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  1. So because of the pandemic my work has gone remote like for most people. I still have a lot of time on my opt left (stem) so I dont want to completely get rid of my status, but I would like to go back for a few months home to see me family and work remotely from there. I would still keep some sort of address in the US but I wouldn’t physically be in the US for a few months and my plan would be to come back in and keep working once my job goes back to in office work. Does that affect my status or can I even do that? I would still be paying taxes in the US as usual since I would keep an address and my status would not have changed.
  2. Hi everyone, I was a 4-year F-1 student at Stevenson University in Maryland. I am doing my Optional Practical Training (OPT) year and would like to stay in the U.S. past its' expiration at the end of July. It seems as if my best option is to get a job that sponsors an H1-B. However, due to the current pandemic (and employers' reluctance to hire applicants requiring sponsorship), it is extremely difficult to find or secure such a position. Another restriction for me personally is that my Bachelor's degree is in Business Administration. This is a very general field of study that makes it hard for me to prove more value or a specialized skill set compared to the average American employee. My current position is in management consulting, and the jobs I have been applying to are all in the business field (consulting, sales, marketing, operations, etc). My dream is to have a career in fitness - possibly personal training - but I realise that this may not be the most realistic path for me in the short term, especially if I am looking to secure a U.S. work visa. If anyone has any advice on potential employers, resources, or other options, I would be extremely grateful. Cameron Harris
  3. Wonderful Visa Journey Community: My friend went home to China for her parents birthday and lost her wallet with her EAD card inside. She's currently on F1 Stem OPT as the title stated, so she's employed here in New York. I have called CBP for her but the agent said she will need to have the local embassy to issue her a temp EAD card, while the local embassy says they do not deal with questions about reentering the US. She has a employment verification letter with her, her I-20, and passport. Does she have a good chance of reentering the US? Is there any other documents she can bring her to the checkpoint to increase her chances? I am wondering if there are people here who had dealt with similar situation (F-1 lost EAD while abroad) and what are your experience?
  4. Need expert guidance. I am already travelling outside USA for official work and I misplaced my OPT EAD card. Some blogs I read which says my F1 visa and valid i20 ,employment letters and passport should be enough but I need some advise of what should be my steps to make sure there is no problem in re- entry. I have the scanned copy of my original OPT card which I can produce along with the employment letters and details. I am going back to USA in april so If i apply for replacement I would not get it so soon. Please advise, thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, I sent out my Stem OPT application using USPS priority mail with signature confirmation to USCIS PO BOX in Dallas . Am really worried that no one will be there to sign it and pick it up from usps and my application might be sent back .. I can’t afford it to come back as I need to start working ASAP. Please advise if anyone else has done the same mistake and if theirs got picked up by USCIS!??? Am worried sick thinking about it!! 😔😔
  6. I’m applying for AOS based on marriage to a USC, and I have some questions that need to be clarified. A little background about myself, I was a F1 student and was working on OPT for the past year, OPT expired on July 11, 2020 and I’m currently on the 60-day grace period, which ends on September 9, 2020. My most recent entry to the US was in November last year, and I entered as OPT. On page 2 of the form, item 23c, it asks my status on form i94, should I put F1? Somehow my form only allows me to put letters and space in it... but I guess I can just hand write it when I print it out (if F1 is what I should put in there) On page 3 item 24, what is your current immigration status, should I put “out if status”? Or something else? As I mentioned earlier, my opt has already expired but I’m still in grace period, which allows me to stay here legally. And on page 11 item 17, have you ever violated the terms or conditions of your Nonimmigrant status, should I check yes or no? I assume I can check no as long as I submit the application before my grace period runs out? If that’s the case (checking no on that question), should I still include an explanation on my current opt status? And as for my i20, my most recent one states that I’ve applied for OPT, but it doesn’t show my employment information during OPT, does that matter? Or should I get a more updated one? Also did anyone file recently? Did you include the form i944? I understand there’s some updates that only 3 states are exempted, but it’s not official yet according to the USCIS website? I have most of the documents ready but would still like to skip this step. I’m trying to send my application by next weekend before my OPT grace period runs out, or at least before the fee change. Thanks a lot in advance! Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Greetings community, My name is Juan and I come from Brazil. I have gotten my bachelor's degree in business and I graduated on May 9th. I have sent my application for OPT on June 26th and I got a response on July 2nd that they received. Unfortunately today 07/24/2020 I got a notification from USCIS that says "due to insufficient funds my application was rejected". I just ran out of the 60 day grace period to apply for OPT. The issue is that I did have money for my application and my financial institution said that I did not have enough funds to pay for the fee even though I do. I wonder if I can reapply even though my 60 day grace period is over or if there’s anyone I should talk to about my bank’s mistake. To whom should I talk, what should I do, how can I appeal this case, how can I reapply, how can we fix this situation. Please, anything would be of huge help!!! Thanks a lot, community! Please reach me out
  8. Hello, Asking for my significant other. He is from Africa and his home country is closed due to COVID-19. He was on F1/OPT and his grace period 60 days is coming to an end on July 15th. He can’t go back to Africa (Mauritania) because they have the borders closed. can someone please advise on what can be done. Your help is very very appreciated! Thankyou
  9. Hey folks, I'm an international student who recently graduated from college. I am currently unemployed and nearing the end of my 90 days grace period of OPT, which is right around the corner on 05/20/2020. However, by the grace of God, I got to marry my American girlfriend, whom I've been dating for a while, yesterday. The thing is, I don't think I'll ever be able to file the adjustment of status anytime before the 20th due to the uncertainty in the arrival time of the marriage certificate, which puts me at risk of being out of status. I've gotten a chance to consult a family friend lawyer, who informed me that the case is favorable for me whichever way one looks at it. However, the lawyer lowkey insisted/suggested that I enroll myself in a community college to be perfectly safe. I understand the lawyer is doing his job to let me know all the options available but my problem is that I doubt I'll be able to do all that and get another I-20 in just 5 days. On top of that, my funds will be pretty dry after I pay for the lawyer and the document fees... From any of your experience, if I file the adjustment slightly later that the 20th, do you think it will matter a whole lot or will the USCIS try to hold this against me? Thanks a lot in advance
  10. Hi Guys, I’m a tech worker in SF, missed the H1B lottery this year so I filed for STEM OPT extension. Already received case number and i797c incoming. Then the WSJ news came with potential ban on H1B and OPT in the next EO had me freaking out.... Realistically what are the chances of the EO rejecting my application? Or do you guys think it’ll ban accepting new applications? Can I also use the 180 days extension on I-9 with timely filing rule and wait it out til after the election? Finally if my employer starts EB green card ASAP would that be able to let me stay in the US? (my EAD expiration is mid july) Thanks in advance for your response and good luck to everyone
  11. Hello everyone, I applied for F1 OPT's employment authorization card and my case was received on February 26th 2020. Apparently USCIS RFE'd my application on April 1st 2020, but they never updated in their website that they are requesting additional evidence for my EAD i-765 application. The worst case happen, the RFE mail never enter into my mail-box (I called them and informed them about this, and they told me they send the RFE mail to wrong address........), so I never had any idea about this whole RFE situation (I constantly check my case status and it only says 'received' until now). Luckily I called them yesterday and only then did USCIS staff directly inform me that my application has been RFE'd. I have been requesting them to send the RFE through e-mail instead. I called them 4 times, and the last call the staff mentioned it could take from 15-days to 30 days for the RFE request to be processed, so until now I still have no clue what additional documents that USCIS wanted from me to continue processing my case I have a job offer that starts in June 8th, I have already contacted the company but this entire situation still makes me feel uneasy and I will like to expedite the case if possible. Can anyone here please share advice on expediting the process? I really need all the help I could get right now Thank you
  12. Hi all, I am a doctoral candidate (STEM degree) about to defend my dissertation and looking for jobs. This is my current situation: I have an internship offer for this summer that I have to confirm ASAP. And then I am in the interview process with another company for a full-time position and the last round would be later this week or early next week. From my previous round interview with this company, everything seems to be positive and it is very likely that I would get a full time offer from that company. International programs office at my school doesn’t recommend doing CPT in the final semester. They say that if you do internship (CPT) in the final semester, when applying for OPT, my profile would undergo more scrutiny. For doctoral students, the graduation date could be the official graduation date (end of semester) or when you submit the final paperwork to graduate school (after defense). Considering these, If I plan to go ahead with my internship in summer and then graduate in Fall (early fall – late August) and join full-time in early September, depending on my EAD date, would it be risky in any way? Is there any possibility that my OPT would be rejected just because the time frame of internship/graduation/fulltime? Thank you for any advice and stay safe. Francy.
  13. I am a F1 student. I was doing my opt after i graduate on December 2018. My ead card expired on January 01 2020. I got married on September 2019 with my husband which he is a citizen of the US. We sent I-130, I-1485, I-765, I-131 all the forms to USCIS. USCIS sent us mails to notice us they received our forms on December. already finished the finger print on January 2020 and USCIS updated about that on my account too. My manager told me my ead card expired so I called USCUS to explain the situation if there is a way I can still legally working. They told me I am on c9: “adjustments of status”, which I can extend my card 180 days. They told me tell my manager about that and then it should be fine. However, my manager asked me to see if USCIS can give me a official letter to prove it. So, I called them again and they said they will not give me anything to show that. Everything I need is on the website.I asked if I can have a chance to expedited my ead card then I can still keep my position. They told me it’s just two months now so it’s not necessary to do that. I want to keep my job because I love that job so much. What I can do now? Should I apply expedited the ead card still? Thank you
  14. Hi everyone, I am Sara, an international student from France at the University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OHIO (F-1 visa). I graduate this semester and applied for an OPT that will start on the 15th of June. My fiancé (an American citizen) and I will get officially married next week and I would like to apply for an Adjustment of Status in order to obtain a Green Card. However, I just sent my OPT files to USCIS and I was wondering... Is it okay to apply for the AOS anytime soon considering that I sent my OPT files to USCIS last Tuesday ? Also, does anyone know more about the Public Charge Rule implementation ? my fiancé has a job and a house in his name, however I am still a student and my parents, back at home, sponsor me for all my expenses, I was wondering if it would affect me... If anyone knows more or have a similar experience please let me know, thank you ! Sara
  15. Hi! I think I have a pretty straight forward question, but I am not really sure about the steps that I should follow. I am currently on a F1 student visa working on EAD that you get for one year after completing my studies. I am getting married to a US citizen in January and planning to change my last name to my spouse's last name. I am trying to understand when I should/can change my last name on my SSN and drivers license. I am applying for the new EAD along with our application for my Green Card (Adjustment of Status and Petition). Do I need to wait for my new EAD (with my new last name) to arrive in the mail first or do I have to go to the SSN office as soon as I have my marriage certificate? I believe that I can't change my drivers license before my new EAD comes because they request that as a proof of identity at the DMV, but I am also not 100% sure. Thanks!
  16. HI all , I am planing to buy house as i got recently married . My concern is soon( probably in 2 months ) I am going to file AOS from F1 visa and my wife is USC . If i do the 30 year mortgage before applying for adjust status , will i have trouble proving the intent during the interview as right now i am on stem opt . Can the visa officer ask me questions like why did i do 30 year loan on the temporary visa and my intent was to stay longer while applying for loan . Thank you
  17. Hi there. Just recently (end of September, 2019) got married to my now husband 💛and after weighing all our options and resources, we have decided to do this without an attorney. We knew it was gonna be difficult but we didn't know it was going to be so meticulous in detail (in reference to my case and specific situation). So I am the beneficiary and I am currently on an OPT and I have an EAD (expires 02/18/2020) and was on an F1 VISA (expired 07/06/19) when I arrived in the US and my husband is the US citizen. So, again, my husband and I are assembling the whole package (concurrent I-130 + I-485) without an attorney and we are running into a couple of issues while completing the forms we have to fill out for this packet. We would love some help on how to do this properly (we really want to avoid even the slightest possibility of receiving RFE, lol who doesn't)... All our questions: FORM I-131: - Part 3. Page 2. Item 1 and 2: Date of Intended Departure and Expected Length of Trip (in days): I don't know the date of when I'm planning to travel outside of the US yet so therefor also don't know the length of the trip. Do I leave this blank/N/A? What do I put here? - Part 7. Page 4: On a separate sheet of paper, explain how you qualify for an Advance Parole Document, and what circumstances warrant issuance of advance parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered. (See instructions): Do you guys have any advice on how to "explain how one qualifies for Advance Parole"? lol. FORM I-765: - Part 1. Page 1. Item 1.a: I am applying for (select only one box): √ Initial permission to accept employment. - Replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged employment authorization document or correction my employment authorization document NOT DUE to US Citizenship and Immigration Services error. - Renewal of my permission to accept employment. Attach a copy of your previous employment authorization document. I selected the "initial permission to accept employment" because I thought that this is a different case (Adjustment of Status through spouse) than me applying for a renewal of my EAD that I got through being an F1 student. Did I interpret this correctly? - Part 2. Page 3. Item 25: "Your current Immigration Status or Category (for examples, B-2 visitor, F-1 student, parolee, deferred action, or no status or category)": I put "F-1 STUDENT ON OPT. Should I put something different? - Part 2. Page 3. Item 27: Eligibility Category: Would it be (c)(9)? FORM I-485: - Part 1. Page 2. Item 19: "Nonimmigrant Visa Number from this Passport": So I have two passports from my foreign country (one is expired and one is current). The one that has my expired VISA in it is the expired passport. The one I used at my last arrival is my current passport that doesn't contain the VISA number in it. Should I include the Nonimmigrant Visa Number in the answer of item 19 even though it isn't in reference to "this Passport"? - Part 1. Page 3. Item 24: "What is your current immigration status (if it has changed since your arrival?": At my arrival I was still in school and hadn't graduated yet. It was F1 at the time, but is it now F1 on OPT? Now that I am on an OPT but my VISA has expired.. what is my current immigration status? - Part 2. Page 3. Item NOTE: "Attach a copy of the Form I-797 receipt or approval notice for the underlying petition or application, as appropriate.": Isn't this only applicable in the case of when someone files just an I-130 instead of a concurrent I-130 and I-485? - Part 5. Page 7. Item 10: "Is your current spouse applying with you?": Thats a no right? Because he is a US Citizen and doesn't "need" to apply for a permanent residence? FORM I-130/FORM I-130A/I-485: - Mailing Address: Me and my husband are a little worried about having our mailing address be the same as our physical address just because we don't know if we will be living at our place for longer than the next 3 months. We were thinking that the USCIS would send all the documents to our mailing address only right? Therefore we were planning on putting my husband's parent's address (in Texas) on the forms instead of our physical address. Would this be the safe option? Has anyone done that before? - Employment History: item #: 42. - 49.b: Like I said, I'm on an OPT but because I am a freelance video artist, I have had multiple gigs (+7) over the course of this year since I have gotten my OPT but I have NEVER worked anywhere as a Full Time or Part Time employee. Should I list all the gigs I have done titling the Employer: "Self Employed" and Address: my home address and Occupation: OPT Freelance Video for _____(company) ? or should I title the Employer: the employer I did the gig for and state the Occupation as: OPT Freelance Video? I have also worked at my school as a teacher assistant multiple times for multiple teachers, so I am guessing I should include all those as well? Someone recommended me to fill out Employer 1 as OPT-F1-STUDENT-ACADEMIC and state the Date to: time that my OPT started and Date from: PRESENT and then just start at Employer 2 on the most recent gig I did, but I'm really not sure about that suggestion.. - Additional Information: So on almost every form there is a section to include additional information for Previous Employers or Previous Home Addresses. The thing that confuses me is what item number to refer to (together with the page number and part number). How did you guys gather what item number to put in? Any answer to any question would be more than appreciated. I know it's a lot of info and we have many doubts but we would be very grateful for any help or input!
  18. My initial OPT application got denied few days back. Below is the reason USCIS has specified. "As per Sevis, Course of study ends on December 31,2019. The application for employment authorization was received on September 30,2019. Because your application was received more than 90 days before the completion of your course of study, your application must be and hereby is denied". I will be graduating in Dec15th and I have additional 2 months grace period, in this case , can I reapply i-765 application again ?. My university DSO agreed that the mistake was on their part. Anyhow are there any restrictions from USCIS on creating new i20 from sevis due to this manual error ?. Please help me. Thanks
  19. Hi guys, So I just got married (yay) and am in the process of applying for a change of status from my OPT extension of my F1 visa to the green card. In the i-485 it asks for you to list your past employment for the past 5 years. On the OPT i am granted work authorization and a social security number and so can get work, but I should really only work in my field of study. However for the past couple of weeks I :have been working at a cafe whilst also employed in a job in my field of study. I was wondering what I should do with the employment question: whether I should not put down my cafe job (as technically I shouldn't be working it) and risk them finding out I lied or; if I should put down my cafe job and hope that they either don't look into it or that its not actually illegal what I've done since I do have work authorization and a social security number? Has anyone been through a similar situation? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great! Thanks very much!
  20. Finishing my F1 and Need to be available for employers but Green card/EAD processing times are very SLOW! I am married to a US citizen but needed to wait for J1 waiver. I have the EAD OPT option but reading outdated pages, it looks like applying for OPT and F1-AOS is a waste of money. However Green card EAD is taking forever to be processed based on other people's cases. Due to the delay in the Green card EAD processing, would it be advisable to apply for F1/OPT and AOS at the same time and wait to see which one comes first?
  21. My Post completely OPT was approved on August 15th. I received my approval notice and my SSN but I never received my EAD card. Since the beginning of September I have put in 4 service requests, spoken to tier 2 officers, and they still haven’t even produced my card. My initial status online around August 13 changed to “new card being produced” then it changed to “case approved”. Apparently they made my card and there was a mistake on it and no one reprinted it. I’m nearing the end of my 90 days of unemployment, and have a job offer to start October 28th. USCIS told me I am allowed to accept employment But it is up to the employer whether they want to hire me without the card or not and my school printed me something off that shows my status is active with my employment ID on it, but HR at the new job says they aren’t sure if they are can hire me without the EAD, so they have sent the only documents I had to their legal team. Has anyone else been in this situation? Is there anything else I can do? I’m allowed to put in another service request on Tuesday October 15th, but so far none of the service requests have worked any info is greatly appreciated.
  22. I'm on an F-1 Visa, and have applied for an EAD on Post-OPT. My application was received on June 27th and on August 13th I submitted an Expedite Request. I received a denial e-mail on the very next day, without even having the chance to argue about it. My question here is, now that my expedite request got denied, while I was about 40 days into the process, does that mean my application got sent to the bottom of the pile and I went back to the equivalent of day 1? I keep hearing rumors about it and it gets me very worried. It has now been 67 days since it was first received. P.S. If you're on an F-1 Visa, in the same situation; don't even bother requesting an expedite. You will be denied right away. If someone could help me figure this out, I'd be very thankful.
  23. Hello Everyone, I'm currently working in the US on my OPT (came to the US on F-1 visa 4 years ago) and got married to the US citizen last month. We're currently in the middle of filing all the documents (without a lawyer) and I'm surprised none of the documents require my tax returns or a proof of employment? Am I missing anything? Also, I wonder if I should state myself in I-864 part 6 under "Income you are using from any other person who was counted in your household size..." and use my W-2 and proof of employment as an evidence? Thank you for all your help!
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