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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all, I am US citizen and today the IR2 for my children was denied. The CO explanation was that my children was eligible for a CRBA. I lived as legal resident more than 5 years in the USA but not as US citizen. As US citizen I was in the USA no more than 3 months. Reading the requirements my case could fit on the option number 3 of the below image. My question is, the 5 years period of time living in the USA, had to be as US citizen?
  2. I assume the consulate is closed (Montreal) the website shows no available appointments. What are the options available presently for US citizens in Montreal to file for CRBA ?
  3. Hello All, I am going through a very complicated situation. I am a US citizen by birth and living abroad most of my life due to my fathers work (he is also a US citizen). I got married to my wife and she holds a foreign passport. She is currently pregnant and we were planning for her to give birth in LA. A day before her Visa appointment, the embassy canceled all appointments due to Covid 19. So we are currently can’t fly to the US because she doesn’t have a valid Visa and will not be able to give birth in the US. I am just short of meeting the 5 years for the child to get the CRBA. My wife also can not pass her foreign nationality to the new born. So what it means, the child will be born without a nationality, which is inhuman and will destroy my child’s future. Anyone can help with this unfortunate situation? Covid 19 changed everything and a new born will pay the price for something we can’t control.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for advice on questions 28 & 29 on the DS 2029, Section B. Please help! I am the US citizen mother, born and raised, temporarily living in Italy with my Swiss/Italian husband. Applying for a CRBA for my newborn daughter. It says "This section to be completed before/by consular officaer, notary public or other person qualified to administer oath" for Section B, questions 28 & 29. Are these sections that you fill out on your own accord, or do you wait until you have the interview the complete these sections? I'm erring on the side of waiting until we're called for an interview, but I'm also having major postpartum-baby brains right now and just looking to see what others have done! Would hate to fill out/go to a notary public then be completing it the wrong way. Advice would be appreciated! Thank you!:)
  5. Hello All, I am starting a job in the USA on January 11th. Currently, I’m in Colombia. I’d like to do my child's CRBA appointment and renew my expired passport before then (it expired because we weren’t able to travel and the embassy shut down because of COVID). Question 1: what are the steps for me to be the one present during the CRBA interview in lieu of my wife and child? (Paperwork, etc) We’re trying to avoid them traveling if possible because of the virus and I have to go to bogota for my passport anyways. Question 2: How long does it take to renew a passport completely? And is this possible for me considering I need to be in the states on the 11th of January 2021? Question 3: How long does it take to get an emergency passport from the Bogota embassy so that I can travel back to the states on time? I’m trying to choose the best option for me in order to make it to my job on time. I've emailed and called the embassy but keep getting very vague answers that don't help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Walt
  6. Hello all, regarding CRBA, Child born out of wedlock four months ago, citizen father, both parents will go to the interview. Questions: 1. Should I use form DS-2029, or only DS-5507 instead of the DS-2029, or both? 2. How to complete item 24 if I cannot remember exact dates and trips? Is it acceptable to complete to the best of our knowledge using approximate dates? 3. Item 26 states “Time spent abroad in US Armed Forces, in other US Government employment, etc... This item has to be completed always (including time abroad on vacations etc.) or only if -it applies- because you have spent time abroad in government related employment. 4. Form 2020 will expire soon on November 30. Is there any new version? Thank you again!
  7. Hello everyone. I have searched for the answer for my question and can’t seem to find it. I apologize if it is a repeat question. My fiancé and our son (1 y/o) will be traveling to America from Vietnam soon. What will happen at the airport in Hanoi as they leave? What will happen in America when they arrive? What documents should we be sure to have? Thank You Richard
  8. Good Morning, My I-130 case was recently approved. At the time we submitted the application my wife was pregnant with our child who has now been born (the child was born in April). However, we haven't been able to file the CRBA to get my child US citizenship since I'm a citizen because of the pandemic. On the Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application DS-260 do I list my child ? We now have the Colombian birth certificate for my child but how do I let NVC know that I haven't been able to get the CRBA for my child? I just don't want to have to do another i130 for my child because they'll get citizenship when we're able to do the CRBA. Or do I not mention my child since at the time of the application they (singular) were not yet born?
  9. I’m Canadian, married to a US citizen. He is currently in the us living and working while our daughter and I are in Canada during covid. I do not have status in the states, we were waiting for our second anniversary and it’s a long story of our journey but now I would like to return and apply for a change of status and file as 2 years married. To do so right now, my daughter needs her passport as proof of citizenship so we can return. we are confused by the crba website that states: it is not necessary to obtain a CRBA , you may apply for a passport in lieu of a CRBA. will attach screenshot. then when we look at passports for minors, there is mention of needing proof of citizenship via CRBA.. anyone know how this actually works? help very much appreciated.
  10. Hi, I'm new here so please excuse if i did not follow any forum rules. Here's to my question: We are 2 US citizen parents living in canada (father is us born, mother has a CRBA) our child was born in canada in wedlock, now I know every us citizen should file for a CRBA however going to the embassy is no easy feat so if there's an alternative to getting a US passport & SSN without going for a CRBA we will definitely explore it, we will still be applying for a CRBA for several children together before our oldest will turn 18, going for several children at once makes it a lot less complicated. Now, quoting from this link: now if we were to visit the embassy for the passport application we can as well do the CRBA, but since we travel to the US often we can do a passport application at any local passport office, and a ssn app at the social security office (in the past the embassy would submit the ssn app together with the CRBA but that's no longer the case meaning I will always have to travel to a social security office to apply CMIIW) Quoting from this link that we can apply for a US passport for our child without a CRBA: Now, are all my assumptions correct? did I miss anything? what would the experts suggest? TIA
  11. My family and i a re all set and prepared four our crba apointment. This March 24,2020 But manila flights are suspended until april 14. Davao city is in lockdown situation. In which our departure is in davao. Should i make an email to the U.S embassy to request for re schedule or wait for their email saying that our apointment is to be re scheduled. HELP!
  12. Hello I went to the country of Laos where my wife and child is currently residing to file for a CRBA and Passport at the local us embassy filing out the crba application there was a question that asked was the child born while we were married I check no cause he was born befor we got our marriage license finalize In the country of Laos . I scan all required documents and sent it to the us embassy via email and got a schedule appointment 4 days later. At the interview I presented all my documents that was on the check off list to the first person the package of file got accepted I pay the fee and waited about 30 mim got called up the window there was a different person who asked us to raise our right hand up for the oath after that I was asked explained my relationship with my wife I wasn't prepared to tell the whole story of my life with my wife so I made it pretty short and simple he then asked me how long have I lived in the US, did I travel anywhere else other then LAOS, when did I first come to Laos, did I go to highschool in the US, not asking my wife anything then the officer responded that all for now and had me and my wife signed the crba application and the passport application also a agreement I will take care of my son Intel he is 18 because he was born out of wedlock. Gave us all our original documents back and said we will call you to inform you of a approval we went on our way. Should I be concerned about my interview cause I felt like I didn't explain my relationship really detailed only up to me traveling to meet my wife for the first time and the interview was really short less then 10 min. How was your experience and how long did it take for you to know your CRBA was approved. Thanks
  13. Hello everyone! I'm currently filling out my daughter's crba to get her American citizenship, I have everything to qualify but I'm finding myself stuck on this on part. Do I need to present when I have been physically living in the states, starting at my own birth? What do I include as not being present, a two week vacation or more so a 1 month abroad or when I actually got a residence card for France? Ex: I would say from birth until his graduation and then the period I have been home longer than a month. Ive pretty much been living in between the states and france for the past 8 years. One year in France and home for summers or Visa renewals. I do have proof of medicap insurance, taxes, work stubs, etc as proof of actively living in the states to prove... I dont know why this seems so confusing to me so any help is appreciated, thank you very much! 😊😊 ALSO if anyone has done this for their own child at the Paris consulate, what was the average time it took from start to finish to receive citizenship/passport? ( will be applying for ssn/passport at the same time)
  14. Is anyone else having trouble getting an appointment for the US embassy in Mexico City? The ACS appointment system doesn't show any available dates.
  15. I am filing CRBA for my son (1yr old). I am here in the States. I am confused on what forms to fill out for his CRBA. I am aware that I need DS-2029, but DS-5507?. Do I also need DS-11 to be filled out and given at the time of interview for my Wife and infant son? what other forms are also needed? DS-5507. on Page 4 of 5, Part iii. It states to sign it before a consul agent etc. How can I sign this document as I will not be present at the interview? It is saying to sign this form before a consul officer or consul agent. How can I sign this form, when I won't be there on the day of his interview??
  16. I scheduled a "American Citizen Services" appointment at the embassy in Lima Peru. My child was born in Colombia. Will the embassy in Lima accept my CRBA and passport application? There is no appointment available in Bogota CO for the next 1 year+
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