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  1. Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day We mailed the I-751 package on Friday April 25, 2020 and USPS tracking said it was delivered on Monday April 27, 2020 in Arizona. We received the notifications text and according to the USCIS case status, we’re supposed to contact them if we haven’t received our NOA by May 27, 2020. Today is June 1, 2020 (5 days past May 27th.) I understand if there is a delay due to Covid-19 but I am starting to get worried. Should I call and ask for information on why I haven’t received/if they sent one or should I wait a few more days? Thank You! 😄
  2. My EB2-NIW case was approved in December 2018 and I received the approval notice, but NVC never received it to continue with consular processing despite the submitted and approved I-140 for my case included the request for consular processing (I am abroad US). It has been over 18 months and NVC has not received the case. (USCIS seems to have lost my file). I need ideas/advice on options to get my case to NVC. Background and what I’ve done so far: - Case approved Dec 2018. - Multiple Inquiries to NVC (apr to sep 2019). NVC claimed they never received the file. - After NVC contacted USCIS they asked me to file a duplicate petition - Duplicate filed in October 2019 per their guidance, but no receipt received. - Jan to Apr 2020: Multiple inquiries and calls to USCIS without success. Last inquiry suggested submitting a form I824 (6 to 12 month processing time!) as if I was requesting a change to consular processing (but the original submission already requested it) - March 2020: submitted claim to DHS ombudsman. Case was received but no progress yet. Any ideas what else I can do?! Any similar experiences?
  3. I read at many articles it states that consulates have suspended "in person" activities and interviews. Does anyone have any experience knowledge ir updates on their AP cases ever since covid19 Closures? Do you, or anyone you know, have gotten their visa or passport after being in AP cases during covid19? Curious to know if islamabad consulates are still working on ADMIN PROCESS since they arent "physical - in person" activities, which can be done remotely! Thanks and good luck.
  4. Hi, I'm wondering whats taking USCIS so long to process my application for AOS along with application for EAD and also AP. We sent our application on the 12th of February through USPS, to Chicago IL. We had it tracked and it arrived at the 16th of february at their address. and so far nothing came in yet in the mail or notice though email/text with G-1145 on top of my application. I know that USCIS implemented the Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds final rule nationwide, including in Illinois, on Feb. 24, 2020. but our application came in earlier than that, ill post the note on the USCIS Website. " the rule affects postmark application starting on the 24th and after that date" Thank you for your time. Mahalo's ALERT: On Feb. 21, 2020, the Supreme Court stayed the statewide injunction issued by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois affecting Illinois filers. USCIS implemented the Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds final rule nationwide, including in Illinois, on Feb. 24, 2020. USCIS will apply the final rule to all applications for adjustment of status, and applications and petitions for extension of nonimmigrant stay or change of nonimmigrant status postmarked (or, if applicable, submitted electronically) on or after that date. For applications and petitions that are sent by commercial courier (for example, UPS, FedEx, or DHL), the postmark date is the date reflected on the courier receipt. USCIS will reject any affected application or petition that does not adhere to the final rule, including those submitted by or on behalf of aliens living in Illinois, if postmarked on or after Feb. 24, 2020. The final rule requires applicants for adjustment of status who are subject to the public charge ground of inadmissibility and certain applicants and petitioners seeking extension of stay and change of status to report certain information related to public benefits. Due to litigation-related delays in the final rule’s implementation, USCIS is applying this requirement as though it refers to Feb. 24, 2020, rather than Oct. 15, 2019. Please read all references to Oct. 15, 2019, as though they refer to Feb. 24, 2020. USCIS will not consider, and applicants for adjustment of status do not need to report, the application for, certification or approval to receive, or receipt of certain previously excluded non-cash public benefits (such as SNAP, most forms of Medicaid, and public housing) before Feb. 24, 2020. Similarly, USCIS will not consider as a heavily weighted negative factor receipt of previously included public benefits (such as SSI and TANF) before Feb. 24, 2020, in a public charge inadmissibility determination. Certain classes of aliens are exempt from the public charge ground of inadmissibility (such as refugees, asylees, certain VAWA self-petitioners, U petitioners, and T applicants) and therefore, are not subject to the final rule.
  5. I am a US born citizen, and I have been living in Spain for almost 10 years and I got married in October 2019. I recently filed my taxes online and when I tried to file as married, "but filing seperately," (because obviously my partner isnt a citizen) but it requested that I enter a SSN for my partner. After trying to leave it blank, or changing it to all zeros it would not allow me to continue. At the time, I decided to file "single" because my partner doesnt have a SSN and has never lived in the USA. Now, I'm starting to wonder if I made a terrible mistake on my taxes, and will have problems at the NVC. Any ideas?
  6. My grandfather filed form I-130 petition for married sons and daughters. While he was alive the petition got approved. In 2015 he died. My paternal uncle in U.S filed form I-864. Case was under administrative processing in NVC , then NVC sent it back to USCIS stating that it has received information that petitioner is deceased. What is the solution to this? Is there any scope that USCIS review it and we may be called for interview? humanitarian reinstatment ground for petition to be reinstated has to be taken before USCIS OR NVC?
  7. Hello, We have received our NOA2 on 24 July 2019. However, NVC have not yet received it, and they are currently working with USCIS to figure out where it is. Would I need to request for an extension of the I-797, which is due to expire soon? And if so, how might I go about this? I sent an e-mail to the embassy in London, but I have also read somewhere that this may be done automatically. Should we need to worry too much, considering that they might have messed up somewhere and delayed it? We shouldn't have to be worried that our application be binned if they say that we didn't want to continue with this process, as during this time we have tried to find out what the status and progress have been. Thank you in advance for your help! Aaron and Claribel.
  8. Good day, we originally hired a lawyer to make our visa application relatively smoother but instead he already caused us almost 3 months of unnecessary delay from filing the wrong documents. We are already in NVC level. I just don't want anything to do with him anymore and the emotional and financial pain he caused us is just too much to bear. Me and my husband would like to remove him from our case and afterwards were planning on suing him for negligence. Please advise. thanks
  9. Hello, I am recent graduate of this year and I've applied for my EAD card to the USCIS office. I have waited until 75 days and on the 77th day my status was changed from "Case Received" to "Request for initial evidence was mailed". I have no idea why I'm getting this status. And if this is the case then why they took so long to acknowledge me about the same? I've called a couple of times to the USCIS center but they didn't tell me anything and I've to wait for their mail to come. Let's say If I get the mail and send them the documents that they need on the next day then, is it possible that they will expedite my process? or do I need wait again for again 70-75 days to get my EAD card? I have a job offer letter with me and I've already delayed my joining date twice and I've no idea if they will wait for me again. It is just so frustrating and looks like I'll lose everything that I've gained in last 2 years. Can you please advice me on this situation? Any help would be appreciable... Thank you!
  10. Dears, I am a green card holder (PERMANENT RESIDENCE) and filled a petition I-130 form for my husband, F2A category, on Aug,3rd,2017, which is his priority date. On last May 15th, I've received the USCIS Approval Letter for his I-130 Petition, stating that his Approval Notice would be sent from USCIS to NVC, and within 30 days, I would receive a mail by NVC, with the next steps. The point is that I didn't receive any letter so far, and today is July 15th. I wish to highlight that August's Visa Bulletin's F2A category is already C (CURRENT). Hence, I'd like to know: 1- Can F2A final action date takes more time for us (getting backdated 'cause it's current and I haven't received NVC mail yet), delaying the process? 2- I've already e-mailed NVC last week, and they replied to me saying that they hadn't received his Approval Notice at that point, but they'd contact USCIS and check it out. Is that normal? Should I wait more or contact NVC again? Should I take any further action? Thank you so much, in advance! Appreciate your goodwill!
  11. Hi all, Our case was documentarily qualified on 01st Feb 2019 and we were in queue to be interviewed at the Mumbai Embassy (we recently changed this to Singapore). All cases that were completed after ours (except one) and before April 19, have received their Interview dates and we haven't. When we call NVC then say everything is fine with our case and we are in the queue. I can't figure out why would we be skipped and fear something must be wrong at the backend. Has anyone else been in the same situation? I am worried that even though we've moved our case to Singapore, we will continue to be skipped!
  12. Hello guys, Today my visa was issued finally after a hard / unique / long visa journey, and the reason why i'm writing this thread is to share my particular case because it can be helpful for others who might have a similar situation like mine. I posted my first thread one year ago, Help me please, can we get married before ds260, i didn't know anything about the procedures of diversity visa back then, some people told me to avoid getting married because it can decrease the chances of your visas getting approved, they told me to wait for her to get there and she can later petition for you, but we didn't want to be separated like that, we were about to get married anyways here, so we decided to get married and hope for the best, also your replies were really important to us to take that decision. + we got married, we filled DS260, waited for the confirmation letter, but no response from KCC, even tho we sent the required documents and we received the automatic reply, in January we called KCC, they told us that they didn't receive anything, and they advised us to send a new email again, 3 days later we got the confirmation email, so, if someone doesn't receive his confirmation email, you got to call them to check. + our case number is 12k, we received the appointment date late, it was 16th of April, the interview went smooth, but the consular told us that we're missing a document, and told us that we're going to have a second interview, you can read the whole thing in this thread i think i have a rare case, it was rare, because I've never heard of something like that, so basically my wife was born in 95 and was registered in 2002, they wanted a justification for this delay of birth registration, we brought an affidavit from the place where her birth was registered. + fast forward, they fixed another appointment which was a second interview, it was in 30th of May, we went there and waited 3 hours, until the room was empty, they called us in different counters, they asked us questions about the relationship that every genuine couple could answer. + and finally, today the visa was issued, i'm really happy we finally overcame this full year of stress and frustration, i hope this thread would help someone because i know the mental and physical sufferings we went through, thanks to Jojo92122, and SusieQQQ for their help, and i thank everyone who helped me and didn't mention !
  13. Has anybody else had an issue getting an interview at a local consulate? My Partner is trying to get an interview at the Consulate in Ankara, Turkey but there are simply no appointments available. Instead, we are told that new appointments will be released "within the coming weeks" and to just keep checking the website. Is there a better way to do this or am I just stuck pushing refresh on a website for the next several weeks? What have your experiences been? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  14. My application package reached the Phoenix Lockbox on Feb 8th, 2018. But as of now, I did not receive any SMS/email notification through my form G-1145, no receipt notice, nor did USCIS encash the enclosed check. USCIS says to wait for 30 days before contacting the lockbox. If I contact Lockbox support, they take 15 days to answer. I have already sent them an email a week ago, even when its not 30 days yet. But do they really take 30 days to process the application? Is there anyone else here who has recently sent their I-485, I-765 and I-131 application package to Phoenix with a similar timeline? I will update here once I receive a notification, or have any update on my case. Thanks.
  15. Hi There, I got my green card last year and I have visited USA twice since then. I had to fly back to my home country because my work contract finishes this year in Nov 19. last time I went o US I applied for my Social security number and its been a month. They haven't yet mailed it to the given address in US. Is there a rule that you have to stay in US for a certain amount of time to get a SSN.
  16. Hi, My wife is a permanent resident in the USA, and I am a US citizen. Our child was born early 2016, so is 3 years old now. We were supposed to report his birth to the Philippine consulate within 12 months, but neglected to do so. We're about to report it now, but are having a hard time coming up with a valid reason for delay... I'm guessing "bring disorganized and somewhat lazy" is not a valid reason? Can anyone assist or advise? Thanks so much! David
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