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  1. As we approach October 2022, creating a thread for those planning to file N-400 in October 2022
  2. This thread is for those filing the N-400 in February 2023. My window to file opened up in November 2022 (three-year rule), but I filed it online on February 8, 2023. Received the NOA immediately on the website. Three days later, got the biometric appointment (on March 1) letter posted online (now waiting for it to arrive in mail). Also, the processing time dropped from 16 months to 8 months after they scheduled the biometrics. (My ROC is still pending and was filed in November 2021.) Good luck to all of us.
  3. Well another year another month of N-400 submissions. This thread is for all of us that will be filing the N-400 in January 2023. Our window opens up January 3rd and we will be filing January 6th. Our ROC is still pending and was filed on January 6th 2022. Good work everyone getting to this point in your journey. Will post more once the N-400 has been filed on the 6th! Welcome to the thread!
  4. Hi all I submitted my N400 application online today and got my receipt notice and biometrics notice reused pdf files online!!! still waiting for my lifting conditions application to progress beyond fingerprints reused 13 months after that status changed!!
  5. Hello everyone had my interview February 14th at the Tampa USCIS office which I was passed my US citizenship interview. I did change my last name. Anyone out there had any experience on the wait for your oath ceremony with a name change. Have a cruise booked in July and just want to make sure I have enough time between my oath ceremony and cruise to get my passport.
  6. Hi, Any Sacramento Field Office N400 Filers here? They seem to be one of the slowest field offices and I was wondering if others could share their journey to see where we’re at. TIA!
  7. Used the old people way, mailed my package out. It was received on Dec 2nd. Hopefully I'll get the NOA receipt very soon. Knock woods folks!
  8. Hi all, Didn't see a topic for N400 February 2022 filers so though will open one. Not sure if it will help or not since I would say the processing times will depend a lot on the local office.
  9. Hello, Hoping for guidance. I submitted my n400 application in March 2021. I was invited to show up for my interview scheduled for Feb 2022. When I showed up, the officer mentioned my a-file was not at field office so a reschedule letter will be sent to me once a-file shows up. I have called USCIS customer service line and they show a-file has been at office since Aug 2022. My case is now outside processing time and I have filed online request but it's not been successful. I contacted my senator Aug 2022 and they told my senator that my interview is in queue to be scheduled. It has been over two years since I submitted my n400 application, over one year since I was told my interview could not proceed because a-file was not at the office at the time, over 9 months since they told my senator the interview was in queue. What do I do next to get my n400 interview scheduled? I have filed multiple online request since my case is now outside processing time but nothing has been helpful. I feel stuck
  10. Hey guys! Did anybody experience an IO cancelling the N400 interview and only did the i751 interview? We came to the uscis office for a combo interview altho the notice I received was only for the N400 interview (never received notice for i751 interview). The IO separated my husband and I for interviews individually then at the end decided she will review all the details and that she will not do the n400 interview. Then the status for my n400 online shows interview cancelled and no change on i751 still shows fingerprints taken. The next day the i751 status updated to Case approved. Then I heard of of another filer that I know that she got approved of the i751 the next day after mine- no interview and she also didnt file for n400. Is it possible that another IO just adjudicated my case while the IO who interviewed me is pending action? And how soon does the uscis reschedule interviews for n400? Thank you for your insights!
  11. Hi everyone hope all is well. I'm helping my mil to file her N400 online. I have a question that I would like to hear your feedback. 1. She stayed out of the USA for 181 (existed us on 11 July 2021 & reentered on 8th January 2022) days on her last trip, she doesn't have no evidence to show that she didn't abandon her residency to USA. Has anyone had this issue? What was the outcome on the interview date? Attached are 2 pictures, one from uscis showing that she may not be eligible to apply and one showing that the 181 days is 5months 28 day. Please advise what's best to do. TIA to all
  12. I recall there was a document in past which listed all the oath ceremony dates in Houston. I can't find it online anymore. My mother is approved for naturalization after the interview. She has to travel overseas to attend a wedding. Thus we want to plan accordingly so that we do not miss the oath ceremony.
  13. Hello All, I applied N400 in July 2022 and still waiting for an interview. I'm seeing people filed in March/April this year have interviews scheduled already and I'm here still waiting. I know every case is different but with the current speed cases are handled and with my Field Office, Providence with 9.5 months, I'm concerned there is something wrong with my case. A friend of me suggested to file FOIA or to contact Congressman for help, how effective are these? FYI, I have I-751 pending from July 2021 but I have seen thousands of applicants, filed after me with pending 751 got approved and already citizens. Thanks in Advance.
  14. Hi, I have my combo interview in 15 days (i751/N-400) and I am wondering if they are doing same day ceremony in Centennial CO - USCIS office? My interview will be right at noon.
  15. Have anybody recently had their N400 interview in the Centennial CO office? Are they doing same day Oath? My interview is on Jan 6th 2023
  16. Hi everyone,thanks for reading. Hope I can explain my question right- What is the time frame of the 5yr good moral character period that's taken into consideration when applying for naturalization for someone with a previous dismissed criminal charge? Ex-arrested/charged on May 10th 2018 Dismissed court case on September 18th 2018. Does my 5yr period start on May 11th or September 19th? Or does it really matter much at all? I hope this wasn't confusing. **I realize this will all be included in my application, just wondering which way I stand a better chance of aproval.
  17. My friend got a green card in 2015 through the EB2-NIW (E26) category. His wife also got a green card (E27) in 2015 as his spouse. Both became eligible for citizenship in 2020. His wife applied for citizenship and got citizenship in 2021. However, the friend was arrested in 2020 for DUI and convicted in 2021, and finished probation in 2022. Can my friend apply for citizenship in 2025 as a spouse of a US citizen and show 3 years of good moral character? Or he has to wait until 2027 to show five years of good moral character?.
  18. Hi - Wondered if anyone on the forum had a view on how to report a general violation on an n400 citizenship application. Animal control issued me with a summons/complaint for my dog biting another dog, which was later dismissed as I paid restitution (vet fees) and there were no further issues in the subsequent six months (which was a supervision period). Case status/disposition was resolved as 'dismissed' after the supervision period expired. The questions I need to answer in regard to this incident (with what I think are the appropriate answers) are: Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer (including any immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces) for any reason? Yes as I think the summons/complaint represents a citation Have you EVER been placed in an alternative sentencing or a rehabilitative program (for example, diversion, deferred prosecution, withheld adjudication, deferred adjudication)? Yes, due to the supervision period, but I am not sure about this. Thanks for your help!
  19. Hey y'all, We're trying to fill the N-400 application for naturalization under the 90 day early filing rule, but we're unsure about what to do with a couple of things: - addresses during the past 5 years: obviously, we were still residing in my birth country 5 years ago, since our Permanent Resident cards were issued on July 17th 2018. So, we don't have U.S. addresses to list for the full 5 years yet! If we only list the addresses starting from the issuance date of our PR cards we get an alert that there's a gap in the address history. If we list our old home address in my birth country for the first 3 months, then it gives another alert saying we may have broken the continuous residency requirement, since we actually flew back to my birth country for 3 months after the first month in the U.S. The initial one month stay in the U.S. was an "activation trip" to get our PR cards issued, then we went back to my birth country to run errands and get ready to move and settle permanently in the U.S. This leads to my second question: - we used our family friends' address as our first address in the U.S. and had our PR cards sent to that address while we were running errands overseas. So, officially we held that address as our U.S. address for a little over 4 months, before we settled in at our first home in the U.S.. Now, should we list that address as our address for that entire time and omit the old home address overseas, or should we list our friends' address only for the first month, then our overseas address for the following three months until we settled in our first home in the U.S.? We will anyway list all trips outside the U.S. during our permanent residency, so that will show a trip to my birth country for that three months, but I just wonder should it be considered as just a trip like the other trips we've done during our U.S. residency, or should it be considered as a temporary move there? I remember updating our addresses at the USCIS website back in 2019, but now when I sign into my USCIS account I can't find any address history there. And if my memory serves me well, I'm pretty sure I listed our friends' address as our first U.S. address for the entire 4 months, but I just can't verify that since I can't pull any address history that I used to update back then. Also, I can't find any USCIS account number, like the N-400 forms instructs: if I go to my profile I can only edit my password and such, but there's no account number to be found anywhere. So, should I just answer that I don't have an USCIS account number? I find that weird, since I'm anyway able to log into my USCIS account, so I would think my account should have an account number. We want our naturalization to go as smoothly as possible and, obviously, we want to do everything by the book, so this community's help and/or input would be greatly appreciated! And, one last thing: if anyone knows how to get to talk to a live person at USCIS customer service, I would appreciate it! I found a thread here where some advised that by saying "technical support" or "lost receipt" would get me through, but since I don't have anything filed yet I can't provide any receipt number. Saying "technical support" didn't get me through either... Any other tricks, anybody? Thanks in advance for y'all's help! Have a wonderful week!
  20. Hi!! This may be a stretch but I wanted to get all the West Palm Beach FL members who are filing or have filed, and are still waiting, to join this forum. It's a great way to keep updated on the West Palm Beach office and how fast they are processing our applications. WELCOME 😁🤗
  21. Thought this would be an interesting datapoint. I was just listening to Jim Hacking's Immigration Show on YouTube. Somebody reported getting a 10 year GC AFTER naturalizing and having naturalization certificate in hand. Episode 357. All because of pending I-751 at the moment of N-400 interview. Lawyer suggested keeping the card in safe place just in case. What would you do in this case?
  22. Hello All, I am hoping i can get some great advice on this forum as i do not understand what is going on with my application. I'm aware every case is different but i feel i have done whatever i can to get my case moving. I am married but my wife and i live in different states. When i filed for i751 it took over two years for it to be processed. i was told my case was pending security checks and that there is nothing they can do. I waited and waited and made numerous inquiries. Finally, i went for an infopass and i was told my case was in line for an interview. i went to the interview with my wife and attorney and we were asked a lot of questions. A lot of my background was digged. Even an accident i got into. The interviewer was convinced and approved my case. 2 years later i applied for n400 based on the 5yr rule as my wife and i live in different states. Mind you the reason i moved out of state was to secure a better job. I had no luck securing a job in my field in the state my wife resides. i see her from time to time and the plan is for her to join me soon. I applied for n400 in april 2017 and in two months i was scheduled for an interview. I passed the interview and the IO said she needed to review the file a bit before she can make a decision. A month passed by and still no response. I made an inquiry and i was told that i needed to to wait till after 90days. 90 days passed and i made an inquiry but received the generic letter saying that my case is pending adjudication. I made an infopass and i was told the same thing. i made two more additional inquiries and still received the generic response. I finally contacted my congressman 160 days after my interview. My congressman responded to me today saying that "USCIS is conducting background checks on my case and it could take years". Unbelievable! How can they be conducting background checks when they just did an extensive one not two long ago when i was removing conditions?Something doesn't add up to me. Infact, when i went for the infopass, the person at the window said my file was lying somewhere on the IO's desk. I am aware immigration benefit is a benefit and not a privilege. However, i have followed all the rules and waited as i've been told. i have not broken the law besides minor speeding tickets. i pay my taxes and im not involved in any illegal activity. i am also not from a muslim country or a muslim. 1. What steps should i take further? 2. Has anybody been through a similar situation? 3. Does anybody have experience filing 1447(b) as my case is way past 120days? 4. What about Ombudsman? This is very frustrating as i went to this background check nonsense a few years back and it took over 2yrs. Thanks in advance
  23. Hello guys, i would like to share my N400 Hoping someone can give me an advice. I submitted my n400 at the end of January 2020, biometrics in February, uscis closed because of the pandemic, September 2020 did my interview : Officer handed me a paper saying Recommended for approval , he told me I shall receive the oath letter within 3 weeks... months have passed , I tried calling , going to the Jacksonville office... and they always said to keep waiting... my case is outside the processing time , and I submitted an inquiry, the response was : USCIS has reviewed your Service Request. According to USCIS records, we are unable to move forward with your application until the required background checks have been completed. At this time, we are unable to determine when the adjudication of your case will be completed and no further action is required from you. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by delays in processing. I also contacted the Us representative and senator in January but haven’t heard any feedback yet.... yesterday I submitted an inquiry to CIS ombudsman. thank you in advance for your replies
  24. Hi, everyone. I am going to apply for "Removal of Conditions" (I-751) and then apply for N-400 early next year. I am almost 3 years living here in the USA and will file under 3 year rule. I started working last year and when I applied for my IRS Tax Return I applied as "jointly" together with my Spouse. In my case, I am the only one who is Officially working and my spouse can't provide a 3 year tax returns. I can send a 1 year tax return from last year I worked but I (we) couldn't provide the 2 year tax returns. We do have bank statements, phone bills, marriage certificate etc. Is it okay or acceptable that I could only provide a 1 year IRS Tax Return? Thank you!
  25. Hello everyone, I'm writing a post for anyone that encounters this issue in the future. I was trying to submit my application (N-400) online using Google Chrome (also tried Int. Explorer and Firefox) I was able to upload all my files with absolutely no issues: however, when I got to the review: I got a notice stating: "Encountered an unexpected error retrieving draft evidence" this is what I saw, all my files were gone. It was so frustrating; I repeated the same thing probably 30 times in the next ten days and got the same results; (no files attached to my application). I was getting tired of the online filing system; I tried calling them, and it didn't work, and in the end, I was even thinking about filing by mail, but in my last effort to hopefully submit this form, I started researching this issue online; it took some time, but then I found a user by the name (J/G from Indonesia) that went through the same problem online a year ago but was able to figure it out. He suggested downloading (Opera Browser) from their official website (https://www.opera.com/download); I was so happy that I had found a potential solution to this issue, but after all that excitement, guess what? It did not work for me either. after another unsuccessful attend to submit my application; honestly, I was about to give up, and that was when my clever Wife literality begged me to try one more time. She had the incredible idea of deleting the whole draft and starting again; I didn't like the idea since I have already done that like 15 times, so this is what I did. Downloaded (Opera Browser) Download a copy of my application pdf (with answers to all the questions) to save the answers and to copy-paste I deleted my whole draft Organized the evidence for quick upload Switched from a Windows computer to Mac computer Created a new draft and started all over again. (If you start a new draft, DO NOT GO BACK; start from question one to the end without going back; I know it could be unpleasant, but trust me, it is worth it.) And guess what, it worked!!! and It felt fantastic!!! Oh yeah!! So I then proceeded with the Review, Signature and Payment, completed and submitted my N-400 application and received a receipt number beginning with "IOE." Note: do not go crazy about not submitting a ton of evidence at first; any additional documents you forgot or that you would like to upload, it can be done later or once your application has been submitted to USCIS. This is what you will see once your application has been paid and submitted. I hope this helps anyone that is going through the same issue! Good Luck!! Best, Eljsa27
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