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Found 8 results

  1. I just became a us citizen through naturalization. I know that I can register to vote and uscis officers told us about that during the oath ceremony. Do I have to register to vote? Is it mandatory for all new us citizens to register to vote and vote after that? I am not really into politics, don’t get involved and don’t really know much. At this point I do not want to register to vote and vote in any kind of elections. I am wondering if me not registering to vote and not voting going to create any problems? Like the government and uscis going to think that I am not a good citizen and possibly question my newly acquired citizenship or denaturalize me? Anyone on this forum naturalized and did not register to vote? Any personal experience? Thank you
  2. I found this document that explains what you can expect at your oath ceremony. I think it's well-written and easy to read, so I hope some of you will find it helpful. I haven't found any information on it that is currently out-of-date, but note that it is old and check it for yourselves. https://cliniclegal.org/sites/default/files/231718_clinic_09.pdf Please note that this is not an official USCIS document. It covers several topics including: - receiving the oath letter - maintaining eligibility before the oath - completing the questionnaire - dressing for the ceremony - what to bring to the ceremony - checking in at the ceremony - ceremony agenda - what to do after the ceremony - possible de-naturalization - sample oath letter - sample naturalization certificate
  3. Dear VJ forum members of Indian origin, my wife and I have the oath ceremony scheduled a week apart. Would it be better to wait the week and start the renunciation/OCI process together? Why i ask is : a peek at the renunciation form shows the form asks about spouse’s status of citizenship. when my OCI application is being processed, the wife’s OCI application will need to be filed with my status that will be “neither here not there “(ie I might have the US citizenship but my Indian citizenship renunciation process would still not be complete yet if I file first) to avoid confusion and delays, would it be better to submit both renunciation/OCI applications together? thanks In advance for sharing any experience and advice
  4. Me, my husband and our two kids are currently GC holders. Me and my husband are currently going through the Naturalization process and we are scheduled for the Oath in Mid-September in a Court room ceremony (New Haven, CT). USCIS officers told us that we can apply for our passports on the day of Oath ceremony itself immediately after the ceremony. My question is this - our minor kids will also be eligible for citizenship (through derived citizenship) and we plan to apply for their passports as well. Will we able to apply for our kids' passport on the same day of Oath ceremony? Generic instructions to apply for passports say that for kids, we have to send in the copy of naturalization certificates of their parents. But if we apply for their passports immediately after the ceremony, how can we create copies of our naturalization certificate to include in our kids' applications? Anyone here applied for their kids' passports on the same day of the oath ceremony here? What was your experience? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello All, Does anyone know why some ceremonies are performed at the field offices and others at other locations (libraries, historical buildings, etc) ? Is there a way to find out if the ceremony one has been scheduled for is administrative or judicial? my notice does not say any details other that the time what to bring and the questionnaire on the back. My oath ceremony is coming up in a couple of weeks at the Denver field office and I am kind of worried because I have been reading conflicting information about name changes during oath ceremony. I am taking my husband last name (dropping both of mine) and keeping my first and middle name. My marriage certificate is from abroad and some posts (older posts) say that because of that I would need a judicial ceremony to be able to receive a court order for my name change, some other posts say an administrative ceremony would do since I am only taking my husband name and not changing anything else. which one is it? The DMV in Colorado says it does not recognize foreign marriage certificates for name changes. I wonder if when I go to change my name I will have trouble if I only have the naturalization certificate with new name and do not have a court order for name change. is that why people go to update their social security number first? Also some post say that some people had to sign their old names in the naturalization certificate because that is the name that they make you sign at biometric appointment. does that make any sense? can anyone shed some light on that? at the time of my interview the officer told me to sign my new name on an iPad but did not said if it was for oath or name change? I was so excited I was in shock and did not ask I just remember signing the iPad twice and clearly remember one of the times the officer said do the new name but can't remember the other one... I will call uscis next week to see if they can tell me on the phone what type of ceremony I was scheduled for. I would hope that when reviewing files and scheduling oaths the officers take name changes into consideration and scheduled accordingly right? since I have not see many new post or experiences older ones are making me nervous. thank you in advance for reading and sharing your opinions/ experiences in Denver or anywhere
  6. I had given my Citizenship interview on Oct 13th 2017 at Holtsville, Long Island NY field office and had passed the interview, the officer told me to expect the oath ceremony letter in 6 weeks but its now 12 weeks and I've still not received the oath ceremony letter. When I call USCIS they say we have 120 days to make a decision. My wife who gave her interview on Oct 19th (1 week after me) received her oath ceremony letter in December 2017 and got her passport in Jan 1st week 2018. Wondering why the delay? Any suggestions what are my options?
  7. Hi I have a trip on 11 of April and my oath ceremony is on 4 . I booked that trip with my Italian passport but as I understand since I become us citizen only can travel with the American one. Should I change or delay the oath ceremony for when I came back? Is that possible or will be delay forever? Thank you .
  8. All went well. Passed the tests. Approved on the spot. However at the end the systems were down. She gave me the oath schedule form for the same day and asked to wait in lobby while the systems come up. After 30 minutes she called me back to counter and told me to return that form as the systems have crashed and everyone has been asked to go back home. She told me to wait for oath schedule in mail. My online status has changed to we approved your application and that they will let me know when the oath ceremony is. After the interview she gave me the form for the same day to attend the Oath ( Newark has same day oath) but she did say the systems are down. My case was very straightforward. Now I am just scared that I might have fallen into a "hole" in the system! Is anyone in the same situation?
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