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  1. Hi everyone! I might be wrong but I haven't seen anything about this.. I am about to submit my concurrent filing packet (I-485 and I-130) and I choose to pay my fees using money orders. However, I am not sure if I should attach all 3 money orders ( 2 for the I-485 and biometrics since money orders are capped at $1,000 and 1 for the I-130). Should I attach them all together at the very top or should I attach them each to the appropriate forms? (in other words should they stay all together at the top or separated in the packet ) Also, since money orders can't be over $1,000, how should I split the fees for the I-485 and biometrics into 2 money orders? Thank you for your help!
  2. I have requested in June 2020 for USCIS to expedite my I-130 cade for my minor child. I was asked to send supporting documentation on why I should get expedited. I sent that and here is there response Your petition will be adjudicated shortly, in the order in which it was received. You should receive a notice of action* within 180 days. *A notice of action may be in a form of Approval Notice, Denial Notice, Transfer Notice , Request for Evidence, or Notice of Intent to Deny. So does that mean my case will be processed in 6 months is my expedite request accepted but now it takes at least 6 months
  3. I did not see a new thread yet for November 2019, so I guess I will start it! 😁 I actually have NOT filed my I-130 yet 😩 but I am committed to doing so by November 15, 2019! That is my personal deadline! We have been married almost a year and due to some laziness on both our parts we haven't moved on this but we have made so much progress with it now it makes sense NOT to put it off any longer. So WELCOME all other Nov 2019 brethren! I need your support to get this DONE! 🖐️
  4. Will a child age 17 be required to answer interview questions a and what kind of questions will they ask?
  5. First off I'm very grateful this website exists as it has a wealth of incredibly useful information provided by the members. Unfortunately I find myself in a bit of a weird and unusual situation in regards to my current and former addresses and this is resulting in some serious grey hairs as I'm about to file an I-130 for CR-1 with my USC petitioner (I'm the beneficiary). I couldn't find any past threads of someone having the same exact issue so I felt I had to reach out and ask for help with my situation. I'll start with the biggest concern that I have. 1. For the past two years I lived in country A (not my home country) working there full time until a recent trip to the US (admitted as B1-visitor) during which I subsequently got laid off from my job in country A, and now ended up spending considerably more time in the US than what I had originally planned for. Now I have no reason to go back to country A and I no longer have an address there as of the day I was laid off. I'm staying/living with my USC petitioner in the US at the moment (again, B1-visitor status) but will go back to my home country (country C) after we have filed the I-130 and before my permission of stay expires. I will not stay and AOS, we're doing the CR-1 process. I haven't lived in country C in a few years, and only have an intended address where I will be living once I get there. I went from living and working in country A to basically no solid physical address anywhere. So, on the I-130 and I-130A for "beneficiary current physical address" what should I write? Here are my thoughts, please share yours. - I can't put my last and now former address in country A, I haven't been there in months and won't return - I can't put the current address where I am staying now with my USC petitioner because I'm "only visiting/only staying temporarily/not living full time etc" according to some past posts on this forum -This leaves me with address in country C, I haven't been there in years, and I'll be moving there only once I arrive in the country after we have filed the I-130. The question asks for "current physical address". How could this qualify as my current physical address when I haven't been in said country in years and won't be there until after we file the I-130? Further to follow up and to make this situation even more painful given my situation, on the I-130 Part 4. question 59. Provide the last address at which you physically lived together. If you never lived together, type or print “Never lived together”. Several people on this forum have stated that "only visiting/only staying temporarily/not living full time etc" at your spouses' address still means this question should be answered "NEVER LIVED TOGETHER". If I were to type this, I would only be left with choosing address in country C as my "current physical address". Again, I'm staying with the USC while I am here on B1-status AND in between addresses so refer to previous comment. At the same time it feels very counterintuitive to write the "never lived together" when we have indeed been living/staying together for the past months here. 2. More address headache! Before moving to work in country A, I was in and out of the US and country C in the following manner in the past 5 years: US on a student visa for 3 months -> left US and then came back on VWP literally immediately for a few month stay, lived in the same address that I had while as a student -> left to country C for a month-> obtained B1/B2 for very specific reasons the VWP was unsuitable for, spent another 4 months in the US as B2 visitor -> moved back to country C for one year -> moved to US again on student visa, stay for 8 months -> back to country C for two weeks -> back to US for 3 months on student visa but change of address in the US on arrival from earlier address while on 8 month stay -> country C for 2 weeks -> move to country A for past two years -> current situation = no "current physical address" anywhere except in the US, with my petitioner, while I'm here on B1 status, leaving once we've filed the I-130 The time I have spent in the US has been quite sporadic between student/visitor status, regardless the amount of time spent in country is quite significant yet always in non-immigrant status, so would I list the addresses that I lived in while in the US in the address history questions? Or list the "official address" that I kept throughout this time in country C until moving to country A for work? This kind of goes back to the whole issue of listing addresses if "only visiting/only staying temporarily/not living full time etc". Some past threads have contradicting information from long time members on situations similar to my second problem. I understand the members here do not provide legal advice but I really don't want pay an attorney to figure out how to put down my addresses on the form just because of the complexity of the situation. I simply want to avoid an RFE or any confusion from the part of the USCIS/NVC/consulate as they would most likely have my past addresses while I was in the US as student and I don't want anything I write on the forms to contradict what they may have. This is the only thing holding us from filing the I-130 packet so advice would be greatly appreciated. If we can find an answer to this I'll be able to put down my addresses in the same format for all future forms in the exact same way and hopefully won't have to scratch my head about this ever again.
  6. Hello, I am a US citizen filing a CR-1 spouse visa for my wife who is in Japan. I am preparing to submit my i-130 packet to USCIS in the next few days. While I was reading the instructions for the i-130 (OMB No. 1615-0012 Expires 07/31/2018), I wasn't able to find any instructions on attaching a birth certificate of the petitioner and beneficiary. Looking at various forums on the internet, I saw many people including their birth certificates. Are these people simply front loading their i-130 when they don't have to, or is the correct course of action to include the birth certificates? Also, a general question, if your i-130 doesn't have adequate forms, does USCIS ask you for more information or just flat out reject you? Thank you for your time.
  7. Hello, I am starting a thread to track I-130 for parents filed in May 2020. Please join the conversation and share your journey/process. I filed I-130 (with Consular processing) for both my parents online today, May 4th, 2020. Got IOE receipt numbers immediately.
  8. Hi guys! Thought I would start a thread for this since I didn't see it anywhere else. This is for all Potomac filers of the I-130 in 2019. I noticed that the last person to get approved had a NOA1 date of July 1st and there hasn't been another one since the beginning of the month. My projection for receiving approval had pegged the date between the end of January and the beginning of February, with an email estimate of February 5th. However, today the projection suddenly changed to between June and September of 2020 - a six month leap. I don't understand what could cause this so suddenly as the data hasn't really changed at all over the past couple of weeks. Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. Hello All, I am starting a new thread for July 2019 filers of i-130 for parents. I just mailed an application for my mother today. Please join the conversation and share your journey/process.
  10. Hi, I filed I-130 application for my wife online on 12/04/2019, got a IOE receipt number and NOA1 on 12/06/2019 from Texas Service Center. Since the date for inquiry passed for TSC, I gave them a call and they mentioned that my case is with Potomac Service Center. I never got any notification about case being transferred. The timeline for Potomac are way behind compared to TSC. Did this happen to anyone else? Thank you!
  11. Hi Guys! So I've done a lot of research but I need some clear answers (maybe also from people who already did this) So I wanna surprise my husband in September, My I-130 is now at USCIS since the 5th of June. I'm from Belgium. And I wanna travel and visit my husband. The question now is (and I know there are a lot of risks when you do it) but still.. Can I travel to the USA, if yes, can I go under an ESTA because Belgium is in under the VWP, or do I have to apply for an B2? I can prove I have a fulltime job and that kind of things I just wanna visit for around 8 days and return and go back to work.
  12. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for California Service Center Filers.
  13. Hi guys, I am compiling my i-130 application at the moment but had a few questions before I go ahead and submit. I am filing from the United Kingdom and have put my UK address at both my mailing address and my physical address. Does my mailing address have to be based in the US or can it be at my UK address? I'm filing online and trying to fill out my details which includes my phone number. I don't have a US phone number but the field only allows me to enter a phone number in the US phone number format (000) 000-0000. What should I do? Leave the field blank? I think that might be my only option. Help would be greatly appreciated. Really don't want to get this wrong and create delays in the process! Thanks
  14. Hello everyone I am here an USA and I filed I-130 marriage based patition.i need police certificate from uae and India how can I apply online. I used to work UAE four years ago and for completing D-260 I need police certificate. Please help me.
  15. Hello everyone! I have a quick question. I am petitioning for my spouse and filing i130 online. My spouse lives abroad. Does she have to sign the form i130A? Many are saying NO as instructed by USCIS but i have talked to 2 attorneys and they are saying the beneficiary has to sign. Its really so confusing! Why would the attorney say that. Please guide. Thanks in advance!
  16. Starting the thread for January 2019 Filling - been through this process on the K1 journey all the way through an interview at the Mumbai Embassy last April 2018. We were stuck in AP and had a rare chance to spend 45-days together so we jumped ship and married in India (Nov 24th). So, here we are again going through the same process and praying that it goes faster. Mailed: Dec 26th (tracked delivery on Dec 28th) Notification: Pending NOA1 & Service Center: Pending Happy Journey!! Annie
  17. Hi Everyone! Myself and Mike are at the very first step of officially applying for my CR-1. Yay! Is it better to apply online or to send all documents to the appropriate lockbox? I can't seem to find an awful lot of information about submitting online. Any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks
  18. I just wanted to share with others the experience and issues I had during the fill-out process. Since I-485 is not available online, we decided to file I-130 electronically and then mail the I-485. Generally, I found the online form to be way more convenient than the PDF. It has a nice flow section by section, similar to other governmental forms. Many fields are assisted, leaving fewer places for error. Attaching documents, such as bona fide evidence, is indeed a pleasure. All attachments should be PDF, JPG or TIFF. Adding addresses, relatives, work experience and other multiple entries is user friendly. Though, some surprises during the process made me spend extra time googling the most accurate process. Here is a list of things you may face as of quarantine on April 1st. The form requires entering most of the fields. It can show a warning message "You should provide a response.", though be careful - not every single time you have to do it as it may make no sense. For example, if a parent is deceased it still asks to input the residence country from the drop-down list. If you selected something, you can press delete or backspace and then move on ignoring that warning. Same with the question "When did your spouse live together?" - there is no option to say "present", just skip the date and ignore the warning. On the page about the current spouse, it asks "When did your last marriage end?". Logically you would put a date when the previous marriage ended. Well, skip it. Just click "next". On the next page, you will have a chance to input that. If you actually input that date on the current spouse page, in the generated PDF this date will show under your current spouse as "Date marriage ended". Dah. The same goes for the beneficiary's current spouse (you) - don't put the date when the last marriage ended. "Adjustment of status" section. Fill either USCIS office if your spouse is in the U.S. or the Embassy on the next page if outside. Again, ignore warnings if you clicked on the empty fields. Name in native language should be uploaded as an attachment. I just used MS Word to type "First Name in <language>: ..." and "Last Name in <language>: ..", saved it as PDF and attached. Evidence attachment is a simple file selection or drag-n-drop. Same rules as for mailing the form. Add all you can in each section where it says to. If certain documents are in a different language, they should be uploaded in both the original language and English. I assume it's better not to upload the photos you have as separate files. As above, I created in MS Word a basic timelined photo album of 16 photos (4 on each page) and saved it as a PDF. Not all PDFs are accepted for some reason, for example, my PGE bills in PDF didn't work. As a workaround, I had to open them, print "as PDF" and attach that newly created file. By the way, the maximum file size is 6MB so you may need to split some large documents, after first trying to compress them in Adobe Acrobat online. The weird thing - the form won't let you leave the evidence section unless you upload at least one document in each of the boxes. Well, it's a good way to keep us from missing something but it may be annoying too. If you want to leave that page to be able to check other pages in the form, click "back" in your browser and you'll be free to go. The weird thing 2 - if you click next on the evidence from, it takes you to the "additional evidence" section, aka secondary evidence. If you are all set and don't have a reason to add the secondary evidence documents, you are supposed to be able to skip this section. Not in this form though. You won't be able to proceed to the next section, which is "Review and Submit" if you don't add anything here. I used the same trick - click the "back" button and get out of this trap, you don't have to add anything here unless it is a requirement for your particular case. The "Review and Submit" section has a basic quality check tool, which shows you if everything looks normal. It also tells you what the cost of the application is. There you can review all the entries on one page, as well as all the attachments. On the bottom, you may see affidavits missing - those are only related to the secondary evidence when you cannot establish your citizenship, not other affidavits and written statements. You can also download a PDF, which looks exactly like the I-130 PDF but filled out with the data you entered. It puts everything in the correct format, including additional pages for addresses or other information, which didn't fit in the form. Some glitches I could find in that form: When you put a company address, you cannot make a selection of "apt" or "floor" so in the form it will not be checked. In Part 4 "Beneficiary's address" the entries are numbered as 43, though the form says it should be 11. In Part 4, 13a it doesn't put "SAME" while the form requires it. In Part 6, the Petitioner statement is empty, the box that I read and understand English is not checked - you will actually answer this question and provide your electronic signature on the next page prior to submission. Evidence list has only one page and it lists all the attachments you uploaded - it didn't fit in my case so it went beyond the borders and cut off on the edge of the page. Next, you electronically signed the petition and it takes you to the online payment page. After submission, in the case status, there is an option to download that same completed PDF as well as any attachments I uploaded in the form - nice to have feature, comparing to mailing.
  19. We're just beginning this process, and our marriage was far from conventional, so I'm a little concerned about the visa process even though we've been married for over a year and have a ton of photos and tickets of us traveling together. We're getting statements from some of her family members, but like I said, our marriage was not conventional so her family wasn't really involved. I'm wondering, will they want to talk to her family members in validating whether or not our marriage is bona fide? Thanks!
  20. Good day all, All documents and fees were approved and completed on my IR5 on March 7th 2019. Notice from the NVC was that an interview would be scheduled at the Consulate and I would be notified by email or mail. Does anybody know what the approximate turnover times are for the interview? Can I expect an interview in April? Thank you!
  21. Hello, If I go with Co-Sponsor, can I still include household members i-864a income with the application, or should I only include mine and Co-Sponsor i-864 form? As of now, we as a household, we can't reach the minimum required for sponsoring someone, we're about $10k short. However, my Co-Sponsors income is way above the requirements $75k Plus. I've already prepared my i-864, and my household members i-864a forms. But it turns out we're $10k short. Should I go with Co-Sponsor only or include i-864a household forms as well with the Co-Sponsor's i-864, will it strengthen the package? Thanks, Dean.
  22. Hi all, I just sent in my I-130 application for my spouse online on Jul 5 and got the receipt notice via my online USCIS account within 2 days. However since I am living abroad so I suppose the actual notice is still on its way. May I ask: 1. Will USCIS actually send me the original receipt notice by mail given that I am located overseas? 2. Is the receipt notice = NOA1? 3. I also noted that near the bottom of the receipt notice it said "Please see the additional information on the back" while there is only 1 page in the PDF receipt notice. Is it supposed to be a 2-page file? By the way, according to the receipt notice, our case was assigned to Nebraska... Thanks for your help in advance!
  23. Hello! Uscis approved our i130 petition on 5th May 2020. They sent us a wrong notice of action, the said its for adjustment of status which we definetely didnt apply for cause i cant travel at all to states and we mention BUCHAREST as embassy. So we called uscis like 3 times to make sure they ll send our case to nvc. A lady even said our case is where its supposed to be but it was a typogeaphic mistake or something like that.After 45 days i sent to inquiries to nvc and they asked for noa2 to ask uscis for our case but they said they cant do anything with it cause it says adjustnent of status. Then my hsuband called uscis twice and talked to a tier2. He said he ll ask for our case to be send to nvc and we should hear from them in 15 days. Now its been 15 days since that and 9 weeks since our apporval. We dont know what to do now, we asked for our noa2 to be corrected so nvc cant help us but stil nothing..should we call again? And for adjustment of status arent the document different? Or at least some more documents send with i130. We didnt even send passport pics because i googled it and it says im not supposed to if im not in us so we clearly didnt apply for adjusmtent of status.
  24. Hi all! About 4 weeks ago I entered the USA after a very long DCF process to obtain my CR-1 visa. I’ve now received a I-797C form saying I need to pay an additional $220 to receive my green card. Therefore, I have a few questions which I’m hoping the experts on here can answer please. 1) Is this something I need to pay? I was under the impression that following the successful approval and entry into the USA on a CR1 visa that the green card is automatically sent out. 2) If I need to pay. It’s asking for the following things. Could someone tell me the easiest way to locate the two references; i] “A-Number” ii] DOS case ID I must admit, I can’t even remember seeing these references and I’m wondering it’s because my application was processed by the UK consulate rather than the NVC. Thanks in advance, B
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