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  1. Hello, i enter to USA with my visitor visa in February 2017, i was approved for six months stay. in June I met my husband, we start to date and i was supposed to go back to my home country in August 2017. Because we date he offer me to file for extension so I'll be able to stay without losing my status. I wasn't familiar with the law and the process and he told me that is friend is taking care of this stuff. He took pictures of my visa and passport and i gave him 800$ to fill this application. One month later I asked him about it and he told me its still pending. we move in together in October 2017, we got married in December 2017. At the day we got married he took my passport and never give it to me back . He always told me he need to file some paperwork so ill be able to work. I believed him. Im his first wife. He is my first husband. One month after we got married he start to change. It start from small things- like what I wear, where im going, who is going with me etc. he had opinions on everything. And when we argue he became aggressive yelling at me and always Throwing things at me . I got scared from him but he always came back to ask for forgiveness and always promised "it will not happene again " . I believe him. He makes me think that this is My mistake. He love to gamble, to drink and to smoke. I never had issues with that. But everytime something went wrong with is life i was there to take the hit. he used to push me, or kick me out of the house because he is paying the rent. He used to offer people to pay him so they will spend the night with me and when we go out he yelled "My wife ####### Who wants her for the night?" I told him he hurt me. But he keep telling me "you are my wife and you need to shut up and say amen to everything I said ". iv tried to run away, my passport was with him all the time. One day i told him ill call the police (he said he will kill me) and He laughed. He told me im out of status and they will take me to jail "i never file the extension i used the money for gambling so if you want to call you can do it but ill make sure you will go to jail. And no one will help you." I was scared. Im not jail person. I never brake the law. I was dependent on him. I did not work. I had no money. I had nowhere else to go. So I asked for forgiveness every time. I really believed he will stop doing that. i got pregnant, he didn't like it. "now you will be more ugly and fat" " i will kill you and the baby " he start to force me to have sex with him. I cry, begged for him to stop. That didn't help. In my 6 weeks pregnant after he forced me to have sex with him i felt pain, i go to hospital never told him nothing but i had infection. In August, in my 7 months of pregnancy, he Kick me out of the house again. This time I decided not to come back. I preferred to be on the street. I was afraid I would lose my fetus because of him. I found a man who understood that I needed help, he did not ask me questions and I did not tell him anything. My husband looked for me and sent me threatening messages. I did not answer him. In December 2018 I gave birth to my son. At the hospital, I asked for a passport, which I did not had because my husband hold it. I turned to my husband and asked for the passport, since my mother had come to the birth and did not know what was happening to us. He brought it to me. He kept threatening me, "Do not forget I decide what your fate is. One word of mine and they will take you to jail and the baby will take the social services " I was afraid it was true. So I run away to my home country. In my home country they refused to register my son under my name because I missing documents that I cannot provide. Ill not able to get any single mom benefits because they refused to register him. I reached US Embassy in my home country- they cannot help. They give me form to fill and send but this process can take months. I heard recently on VAWA I believed im qualified to apply for that. Because my overstayed I cannot get back to us. I really don't know what to do. The vawa process time is about 2 years. 2 years that ill not be able to support my son, give him medical attention or even place to sleep. I was wondering, there is any way to cancel the ten year bar so ill be able to get back with my son and work and get all his benefits while the i-360 is pending? there is any way to expedited the application? if I knew about vawa earlier and that i have my rights i never go back to my home country. i really hope someone will answer me and tell me what can i do. Im looking for attorney but no one is reaching me back. Thanks.
  2. Hello Everyone, I moved to the US in August, 2016 through the K1 Visa (Fiance Visa). I married my husband, we sent all documents and forms to adjust my status on September, 2016, and after a few months things didn't worked out well. Not only the psychological but the physical abuse happened. I was luck to make friends in the city and they helped me to get out from him. I only had my EAD card and I believe that he did something to stop my adjustment of status, because until today still pending. I was able to renew my EAD card, and I sent my VAWA on November, 2017. I received my Prima Facie and everything still pending. The VAWA, the AOS and my second EAD renewal. I'm still legally married and I was reading that I must divorce him before the VAWA approval, is that right? If I divorce him, it must be a contested divorce? I see everywhere victims of domestic violence can divorce without your husband but I don't know how should I do. My husband sent me an email with a uncontested divorce agreement asking me to sign and send him back but I don't trust him - He is asking to sign a page that can be removed easily and attached to another document. Can I divorce without a lawyer? I'm in NYC.
  3. Hello Everyone, I think I'm facing major problem dealing with AOS based on Approved Vawa. and just looking to see if anyone have had such similar experience. March 2006: I was attending school third year with 2 more semesters to graduate. I Applied for J1 to the US (Summer Work and Travel). June 2006: I did interview at the consular and got approved Aug 2006: Received the stamp on the passport to Travel (It was weird to take 2 months to print stamp on it) and I left to my destination. I arrived in NY, my Job offer was at a different state, asked the officer if I could work here, he assured it alright and proceeded to admit me (10 mins max to enter the state with no issues at the airport or secondary). They issued my visa for a month and half only. Sep 2006: I found a job in CA and went to it, started there and as of today, still at the same job!, I got my social, drivers license... and practically lived there, Paying my Due Taxes, Opened my own business on the side and all good. Time passed by, I met my ex wife and got married in 2009 May 2009: Got married shortly after started having problems and so on, she refused to Petition me for immigration. Nov 2009: Separated, We found out she was pregnant, tried to work it out but no luck Jan 2010: Ex Wife Filed Divorce, Restraining order claiming she is scared, judge granted it 1 year knowing it was not right. July 2010: My Son Was born (i was present on her request even through there RO), filed request for custody Oct 2010: Custody hearing, I Got custody of my son. 50/50 Dec 2010: we started dating again Jan 2010: moved in back together, 3 months after started having issued again, i found out she was on anxiety pills..etc that causing here to be so angry mostly if she don't keep up the medication which she didnt. April 2010: we had major issue, and big fights, I filed for R.O and I was granted 1 year. Proceeded with Divorce. she moved out, back to regular custody plan 50/50 May 2011: filed for Vawa. I485, EAD - Received EAD Aug 2011: Divorced finalized Jan 2013: Vawa was denied May 2013: I was placed in removal proceedings Aug 2013: I filed another VAWA with More Evidence. Jan 2014: Vawa Approved, I-485 Sent to Local Office Feb 2014: Removal Proceedings Terminated to Adjust Status. April 2014: AOS Interview Notice for June June 2014: Attended the Interview with my Lawyer. The IO was so focused on denying based on any reason,he didn't even ask for the medical which i had on hand, didnt ask for any documents. He asked about Divorce even though my lawyer said he have no right to ask because already out of his authority or something, i still answered. he kept going back and fourth about me knowing that I will come to have that job and I just used J1 as method to come to the US. Even though I never knew the company but he alleged that i must have arranged it before i come. I explained to him i was living and finishing school, i made a mistake when i was young that I overstayed and my attention was not to just come and stay. however, he repeated same question like 18 times in different ways which made me feel like he was trying to trick me to say that I did, and eventually my lawyer told him this is interrogation not an interview you keep repeating same thing for like 1 hour straight, and asked to have things in writing (it was not recorded) which we did , he asks a question in writing and I answer in writing in the immigration office which i never heard an officer doing that . (according to my lawyer he just didnt like me, and anyone could see that very clear ) July 2014: received RFE to file waiver for Fraud/Misrepresentation based on not attending the original job that i was supposed to go to. or it will be denied on Sep 2014. My question is the officer assumed something that is not correct and made his decision, my lawyer said filing waiver is admitting fraud which i never attend because it was not the case, accordingly to immigration rules having a child that i Raised and cant take with me (I pay child support on time, and my taxes all good and paid since i stepped in this country) , child is NOT considered immediate relative for extreme hardship waiver,on the other hand, not filing waiver will place me in court system for removal, and I can see a judge and fight the point that the offices made his decision according to his thoughts not a single fact, he didn't ask for any proof or any paper or anything, when i went into the interview he was not interviewing he was finding a way to deny it. anyone had such an experience? and if you did how did it go?
  4. hello, please i need an urgent advise. my abused spouse cancelled his form i130 july 2018 though we filed it separately from my i785,131,485..i just checked just to find out that my ead card was approved and an interview date was schedule for dec 21 and card was recieve by dec 5.i dont live with him anymore..i dont know what to do..i already have an ead caard based on my vawa petition but am scared cos i lived with a criminal that never told me about his past and i am scared he might use that card to comit crime to implicate me. please i need an urgent advise and i intend to call my lawyer tomorrow but am wondering cos i gave my lawyer all my formal reciepts and i told him when he cancelled his i130 and my lawyer told me he doesnt care if he cancelled it but he has filed for me a new aos based on vawa..please i am trying to avoid nta and this man is evil, he might have gone to tell lies.
  5. I filed for VAWA case sept. 2016 I received RFE on August 11th 2017, which according to the attorney was very extensive, it asked for evidence on: -Good faith marriage -Good moral character (I already submitted clearance from the sheriff department and affidavits from people in the US, now they require clearance from back home -Egypt) -Evidence on battery/abuse etc -Evidence that we cohabited Attorney from the start of the meeting said very clearly that me, being Muslim, male could be a factor in making my case very unlikely to be approved... With that said, I didn't have enough evidence on good faith marriage other than tons of pictures together and a statement or two from friends, and then my personal statement truthfully explaining the situation. Then the "Egyptian" background clearance thing was practically impossible for me in the time frame (3 months) and I explained that I provided a clearance to the embassy/Department of State before I came to the US which is mandatory thing, being here means I already passed such a check and I didn't leave the states since then. Attorney also attached a copy from a MBA degree that I obtained in the US as part of this segment of RFE response. I provided a letter on counseling sessions that I attended previously and I provided another statement from a psychiatric (extensive evaluation) that said I have concerning level of depression and severe trauma etc I couldn't provide insurance or lease copy but I sent several receipts on the address and a joint bank statement etc I also explained in my statement that the time I spent there was brief and I couldn't stay for too long and preferred homelessness over abuse. I explained that during this short marriage it didn't occur to me to gather evidences on such things because I didn't have all that in mind, I knew about VAWA by coincidence when I was looking for some help in a non profit and they advised me to do that. We sent the RFE response on Nov 2nd 2017, and now the USCIS processing time for Vermont says they are on cases from Sept 2016. Do they process RFEs as a new case, or will it be sooner? and why I have a very bad feeling about that? even the attorney -I can tell she had very little confidence ...
  6. I came to united states 2017 with my Husband who was during that time a Member of the Armed Forces. I met him 2015, we got married and lived together for almost 2 years in Germany.I'm a German citizen. initially i didn't want to come to the united states because of his anger issues i was scared it was going to get worst and he would've had much power and control over me, since i don't have close family members in the US, but after a long conversation and long thinking i didn't want to give my marriage up neither my Husband so i gave us the benefit of the doubt to work on our issues. Whenever we got to his new duty station, Washington, he started with his aggressive behavior over again, even worst! Everytime i didn't do what he wanted me to do, he threated me with immigration and how he was going to kick me out. his new duty station didn't make it better. He used to gamble the money my parents was supporting me with and his money since we had a joint bank account, up to the point where we didn't had no food in the house and i had to beg neighbors and friends for help. He used to get mad and upset with me about this and used to hit me and mistreat me. He eventually after me overstaying my visitor visa and after begging him to please help me get a status so i can work and support both of us too, he applied for my Immigration paperwork. Notice Date for Biometrics: August, 22 2017 Receipt: September, 11th 2017 - I130 -I765 -I131 -I485 Biometric Appointment: October, 3rd 2017 Notice of Action: December, 23rd 2017 -I131 -I765 Notice of Decision: January, 9th 2018 -I485 Denied. Due to his abuse my Neighbor called the Police on the 19th of November 2017, my Husband had punched me a blue eye. He left the Apartment and at the same time my Neighbor brought me to the Hospital. It was a medical and Police Report Issued, he got charged with Aggravated Assault 3rd Degree. 2 weeks after that he withdrawl his petition saying that i commited fraud and i only was married to him to get a Green Card. He's case is still pending till this day. We tried to work it out after all that happen again, but then he put his hands on me again and i had to leave the apartment ever since i've been staying with a close friend. He filed for a Divorce: July, 31st 2018 Served Civil Summons: July, 31st 2018 Final Divorce Hearing : October, 1st 2018 Now I'm trying to figure out if the VAWA Petition would be the best solution for me? I'm really going crazy, because i overstayed my this entire time, I'm scared that if i go back home i would have big to face consequences and I feel sorry for everybody in a situation like, feeling this helpless and hopeless can have you fall into depression. Can someone please help me and give me advice.
  7. Hi guys! I filed I 360, 485 concurrently in Vermont in March 2017. I360 approved in September 2017 and transferred October 2017 to the San Diego field office. Since then no action has been taken on my case. Is someone else in a similar situation ??? Why does it take soooooooo long
  8. Hi All , Filed i 360, i485, i 765 (c 31)category by mistake ,together October 2016 received prima facie after that now 3 months no updates. should i again file in new category of (c 9) as AOS is pending but others say it will again start from day 1 ,, Is there anyone who can update me on this.Help me
  9. -Filed i-360 in December 2014. Petition is marriage based -Received an RFE in June 2015 which i Responded to . -I checked the website they stated that they received my documents and will be processed soon. -It is now 2017, and i haven't received any decision from them. THINGS TO NOTE: -i am using an attorney -We only filed the i-360 petition nothing else. The reasoning behind was that once we get a decision on the i-360 we can proceed to file everything else like the 1-485 and i-130 - I haven't worked in those 2 years since i don't have a work permit and my drivers' licence has long expired. I just wanted to know if this is normal or if someone has experienced such a lengthy wait time?
  10. Hello, Just a back story: I applied for my VAWA case on May 2017 and I received a Prima Facie Review of I-360 form right away. (I also received a renewal of the prima facie on Jan 2018 which will expire in July 2018.) I've been flowing the Vemont Service Centers processing times over the old uscis link and they were up to Nov 21, 2016 cases. Now that the website has changed it appears the processing times went back to September 20, 2016. I was relying on the uscis websites timeline but now its conflicting. Does anyone know what dates they are currently working on and how long it would take to reach may 2017?
  11. I know it's a long shot, but is it possible to get your wife's presumed VAWA petition as evidence in your Family Court hearing? Thanks.
  12. Hello guys, please I need your help. I had a pending i485 that was filed by my husband by my soon to be ex- husband who has now deserted me. I have filed my VAWA application based on the pending i485 but just received a notice that the pending i485 has been denied. I haven’t received the notice but I suspect he probably withdrew his sponsorship. I have a pending VAWA that has been received and I have even received a prima facie approval. Should I appeal the denied i485 or should I just file a new one with the Vermont office. He is a USC. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi, My name is Carolina. I came to the US on a b2 wisa... Married my USC ex husband and we filed i-485 along with i130, i765 and travel permit. Short after we got married he got very violent to me and verbally abusive. I stayed with him almost 1.5 years when I finally could not take it anymore. I was scheudled for my i485 interview in Oct 23rd 2017 and obviously didn't go since we were already divorced. That i-485 never changed status online (still says I was scheduled for interview in the Miami office) then when I called their Customer Care line they say they cannot disclose any information regarding my i-485. On August 2017, I filed for VAWA i-360... it was sent with strong evidence such as pictures, police arrest records and recordings of him saying he would split my head open. They sent a prima facie letter which expired on March 24th 2017. Earlier this year I sent three letters 1. Prima Facie extension. 2. Change of address 3. Remove my attorney on file. They updated my case online saying they recieved my correspondence and they are reviewing it. Now my questions are: 1. Can I apply for a work permit based on my former i-485 since no decision was made? I had an EAD that expired last year. This process has been very stressful for me as there is little information online for processing times and odds of approval... Has anybody had any VAWA experieces before?
  14. Hello, everyone, It is truly hard to understand all these procedures to get through when applying for vawa. My lawyers can't give me normal information that I would be able to understand and I'm trying to figure myself if I understand things correctly. Case was collected by my lawyers was a long process of collecting evidences, reports, affidavits and such and sent to Vermont from NYC March 1st. I have 3 receipts now: 1) I-360 for me and my son (2 papers) 2) I-485 only for me 1 paper (my layers told me I-485 for my son was returned for some reason and they should send it again, it wasn't fee waived) All 3 receipts when I check them online they say "case received, fees waved". Do work authorization have any receipt number too? My lawyers filed all of the forms together. My question is what are the regular (ok, +-) waiting times for work authorization first of all and then for the case approved and the interview from the moment it is sent? Can someone help with approximate time line? My biggest concern is WA since vawa petitioner is clearly already in a very bad situation coming through and can't legally work. To me it is critical, I have a son and no support. To know more about this procedure would help a lot. Thank you!
  15. Hello, everyone, it's a great news! I have received my PR (vawa based)and my years of struggle is just over and I wish the same for every struggling immigrant in this country. I want to thank the creator of this website where I was able to check multiple kinds of cases and learn how to be patient and positive and thankful to people who shared their experience in this website from which I have learned some good knowledge. I am sharing my timeline so everyone can have an idea whats happening in immigration procedures. married Oct 2012 posted i-485 2013 Feb shades of abuse March 2013 the interview may 2013 (separated in the interview and was under review) 2013 to 2015 ( harassment and verbal abuse and finally physical abuse where my forehead was knocked out) hospitalized. 2015 my spouse has withdrawn my pending i-485 and ran away from the house since I have filed the police report and restraining order. came to know about VAWA in 2016 and applied. 2016 April posted vawa ( prima facea extended 5 times ) 2017 Feb RFE (good faith marriage) I have sent addition more documents. 2017 sep vawa approved 2017 oct I-485 and EAD filed (fee was waived considering low income) 2018 end of Feb EAD was approved and mailed ( received in 5days ) 2018 March first week interview date and had attended the interview. (interview lasted for 12minutes ) and I was told "we will review your case and will mail the decision" I have received the decision and it was actually approved 3 days later my interview. I had an attorney all this time of vawa period and he was with me in the interview. In my interview, oath and she scanned my fingers and took a picture and just went through my I-485 form. although my attorney prepared me for all kinds of question like marriage and abuse related (for just in case situations) thankfully my Officer was nice and easy. march second week My PR was received. once again thank you, everyone, who keeps this website informative. #i-485 #vawa #i-360 #approved #ead
  16. hi any one can help starting the process of us citizenship and forms with a vawa green card and the whole processing times . thanks
  17. Has anyone filed for i360 in the first quarter of 2017. What's your timeline? Or anyone have been approved recently?
  18. Received the attached article from a retired DHS Immigration and Customs Agent. VAWA is necessary to protect immigrant spouses from abusive US sponsor husbands / wives, however, criminally minded immigrants can receive a Green Card by falsely claiming Domestic Violence to USCIS officials when the immigrant self petitions for a Green Card / Change in Status after separation / divorce. Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA) is the focal point for Domestic Violence-Related Immigration Fraud; the paper says, "VAWA encourages Immigration Fraud." Male and female Immigrant Spouses are briefed about VAWA before they arrive on a K-1 Fiance Visa. Very alarming article. Beware. VAWA-Funded-Immigration-Fraud (1).pdf
  19. Please help me. I have old deportation order because I missed a interview with immigration I never received the notice about the interview or the deportation. Long story short I got married to my ex husband. He was so abusive I had to leave him and take my son away from him. I file the vawa and was approved he is a American citizen. I hired a lawyer to help me file a motion to reopen my Deportation case and terminate it and then finish my path to with vawa to get my green card. Has anyone experienced a case similar to times. She file the i360 +i485. What is the process time to get a case we reopen? I have Been approved for tps.
  20. Hi. I want some advice from you. I am an international student in Canada and I married without permission of my parents last year. After that I was hit by my husband and he took advantage of me because I had nothing left in this world. He was the only one. I lost my friends and family after a marriage with 37 years age gap. I was 18 and I took everything he said. He even calls me f words and keep abusing emotionally and physically. We got rfe for I 130 and I dont want to be taken advantage of anymore. I am doing my first year Bachelors. I cant go back to my home country as i will be killed ( honour killing). I cant afford to pay international tution. He even cancelled my phone number that i used to look for job from so long. I recorded him once on phone where he admitted hitting me because he was too angry. I am hopeless and homeless. He changed my life from a student who got an article about her in local newspaper when she was 17 to a homeless (very soon) and hopeless (since marriage) person. What should i do.
  21. I am married to a U.S citizen and he is abusing me. I came to the U.S and I got sick and had a major operation and spent one year in a rehab facility. While I was in the rehab I met the most wonderful man. He was sweet, kind, loving, he was just overall amazing and we fell in love. He got released from the rehab about 2 months before I did and when I got out I decided I was gonna rent an apartment and just start fresh because I had lost one year of my life. I was trying to move on from him. Trying to convince myself that what we had was just because we had no other options. But I couldn't and it didn't help that he was calling and texting me non-stop so I decided ok let's just see where this leads. BAM! He asks me to marry him. I was over the moon because I love this man. I told him I wanna do this the right way. I don't want us to move in together until after the ceremony. He said he was so eager to make me his wife we had to get married right away. A few weeks later we were standing in line at the court house, giddy in love and eager to be man and wife. We did it. We got married over a year ago and I moved in. We were happy for the first couple months and then I got a job. He would argue that he couldn't work because of his hip and I was working and acting like I was better than him. I tried to play it down because as this point we're already married and I have no family here so I have nowhere else to go. And he had already filed the I-130. I noticed he started drinking and his sister told me he always drank - this was news to me. The first time he beat me I was shocked and humiliated. I'm a 50 year old woman and I've never before experienced this. I didn't know what to do. Then he would apologize and say he's sorry and do it again a couple days later. I got my work-permit a couple months after we filed and he said he was happy and then that night he beat me because he said I would get a good job and walk around like I was somebody and I was nobody. I went and did a nursing course a couple months after that and on the day of my exam he used his cane to beat me bloody and break one my fingers so I couldn't do the exam. I've called the police countless times. I contacted a lawyer who does VAWA cases for the state and she promised to get the paper work started but up till yesterday when I spoke to her she hadn't started yet because she says they have to meet with me a few more times. I'm writing this from a hospital bed with a brace on my neck and back because he tried to break my back tonight. He says he isn't going to stop until he kills me. What can I do? The VAWA application hasn't started processing and for all I know our interview is being scheduled right now. I can't do this anymore. What can I do? Please help me. He says he will tell them he doesn't know me if we go in to the interview together. I know realistically he can't say that but it just shows that he... At this point I don't even know.
  22. I been waiting since last August anyone in the same situation?????any help still waiting................... my Name Was Updated On August 10, 2016, we updated your name for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status, Receipt Number Fees Were Waived On August 8, 2016, we received your case and waived the filing fee for your Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant , Receipt Number
  23. After 14 month of filling I 360, VAWA I got RFE on 6 pages for more additional evidence in 3 chapters: SHARED RESIDENSE; BATTERY OR EXTREME CRUELTY and GOOD FAITH MARRIAGE. Is this almost denial? I don't have police report but I represent 6 Affidavits from my friends and family and USCIS says it is insufficient evidence. Does somebody experienced the same situation? Please, help and I have to answer till March 4th. It takes much time to write and gather again all this affidavits.
  24. SORRY THIS WILL BE A LONG POST HOPEFULLY I WILL MAKE AS DETAIL AS POSSIBLE Long story short I had someone help me file my documents for Vawa around May 24th ,2017 we send in i360 & i765 June 5th - i360 : got a receipt notice fee waived june 6th i765: receipt notice for $410 to be pay for my application she mention to me I shouldn't be paying for this application but just lets send the money and they will send it back I send it in June 16th got my receipt notice amount received June 27th received letter for evidence of applications i360 Need: abuser is a Us citizenship that we are living together evidence of abuse moral character letter that marriage in good faith July 26th request for evidence of forms i485 along with forms i765 and copy of the evidence letter by dead inline OCTOBER 21,2017 money was tight took me a little August 22nd send in I485, i131 and a copy of the letter requesting evidence i had mention to her from reading this forum was I to also send in all applications of i485,i131 and i765 together ,she told me it's not need because we already file for the i765 and we just had to send the original letter for evidence so I didnt argue because she been helping people file documents for over some years October 6 receive biometric appointment for October 24th I was thinking finally something looking up REMIND YOU NOW I STILL HAVENT NOT SEND IN MY EVIDENCE MY I360 (Vawa) i have gather this I think is need,I have no police report, but I do have many picture I documented of the abuse,moral character letters,letters from friends and family about the relationship,police clearance, bank staments ect she keep telling me I have time November 24th Decision of i765 denied basically it's saying I didn't send in all the evidence that was required by the expiration date of October 21st and it also indicated that I did file for the i485 on September 11 I don't know what to do it saying the decision may not be appeal but if I think it was incorrect for me to submit form 1-290b with in 33 days of the notice HELP ME SOMEONE PLZ
  25. Hi there, I havent been on for a while but an issue came up with a friend of the family. My wife's friend that she met in an advanced English class this year found out this ongoing information and we are trying to help of possible. This site is tremendously helpful so any information is appreciated. OK here it goes.. They were married in Colombia legally in the beginning of 2017. The man is a Colombian who is/has already been a US Citizen an living in the USA, actually in Pa. The woman is a Colombian citizen who has previously and currently holds a tourist visa. In Colombia she was a licensed dentist fyi. After they were married, he visited several times over the year while they were married. In September of this year, she traveled to the US and of course moved in with her husband. They filed an i485 under the classification of 201B INA Spouse of USC and a Work permit in September of this year. She had her fingerprints already. Now the bad stuff kicks in. Evidently he doesnt like being married to her for some reason and started verbally abusing her. Then he decided to only give her 18 dollars a week (dont know the rason of the odd amount) while she is attending school which requires bus rides to and from, lunch, incidentals etc. He doesn't take her shopping for cold weather clothes, he does bring food home. Now he said a couple of weeks ago he is bored and told her she has to leave the house. He won't respond to any questions she presents him. Now a few days ago he wants her out because he cant afford the rent. (He is a licensed employed engineer)Took her phone away. He says he wont give $$ to allow her to fly back Colombia. He is getting more aggressive. She stays in her bedroom alone. The spouse did find out from his mother that he is bipolar and refuses to take prescribed meds. These are pretty much the broad strokes so I have a bunch of questions obviously that are from me and from her as well. Honestly I never met the man but I know the woman. She still tries to care for him, cooking, cleaning, etc. I know she hopes he will change but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen. Her tourist stay has now expired a few days ago but the application is in in far advance of the expiration date Is she protected any way as a spouse to get kicked out of the married home with the recent situation, she cant work yet, has no family or close family here? Is her legally bound to support her? If she can go back to Colombia on her own, evidently the Green Card application goes away but will she automatically loose the tourist visa? Did even coming here on a tourist visa screw this whole thing up? Can the husband cancel the application if she doesnt agree? If he can, can she apply on her own due to circumstances? (Form i360?) Will pursuing VAWA help her in any way. Solutions, ideas, real advice is appreciated.