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  1. Bladeness

    Sheets from Approved K-1 Interview

    Hello everyone. My fiancé had his interview today and we had a document missing (his police check). We told the window person it was currently on its way in the mail, but the interviewer never brought it up or asked about it. We were approved, given a pink slip and a white sheet (explains how to send stuff into them) and she said he was approved and he’ll receive his visa in about 2 weeks, but nothing else from that. I was curious if I could see what other approved people received as their white sheet along with their pink sheet. We obviously know about the pink sheet, but nobody talks about their white sheet, they just say they received one with the pink. Just want to know if we received the same white one as others or if it’s different,TIA.
  2. We had our interview and the interviewer told us that we were approved on the spot! We got a 221g because he needs to have his medical re-done (it expired by the time the interview came around), an original copy of his birth certificate (evidently the copy he had wasn't good enough, not really sure the difference, tbh) and passport photos (the ones we provided were not in spec). We have the medical scheduled in two days, and the Birth Certificate we're getting tomorrow along with the passport photos! Very exciting. The interview went much like this: We showed up a half hour early, and sat around for about an hour. They called his name, and we went into the pre-processing for the interview. The lady pre-processing us was very impressed and thankful I was there for the interview. She asked for some documents and we handed them to her. She thanked me again for being there for the interview and asked me how my stay was in Argentina. She checked with her manager on the medical, and told us the interviewer will review the documents. We waited about a half hour to an hour, and they called his name again, so we went back to the little tiny closet of an interview room. We both walked in, and the interview asked in very good English (I think he was a US citizen, actually), if English was ok. We said yes, and he told us what he would need us to bring back. Then he asked, where did we meet? Have I met his family while I'm in Argentina? Has he visited the US? How long have we been together? When do we plan on travelling back to the US? He then told us that we're APPROVED. But we need to bring back papers. He handed us the 221g and told us to drop off the packet where we dropped off packet 3, and we can pick up the visa within 2 business days of when we dropped it off. He congratulated us, and told us that we're a cute couple. This was the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  3. Wallhut

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    WHAT A GREAT DAY! I just wanted everyone to know my fiance had his interview today at the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana, and by the grace of God he was approved! Soon he will come to America for us to be married! I must thank the U.S. Embassy in Ghana for their kindness to him and their approval, and also all the great people on Visajourney who helped me navigate this process smoothly. If not for the generosity of those on here and those who make videos like the ones on YouTube I'm not sure we would have been able to be successful. I wish all of you awaiting your loved one's approval the best of luck and encourage you to stay vigilant and positive that your day will arrive too. I first mailed off my I-294 application on 06-15-2017, so from mailing to approval it's been about 11 months. I am here to help in any way I can as always. Wallace
  4. Got my K-1 approved the other day and leaving for the USA in a few weeks. Very excited for this new chapter in life and just wanted to come say thanks to everyone on this forum who helped answer all the dumb nervous questions I had on every little thing, even the ones who were jerks to me 😂 Let's be honest, there are quite a few know-it-alls on this forum but most people are really helpful and empathetic so thanks for all the advice/info. Also, I have a YouTube channel as a hobby and I made a short video on the K-1 process to hopefully help other people thinking about this route. Feel free to check it out/share it with other K-1 applicants (and no doubt leave me tons of snarky comments about how I got all the facts wrong! 😀):
  5. Hello everybody, i'm desperate right now and i need your help ! Im a senegalese living in Morocco. Me and my wife (US citizen) have been married on Jan,30th 2017. we applied for the i130 in april 2017. Everything went good so far, the USCIS approved the petition on november 2017. We applied for the next step on may 2018 and NVC approved the case on June 2018. The interview at the US consulate of casablanca has been scheduled on July 31st. I have been interviewed and i had all the documents they needed , i had answered to all the questions. The C.O. had some doubts about the relationship because my wife's last name was Ndiaye like me (her mom has senegalese origin) but we are not relatives. It's like asking if all the johnson in the U.S. are relatives, there are at least 2 millions "ndiaye" in 14millions of senegalese citizens. But i told the C.O. to check at the consulate to be sure that everything is genuine. On August 7th they called me back and the C.O. said that everything is ok ,. The C.O. said the visa is now approved and by 3 weeks i would get my passport back with the visa at the aramex office. Since that day !!! NO MORE NEWS !!! i have been writting email , many many emails but no answers My wife did the same , no answers The immigrant visa unit never pickup the phone. My job requires me to travel and with my passport blocked, i wasn't able to , i have been liying to my boss or simulate being sick to avoid missions abroad until i lost my job !!! IM UNEMPLOYED RIGHT NOW !! This is not fair, at least it is my right to get my passport and use it until they finish their job. I have no way to join them or talk to someone who can get things done. I just want my passport back. I have sent them emails regarding that point but same return : generic email saying that the consulate received my mail but no answers !!! If someone can't help or give advice i would be very thankful Best regards
  6. Jen&Cal

    Approved !!

    Finally we were approved yesterday - this whole process has taken almost a year. Now we await the Visa in the mail ! Hopefully it will not be long. We have not seen each other since January and cannot wait to finally be together again - for good ! Good luck to everyone else ! It has been such a difficult process.
  7. Hi everyone. On Jan. 8th I had my interview at the US Consulate in Naples. I was told that we provided all the needed documents and that our case was approved 😍 The Consul said to expect my passport in the mail in few days. CEAC showed Application Received on the same day of the interview and the header changed to Non Immigrant. Startin from the day after the interview (Jan. 9th) CEAC shows ADMIN PROCESSING and it’s never been updated since then. Anyone has any idea on why my visa hasn’t been issued yet? Previous experiences with the Consulate in Italy show that it shouldn’t take more than 3 days to get the passport in the mail. I’m a little upset, I really thought I would have spent this weekend with my fiancé but no, I’m still stuck here in Italy 😢
  8. Hello, my fiance called today to NVC and they give her a case number. The lady explain that they sent the package to the embasy in Madrid, Spain, and we need to wait for a package to follow the instructions. I am not sure what is the next step, do I need to apply for the visa? or call the embassy in MADRID? I will appreciate any advice. Thank you, Oscar
  9. Background I am Canadian. My husband is American. My interview appointment was on Dec 18, 2018 at 8am. Before arriving, I made a binder with plastic sleeves and tabs of what is included in the pre-interview checklist. This was not as necessary for the officer as much it just helped me stay organized. My husband took me to Montreal and we drove up and made a trip out of it. I recommend driving up to the embassy the day before the interview to see where to park the day of and where to stand. The Appointment Day My appointment was at 8 am. We arrived at 7:04 am. We parked in parked in lot across building for $15/day early bird price. After 8am it is $18 for the whole day. It was hard to find parking if you have an appointment before 9:30 am because the streets need to be cleared from 8am-9:30am for city cleaning. One family arrived right when we did. Stood in line till 7:45 am. VJ bloggers said to stand on the side with the yellow columns but that didn't matter because the building security guard asked us to line up across the right side of the building. Once we were allowed in we were asked to go to the back of the line since we didn't have a 7:30am appmt and they wanted to prioritize the early ones. So we told everyone in line, if you have a 7:30am appmt move up. And then everyone was kind enough to let us stand in front of the 8am group since we were there early. When we went in, there was a lady who greeted us and asked us for our appointment time and our passports. She handed us a laminated document that indicated our call number and what we need to have ready for the officer. She asked out of the two who was the beneficiary and the petitioner. Then we went to security. The security guy asked us to place our items in the bin like at the airport. Did not have to take shoes off. You hand in ur phone and keys to the officer and get a ballot to pick it up when you leave the building. We went downstairs and waited like everyone else. Then an officer came and told us we r going up to floor 19 and when we arrive we will sit and wait for our number to be called. Our waiting began, it was 8am. When my number was called the lady just asked for all my documents to verify them and passport photos. Confirmed my Canadian address, phone number and then asked me the petitioners phone number and address. She took my finger prints. And then told me I am good to go and to sit and wait again and the officer will call my number for the interview. The lady officer called my number and I went up. She made me take an oath of honesty on the finger print scanner. She said you were born in Pakistan I said yes. Questions she asked me: How did you two meet? Who is the petitioner? What does your husband /petitioner do for work? Where does he live? How often do you get to see each other? What is your highest level of education? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Does your husband cook or do you cook? (meant to be a trick question) Have you ever been denied entry to the US? How long have you ever stayed in the US? Have you ever stayed in the US longer than 6 months? Then all of a sudden she pulled out two sheets and said welcome to the US and that our immigration packet is now electronic so we don't take anything to the border. If you have travel plans and are worried about getting your passport back in time, do mention it to the officer. By 8:50 am, we were done. Side Notes: - Items I brought but; They did not even ask for the photocopies of the the original documents. They did not ask for a printed interview appointment letter. They did not ask for CEAC print outs. They did not ask to see petitioners photocopy. They DID ask to photocopy his W-2. They did not ask to see relationship evidence.
  10. I got approved at the NOA2 stage for my K-1 visa on November 8th. I was under the impression a letter from the US embassy here in the UK should be dropping through my letter box a few weeks later but as of today (December 14th) nothing yet. Should I continue to wait or make a call/email to the NVC? Will the letter be accompanied by an email or similar (given that we filled out the G-1145 form for email/text confirmation at the same time as the I-129f) or will that be the only thing they send? I'm 100% sure we put my correct mailing address on the I-129f form but just wanted to be sure. Also, it feels like I'm sitting twiddling my thumbs while waiting for this - can I be doing anything else in the meantime? I've already submitted my DS-160, as well as got my ACRO police cert/immunisations for my medical, and my fiancé has filled in her affidavit of support form too, but is there anything else I can be doing to prepare while we wait for this case number or does everything from here onwards require that case number to be generated?? And finally - what's the average wait time from now (NOA2 about a month ago) to getting my K-1 visa? Could I be starting to plan moving out to the US from like end of January or around then??
  11. Me and my wife just got home from our interview with immigration services for her green card at the Louisville Kentucky branch. I wanted to document our experience and hopefully help out others whose interviews are upcoming. We arrived to our 1030 appointment at 1000, wearing business casual attire. I (petitioner) was asked to give my license and my wife (beneficiary) was asked for her passport (U.K.) and had to take a picture along with a finger print. They kept our IDs and told us we would get them back during our interview. We were not called back until 1100. The officer swore us in and had us sit in front of his where we were informed that we would be recorded and he pointed out the little Webcam on his desk (we had to scoot back a bit). He went through the paperwork, asking my wife our address and the list of yes no questions from the AOS form. The officer lightened up the mood when he asked her if she ever caused intentional harm to someone, adding on, "and minecraft doesn't count" with a laugh. So he knew from our file how we met, playing minecraft. He also asked my date of birth and where I was from before asking my wife when we got married. After confirming the info on the AOS and having her sign it, he asked her for proof of residency at my address. We gave him all the bills in our shared name from our evidence folder (it was a very full folder). After that he asked how did we meet, joking again, "Well I know you know that I know, but how did you two meet?" We explained how we met on minecraft briefly and how we visited back and fourth up until I proposed. When that was done we were expecting questions about our relationship or requests to see proof. We had brought a lot off stuff for that, but he didn't ask for any of that! No photos, no statements, no questions about me, no questions about our lives. Didn't look at our marriage certificate or paperwork copies. Nothing more. He said, "Well you(wife) already had the interview for the K1, I'm going to go forward and approve you for a 2 year conditional green card since you haven't been married for two years." He told us that it use to take 3 months to get it, but recently it takes about 2 weeks to get to us in the mail. He told us to call the 1-800 number if we don't get it in a month. My wife asked about what name would be one the green card. Our marriage certificate has her maiden name but all the paperwork was done with her married name. He told us not to worry and that since the paperwork is all in her married name, that's how the green card will be addressed. Here is my heart rate during the waiting period then drop off after the interview with getting approved!
  12. My vaccination waiver got approved and I offer help to anyone who has trouble preparing the waiver package. I have posted on here as army16 before.
  13. Hi guys! I’m so worried! I had my interview on Nov 06 and I was approved, no pending documents. After it my CEAC status was Administrative Processing, then on the 08 became Ready, on the 09 it had another update to Ready and since that never changed again 😭 Everybody is getting their passport back and I'm stuck. It that meantime we had 2 holidays in my country and 2 in America. I'm from Brazil not a travel ban country so what is going on? Even with the holidays people are receiving their passport. Anyone went through similar case? Please, help me!
  14. Hi everyone please help me out with my issue, I was approved for permanent residence card and the card is undelivered since September 12 2017. I know it is a lot of text but I would highly appreciate if you would have time to follow the timeline below. Any recommendations would help, it is a really painful process. - 03/17/2017 I applied for i-485 adjustment of status (marriage based) at Chicago location. - 08/17/2017 Approved for Permanent Green Card at Chicago Location (right after the interview). RECEIVED APPROVAL LETTER I-797 SHORTLY - 08/22/2017 "We mailed your new card to the address you gave us." - HERE THE SITUATION GETS WRONG - The lawyer that was filling out our application moved to another address and he informed the USCIS about it but it seems like it was too late and USCIS sent the Green Card to his old address where it went undeliverable. - 08/29/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number SRxxxxxxCHI, was assigned to an officer for response." - 08/31/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number SRxxxxxxCHI, was completed." NEVER RECEIEVED ANY WRITTEN RESPONSE - 09/12/2017 "the Post Office returned your new card for Receipt Number MSCxxxxxx, to us as undeliverable." that is on the main screen right now - 09/13/2017 FIRST INFOPASS appointment - the person at the counter told me that I should reapply for the green card and pay the fee one more time - she was pretty rude and did not even opened my case - she just told me that she would change the lawyer right away if she would be in my shoes. - 10/02/2017 "your request to change your address, referral number CAxxxxxxMSC, was assigned to an officer for response." - 10/05/2017 "your request to change your address, referral number CAxxxxxxMSC, was completed." - 10/19/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number SRxxxxxxCHI, was assigned to an officer for response." SECOND SERVICE REQUEST - DID NOT RECEIVED ANY RESPONSE. - 11/14/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number T1DxxxxxxxCHI, was assigned to an officer for response." THIRD SERVICE REQUEST - 11/17/2017 "your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number T1DxxxxxxxCHI, was completed. - THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE ON USCIS WEBSITE RIGHT NOW. They sent a letter, quoting "YOUR CARD WILL BE SENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" and nothing more! At this stage my lawyer tells me that there are too many service requests and that's why the process is messed up, so he told me that we should not get any more service requests for the next 60 days. -12/28/2017 SECOND INFOPASS appointment where the representative had the opportunity to call the benefits center and they told him that they will send the card soon - Luckily he put a stamp in my passport which expires in 3 months that states that I am approved for Permanent Card and I am waiting to get it resent from benefits center. Status at this moment: The lawyer is not contacting me with any updates, 60 days passed since the last response from USCIS and I really don't know what to do next. I read some threads and people are usually contacting the Congressman in this kind of situation or others fill in a Ombudsman request on USCIS, I am really worried about contacting USCIS one more time because I assume that it can slow down the process of sending the card back. Please help me out, I really don't know what to do and living with this situation it really affects my day to day life. In case you need any additional information please let me know. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION - ANY IDEAS OR RECOMMENDATIONS HELPS! P.S. YES, I have my name on my mailbox.
  15. My wife was recently approved for a Visa. It was the CR1 I believe. I was under the impression they would give her a packet and she would take that with her and hand it to Customs at the port of entry (airport). She received her visa today and it has this: You Do not need an Immigrant Visa (IV) Packet. All required documents will be electronically transmitted to DHS as part of the Electronic Visa Information Packet (EVIP). Please submit your immigrant visa to a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official at a US port of entry. I mean this is good I think, we where just confused since everything I read online is telling us she is supposed to have a packet she is not supposed to open. In case it matters, she is from South Korea.
  16. Hi, hope you are all good. I called NVC and they received my case on 24th of September. People have said to call them once or twice a week, has anyone had any success with that? Does that actually expedite it or am I wasting my time? Should I just wait or call them once or twice a week until i get a case number? Us citizen mom filing for minor under 21 IR2 Visa I've noticed some people are rude on here so if you're going to be rude then do not comment. Thank you for those who are taking their time to answer my question, I appreciate your time. Have a nice day!
  17. Hello everybody. Im a Senegalese guy living in Casablanca. I have applied for the CR1 visa and i have been interviewed on July 31st 2018. During the interview, the CO asked me several questions which i answered all. After that, they kept my passport and i have told that some verifications was needed towards my marriage certificate. On August 7th . i've got a call from the consulate to come do my finger prints. When i got there i met the CO again and she said that all the verifications were done and that the visa is approved then maybe after 2 weeks i can get a notification from Aramex to pickup my passport. I know that the consulate was closed for the eid el kbir holidays so i sent them an email on august 28th to check on my status but no answer until today. I would like to know if it is normal ? Im worrying because the status of my visa on NVC hasn't changed (still ready for interview). The last update of the case is august 14th. If someone can help me or give me advice , i would be very thankful. Thank you . Have a good night / day.
  18. Hello we were approved on Sept 4th. I plan on calling the NVC on the 18th to get our case number. My question is: Can we go ahead and fill out the DS-160 and schedule the medical before we receive the packet from the London Embassy? If so, I know you can fill out the DS-160 online but how do you schedule the medical? We are on a time crunch. Thank you.
  19. LeesaMarie

    K1 VISA Issued! :)

    Hi all, I had my Interview last Friday, but my medical had not yet been received by the embassy. I was expecting my case to be in AP for a couple weeks, so held off on writing anything as I didn't want to tempt fate. I curiously checked my status today and my VISA status says "Issued". I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's helped me with my questions, and the overall support from everyone. The uncertainty has been stressful as I didn't have a clear cut case, but with persistence and preparedness, and reading over everyone else's reviews and experiences, I've managed to come out of the other end of this process. I can now start thinking about my future and all of the next steps! Interview 10/08/18 We walked outside the embassy and waited 'til around 15 minutes before my appointment time. They ask for your DS-160 at the door and your passport. This is to get into the first building where you go through airport style scanner. Once you get through that part you can exit this little building and walk up to the main building. There were no queues so we could walk straight inside (though we waited a minute as we thought we had to be let in - we didn't). Then there's a lady at the reception that gives you your number (she was a bit rude / grumpy), and tells you to go to the lifts and go to the 1st floor (it's all printed on the sticker she puts on your DS-160, so don't worry if you forget what she says). Then you go up and walk to your designated place. When your number is called they will greet you nicely, and ask you for all of your docs including the affidavit. He did ask me for Tax returns but I thought I only needed W2's. He said they are less concerned about that with the K1's, and accepted the W2s with the employment letter. You'll also do your fingerprints at this point. It's like a little post office kiosk window type deal. Then you'll sit back down in the same area and wait to be called again by someone else. My number came up and she asked me to take an oath, scanned my fingers again I believe. Asked me how we met, where we planned to live, and if I'd lived in any other countries. I swear she only asked me those 3 questions. Annnnd then I was so excited when she said approved pending medical that I kind of doubled forward and hit my head off the counter They are very calm, and nice. The first guy talked to my fiance about football and stuff lol. I wish there were more things to report! The longest part was waiting between the handing over documents, and then the interview part. I was not asked for any photocopies I provided the following: DS-160 Birth Certificate (this was handed back to me) Passport ARCo 1 US style passport photograph Affidavit of Support with W2's (5 years) and employment letter - as noted above it seems they just expect the affidavit and tax returns, but for K1's what I had was just fine. For anyone reading that hasn't followed my little journey, I had to go through a lot with regards to mental health and my medical. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me! Good luck to the rest of you with up and coming appointments!
  20. Hello All, i has my interview. everything went very smooth and while i was waiting for my turn all the other people that were interviewed by the CO were rejected and he handed over a yellow slip to all of them. while i was praying and trying to keep relax my token number was called with my name. i went to the Window first to Submit all the Documents and the second call was for the Fingerprints. the last time i was called, the CO told me to raise my right hand and take an oath (everything i say will be correct and truth) he asked me 5 question. only 5 questions and the last question was what do i do? i replied to him about my job status. CO said, everything is good and i don't see any problem and i am approving this but we need 2 months to issue you the Visa. you can contact the embassy if you don't get your Passport by July. My status was READY and after the Interview it has been changed to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. i check my Status everyday and the Case Status date is changing everyday that means they are working on my case. i am very much relaxed as i had my full plans to leave for the U.S in late September or in the beginning of October. let me know your views and if someone was told a specific time and did not get the Passport. thanks. Peterson John.
  21. Hello Everyone, How quickly after you received approval from the embassy in the UK did you receive your Visa packet? Thanks, Jeff
  22. We had a really good experience actually. I had an appointment today (11/09) at 8:15am and we arrived there around 7:50am but the office was not open yet so my husband and I (and our baby) waited in the car and when it was 8am the office opened and we got in. Inside, a lady told us to have our IDs and appointment letters ready to be checked and after we showed it to her we went through some security screening (just like in the airport), and I (the immigrant) was sent to a line to get a number and my husband and daughter went to a waiting room to wait for me. While the guy was typing in his computer to give me the ticket with my number I saw that my name was highlighted in his list . After I got the number they sent us to the second floor where there was another waiting room where we sat down and waited for like 10 minutes and they called our number. We had to bring our 11 month old baby with us, so when we got in the interview room we took some time to settle (we had a baby, a stroller, a diaper bag, my purse, a binder full of documents, the photo album, and our jackets) so I apologized to the officer, but he said it was ok (he was really nice). After that he sworn us in and we sat down. He asked our daughter’s age, asked for her birth certificate, our IDs and all my passports. In the mean time my daughter started to get fussy and I asked him if I could nurse her and he was ok with it. While I nursed her he was typing something in his computer and going through the forms and documents we sent in the AOS packet. He had a very strong accent and not even my husband could understand him. He said something about my husband being American and we being a family and that we were approved! (YAYYY!!) He didn’t ask a single question about how we met or about the relationship or anything. NADA! He didn’t ask to see any of the documents I brought, nor the pictures. I was a bit disappointed because I spent so much time gathering everything, but I was really happy, of course. The only thing I have to do is to get a new medical because mine expired (ugh), so he gave us a letter (a Notice of Intend to Deny) saying I need to send them a new medical in 30 days (I’m currently working on it). Should I be concerned that the letter he gave us is a NOID instead of a RFE? I think he saw the desperation in my face when I saw it was a NOID, but he assured me we were approved (as long as I send the medical in time, of course) and I shouldn't worry. But, should I?
  23. So my husband submitted his paperwork for his i601a case in January, had his biometrics appointment in April. Received his approval on June 15, 2018. Does anyone know what’s next ? I’m guessing his interview in JuareZ? Does anyone have this time frame and approval?
  24. Hi Guys, I had my visa interview for a B2 at the US embassy in London on November 7th 2017. The interview seemed to go smoothly, I wasn't missing or asked for any further documents and he seemed very content with my reasons for applying for a B2 visa. At the end of the interview he said "ok, thank you, you will get your passport back in around 7 business days" - to which I responded, so it's approved? He confirmed "yes, it's approved". Since the interview I checked the status online and it stated my visa is in Administrative Processing. I have read a number of horror stories online about AP, so now I am absolutely terrified I won't be getting my passport for weeks / months! Why if it is approved, would they put it in AP? I noticed online that there aren't many posts / queries on AP in London, so it leads me to feel that this isn't a common occurrence in the London embassy. Anybody have any knowledge on this + are my worries misplaced? Many thanks, Piers
  25. We had our interview in Montreal today for our K1 visa. Everything seem to go well except the interview didn't approve or deny our visa. He simply said he would get back to us "soon", but gave no timeline. He did keep all of our original documents and passport. I was under the impression that you were approved/denied on the spot, but we seem to be in limbo. Has anyone ever experienced this? If so, what kind of timeline can we expect an answer one way or another.