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  1. My husband and I filed his AOS from K1 category. Tracking shows the package was received January 13 however I have not received a receipt notice yet. I’m sure it’s coming soon. My question is my husband got a job offer and the owner of that company is going to be generating a letter. Assuming I get the receipt number shortly here, what do you think the chances are of us getting an expedite on EAD right after filing with a letter?
  2. Hi All, This may be silly question,but I would like to hear some suggestions. So I have applied for travel extension for my sister(on November) who is an LPR.She was here in USA and had to travel back last month.We applied for travel extension(I-131) as due to this current covid situation it is not sure if she can come back with in 6 Months or in an year period.Unfortunately coz of the delay due to COVID , even though we applied on November we got to know this week that USCIS started processing her application.USCIS charged my credit card.But my sister had to return and she is no longer is available for biometric as part of the application.So her I-131 will get denied. I know it is not right ,but is it okay if I go to my credit card company and dispute the application fee that was charged.?
  3. After interview June 2019 got 221g submit documents Aug 2019 9 jan 2020 got mail by embassy sending file back to NVC IR1 Case return to NVC 21 February 2020 case received USCIS After that no any answer or no reply mail please help me out with this stuck it’s one year already stuck in USCIS My case has been stuck at USCIS after consulate returned it for further review. I have already send many email Is there anything else I can do? Does anyone know email address for new USCIS director? Does anyone know email address for DHS director? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to put some pressure. Thanks,
  4. I send i751 form dec last year. Today took money from uscis. And right now 2028382200 call me. I though bad parson because he dont talking name. And he ask me are you speak english? And i said no Because I was sceard. And I did hang off. But when I hang off finish I reserch this number. Its was uscis. Then when I call back they cant answer.. What shall I do?
  5. Hello everyone I would like to know if President Trump's executive order affects the processing of I130s by USCIS or it is only at the NVC that it is felt for the F2A visa category Thank you
  6. Bonjour a tous je souhaiterais savoir si le décret du Président Trump affecte le traitement des dépôts I130 par USCIS ou c'est seulement à la NVC Merci
  7. Does anyone know if the applicant needs to carry I-864 form with original wet ink signature to the immigrant visa (IR-1) interview? This form was already submitted to NVC. Neither NVC nor US Consulate, Mumbai is able to answer this question. They advise to ask USCIS. Moreover, travel.state.gov webpage says otherwise: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visas-news-archive/20161228_ink-signature-no-longer-required-on-affidavits-of-support.html, but I am not absolutely sure as I never heard back from the US Consulate, Mumbai.
  8. Hello All, I am a USC, and I filed i-130 for my immigrant spouse February 6, 2020. I received my NOA1 a few days later. My receipt number had IOE written on it, but on the bottom left corner it said Potomac. I have not yet received my NOA2 or no other updates at all. Is there anyone else who is going through this same situation? Any advice on making this "wait" easier...
  9. Hi, I know this is a perennial topic. However, I do have some specific questions that I haven't seen answered here, so that's why I'm creating yet another thread. My wife's AOS interview has been scheduled for the end of this month (Jan. 2021) at the San Francisco USCIS field office. She filed for AOS before Oct. 15, 2019, so she's not subject to the new I-944 rules. I'm assuming that we're going to be interviewed together, and not subject to a "Stokes interview", but I'm not 100% sure. Below you can see my categorized list of all the documents that I've gathered and plan to bring to the interview. But first I have some questions I want to put to the VJ community. 1. Missing documents There are several documents in the "suggested" list which we do NOT have. Specifically, her driver’s license or state ID (she doesn't have one yet), joint lease agreement, mortgage, or utilities (we've been living rent-free at my parents' house), letters and W2s from current employers (we're both currently unemployed), life insurance (don't have any yet), auto insurance or joint ownership (car is still in my name only because she doesn't drive yet), or joint liabilities. We've no sponsors, no previous divorces, no children, so those docs are all n/a. I'm assuming that none of the above missing documents will be a "dealbreaker" since we still have plenty of evidence that does prove our relationship (listed below). I realize the fact that we're both currently unemployed might seem like a red flag. Would it be a good idea for me I bring some additional evidence showing that I have been looking for a job (resume, job applications, etc), and her planning for her career goals? Or is it enough to simply explain this verbally if we're asked about it? I'm assuming that the interviewer will be somewhat understanding that the job market is particularly unstable recently due to the Coronavirus and shelter-in-place orders. In any case, as my tax returns show, I have more than enough income from investments to put me well above the required minimum income threshold so I'm assuming this should not be a "dealbreaker"? 2. I-765 and I-131 renewal applications? We originally submitted forms I-765 and I-131 with the full AOS package back in Oct. 2019, and got the AP/EAD combo card in Mar. 2020. In Sep. 2020 we against submitted forms I-767 and I-131 for AP/EAD renewal. Should I bring the original I-765 and I-131 applications from Oct. 2019, or the renewal applications from Sep. 2020 (or both)? 3. Other documentation from K1 process? Planning to bring copies of the full K1 package, as well as the approval notice from the I-129F application. Do I need to bring other correspondence from the overseas K1 phase, such as the various notices of action and correspondence from the overseas consulate? 4. Originals vs. copies? I'm still a bit confused about how many copies of each document I should be bringing. I have originals for passports, social security cards, birth certificates, marriage certificate, all received I-797s and I-797Cs, EAD/AP combo card. Do I need to bring photocopies of all these original documents as well? For evidence of cohabitation, and co-mingling of finances, insurance, etc. I assume that I can just print out screenshots from online banking, my insurance portal, etc, and don't need copies certified by my banker, insurance provider, or a notary public? 5. Certification for letter? My parents will write a letter explaining that my wife and I have been living in their home since moving to the US, for a period of time longer than originally intended due to the Coronavirus and shelter-in-place order. Is it enough that they simply sign and date this letter, or do I need to have it certified by a notary public? 6. Updated I-864? Somewhere on VJ, I recall reading about "updating" the I-864 to reflect the most up-to-date financial information. That's not right, is it? I am planning to bring the version of form I-864 originally submitted in Oct. 2019 (based on the info in my 2018 tax return), plus copies of my most recent (2019) tax return, which I assume should be enough to demonstrate to the interviewer my most recent financial situation without re-doing the already-submitted form. 7. Interview language issues The interview instructions say to arrange for a translator by conference call if needed. My wife's English is so-so. As in, definitely not 100% fluent. She should be able to comprehend most basic questions, but if the interviewer asks more complicated questions she could have trouble understanding. She should be able to answer most any questions in English, albeit her grammar won't be perfect. I'm fluent in my wife's language (Mandarin), and acted as Interpreter on all her forms. In this situation, am I allowed to serve as translator if needed? Mainly, in the case the interviewer asks her a more complex question, am I allowed to translate it to Mandarin for her, after which she would then use her best English to answer? I understand that if my wife's English were 0%, and I was translating her answers from Mandarin back to English, that might be a problem, because the interviewer could suspect I have a bias and am not translating correctly. But if I only help with translation from English to Mandarin, and then let her speak for herself to answer the questions in English, should that be okay? Or do I need to arrange for a professional third-party translator to be on call to go on conference call if necessary? It also occurs to me that this being the San Francisco field office, there are probably staff there who are fluent in my wife's language. However, I have no way to know whether her interviewer will be one of them or not. Below is my checklist so far. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance, and sorry again for creating yet another thread on this topic. Documents for identification purposes • both our passports • both our social security cards • both our birth certificates (plus translation of hers) • her police report (plus translation) Documents from K1 application through POE • full I-129F application package (plus supporting documents) • her records and CD from pre-K1 medical exam • I-797 (approval of I-129F) • I-94 Documents from AOS application • marriage certificate • full AOS application, including I-485, I-864, I-765, and I-131 (plus supporting documents, including 2018 tax return and 1099) • I-797C (notices of receipt of I-485, I-864, I-765, and I-131) • I-797C (biometrics appointment letter) • I-797 (notice of approval of I-765 and I-131) • her EAD/AP card • I-797C (notices of receipt of I-765 and I-131 [1 yr renewal]) • I-797C (I-485 interview appointment letter) Supporting evidence of relationship • most recent (joint) tax return and 1099 (most recent: 2019) • joint health insurance • record of her additional immunizations since coming to the US • evidence of joint dental bills • joint credit card • joint bank account/evidence of co-mingled finances • joint AT&T account • her enrollment in ESL classes at our local community college • joint Apple music family subscription • mail addressed to her and me at same address • correspondence between her and my family and relatives • receipts from our travel together in the US • photos • signed letter from my parents stating that my wife and I live together at their house Items we do NOT have • driver’s license or state ID (her) • joint lease agreement or mortgage • letters from current employers • life insurance • auto insurance or joint ownership • joint liabilities • utility bills
  10. N400 application timeline:- Applied N400 online: Mar/27/2020 Acknowledgement letter received within 3 days in mail. 10 months later finally I was scheduled on December/17/2020 and I had my biometrics completed on Jan/11/2021 Now after biometrics USCIS case status updated to: "we are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, Receipt Number IOE********** Our records show nothing is outstanding at this time. We will let you know if we need anything from you". Does anyone know how long further it will take to schedule interview? As it's already been 10 months. Please advise!
  11. October 12, 2019 - Filed for AOS, EAD, and AP October 24, 2019 - Received NOA1 for above filings March 27, 2020 - Received EAD/AP combo card September 28, 2020 - Filed for renewal of EAD/AP combo card (including one form G-1125 for both forms I-765 and I-131) September 30, 2020 - EAD/AP renewal forms received by USCIS lockbox, Phoenix October 19, 2020 - It's been three weeks, and still no NOA1 acknowledging action on application for EAD/AP renewal When first filed in 2019, it took only 12 days to receive NOA1. Now it's been 21 days and still no NOA1. Am I wrong to expect that USCIS will even send me a NOA1 for EAD/AP renewal applications? I did fill out two forms G-1125.
  12. Hello, i am extremely grateful for the help of this community. i have entered states and the receipt number on USCiS tracker shows that my greencard is being produced. My question is: will they send the social security with it? Or do i need to apply for that somewhere ? can i apply for drivers license in florida state before greencard is received? Are there any other important form or application which we should submit now? @pushbrk @dwheels76
  13. Hello, I just wanted to know if anyone has got their I-129F approved by USCIS recently and when you submitted it. I had submitted mine in mid-June 2020 and haven't heard back anything yet, and wanted to get a rough idea of when I should expect to hear back about whether its approved.
  14. Hello members, For about eight months now, my husband's CR1 visa is stuck in "pending security checks" at the Potomac center. I have inquired multiple times but keep getting the same response. My congressman also wrote to them on my behalf and got the same response. We both have clean records. I can't imagine why we have remained pending for so long. Has anyone else been in this situation?
  15. Hello everyone, We have sent form I-751 last month. It has been a month since USCIS has received our paperwork via FedEx (we have proof of delivery) but we have not received any notification in the mail, or email (signed up for e-notification), personal bank check has not been cashed out yet. We are just waiting to get the receipt number from them. Tried calling them, also sent them an email but has not received any response yet. Does anyone know what is causing the delay? Does anyone experiencing the same thing? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you for your time and responses in advance!
  16. Despite COVID, USCIS adjust more/same cases in the last Q (Feb - June) than the last 2 Qs. Q3, USCIS Approved 43,362 and Denied 1,747 ~ 4%, also the amount of pending applications are down ~7K from Q2 and ~38K from Q1 So far YTD (Oct 2019 - June 2020) USCIS Approved 128,106 and Denied ~6,000 Cases ~ 5% https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/reports/Quarterly_All_Forms_FY2020Q3.pdf
  17. Hi! I'm in the process of changing my current status to the F1 status. If I'm doing my process online (Filling the I-539 Form) and I have a question regarding the spaces that are not appplicable to me. Would you recomend leave them Blank or with "NA (Not applicable)" Thanks
  18. Hello, I am going to India to get a court marriage done and get a certificate and apply for CR1 as soon as I am back. The attorney's, however, keep on giving different opinions on getting married via Hindu Marriage Act vs Special Marriage Act. Since, I want my process to be clear and smooth I want to make sure I am covering all the bases with legitimate paperwork and hence building a clean and clear case for USCIS submission. Please advise on which Marriage Certificate will be valid for Immigration purposes and also recommend a lawyer if you have someone in mind who helped you. Thank you in advance. Looking forward for your replies. Thanks, Rudraksh
  19. Hi all, I sent out my Stem OPT application using USPS priority mail with signature confirmation to USCIS PO BOX in Dallas . Am really worried that no one will be there to sign it and pick it up from usps and my application might be sent back .. I can’t afford it to come back as I need to start working ASAP. Please advise if anyone else has done the same mistake and if theirs got picked up by USCIS!??? Am worried sick thinking about it!! 😔😔
  20. I'm helping a friend fill in an N-400 application along with the I-912 request for a fee waiver, and I just wanted to ask a few straightforward questions. Firstly, where do you find a USCIS Online Account Number if you have one? She registered for an online account until she realized the fee waiver meant submitting a paper application, but if she's required to put in an account number she will, but she can't seem to find it anywhere. Perhaps that's for older USCIS online accounts? On Part 3 of the I-912, the PDF file autofills the applicant's name based on the name inputted in Part 2. It gets cut off, so I'm wondering what the best approach is for this. To white out the name in Part 3 and hand write it in full? It doesn't let you delete it since it's automatically pulling from the name in Part 2. Regarding Part 5, Question 4 of the I-912, it asks about others in the household. I presume she should check Yes for full-time student for the kid, but I ask just because sometimes forms ask questions about being a student as a way to know that an adult is doing something full time, so I wasn't sure if there was any particular approach to have about an actual, non-adult child. She has been below the fax filing threshold for many years so I'm wondering what she must bring to the interview besides paystubs. For Part 7 (Family Member Signatures), her U.S. citizen child doesn't need to sign because she's not requesting any benefit, right? Thank you!
  21. I'm taking 2019 Tax Return to the Interview instead Tax Transcript because IRS Is still Processing it since March. Would 2019 Tax Return alone be ok?
  22. We both want the divorce and we are ready to file the papers soon. I already left the country and I don't want to go back to the US so do we have to notify the USCIS? I don't want the green card anyways.
  23. Hello VJers, I (beneficiary from Ireland) married a USC and we have just started our CR1 visa journey ❤️ We filed a paper i-130 CR1 petition on 09/15/2020. We then received NOA1 and our receipt number beginning with IOE on 09/26/2020 Service center I believe is Potomac as it's on the hardcopy (Nebraska is stated on the online case status) When we got access to our online account I saw our petition was accepted. Under the documents tab I also saw our paper filed petition scanned and uploaded on 09/21/2020, the scan had a super long name that ended in part 1. What I did notice was the only evidence of a bona fide marriage that was included in the scanned version was our photos. None of the big wedding/holiday receipts, call/chat logs, flight itineraries or boarding passes we sent were included in the upload they scanned. I thought this was odd but maybe the images are enough evidence for now? Wondering if any other paper filer noticed they left things out or they uploaded the rest eventually? I then noticed our case status was touched on the 10/08/2020.
  24. Hi Guys Im new to this and desperate for some advice. I'm in need of help, I tried to get my driving permit last year and said they couldn't verify my immigration status. (I was on 1 year J1 visa). This year I finally got my EAD through Adjustment of Status. I was confident that there wouldn't be any issued in the RMV (MA) because of this, brought plenty of documents to prove my legal status etc. They gave me the same thing where I got a case in SAVE, they couldn't tell me anymore information on this but they just gave me a case number. But the thing is, the same situation happened last year and nothing happened, I never got a response or mail so I just gave up and decided to wait on my EAD or GC. I checked my SAVE status and says "SAVE has returned your case to Massachusetts - Department of Transportation, Registry of Motor Vehicles Division" and that I should check back with the RMV. This status was shown on the SAVE website on the same day I went to the RMV (MA). have tried contacting USCIS, and directed me back to a SAVE number which directed my call back to USCIS and the RMV cannot me reached. RMV is taking so long to make appointments right now because of Covid and the lines are very very long. I'm afraid I am going to be on loop again and won't be able to get anything done.
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