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Found 9 results

  1. I found this document that explains what you can expect at your oath ceremony. I think it's well-written and easy to read, so I hope some of you will find it helpful. I haven't found any information on it that is currently out-of-date, but note that it is old and check it for yourselves. https://cliniclegal.org/sites/default/files/231718_clinic_09.pdf Please note that this is not an official USCIS document. It covers several topics including: - receiving the oath letter - maintaining eligibility before the oath - completing the questionnaire - dressing for the ceremony - what to bring to the ceremony - checking in at the ceremony - ceremony agenda - what to do after the ceremony - possible de-naturalization - sample oath letter - sample naturalization certificate
  2. I've always understood that a K-1 Fiance Visa is processed/approved much faster than marrying abroad and bringing her to the U. S. on a K-3 Spousal Visa; Is this still the case? Is it possible to marry abroad but NOT file the marriage there in her home country (The Philippines) and even though are married there so her friends and family can attend, or will that complicate/delay things?
  3. Hello guys, I am in a situation and I need some clarity about it. I am from India and was engaged (arrange marriage-matrimony) and got my K1 visa approved this year and flew to US and due to personal issues I walked out of the relationship just after spending a week with him. So post that I was staying with my brother and through family I got another proposal and the guy is again a US citizen. I met him and his family and they liked me very much and my family too liked him. So since then we are looking at how do we proceed with this. We have thought of applying for k1 visa again as it is a shorter process and wwe will get time to know each other more. We have hired a attorney we are not yet engaged but will soon be, I have come back to India and he will be traveling soon with his family to get engaged.  So, I am still anxious to know if I will get an approval again?? will I have to do the medical again?? Is there any advice you guys want to give me because we are still deciding. PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. I'm just thinking out loud here.... My fiancee (US) and I (UK) are currently awaiting my K1 visa (filed back in April 2018) and are hoping to have a US wedding sometime around Easter (that's late April) 2019. If the worst comes to the worst and we don't have the visa by Easter, could I theoretically travel out there on an ESTA visitor visa (as per usual) and have a wedding ceremony (but not get legally married) and then return to the UK to continue waiting for the visa to be processed? I know it's unlikely that it won't be received by Easter, but we're quite keen to have it at that specific holiday time (so that teacher friends can come/friends attending from the UK can bring their children etc) and we're also conscious that we need to start planning/booking things early so as to give international guests enough time to save/plan their visit themselves. But if we plan all this stuff and then the visa isn't ready by then, we don't want to have to postpone....so could we theoretically go through with the wedding whenever we want but just not get officially married by US law until the visa is ready??
  5. My husband is finally a US citizen! I wanted to say thank you to all those on VJ that have helped along the way. We were 100% clueless when we first got married and this site was a lifesaver. We filed the N-400 online at the beginning of March and he was approved at the end of May! I'm still kind of amazed at how quickly it went. His interview only lasted about fifteen minutes, he breezed through the test part, and they didn't ask him very many personal questions other than who he was married to and where we had gotten married. He was a little nervous when he first was called back but the officer interviewing him was very laid back and he was put at ease after a minute or so. He had brought evidence of marriage, selective service, and his old passport with original visa, but was not asked for any of it. We filed under the 5 year rule. He was told after being approved that the oath ceremony could take one to two months to schedule but they emailed an update two days later saying the ceremony had been scheduled a little over a week later! The ceremony took place yesterday and took about 40 minutes. It was in Spokane, WA. There were roughly 20 people there. Everyone was very friendly, even with us being confused and going to the wrong floor first. haha They had everyone start to come in to the courtroom around 10:30am and the ceremony started at 11am. After the judge entered and everyone was seated the judge stated the duties and responsibilities that everyone who is a citizen is expected to do. Then an officer called out each person's country. Whenever a country was called they'd have anyone from there stand and remain standing until everyone's country had been acknowledged and they had all said the oath and the pledge of allegiance. Everyone was allowed to sit after that and they proceeded to call each person up individually to get their certificates. At this particular one they were also handing out flag pins from a group of ladies who are direct descendants of those who were here at the founding of the US too. Once the certificates were all passed out the judge said a few words and congratulated everyone. Then we were dismissed. She stuck around though so those who wanted photos with her and family could get them. They also had someone taking high quality photos during the ceremony for those who didn't have anyone there to take any. Then before leaving the building they had a table set up so you could register to vote. Overall it was a really good experience. It's been 8 years to the month since we started this journey. It was long and sometimes very stressful, but we've made it! Thank you again to those who run this site and have such lovely guides to follow, and to all the fellow forum folks who have answered my questions over the years!
  6. My spouse received her citizenship oath ceremony notice in the mail today and the the date is in two and a half weeks. Unfortunately the naturalization date doesn't work for us and we'll need to reschedule. I know how important this is but we've had long-standing travel for that date and it's too late and expensive to cancel or reschedule airfare, hotels, approved vacation time from both of our jobs, et cetera. The USCIS notice says to send the form back to reschedule, so I just wanted to check on the proper procedure. Are there any specific boxes on the form to check? I don't think so, so I'm assuming we just have to write a cover letter explaining the need to reschedule. Is there a template or recommended format for that cover letter? Where do we actually send the letter back to? The "from" corner of the envelope is the USCIS National Benefits Center, but the letter itself lists the local U.S. District Court. I don't see the local USCIS Field Office mentioned anywhere. Also, the address of the ceremony location, the local U.S. District Court, says "Guest Limit 2." How strict is this? We'd love to have three guests, so I'm curious how to accommodate that. Is there any way to predict when the oath ceremony will be rescheduled for? Washington, DC has ceremonies on the second Tuesday of every month, but I'm wondering if someone rescheduling gets sent to the end of the scheduling line or somehow gets placed in front of people that are just now being approved in their interviews since they had already been approved earlier. Lastly, should we send the original letter or a photocopy—does it matter? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello everyone, i was interviewed for my citizenship in philadelphia on septemper 19 and the officer told me that i am going to have a judicail ceremony in harrisburg, Pa its been more than 5 months now and i am wondering how long does it take more.
  8. Hi, Does anyone have a list of dates for the naturalization ceremonies in San Antonio for 2017? Other cities in Texas publish their schedules online, but I am having trouble finding the schedule for San Antonio. Also, does anyone have an idea of how long it takes from the time you pass your interview to the time of oath-taking in San Antonio? Thank you in advance.
  9. Does anybody know if tomorrow's oath ceremony will be resheduled? I think M.O. Cambell Center will be closed tomorrow due to the weather here in Texas.