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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, This thread is to track the updates of all F2B Queue. Lets share about our progress like - Priority Date - Documentation and other matters - Interview Letter status - Interview Experience - Day you received your visa etc - and anything like questions, queries, updates related to F2B category. Thanks
  2. f2b catergory. Priority date 27th february 2017. Mother applied for him. But unfortunately she died few days ago case is not approved yet. Can his father take over this case so that everything remains same and not to start again from the beginning and his priority date stays same. pls advice
  3. hi everyone I filled my grandson form ds 260 and I all fill the form but when I click submit button I cant clik I mean form is not submit can anyone tell what is problem ?
  4. Hello everyone, my mother is a legal permanent resident and she does not work, my sister will also be my sponsor and lives with my mother. I know that my mother should fill out the I864 form but my sister which form should fill out, I864 or I864a ? My priority date is February 23, 2015. Thanks in advance.
  5. Currently waiting for an interview letter from Manila Philippines. The visa category that we're applying for is F2B. Those who recently had an interview from the mentioned embassy, How long was the wait from NVC's DQ to receiving an interview letter? Youre kind help will be truly appreciated.
  6. Hi, is it normal that my payment is still "in process" for 9 days now? Should I ask or should I just wait? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, another question i have. Before the schedule of my interview, is it okay if my petitioner will come here in my country so that we could travel to the states together? Mother is a US citizen. Thanks for the help. (Dear admins, please delete my other questions, i already got answers. Thanks!)
  8. Hi I have another question. My mother became a US citizen years ago but I am filed under F2B category. My question is, since I am going to be one of those who will be getting the welcome letter soon, is NVC going to send me a welcome letter under F1 or under F2B category? Am I automatically converted? Do they know my mother became a US citizen? I am confused if I will opt out or...thanks to anyone who can answer me. 😊
  9. Hello everyone, I am worried about this new policy. Does anyone know what kind of insurance we should get or the ones accepted by Trump administration? We waited years and years and I don't want to mess this up. Thanks guys. 😊
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a question for the group.... hoping to get some opinions / feedback. I was originally sponsored for family visa under the F2B category (Unmarried son & daughter of Permanent Resident) in 2012. My priority date (4/31/12) became current in Mar 2019. My family sponsor became a United States Citizen in Feb 2019 and I was automatically moved to F1 category, but had made a request to keep in the F2B category under Section 6 of the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) because the priority date in the F2B category was further along than F1. I have submitted all information to NVC and became Documentary Qualified for Embassy Interview on 2/6/2019 and have been waiting since for an interview to be scheduled. (Montreal, Canada Embassy) My priority date has since become "current" for the F1 category with the August '19 Visa Bulletin, and I'm wondering if it would make any sense at this point to see to change category again back to F1 in order to expedite my process. I'm just wondering if getting an interview scheduled will be quicker under the F1 category as compared to the F2B category. Any opinions / feedback would be most appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone!! I created this thread for those under F2B , waiting in line for PD to be current. Let's share our thoughts and help each other go through the long wait. My PD is March 2015 and I have waited for 4+ years now.
  12. hello everyone, may i ask anyone here (philippines) who has the same situation regarding submission of 221(g) letter re: f2b retention letter. my interview was on september 4, 2015 and all was well until my consul told me to submit a f2b retention letter, no other documents was needed since we ask are there anymore documents and she just told us that we go to step 5 that is the window 5 i guest for further instruction, then the person in that window told us what to do and same submit f2b retention letter. we submitted the letter on sept. 9, 2015 and until now we are still waiting. during the interview another person has the same situation the submission of f2b retention letter, but his consul told him to go upstair (EMBASSY) for additional instruction, well the instruction was to submission add: documents like: letter of approval, cenomar, cert of naturalization of the petitioner. he did submit but at a later date somewhere 3rd week of september. he was approved just this today (October 17). the thing is will we submit those documents that he was obliged to submit? the consul told us to submit f2b retention letter, thats it. I know that somehow it is a case to case basis. but to enlighten may we know from you who experience this kind of situation.
  13. My father applied for me in f2b category. He is a green card holder right now. priority date is 2016 . now 1 year ago i got married to a girl in Islamic way without letting my family know but didnt registry anything according to the country law .As she was 14 according to her birth certificate (though her real age is above 18). So basically in my country , The rule is u cant get married before 18. But in Islamic way u can . so did I. so there is no record in my country that im married. plus my wife is not adult to be married according to her birth certificate. will I be considered as married??? if yes. then I cant even show documents that i am married to in my country, The rule is u cant get married before 18. Should i keep my status as unmarried or what should i do?. Very confused.
  14. Greetings, My consulate interview is very soon, my category is F2B. Lately, I have heard from other peoples experiences that the consul in many of the questions he asks is: How did your father/mother get to the US?... Back in the 90s most of the Dominicans parents immigrated to the US in -Yolas- to PR, a yola is a little improvised boat. I am a little worried because this is my father's case and if, just if the consul ask me this question and I give him/her this answer, I am afraid that this could affect my interview outcome. Just to be aware this was more than 20 years ago and my father now is an American resident. Please kindly clarify this interrogative that I am having right now. Thank you all! ♥
  15. hello i have a question my F2B petition i-130 was approved by uscis in june 2015 and i received my I-797. The notice said they have forwarded my case to NVC and it has been 4 years i still have not received anything from NVC, no case number nothing. Please Help i don't know if its normal because the priority date is not current yet.
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