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  1. Hi everyone! I'm a 2016 filer for my spouse. I started this thread because I wanted to interact with my fellow 2016 filers (as well as others) who are also going through the petition process. This would be a great opportunity to share our insights, knowledge, and experiences. Honestly though, the waiting game is really hard. Maybe if we support each other, it would help ease it even a little. So to start off: PD: 7/20/2016 NOA1: 7/26/2016 NOA2: 11/29/2016
  2. Hi, I created this post to keep in touch all of us who filed as applicants from F2A category. Specially the ones of us that filed with Pending 1-130, so we can keep in touch. My timeline: I-130 filed on Dec 19th, 2016 I-130 still pending as of time of filing. AOS package sent March 1st, 2018 AOS package arrived Chicago Lockbox on March 4 (Sunday) Bank notified us about a check transaction on March 14 at 5.48 a.m. E-Notifications received via email and via sms on March 14 at 11.48 p.m. Waiting for physical Notice of Action. Now it's time to wait.
  3. Hello all I-130 filers, Lets put our I-130 timelines for California Service Center Filers.
  4. Creating a post for 2017 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, please share your PDs and any further actions going forward.
  5. Ric_123

    F2A - Montreal, Canada

    Just wondering if anyone received an interview letter recently for Montreal, Canada. The most up to date visa bulletin for F2A is Aug22, 16. I've hear Montreal moving really slow, just want to if thats true. Our PD is mid-Aug and we still haven't receive any interview letter yet. Any one wait in Canada? Or know something? Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of waiting for my PD to become current. My spouse is a conditional GC holder, and just filed for removal of condition (I-829). Here is my timeline: Type: F2A 01/2017: USCIS WAC Received I-130 07/2018: USCIS Chicago Lockbox Received I-485, I-131, I-765, routed to NBC 08/2018: Biometrics done for I-485 and I-765 08/2018: Received RFE for I-130, and RFIE for I-485 09/2018: Mailed Response for both I-130 and I-485 10/2018: WAC approved I-130 Local USCIS Office: Santa Ana I'm still waiting for EAD/AP to be approved, and not sure how long does I-485 take because my spouse just filed for her I-829 to remove her conditional status in 08/2018, and the processing time is about 3 years. Anyone have experience with this situation before? Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm newbie here so I wanna apologize if my given information isn't clear. So my PD for I-130 is 05/22/17 (still pending) however I've heard good news that there a quite a few people are getting approved for May 2017, CSC and from my country. I filed for AOS with I-765, I-131 06/25/18. I expedited my I-765 and got it early September but until now I have heard nothing about my I-131 even tho I've tried to call them 4+ times to expedite/investigate. Still nothing. Anyways, I got RFE for I-485 last October and I already sent out the package to respond November but it seemed that they lost my package and they claimed they never received. We tried to call 5 times and they told us to wait till they respond but no respond so far, investigation was opened but no reply, tier 1 said tier 2 would call, NO CALL. NOTHING. Until we freaked out and re-sent the package once again in 02/01 (friday). 02/04 I got the status changed " respond ... received". Okay, great this time they got it. Fast forward I got the status changed "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" 02/12/19, which was yesterday. My field office is Mt. Laurel NJ. I've read a lot of people had to wait for 7 months + for the status to change from "ready to schedule" to ..."interview was scheduled". However, since I already sent out the i-485 last year, would it count the pending time as waiting time? Or I would have to expect the date to reset from the time they received my RFE respond? Any odd chance that I will have my interview before my I-130 is approved? I know I won't get a GC if my i-130 approved, but I just wanna make sure I understand everything clearly. Looking forward to any helpful inputs/experience. Thank you so much!
  8. Hi, I obtained my US Greencard recently (Born & lived in Sri Lanka), and planning to marry my long time girlfriend (born in Sri Lanka and currently an international student in Canada). I live in California and I have several doubt on the process. During my search I found several visa centers have different processing times. And as I am living in California, California service center takes much long time to process the case(about 2-5 years). 1. Is there anyway to reduce this time limit? 2. She already has B1/B2 Visa from Canada, If we are marrying can she visit me during the process? or will her visa will be cancelled (at the port of the entry)? 3. Applying from Sri Lanka, or Canada which can make the process easy? 4. Is there anyone who lives in California, got approved visa? If yes, how long it took? What are the things I can do to live with her and to minimize the time. Please explain. I'm worried.
  9. Hello, I’m so confused please I need your advice, two years ago my tourist visa was cancelled because I worked 3 times in six months, now my I-130 is about to become current and I need to know if I need to file a waiver to continue with the process in the embassy, I’m not living in the states, my visa was canceled and I had an expedited removal and I am inadmissible for 5 years, do I need to apply for the waiver even if the process is not to obtain another tourist visa? It’s for my residence, thank you
  10. Thanks to this wonderful forum and its valuable members I found out that my US spouse can petition my son (13). I'm a fairly new Green Card holder and I have already sent the I-130 petition for alien relative under F2A and USCIS accepted it as they took their money already. As I understand, they will never issue me a refund and there is really no way for me to recover my funds when I send a new petition. I have used G-1450 for credit card authorization and I called my credit card but they said since I initially authorized them I cannot stop or dispute the payment. Maybe there is another way I haven't thought of? I won't get my hopes up if there isn't. Before we send in the new petition under my USC spouse, I have to deal with withdrawing the first one. I have included G-1145 for E-Notification and I'm waiting (impatiently) for my case number. Once I receive it, I will print a letter of withdrawal. Can I put that letter together with my new petition? Which will have another cover letter as well. Or should I send it separate? Or maybe even on separate days? Would it even be beneficial if I just wait for my NOA of the first petition since I assume that my son gets assigned an Alien number? Or will they be able to figure this out anyways and merge his file? I want to send the new petition as soon as possible as the situation in Nicaragua is currently not good. I'm just trying to get this all done as smooth as possible. The hassle of withdrawing the first petition really throws me off. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments, thoughts, advice and questions if there are any
  11. Hi guys .. My interview took place on Nov 13, 2018 for F2A Category in Islamabad.. MASHA ALLAH the interview went well .. after the interview, I was handed white paper 221G .. I created the profile on the same day .. since then, there have been only 2 updates .. one on Dec 4th and the next on Dec 7th .. I'd really appreciate if anyone can plz guide me as to how long it's going to take ..
  12. Hello, I need help and suggestion. Our case is under F2A category ( Philippines) with Priority date of May 22, 2017, still waiting for approval. Now our concern is that my wife and I had a baby and was born April 11, 2018 in canada, he has a canadian passport and birth certificate. My wife went to canada on December 2017 as a tourist visiting her family and she was offered to work legally with a work permit. We would like to add our son as a derivative. Does he need a philippine passport and birth certificate? They are still and canada right now. Are they gonna do the medical and interview in the Philippines? Thank you to anyone who could help.
  13. Dear all, My spouse is LPR and we applied for F2A in Nov 2018. I knew we have long wait. He planned to visit me and family during May 2019. After that his parents is going to visit him around July and stay till sep. I hold B1/B2 Visa valid for 10 years with multiple entries. I visited states for first time in 2016 for a month for business reason and 5 months in 2018 to spend time with my friends and fiancée that time now he is my spouse. We got married when I was in states in aug 2018 and I came back to home country in oct 2018. So my question is whether I can travel with my visitor visa and stay for few months in end of 2019? I have read read other threads which few told they travellled with no issues but some thread I read if they deny entry at port then my b2 Visa will be revoked and I will get an entry ban. So how this works. Thanks in advance.
  14. My I-130 was received on Jun 8, 2017. I got my citizenship on November 21, 2018 and I mailed certificate same day to California processing center where case is in process. I did not hear back anything so I filed Inquiry for Dec 10, 2018 for undelivered notice. I got response saying: "Your request for an upgrade to USC has been forwarded to the adjudication officer. The adjudication officer will make the necessary upgrade at time of adjudication." I noticed in the response that they did not mention the receive date of naturalization certificate. I have not received any update after that case status still says that case was received on June 8, 2017. How long should I wait or is there a way to track the progress on the upgrade of petition? Its been 18 months on the petition Its been 7 weeks since certificate was mailed Its been 4 weeks since i got response from USCIS for upgrade of application inquiry.
  15. Does anyone know, that how long it takes to get the interview date once all your documents has been accepted by NVC. Also does medical is required for F2A? Our documents got accepted by NVC today, but nothing is mentioned about medical report or such.
  16. Hey, I’m from Pakistan. And I just heard that Pakistan has been added to USA blacklist for religious freedom violations. It’s been more than year and I’m waiting for my visa which has applied under f2A by my husband who’s LPR. There’s going to be any issue in getting visa from Pakistan? So worried ! Please help. And other issue is that my husband’s green card has been expired month ago. Can he come to visit me? While applying for citizenship. What’s the process? TYI.
  17. Just to start the tracking thread. I (LPR) filed I-130 for my son (F2A) on 12/11/2018. USCIS processing payment as of today. Crossing fingers. Let's support each other during the waiting period.
  18. Hey everyone, my case is filed under F2A by my husband who’s LPR. I need to know one thing and I’m curious about it. My PD is June 30th’ 2017. And as what I’m just seeing the Vb is getting slower! I just thought that I’ll get my visa in 2 years or a little more. But today I just tried an estimator it says “oct’19”. What do you guys think? How much it’ll take to get a visa? I’m not in States. Lmk! TYI
  19. I am so glad that I found this website. It helps a lot about the agony of waiting for culture test. My live-in partner petition letter has already arrived and got the NVC letter invitation for Embassy interview with the names of my daughters. Yes, maybe you are wondering why I am not included because the petition was applied was unmarried/single, it was applied before we are in relationship and we can't get married, if we do so the petition will be discard. Anyways, after we received the docs. From NVC last Oct. 23, 2018 we flew right away at 2am on the 24th to have their medical in SLEC scheduled on the 25th To make the long story short. My daughters finished their examinations and received 4 vaccinations. While their father is undergo in Sputum and Culture Tests. We've been told If ever after 8 weeks, result of the culture test of their father is negative and he is permitted to have a vaccinations, my daugters as well will receive another 4 shots before we are going to proceed in US Embassy Interview. Short story for my live-in partner. He was diagnosed last 1999 pulmonary and TB. He took his medications for 6 months and completely healed early 2000. Before we went in SLEC, we set an appointment to his doctor (luckily he is still alive 😊) to double check his condition. According to the X-Ray what we saw there is the scar and it completely healed. And his doctor issued a medical certificate that he is well. Sputum and Culture Test process for my Live in Partner: A. He was advised to returned last Oct. 29, 30, and 31 - 2018 for sputum collections. Supposedly, the doctor advised my live-in partner to returned on Nov. 3 for pulmonary evaluation. He tried to talked to the doctors and asking for considerations to get as early schedule for evaluation because we already booked our flight dated Nov. 2 back to our home town. So he was been asked to to bring the plane ticket for the proof, and luckily he was included in Batch Oct. 31 Pulmonary Evaluation. Luckily, his Sputum Test is negative. B. We are advice to go back in SLEC on Dec. 28. The Culture test will take 8 weeks to know the result. According of experienced applicants, If the SLEC will call you before the said date it means you are positive or you need some medications. If not, they said you are 85% safe, means that you are negative for TB. BUT don't get to confident enough, much better you call or email SLEC 2 days before the said date for confirmation. They also say there are 15% might positive. (But based of what I read, they were mostly negative in TB). C. If ever you will be negative they will instruct you to get the CD of your medical records in 1st floor. Then you can schedule your US Embassy Appointment for Interview in Philippines. This is our 3rd week in waiting for Culture test result. We are praying everyday, asking and hoping heartedly that the test will be negative and can proceed on the next step. I will post an update soon about this journey. Hopefully, this post will help to others.
  20. Please let me know how much time it will take for my F2A case to be approved according to March 2018 bulletin.
  21. Hey, if your sibling is being jailed and not proven guilty until now. Can you get your visa? My case is filed under f2A but I want to know if they could deny my visa cuz of my brothers criminal record? I’ve nothing to do about this case! But I’m worried if it could affect my process. Please let me know.
  22. Is anyone here a greencard holder and is filing for spouse and minor child in the year 2017. How far along are they with interviews? My next question is does anyone know how long it is taking to get an approval notice in this category?
  23. Just begin this forum for all petitions filed i130 under F2a category between January & March 2017 My PD 20th March 2017 USCIS center : California
  24. Hello everyone, I just received an email from NVC informing me they received all documentation for the case of my spouse. I’m a US citizen, my wife is from Mexico. Approximately, how long does it take to get the interview appointment?
  25. Is there anyone with December 2016 PD, that got NOA2 approved? PD December 29, 2016 , waiting for NOA2.