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Found 34 results

  1. Has any seen the new COVID-19 Act Travel Restrictions.....Lawd Jesus. I might never see home
  2. Hello, US Embassy Jamaica are processing IR1/CR1 interviews starting with reschedules of interviews cancelled in March/April due to Covid-19. Anyone been rescheduled yet? What about new interviews for DQ's since April? I became DQ on June 17th, no interview date yet. Trying to get an idea of how long interviews are taking to be scheduled.
  3. Hi everyone, I checked the forums and I'm not sure if I see to many concerns about this topic yet. My husband has been here almost a year and has not received his green card because he has not been able to get an appointment to complete his biometrics. Also, I saw a YouTube video that said biometric appointment have not only been backlogged due to COVID but also the Trump administration. Does anyone have more information about this? My husband's main concern involves traveling because he does not want to travel without his green card.
  4. Hello all quick question for Jamaica do you need an employee letter for the affidavit of support or will current pay stubs suffice? Thank you.
  5. Hello! First of all, kudos to everyone going through the immigration process. It is teeth grinding and requires so much patience. It is a test I hope I pass. I became documentarily qualified on October 2. I am also in the FB1 category. Mom filed for me. Interested in getting updates from applicants like me in Jamaica. Breakdown of my journey: Priority Date March 2013 USCIS Approved December 2019 NVC Received my case February 2020 DQ October 2, 2020 (COVID caused this) Now I'm waiting to see how much longer it will take for an interview. COVID is a real pain in my rear end. UGH
  6. Good day everyone I am new. I currently doing a K1 visa my paperwork’s at the embassy. I didn’t get a letter from the embassy To book the appointment , however based on the embassy email they said first come first serve.. I made an appointment for the 20 of October however there is no medical appointment available I’m really worried. Andrews stated that I can do it after the interview date and theN courier service the passport back to the embassy. Also is there any follow up interview questions anyone can give me or who had the interview before?
  7. My fiancé and I got lucky last week and was able to book 1 of the very few open available dates for k1 visa interviews in Jamaica. We emailed the embassy to make sure it was real and they said they opened a few dates and to book one expeditiously and so we did! September 28,2020. visa status on temporary refusal as they are awaiting 1 missing document from us! So don’t give up guys, your time is coming too ❤️
  8. Hi, I completed my medical in Jamaica a week ago and received a call yesterday to come in to review my results with the doctor. I tried to find out why and was told the doctor will discuss with me. I asked if I needed to bring anything and was told $1000 jamaican dollars. I am really worried. Does this mean I failed my medical? Anybody else experienced this?
  9. Hello everyone, I am the U.S. Citizen and my fiancé and I have filed a K1 fiancé visa. I received a letter from the NVC stating that they have sent our approved petition to the consulate in Kingston, Jamaica and that the consulate will contact my fiancé when they are ready to process his case. I’m assuming that when they are ready they will send us what is known as packet 3. It has been 1 week since then and so far neither of us have received packet 3, follow up emails or etc from the consulate. Also, When I checked the ceac website to track our case status it says “ready”. So I am confused as what to do next. So my questions are: How long does it usually take to receive packet 3? Should we receive packet 3 automatically or do we have to email them about it? Should we wait until they contact us or can we go ahead and gather the necessary documents we need. Any answers or information will be well appreciated and thank you in advance!
  10. Hi all, I want to know if anyone else has experienced what I’ve gone through with consular administrative processing or 221g case refusal. Jamaica US Embassy. Interview date 11 August 2020. So my Ir1 cases has been refused and After the interview my Husband and stepchildren were given 221g (Husband needs to provide proof of ongoing relationship with kids and find a new joint sponsor). They were asked to return the next day with the evidence for the kids. And They did. Luckily I was able to find a new joint sponsor and was able to resubmit new I-864s with supporting financial evidence that same day of the initial interview. At the second interview the consular officer wouldn’t give a decision on our case that day and wouldn’t review the new information that was resubmitted. However, they did give my husband and my 19 year old step daughter a stokes interview. They still kept their passports. But the cases are still showing refused on CEAC but I’m seeing last case updated date changing. FIRST ISSUE: There didn’t accept our original sponsor who made over 100k For the last three years. The sponsor did sponsor 2 others (her parents) and has 1 dependent. So that’s 4 total people in her household plus she was to sponsor my husband and 2 stepchildren. 7 people total. They didn’t accept her AOS because she lives in a different state from me. I thought that was very weird because nothing stated the sponsor had to live in the same state. At the initial interview, consular concerned with what our family size will be if the join us. It will also be 7. That’s why we got the joint sponsor. SECOND ISSUE: In the stokes interview They were concerned about the kids migrating with their father without the mother. The mother gave us a sworn statement giving us permission to take the kids to the US. What could be going on? This situation has me so confused. We definitely proved proof of a bona fide marriage. There is no question they can ask them that they don’t know. So I can’t understand what is taking so long for them to give us a decision. What do you all think is going on? Should I be worried?
  11. I am not confident I am using the correct postal codes. I am using JMAAW07 for Kingston 11. As I understand it the 7 digit system was never rolled out completely. It's so confusing. Even my fiance's mother and father don't know what their postal code is. My question is if I don't use the correct code, will my application be rejected?
  12. Hi guys, So I'm required to get a certificate of no impediment for my visa interview. I collected the form to fill out at the rdg office, however the form is intended for a bride and groom as homosexuality is not legal here. Does anyone here knows how I should fill this out of if it would apply to me in this case? My fiancé and I are both females.
  13. Hello guys, I received a date for my husband's interview, and have registered online to schedule an appointment for his medical exam. Has anyone here completed the interview process before completing the medical exam and what was your experience? Thanks
  14. Hello everyone, my fiance had his interview on november 22 2016, at jamaican embassy in kingston. They issue him a white slip 221g. The additional documents they needed were my tax return transcript, and w2 1040. They gave me the option to email those documents. I emailed them the next day. When I go on the ceac website, it looks as though they've looked at his case, I see a date of december 12. This is the second time they've reviewed it, last time it was december 2. So it went from November 22, to dec 2, to dec 12. But status still says administrative processing. Can someone please tell me what's going? Im very nervous....im nervous because I'm hoping I have enough income to sponsor him. I have a household of 5 (including him) and made only 35,000 last year 2015. This year, I made 37,000. I see for a household of 5, I would have to have made at least 35,550. So I missed it by 550 dollars. Can someone please give me insight? Does k1 go by 100% or 125% poverty level? Will they turn him down because of This? I had to complete form i- 134 affidavit of support, if that helps. Thank you.
  15. Hey again, I wanted to know if there is a link on here that already has a step by step on how do the CR1. Also is there an updated estimated processing time for Jamaica, I've heard about 3 different time frames. Also my wife has a child under 18 and I was told that I have to do an application separately.
  16. Greetings, I'm new on here and wanted to know if we can use religious exemption for the medical examination. Here in the US I have no issues with it however I want to know if anyone has dealt with this issue for the CR1. My wife currently lives Jamaica and we wanted to know the process.
  17. I just received my NOA2 and I am planning for the future process now. The petitioner just finished her first year of working and would have made the 125% of Poverty line. She does not have 3 years earnings to show and about $15000 in Savings. How much attention is normally paid to this in Jamaica and is a co sponsor necessary?
  18. Long story short my brother in law went in for their interview with his wife, the officer said they were approved. They get a letter saying his wife was in a common law marriage and he needs to prove saying that the marriage ended. Anyone know how to obtain a certificate of No Impediment to Marriage/Single Status from Jamaica. That's the only thing I can think of to prove she wasn't married before they got married. Does anyone know anything else they can use to proved that she wasn't married before they got married. He is A US citizen she is from Jamaica. Thanks
  19. Greetings: I need immediate assistance. My fiancé went to his medical today and they refused to register him because the attached confirmation page is missing. we should them the confirmation of our appointment. It’s his picture with the barcode on it; however they are saying it’s the wrong confirmation page. Can someone please help me with this confirmation page?
  20. Hi Guys I cannot find my immunization card and it has been a hassle trying to get clinic to reissue Will this affect my medical if I can't produce a history of vaccines ? What can I do to prepare for medical in the meantime? Thank you
  21. Hi, I would like to know what others who have attended their interview at the Embassy in Jamaica did with their cell phones? My concern is if i get dropped off by a taxi from the Hotel, will easily be able to catch another from the Embassy? I'm only worried that if i don't have my phone i will not be able to call anyone after. Thanks for your help/advice!
  22. Hello guys!! I’m very new and I have a few questions regarding the income requirements. I know for a family of 4 the income level should be somewhere around the $32,187 for a family of 4. I was about $600 OVER this amount with just my work income..... How much over are they wanting you to be? Secondly, will any other income help such as child support, etc? Third, I want to be prepared with a co-sponsor so if they ask for it can I give it to them at the interview and they approve it then, or will I have to wait? What should I do? Any detailed information you can give me regarding the income would be so very helpful. My income for this year will be much higher when I do my taxes at the beginning of next year so I may not have to worry about it by time they require it for next year. I’m mailing the petition in a few weeks on November 30th. Anyone that has been through this process with a Jamaican I would to hear from you!
  23. Just finished my medical at Andrews this morning and thought I would share my experience should it be of any help to anyone. I live in the Cayman Islands and flew over to KNG for my medical and upcoming IV this week. My appointment was scheduled for 10:15am but thanks to this forum I arrived at 7am. There were already 19 people there waiting. At 7:30 we were ushered inside, given numbers and asked for our 4 photos with name on the back and our completed medical form (available on website). A super efficient gentleman was the maitre d of it all. As all my docs were in order, I somehow jumped from 20 to 11. Others were delayed by not having local contact numbers or photos. The room was freezing and I was glad I had a jumper. Once called, you head straight to the cashier. I paid just over J$23000. You are then ushered into various different rooms and seen by extremely efficient nurses: eyes, weight, height then back outside. Back in to see the doctor for the physical: undress to underwear, listen to chest. Tells me I only need flu vaccine. No ifs ands buts. Boom. Back out and pay 2300 for the jab. Ringmaster points to go outside to another building for blood. Boom. Then urine. Back downstairs and the ringmaster directs me to go get my jab. X-rays last. By 10:45am I was all done. It was a well-oiled machine! My advice would be to arrive as early as possible. By 8:30 the waiting room was standing room only. Best of luck to everyone on their journey! Fingers crossed for me on mine!
  24. My mom received her interview appt today for december (IR5), so I went to register the appt as stated on the embassy specific page of nvc. But when I tried to register it says something like "appointment not ready to be scheduled". The letter has a date, but I followed the below guideline that says it still needs to be registered. Has any jamaican applicants had this issue? Did you all (people with IR1, IR2, IR5) register your interview online or did you just go to the interview as normal? Thanks.
  25. Do we get to select the interview date or is the date just given to us?
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