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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there! So my wife and I are currently based in Australia and we are looking to start the IR-1 process! My questions are: 1. From Australia, can we send our packet to the required service centre from outside the country? 2. As my wife has no US income but had filed her taxes last year, will this still be accepted as a current tax return form? Thanks for your assistance!
  2. I'm now preparing all the documents I need for my interview. But I have a bit of a confusion as to what to show for my petitioner's and joint sponsor's tax returns. So backstory is, NVC immediately approved both petitioner and js 2016 and 2017 federal tax returns from the tax preparer BUT rejected 2018 due to "multiple documents uploaded into one etc". So what we uploaded for the 2018 was from the IRS site and not from the tax preparer (we discovered the site late) which they now accepted. Then NVC again asked for the W2 of my js. So we gave the one from the irs site. So my question is, should I present the 2016, 2017 tax return by the tax preparer and 2018 from irs site? Or can I just give the 2016, 2017 tax returns from the IRS site? Thank you! 😊
  3. Hello everyone! I hope I can get some help So on page (Form I-864) 4 /part 6/ item7 it asks for your “current individual annual income” My husband is self-employed and his icome is so different ever year and hard to predict, he says it’s usually $10-20,000 change every year but he has no proof as he is self employe. What kind of proof can a self employed person show for the current income in present year? Thank you!
  4. Hi, Im about to file my GreenCard adjustment of status from O1 to K3 application through marriage, do I as the beneficiary (applying for my green card) need to provide my Tax returns for the past 3 years also? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, my fiance had his interview on november 22 2016, at jamaican embassy in kingston. They issue him a white slip 221g. The additional documents they needed were my tax return transcript, and w2 1040. They gave me the option to email those documents. I emailed them the next day. When I go on the ceac website, it looks as though they've looked at his case, I see a date of december 12. This is the second time they've reviewed it, last time it was december 2. So it went from November 22, to dec 2, to dec 12. But status still says administrative processing. Can someone please tell me what's going? Im very nervous....im nervous because I'm hoping I have enough income to sponsor him. I have a household of 5 (including him) and made only 35,000 last year 2015. This year, I made 37,000. I see for a household of 5, I would have to have made at least 35,550. So I missed it by 550 dollars. Can someone please give me insight? Does k1 go by 100% or 125% poverty level? Will they turn him down because of This? I had to complete form i- 134 affidavit of support, if that helps. Thank you.
  6. Hi all, I am a dual US/Australian citizen who has been living in Australia for 20 years (since I was 8 years old) and never filed taxes nor worked in the US. I have filed the i-130 under exceptional circumstances to petition my spouse here in Sydney so that we can move over together to the US. I have a job offer that starts in 3 months time. Since reading about next steps and reading lots of things on this forum, I believe I now need to file my tax return in order to fill out the I-864 form correctly. Does anyone know the quickest way to file my taxes for the past 3 years? I will also have to file the FBAR forms for the past 6 years I believe since I wasn't aware I also had to do that. My interview to file the I-130 in person is on the 5th February so am hoping I can somehow get proof I've submitted the tax returns ASAP. Any recommendations very welcome! Thank you!
  7. Hi there! I'm an Alien pending I-485 AOJ with my wife So I was wondering since USCIS requires a Affidavit of Support, and as of current, I can meet the income requirements if I file for the Tax Year 2019. I filed In late June of 2019, and turns out the income I submitted didn't reach the minimum Federal Poverty Guideline, due to complications with our Joint Sponsor and dependents and extra income and that for Tax Year 2018. However our Joint Sponsor now would meet well over the 125% Poverty Guideline. My deadline to submit is April 12th I tried searching on the USCIS website to see what "Most recent Tax return" had any definition to see weather I could file with 2019 Tax Return but I couldn't find anything. I will call USCIS tomorrow to see if they have any answers but I very much doubt it. TL;DR Basically my question is can I use the Tax return of both my Joint Sponsor for Tax Year 2019, as my 2018 wouldn't meet the income requirements unless I asked a different joint sponsor to Sponsor me. Which is a pure hassle.
  8. Hi all I am a K1 Visa recipient and my husband and I are filing our AOS soon. I have a question regarding the required tax documentation on the I-864, Affidavit of Support. I understand that if we file AOS before the end of 2019 our most recent tax year would have been 2018, and we've got that. But if we file in January 2020, would our most recent tax year be 2019 already, thus requiring the proper documentation for 2019 instead? I ask because the company my husband works for doesn't send out W2s until February, but we REALLY don't want to wait any longer to file our AOS because my I-94 had been expired since October 22nd. We've planned to file this December 16th but something came up, and we might have to reroute the budget for that one onto something else.... sigh (I know, I know, we're filing late, but life happens and so here we are...) 😅 So I'm thinking: 1) Perhaps USCIS would allow the submission of 2018 records due to the fact that tax season for 2019 won't be over until April 2020 anyways? 2) Perhaps we could include an explanation on our cover letter as to why we're submitting 2018 records despite 2019 ending? So yeah, I would appreciate any input from anyone who can help. Thank you all
  9. Hello! I am so confused about what to send to nvc regarding tax return. Aside from w2, each tax return for each year has a lot of pages. My question is, should I send all of those pages or just one page, the 1040 one? Please help. I appreciate it. Thanks!
  10. We got an RFE asking for my husband's (the sponsor) tax return whereas he was in the Peace Corps for 2 years and then moved back to the US and practically did not work thus was not required to file for tax return. He has a job now and is above the poverty line and the USCIS seem to not have to problem with the sponsor part, they just wanted the tax return, what should we do? Would a proof showing that he was not required to file tax return enough?
  11. Hi! We just received a notice from NVC about our case and when I log in, there are two messages named Tax Returns but when I click on it, it doesn't show any message! Is that normal? Tried on mobile and laptop, same result. So i tried to click on "Invalid doc" under AOS. But when I open it, it has the message "Due to a systems issue..." is everybody having this message? Since I don't know why the doc is invalid, can I assume that it is because we scanned the actual paper ITR, and not the one that can be downloaded from the IRS site? Help anyone? Below is the image that shows on ceac when opening AOS docs. Also included the blank message.
  12. Hey guys. Just wondering about the financial aspect of the K1 visa. I am wondering what I will need to provide to prove my income since I did not work a lot the previous year and so my income on my tax returns were very low. However , I currently have a new job where I have been working for 7 months and my income meets the requirements based off my rate of pay. What would I provide if asked for my income since I haven’t filed my income tax for this year yet.
  13. Hi! Me and my husband (petitioner) got married on a K1-visa a month ago. We are currently assembling our AOS. We are having problems with the I-864. He is currently well above the 125% poverty line, but it's a new job so it's not reflected on any tax returns. His past tax returns does not meet the income requirement, but we have paystubs and a letter from his employer showing that he makes more than enough now. Should we use a joint sponsor to be on the safe side? We are both terrified of delays, as I am beyond ready to start working! For our I-134 we used his dad as a joint sponsor, but I was told at the embassy in Sweden that it wasn't necessary. But I know the I-864 is under more scrutiny than the I-134 is. Has anyone been in this situation and can share their experience? I'd be great to hear from someone with experience so it's not just guess work. Thank you!
  14. IRS changed the tax return transcript format. To protect privacy, a lot of key information on the transcript was hidden, replaced by XXX, or just leave some initial letters. Is this new version still okay for USCIS?
  15. Hi all, We filed the tax return for 2018 jointly. We requested the IRS to treat me as a resident alien, since I did not meet the requirements to automatically be treated as one. One of the requirements in that case is that I filed my foreign income here, which I did. Since all that is on the tax return, do I also have to translate the "W2" from my country (Netherlands) or do we just need my husbands W2 etc, since he's the sponsor? I'm going to try to get an IRS transcript, but in case we can't get it for whatever reason I want to make sure I have everything (interview is this upcoming week) Thanks!
  16. Hello, for k1 visa, my fiancee (the petitioner) is unable to get her transcript online as she doesnt know what address the irs hold for her most recent tax return (issues with prev employer not updating her address). She requested them by post but it says its been posted to her address on her recent tax return - she doesnt live there (previous address) anymore. My question is, how can she get her tax returns sent to her current address? Its for the i134 affidavit of support.
  17. Hello guys. Please someone who knows about this topic to help me. I’ve asked several groups, looked at USCIS website, and even visa journey website and each one says different than the other. i did not meet the minimum income to sponsor my Brazilian fiancé. We do not have a co sponsor and won’t have one. I have savings and I own a vehicle that I can use towards the income. But my question is: the amount of cash that I need to have must be x5 or x3? Example: the income required is 21k, I have 20k, therefore I need 1,000 times 5 in cash, so I need 5,000 to put in the affidavit of support and AOS. But im confused if it’s tines 5 or times 3. Has anyone been into this situation??
  18. I was told my wife and I should file our tax return jointly. She has temporary greencard until December 2021 when she is to receive her permanent green card. We have a tax credit for our kid that we want to collect on thats apart of my federal tax return. Im concerned it will be taken by the government as my student loans are in default if we file jointly so of course I lose any federal tax return im owed. Can we file separately so that we can collect on that earned child credit or is that a really bad idea when immigration sees separate tax returns ? And is that a useless futile thing that the government will clearly see through and tax our earned child tax credit some other way ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I dont mean to sound greedy, but my kid has Crohns disease and I spend a ton keeping her alive and she doesnt qualify for Medicaid or Allkids.
  19. I should be booking my interview appointment soon but I am a little confused over the tax returns I need to bring because our situation is slightly different. My fiancee has lived with me in Ireland for the last two years. For the first year she was in college and then she started working here in the second year (last year). As a US citizen working abroad she is required to declare her foreign earned income to the IRS. She won't actually have to pay tax as she doesn't earn enough. We have not done this yet but are getting the forms together. Due to the fact that she doesn't have a job in the US, I will need a co-sponsor (her mom). So I will need to bring an I134 from my fiancee and an I134 from her mom. I will need her moms most recent tax return but my question is what do I bring from my fiancee? Do I wait till we send in all this paperwork for foreign earned income (June is the time limit to do it) and use her 2018 return? Or do I just get her last tax return from when she lived in the US which would be about 2 years old? Thanks
  20. Hey when they ask for tax returns do they mean tax return transcripts or the W2 forms? My wife made zero dollars in income in 2018 both in the US and overseas as she has been living with me for the past 7 months. Does she still need to file her taxes while overseas and submit that during the interview?
  21. please help! I submitted the past 3 years of tax returns for myself and my co sponsor.. as per the request on CEAC stating "tax return or transcript" I got a notice saying they cannot accept those documents and I need to send in a transcript. Unfortunately the IRS won't let me retrieve it online or by e mail and their service center is so backed up they won't take calls. did anybody run into this issue? which tax documents did you submit? I am trying to find a way to get around this as its the thing holding us back from getting to move on. thanks
  22. Please correct me if I am wrong. I believe tax return of petioner and beneficiary is not required for filing I-130. We are showing our joint bank account statement and 401k beneficiary document where we have assigned each other as beneficiaries on our 401k account. Do you recommend submitting tax return/tax transcripts as well? Or is that something we should only submit when we file affidavit of support down the line. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you!
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