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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, has anyone had any more recent experience with the US consulate in San Salvador and I-601A applicants with tattoos? The applicant has had his I-601A approved, but has not been scheduled for a consular interview yet. The applicant has many tattoos, none of which are gang-related (the tattoos are listed below). All of the tattoos were done professionally with a well-known tattoo artist. I understand that religious symbols can also be viewed as "gang-related." I'm also worried that the sheer number of tattoos could be viewed negatively. Secondly, has anyone with tattoos had any luck with submitting a declaration by a gang expert stating that the symbols are not gang-related? If so, when did you submit that evidence and which expert did you use? What was the outcome? Thirdly, has anyone tried submitting a declaration by the tattoo artist stating that the symbols are not gang-related? If so, when did you submit that evidence, and what was the outcome? -Jesus portrait -dagger w/ “love” inscription -praying hands image w/ “family” inscription -" actions over words" written in Latin -Archangel Gabriel figure -Virgin Mary figure - Roses -Tribal jaguar image -heart with crown image -small skull (a punk band logo) -sparrow image - Applicant's name in Chinese characters -“SXE” in old english font (meaning “straight edge drug free lifestyle") Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Hi all -- I'm hoping you can help me. I am so confused with the entire immigration process I'm going through right now with my husband! We have an attorney but he explained so many things to us I am a little lost. Question: Can someone please explain to me the step-by-step filing process of the I-601a provisional waiver (once approved for the I-130)? Ie: What needs to be filed next and what after that? So far, the husband and I have had our I-130 approved. Now our attorney has asked us to start gathering documents for the I-601a waiver but he also mentioned something about waiting to hear back from the NVC and filing the DS-260 and the I-864 and I am just sooo confused. How much time do I have time to get all these I-601a documents ready before filing? I am requesting my medical records to file with the I-601a but it has been 1 month already and I have not received them after multiple follow-ups. So my second question is: When is a consulate interview scheduled? Will our attorney file the DS-260 and the I-864 before the I-601a? What if my medical records for the provisional waiver take 2 or 3 months to arrive? Is this normal? I'm so confused about what gets filed and when, and if I have enough time to compile all the evidence for our case. I can't seem to understand any of the answers online. My brain feels fried.
  3. Does anyone know if the specific path taken to get to citizenship affects processing time/interview difficulty? My husband obtained a green card 3 years ago, and has a citizenship application pending. We filed a 601a waiver, which is applying for permanent residence while living in the country without lawful presence. He moved to the US as a teenager undocumented, and we started the immigration process 11 years after that (after 2 years married). He was not protected by DACA. We just aren't sure if this would make the process longer than other cases, or if that has no bearing?
  4. I d like to know if someone sent the waiver 601-a this year and had already the response thabks a lot
  5. Has anybody recently received an I-601A waiver approval? I want to get an idea of the dates USCIS is currently processing. TIA
  6. Hello, Anyone from the Philippines who is going through the rudiments of i-601a? would be glad to start conversation with you. Thank you. Wearynot
  7. I am a permanent US resident for 7 years. Married for 3 years. Married in the US, spouse is on overstayed visa. I-130 was approved at the end of 2015. I had a DUI and wanted to wait 5 years before filing for citizenship to be sure that I'd get it so I am not a citizen yet. Visa Bulletin number came up and we filed the I-485. We were told that we should not be worried because UCSIS does not enforce the law if your only immigration violation is overstaying your visa. I have been reading up on the subject after filing, got nervous and went to another attorney for consultation, who told us that it's basically 100% that our application will be denied as USCIS only forgiving overstaying for spouses of US citizens but not for spouses of permanent residents. The first attorney insist that all is good she had a few clients in the same situation and never had a problem at the interviews. I don't know who to believe or what to do... Was somebody in similar situation? What happened in the interview? Should I withdraw the application and not risk my spouse's interview until I'm a US citizen? Even if I would file for citizenship today, it would not be approved timely, before the 485 interview. ..
  8. A paper copy of info about the i-601a and the I-212 applications from the US Embassy in Haiti says my mother-in-law should file i-212 and i-601a at the same time. The website says if any other forms are filed along with i-601, it will be rejected. Anyone have experience with this, or know whether they can/should be filed together? TIA!
  9. I feel like these doctors are very concerned about putting too much information in their letters for my HSL they all only care about malpractice and getting sued. They cover all of the basics but I feel like it is only a few paragraphs. I can bolster the exhibit with a lot of background information, anyone have this problem?
  10. Hello. How hard is it get the I-601A approved? Also, if approved. How long does the beneficiary have to stay in the foreign country of their Citizenship? Is it a guarantee return trip to USA after Interview? What happens if the return trip is denied?
  11. We received our I-601A approval for our waiver 9/14/2017. So happy about this!!! it's been such a stressful time waiting for it to be approved and the time taking longer than it should. It was received 12/23/2016 and approved 9/14/2017. So now to wait for the interview appt and pray that he is approved. Does anyone know about how long they are taking to make appointments for the interviews? Thank you!