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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, My interview is on the 19th of march, i still have recieved my FULL DISCLOSURE check, i only have a current name check that lists 2 offences. i have been in trouble for fighting and mostly driving eg speeding drive unregistered and failure to pay tolls. I recived community service 20 years ago. Can anyone let me know if they have had or heard of a similar situation being approved the VISA? Any HELP is appriciated. 2017 static driver testing - driving with a prescribed drug : fined $700 (i was driving with serequol in my system - i take this medication daily for bi-polar and didn't travel with my script that day, received fine only was allowed to drive home I am allowed to drive with this medication. This medication gives false roadside drug test readings which is why it states – Driving with a PRESCRIBED drug.) EXCEED SPEED BY LESS THAN 10KM/H (CODE:1926) Offence date 05/03/2015 fined $350.20 EXCEED SPEED BY LESS THAN 10KM/H (CODE:1926) Offence date 06/03/2015 $290.40 FAIL TO OBEY TRAFFIC LIGHTS (CODE:2101) Offence date 12/11/2014 $530.50 EXCEED SPEED BY 15K BUT LESS THAN 25K (CODE:1928) Offence date 06/03/2015 $400.40 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) Offence date 01/12/2014 $313.20 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 26/11/2014 $311 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 23/11/2014 $311 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 06/12/2014 $313.20 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 23/01/2015 $313.90 DRIVE UN-REGISTERED VEHICLE IN TOLL ZONE (CODE:2351) 09/02/2015 $254.10 USE HAND HELD MOBILE PHONE WHILE DRIVING (CODE:2078) 14/11/2014 29/11/2013 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN SPEED ZONE BY 1 PTS 01/04/2014 FINALISED INTERSTATE LESS THAN 13 KM/H 06/01/2012 A 5964804 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 3 PTS SPEED ZONE BY AT LEAST 13 KM/H NOT MORE 20 KM/H SPER MC 05/03/2012 $200.00 05/01/2012 200121245 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 3 PTS SPEED ZONE BY AT LEAST 13KM NOT MORE 20KM/H SPER MC 16/04/2012 $200.00 30/12/2011 200120275 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 4 PTS SPEED ZONE BY MORE THAN 20km/hr $333 14/12/2011 200116899 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN 1 PTS SPEED ZONE BY LESS THAN 13 K/HR SPER MC 07/04/2012 $133.00 04/10/2010 14482064 EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN SPEED 1 PTS ZONE BY LESS THAN 13 KM/H $133 2008 driving whilst suspended fine $600 (due to moving around i didnt recieve notice or fines in mail) 2007 licensed suspend from state debt recovery non payment fines (was out of work) 2007 H 33245122: FINE: $600 costs- court :$70 Disqualification :12 months :(LC38794) 2005 driving over speed limit less than 15km/hr fined $225 2004 not display P plates fined $76 12/04/2002 negligent Driving fined $175 2001 was charged with affray for fighting outside a pub – received fine was charged between 1999 – 2003 I was charged with destruction of a light and given community service of washing police cars and mowing a church – I do not have the exact details of this at the time of writing and apologise about that fact. I have had my license suspended and then lifted a lot of times over the years due to non payment of fines which went to state debt recovery, the suspensions were lifted when i paid my fines. All my fines are now paid. This is due to working away and not receiving any mail and fines going to debt recovery, all the suspensions were lifted when I paid my fines. Suspensions due to non payment of fines dates (these are for all states to the best of my knowledge: 30/07/2002 04/04/2006 23/10/2007 03/06/2008 25/09/2011 22/04/2012 30/08/2013 09/01/2016 21/09/2018 I have no Current drivers license due to not only not requiring it as i work at sea but after being pulled over in 2017 and being fined for driving on my required daily medication i decided not to drive anymore as to not experience the incident ever again. I am deeply ashamed of my charge of affray in 2001, negligent driving in 2002 and every fine i have ever received. i have always paid my fines as soon as i have been able. Due to my working lifestyle and contracts all over the country and at sea i have struggled to get my mail and subsequent driving and speeding fines were increased due to non payment and my non receiving of the information. I realise all this is my fault due to my work life and not keeping up with my legal priorities. I have since remedied this lifestyle and have accepted and remedied the consequences regarding them. If i have missed anything off my federal police check i sincerely have not done this purposely as at the time of writing this i am still waiting for it.
  2. Hello, I really need help with this. I flew to the US late 2017 after getting cleared for travel on ESTA. I made a mistake on the form due to misunderstanding the language, the crimes involving moral turpitude, I google it and it stated crimes such as rape and murder so I thought "well no definitely not" and ticked no. It also mentioned criminal convictions, I have received x2 criminal damage charges cautions which to my knowledge was not a conviction and ticked no. On my way to leave I lost my passport and had to get a temporary passport and book a new flight, by the time I was able to leave I was overstaying the VWP and no longer eligible to travel on it. I wanted to go back later in the year and applied for a tourist visa and was denied, at this point I learned I shouldn't not have been able to travel in the first place which was quite a shock. When I was over there I met a woman and we were attracted to each other, In November 2018 she came and spent a month with me and we fell in love. We are very much in love and want to be together and want to get married. She is waiting for her divorce to finish and then we plan to marry, and she wants me to relocate to the united states so we can start our lives together but obviously a number of things have happened and I want to know how badly this has messed things up, and if its even possible for us to marry. It looks really bad and I really need to know if its possible for us to be together,
  3. Hi, my fiance who is my petitioner has some charges and a few convictions, some for domestic violence, can someone please tell me how do we proceed for the k1 visa.
  4. Please Please help me out! We are really confused about this matter! I am about to have my interview soon and my fiance (the USC Petitioner) has a criminal record which is felony... The record was breaking and entering with a deadly weapon and robbery... It was filed by his ex wife against him but then he wasnt charged Domestic Violence so we didnt click the YES on the I-129f and we didnt submit his criminal records thinking we dont fall under those that are listed in IMBRA category since it's only Breaking & Entering with deadly weapon and Robbery and bothe were not listed there... And now as we read about domestic violence definition, it says: The term "domestic violence" includes felony or misdemeanor crimes of violence committed by a current or former spouse of the victim, by a person with whom the victim shares a child in common, by a person who is cohabitating with or has cohabitated with the victim as a spouse, by a person similarly situated to a spouse of the victim under the domestic or family violence laws of the jurisdiction receiving grant monies, or by any other person against an adult or youth victim who is protected from that person's acts under the domestic or family violence laws of the jurisdiction. So, our question is.... did his case still fall under Domestic Violence since it is a felony case filed by his ex wife? If so, will we be in trouble by not disclosing it and will we be denied because of it? We are really worried about it. Hope we knew earlier so we could have just sent them his criminal records and disclosed it... i feel so bad about this. My fiancee is a really good man and he's not even guilty about the charges and he was just set up by his crazy ex wife... he could have fought with it in the court for him not to be convicted but he pleaded guilty and paid the fine just for them to release him from jail and so he can get back to work fast and provide for his kids and his mom. Coz if he stays in the jail for a longer time while the trial is ongoing, then his family might have nothing to eat and cant pay the rent and the bills... This is really getting us down. Please help us out with your answers...
  5. Hi everyone. I know there are many topics here about applying K1 Visa with a criminal record. I’m a beneficiary and I got a criminal record for shoplifting. I was convicted for shoplifting in Malaysia when I just turned 18, that was a mistake, I regret it and I did not have any other record since then. I was sentenced for one day in prison and paid USD80 for the fine. I didn’t really go to the prison as the judge sentenced me for one day in prison the day of my hearing, and one day for them is from 8am-5pm but I know it is still considered as I was in prison. Now me and my partner already filed the petition in October 2017 and we’re expecting the embassy to call me for the interview in May 2018. I read that I can apply for petty crime exception but I just don’t know how. We did not disclose anything on the petition saying that I got a record because my partner said only give them what they asked on the form. Only mention about it when they’re interviewing me. My question is how do we apply for the exception? Do we need a lawyer or I can just show them my court record? Do you guys think I can get the visa? The visa means a lot for me and my partner. I’ve been worrying about this too much and got sick a few times thinking about the visa. I really hope anyone would give us some ideas before they call me for the interview. Thanks!
  6. hello everyone, i have checked internet including here in visa journey, recently had a good response but i still want to ask others opinion, hoping you can help me 1) traffic incident unless involving prohibited substance or alcohol doesnt have to be disclosed unless the fine is $500 up, did i interpret this part of i129f correctly? this means i can chunk off all his traffic violation unless $500 and up? 2) in iowa records from a website, it is shown there the "financial" which shows the cost that he needs to pay (includes, cost, fine, surcharge, restitution, others) referring to item 1, should we just consider the fine amount and not the total cost? 3) i129f question part 3, 2c three or more arrests or convictions, not from a single act, for crimes relating to a controlled substance or alcohol; question a) is open container considered here? (this is not shown in the fbi rapsheet) b) certainly public intoxication is considered here? c) alch. chapter 123 vio is considered here is this 3 item considered to answer YES ? since they arise not in a single act. 4) so im guessing the rapsheet from fbi is not enough for submission to uscis? this records shows a) arrest information (only shows the charges, not the full description or explanation), b) court disposition and c) sentencing, this should be enough since i read that in case a record isnt found in county uscis will do background checks especially from fbi? also do you think this is considered as certified copy? 5) the information available on this website https://www.iowacourts.state.ia.us/ESAWebApp/DefaultFrame?in=1 is certainly not certified so uscis will not find this enough but only as good reference for knowing all his arrest, do you agree? 6) last question, uscis needs "court certified copies of arrest and/or disposition of each case" ....... where exactly to get this? i read many articles where it said, to get it to the county ? so it means, if he was arrested into 3 county in 1 state, we have to contact all those county to get the documents? and by that means, we have to specify which crime we need or can we just give person information (name, birthday, etc) thank you very much in advance for those who will respond
  7. So my fiancee needs to get police records from China. The State Department reciprocity schedule basically says that police records in China are "generally available, reliable". My fiancee has stayed in two cities and needs to get them both (a city cannot retrieve records from another). She got one from Suzhou just fine, but Nanjing's regulations state that they cannot hand them out to foreigners. I asked the police officer if I could take a picture of the relevant regulations, and I have those. If I get those regulations translated and notarized, would that be sufficient evidence at the interview stage?
  8. Alright so ...just to clarify i am still waiting for my NOA2 i am just looking ahead on police certificates i need for NVC I have travelled all my life.. Giving all my work/travel history for the past 5 years my lawyer has told me i need to submit a police certificate of all countries ive lived more than 6 months at 16 years old or older.. I do not find that information in the chart, 12 months yes, 6 months nope.. For example i've lived in NZ 6 months when i was 19 ..do i need one for NZ? Police cert.pdf
  9. Just got noa2 approval today but then talk to my immigration attorney. Find out my fiance's criminal record maybe a problem. When she was 25 she got into a fight with a girl over a guy. She pled guilty and paid a 2,000 baht fine ($60 usd) no jail time. But the section 295 she was charged with says not more than 4,000 Baht fine or not more than 2 years jail time. My attorney says counselor at US Embassy in Thailand will deny her based on the two years even if she didn't serve jail time. Wants me to pay 10000 u.s. dollars to get her record expunged. From what I've read online, expunging a record doesn't always help. Does anybody have any experience dealing with criminal record issues? Thanks for any help.
  10. Hello!! I visited my husband to the US on a tourist visa about a month ago. My husband wanted us to get married before I came back to my home country and we did. I am back at my country now and we will start filling all of the paperwork for a CR1 visa. We dated for about 2 and a half years while I was in the US as an exchange student. This is what is worrying me now, couple of months ago while being in my home country, I got arrested because of a huge missunderstanding, I was charged with "Theft" because someone thought I was trying to steal something from a store. I never went to court or anything like that, my case was dismissed and I was never found guilty. Now I'm super scared with that stupid arrest and the possible consequences on my visa application. Does somebody know something about that? I appreciate all of your help.
  11. My fiancee and I are September filers and I have been thinking that I've made a mistake about my criminal record? When I was 13 I got caught shoplifting with a group of people. We never went to court and never got charged with anything. Only got told by the store security guard that we couldn't return to the store, the guard took a picture of everyone that was involved to put in their "book of people that are banned", and a police officer came to talk to us. We had to attend a theft class at the police station and nothing else was said about the incident after that. I haven't been in trouble since and I thought of that as a "warning". Would that have gone on my record if I never went to court? I'm worrying now that we will be denied even though it's such a minor crime and I was also underage. I checked "no" to the part of the i129f form where it asks if you've ever been charged, arrested, cited ect with any crime. Will we get a RFE if this comes up or will they simply deny us and make us restart? I'm really nervous. It was totally overlooked when I was filling it out
  12. I'm putting together the I 129f packet. I went to the court house and was only able to get 4 case numbers my record has been expunged. Then I did a file scan of my finger prints to the department of justice and received those 4 cases and other charges and arrests. These are all very old and I've cleaned up my act and not been in any trouble in years . But I have possession,a dui, and a domestic violence charge that was dropped to community service and my ex girlfriend and her mother went in front of the judge and said her and I were drunk and I wasn't a threat to her . I'm so in love with my Japanese sweetheart and love her son he in now 7 years old and really want them to live with me in California. Can I just turn in the 4 case numbers and not go into details. One top lawyer her in San Francisco told me "they" don't care about the sponsor it's the bene they care about and she is squeaky clean with no record. Can anyone advise me what to do or recommend a Bay Area lawyer. I need advice I don't want to pay 3,500$ to be represented but will pay for advise. Thanks in advance for any advice guys .
  13. My fiance ( the US citizen) and I have started preparing our i-129f but I'm a little confused on the criminal part of the form. My fiance (the US citizen/Petitioner) was arrested for drug possession(marijuana) with intent to deliver and somehow it turned into a felony because he got arrested again for theft a month or so later while he was on probation or something along those lines, he doesn't really remember because its been about 10 years.Healso has a dwi from 10 years ago,but the cop who arrested him did not show up to court so we believe the charges were dropped but we're not 100% sure (We are going to ask him mom is she has any of his court papers). Would we need to check yes on the i-129f form? What are the chances of being denied? I'm extremely stressed out over this because he thinks we shouldn't mention it since there isn't more than 3 convictions for controlled substance but considering it turned into a felony i think he should mention it? If someone could help me out that'd be awesome, thanks!