure if they send the whole packet over or if I need to resend him old evidence? What should he expect, and what are some tips to help him? What last minute discussions should we have in case of certain questions? We've spent a ton of time and money on this over the past couple of years and he's scared of what will happen if we have to start over. We're really looking forward to our life together so we're doing our best to do this right! On a side note we also want his kitty here. We found Tu Mascota Contigo as a service, but we have no idea if there's a better way to go about this. Thanks!
  14. My husband is in Venezuela and we have not yet submitted my I-130 petition for him to apply for his CR-1 visa. The US Embassy in Caracas I understand has now closed and all personnel ordered to depart the country. I am now worried that this will gravely affect the process. Is he stuck there? Do we have any recoourse? I read somewhere that he might be able to process through another embassy like the one in Bogota, Colombia. Anyone have any additional information to share that is privy to the current situation in Venezuela? We would like to proceed within the next couple of months with the I-130 but not sure if this will just sit somewhere in limbo. Thanks for your advice. It is a difficult time for us right now not knowing when this process will be over for us.
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