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  1. Hello, Can we know ourselves, and track all our progress through this process here please. Only Non transferred cases please, which means your Center has to be YSC/POTOMAC originally. Let me start with mine: Filed on the 29th of June, 2019 Delivered and signed for on the 1st of July NOA/Extension on the 7th of July Biometrics & Biometrics status update on the 24th of October Still waiting ever since for progress 馃檹
  2. Let's do it. Working on my documents to send out mid Jan 2018. Happy ROC!!!
  3. Hi everyone. Just wanted to start this thread for all of us filling for ROC in May 2019. Welcome to the group!!!
  4. Hi Everyone! Well, we are back! Now its time to file for Removal of Conditions for my wife's Green Card. It expires on October 30. Just sent the Packet out to the AZ office since we are in CA. Should arrive by Monday Aug. 3.
  5. Hi, I have a question about biometric. I am applying for i-751. Do you have Biometrics? Or are you exempt? In relation to the corona.
  6. Hi All, Starting a thread for Aug 2020 I-751 Filers. I sent my package in today, but I doubt USCIS will receive, accept and process my documentation before early next week. Let the discussions/emotions/arguments/debates/consolations begin See my signature for my timeline, and fire away... This was my submission package
  7. Hi, I am writing because I sent my ROC 1-751 application in around the middle of Dec and still haven't gotten any extension in the mail. I heard there was now a 6-8 week window where they ususally send them out. I am getting nervous because it's getting close to the end of that window. ALTHOUGH, they only took the money out of our account a couple weeks ago. So should I go off of that? I know it arrived the middle of DEC because I got the UPS with tracking on the package. The other question is kind of a weird one. Like I said above I just applied for my 10 year greencard, but I just became aware the other day (correct my if I am wrong) that if you get a greencard through MARRIAGE you can apply for permanent residency after 3 years of having a greencard, not 5 year (when you get a greencard through non marriage reasons). What do I do if I don't get my greencard within a year? Can I apply for citizenship at the same time? Thank you for any and all help!
  8. Hello fellow ROC filers, Just spent the whole day prepping our docs...ROC ready to go in the mail on April 1st! Thread is started for April 2019 ROC filers. Let the waiting begin!
  9. 1. My window to file ROC was last December 2020 2. Submitted my documents 02 January 2021 3. received in the AZ lockbox last 04 January 2021. 4. And the good news that I finally got my notice of extension 09 February 2021 I'm a bit worried because I was preparing my ROC documents, I only included tax transcripts that me and my husband filed jointly, and did not include the tax transcripts married but filing separately. is there a possibility that I'll get a RFE on the aforesaid?
  10. Creating this topic thread for all the March 2020 I-751 Removal of Conditions Filers
  11. Hi, I am just getting ready to send in my i-751 ROC application. I have a few questions from the form as I am filling it out and hoping some of you may provide some clarity. I am a chronic over-thinker so I am sorry if some of these questions are dumb! 1) Part 1. q 12. I am not sure what to put as my place of marriage. We did an a small official ceremony at a local park. Do I put the name of the park? The address? I looked through our marriage certificate and there was no address for where we got married on it. 2) What does "In Care Of" name mean for the address? That is just my name (the conditional resident) right? 3) Part 11- Additional Info- Do I need to fill out my name and A-number again if I have no additional info to fill out? 4) Should I put N/A or none for everything that doesn't apply? For example you can give other family names you've had. For one of the extras I put my maiden name, but for the 3rd extra one would i put N/A on every blank space? Or where it gives you spaces to write the physical address if it's different from themail box, or when it asks if you have children and gives like 3 pages of spaces to fill out their info? Would I just put n/a or non for all of those? Do I put them in every blank? 5) I don't understand the biometrics. I pay for it as part of my check, but then I might not need another biometrics appointment? I just want to be clear that it isn't something I am supposed to do ahead of time. Thank you for ANY and all help. I appreciate you all so much!
  12. Let's use this Google-Sheet to share our timelines processed in Nebraska Service Center (LIN-xxxxxxx): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Buo_drIy4zaCFZUULdT_L9JrA6YZgrVtt7Cj6nUsvv0/edit?usp=sharing 馃憜馃憜馃憜
  13. Massachusetts residents! what processing center(s) was your application sent to and what is your timeline? just wanna see if there's a pattern. Thank you!
  14. So I have been reading and I have a question.. My interview date is on February 8th, that is a month from my 2 year anniversary... will I still get the 2 year conditional green card or? It just doesn鈥檛 seem fair that I get that if technically we are already married for 2 years it鈥檚 just 3 weeks away from that point.. any experience in this?
  15. Can I call uscis to get a receipt number? Bank check was cashed 3 days ago but haven't received any email from them.
  16. Hi, I have been looking around to see if there are any samples of cover letters for I-751 that also indicates a request for name change, I wonder if anyone has a sample of it? I just wanted to be sure on how I should write the cover letter with the request for my name change too. Thank you
  17. I need advice. I just received a RFE for my I-751 and they need more proof for a bonafide marriage. My problem is we have never had joint utilities EVER. Any and all bills have been in my husband's name because the companies we were with wouldn't allow more than one person to be on the account. When we bought our house last year we just transferred the address for all of our utilities. I don't drive so I don't have a driving licence/insurance, we have no health insurance not since October 2019, we don't have a will or life insurance. Our home we bought we've been renting out since June to avoid foreclosure and have since been living with my husbands dad. They said the birth certificate wasn't valid that I sent for our daughter (the one we were gave at the hospital). Money has been so tight that we weren't able to apply for her birth certificate online (I've just now ordered it to send as evidence). Also,i haven't worked since I moved here. When I received my green card I found out I was pregnant 2 months later, my daughter has just turned 1 and I'm a stay at home mum, so I have never dealt with the finances or had any policies taken out by me. All I can send is bank statements from 2018 when we got married to now. Our daughters official birth certificate. Affidavits from our family. Apartment leases from before we bought the house (which we've provided before). Also a letter explaining the above and why we don't have joint utilities etc. I provided in the initial pack; Hospital Birth certificate for our daughter Discharge instructions for me from the hospital Vet Bill's (were only in my name but listed our current address) Joint Bank Statements from Feb 2020 to current Closing documents for our house and insurance Lease agreement for our tenants with us listed as landlords Photo's it's not a lot but it's all we had and im so scared that providing the little additional evidence we have isn't going to be enough. I can't be seperated from my daughter or husband, it's making me sick to my stomach.
  18. Hello everyone, We have sent form I-751 last month. It has been a month since USCIS has received our paperwork via FedEx (we have proof of delivery) but we have not received any notification in the mail, or email (signed up for e-notification), personal bank check has not been cashed out yet. We are just waiting to get the receipt number from them. Tried calling them, also sent them an email but has not received any response yet. Does anyone know what is causing the delay? Does anyone experiencing the same thing? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you for your time and responses in advance!
  19. Hello, Anyone had their I-751 transferred to National Benefits Center in Lee Summit, MO without filing N-400? The letter says the case was transferred for a standard processing. No RFE or interview mentioned. Can anyone tell me what to expect?! Totally losing sleep here. 馃槩
  20. Hello, Has anybody here experienced interview for ROC (removal of conditions)? My case went to Ready to be Scheduled for interview last Saturday after almost a year of waiting. But still waiting for the letter in the mail to make it official though. What are the questions typically asked? Should hubby be present too at the interview? Thanks is advance.
  21. Despite COVID, USCIS adjust more/same cases in the last Q (Feb - June) than the last 2 Qs. Q3, USCIS Approved 43,362 and Denied 1,747 ~ 4%, also the amount of pending applications are down ~7K from Q2 and ~38K from Q1 So far YTD (Oct 2019 - June 2020) USCIS Approved 128,106 and Denied ~6,000 Cases ~ 5% https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/reports/Quarterly_All_Forms_FY2020Q3.pdf
  22. Hi all, You guys have been so immensely helpful. Over the last few weeks of gathering my greencard evidence I have started a couple threads and the answers you guys have given have been above and beyond helpful. So I just want to start by saying thank you to anyone who took the time to hop on here and answer any questions I have had. I was just about to send off my greencard application when I read a comment on here that kinda spooked me into thinking that I may not have enough supporting evidence. I want to make my application as full as possible. I know you have a 3 month window to send it in but I am stressed out because I am already 3 weeks into my 3 month window and want to get it off as soon as possible but want to make sure I did the best job possible. Included in my package I currently have: * I put a blank wherever personal details would have gone Check for 680.00 Table of contents photos of my husband and I with friends, family, each other, and on our wedding day, with our dog. 1. Completed I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence 2. Photocopy of____________ Permanent Resident Card 3. Certificate of Marriages 路 Photocopy of Certificate of Marriage 路 Photocopy of ________________ State Department of Health Certificate of Marriage 4. Notarized Landlord Affidavit of Residence 5. Joint Bank Accounts 路 Total Checkings Deposit Account Balance Summary 路 Total Checkings Account Activity 路 Savings Deposit Account Balance Summary 路 Savings Deposit Account Activity 路 Total Business Checkings Account Balance Summary 路 Total Business Checkings Account Activity 路 Total Business Checking Depository Certificate 路 Account Balances for Joint Bank Accounts (Business, Personal Checking, and Savings) 6. _______________________ Sole Proprietor Business License (*even though it's a sole proprietor we are both business owners on it since we are married) 路 Photocopy of Business License 2019 路 Photocopy of Business License 2020 路 Photocopy of Business License 2021 7. Full and Complete Married Filing Jointly Tax Returns 路 Photocopy of Married Filing Jointly Tax Return 2017 路 Photocopy of Married Filing Jointly Tax Return 2018 路 Photocopy of Married Filing Jointly Tax Return 2019 8. 1095-B Health Coverage Form 路 Photocopy of 1095-B Health Coverage Form 2018 路 Photocopy of 1095-B Health Coverage Form 2019 9. Joint Insurance/Coverage 路 Car and Home Insurance 路 Health Insurance 路 Travel Trailer Insurance 10. Joint Bills 路 Internet Bill (Sept 4 2020 to Oct 3 2020) 路 Internet Bill (Oct 4 2020 to Nov 3 2020) 路 Internet Bill (Nov 4 2020 to Dec 3 2020) 11. Joint YMCA Membership Please note- all documents listed have both my husband and I's name on them and most of them also have our address. All are copies and NOT originals except for the notarized affidavit. The reason for the landlord affidavit is that we are renting from my husband grandparents and the renting situation is pretty lax. For our first greencard we did have a lease which we created for the purpose of the greencard, but since then we don't have one and with their taxes it wouldn't make sense. The rent also fluxuates all the time- for example with corona virus they have been extremely gracious in letting us off the hook for rent. BUT- some folks on here suggested some additional pieces of evidence that we have gathered and will include. These are: 1. A cover letter- is this standard? What should I include? Should the cover letter just be about the landlord/renting situation? What should we write? I am afraid to write the wrong thing. Someone suggested your cover letter is basically your table of contents. So I could just list something similar to what I did above and then add a note on the bottom about the rental situation? 2. A document from my husbands grandfather showing his name owning the place we live at to give some provenance to the affidavit since they usually don't hold much weight. 3. Drivers license scans for my husband and I. 4. Any airplane tickets or emails I can find to show we've taken trips together. 5. Possibly scanning our actual business card itself to show both our names on it. I also have some checks I could send with both our names from our business account. Should this be a copy or the actual checks? Is there anything else you guys recommend? SSN's? Passport scans? Anything at all. Timeline of our relationship? Our story? We don't have any life insurance policies or 401K at the moment. We have our own businesses and are just trying to get by in these times- retirement is not on our mind. Any help would be so appreciated and thanks again to anyone who has helped me.
  23. I have everything written up and in it's correct order and am about to go send my application off. But at the last minute I am wondering if any of my documents I am sending in should be hard copy originals. In their instructions they say to include photocopies unless otherwise stated but I've seen lots of folks in here mentioning ways to make sure you get your originals back for supporting doc's and just want to run it by you guys to see if I am missing something. I am so nervous to send it off! My questions is that I have no "original" docs, other than a notarized landlord affidavit (which I also have a photocopy of for personal records in case I don't get it back). I have photocopies/print outs of my 2 year greencard, (hard copy original of landlord affidavit of residence), marriage certificate, joint 1095-B health coverage forms, full and complete married filing jointly tax returns, joint business licenses, joint bank accounts, joint health insurance, joint car insurance, joint bills, etc. Basically anything with both of our names on it. Should any of these be hard copy originals? Also is it worth including any photos?
  24. Timeline Dec 2018 - submitted I751 to remove conditions on green card and received 18 months extension Jan 2019 - Biometrics Jan 2020 - Ready to schedule an interview No update after that. April, May 2020 - multiple calls to USCIS to get an infopass appointment, but they asked me to wait until last week of the expiration. June 2020 - Extension letter expired After it was expired, USCIS say due to covid19, only emergency appointments are allowed and a medical reason (surgery, death or similar), new employment offer or a employee termination letter will serve as an emergency that will allow to schedule an infopass appointment for ADIT stamping. Recently, my disaster loan was denied because the small business administration couldn't verify me as a qualified alien. Due to covid19, business is very slow and it is very important for me to get the loan to keep my business afloat. Tier 2 is going to call me this week and I want to know if mortgage denial letter from sba.gov is sufficient to qualify for an infopass appointment. (not important) - Also, I'm eligible for N400 naturalization. I'm planning to submit N400 while I751 is also in process. Will there be any affect on either of it if I do that? Please help. Thanks in advance.
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