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  1. My husband had the CR1 spousal visa interview in Jan 2019 and was told congratulations and welcome to the US here are the forms to register to pick up you visa and to pay your immigration fee form. 5 days later we get an email from the embassy saying that they did a final review of our case and had to be put into administrative processing and my husband should pick up his passport (which he did with no visa inside 😔). They didn't ask for any additional information. We are so worried because we have no clue what's going on. We have sent several emails with no response. This has been the most painful experience ever. Even our lawyer has no clue what's going on. Pls help!!!
  2. Hi all, I am newly registered but have been reading the post for quite some time and it has been very helpful. My story goes as follow: I had my Eb-2 visa interview at Guangzhou Consulate around mid October 2018. I told the VO that I currently work for a state-owned employer in China but have never been a CCP (China Communist Party) member. At the end of interview I was issued a green slip "final processing letter". It said the visa has been preliminary approved, but I need to submit additional information regarding to my current employer. I submitted relevant info accordingly. A few days after my submission, the Consulate emailed me with a new white 221 (g) sheet says “SAO Sheet-D”, requesting a statement re CCP and a detailed resume, for “Administrative Processing”. I was confused because I have never been a CCP member, and I promptly submitted the requested information which clearly stated so. Unfortunately there was no further development on my case since then, except for a couple of case status "last update date" change about 2 weeks ago. Today the case status still remains as “Administrative Processing”. The passport is still with the Consulate since interview. Later I learned that SAO stands for "Security Advisory Opinion", and many people who were previous CCP members have been requested similar information and gone through the process which takes extensive time. In my case there is a key difference however: I have never been a CCP member at all. I thought maybe it has to do with my current employer which is state-owned, but my affiliation is solely because of employment, and it should not be a ground for inadmissibility. Therefore I’ve got a feeling that this might be a mistake. I wrote to the Consulate, to the Department of State and asked my district congressional representative to explain my situation and for further help. All inquiries were eventually directed to the Consulate (or it's IV unit) and the response were all like: "...case is currently under AP in accordance with Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.... AP often lasts several months, but in some instances it can take significantly longer". No case specific discussions were shared. It has been more than four months since the interview and I really don't know what to do at this point. I would appreciate if anyone could share any similar experience, resource to go to or advise on what I should do. Thanks in advance!
  3. Spent 12 working day in immigrant status and been in non immigrant status ap since January 30th with no status update. no 221g, told “ congratulations we should be able to approve your visa within 7-10 working days” and only had 4 simple questions. No clue why they put me in additional ap. i had two name changes 1 at 15 changed to my stepfathers surname and one after my divorce when I went back to my birth name. Medical was passed, all documents in order. My fiancé earns a lot so maybe checking that. my job is a risk and value analyst so not on the danger list. I was born here so no clue why, both divorced and yes our relationship started when he was separated so don’t know if that’s why. Had 11 visits prior to interview. 19 working days 29 days now I’m really scared of being denied.
  4. Hi Every One Hope All Is Well I am Haseeb Alam Living In karachi Pakistan I Will Directly Come To the Point. I married with Us Citizen Passport Holder in May 2016. My Wife Went Back To The USA And Submitted My Application 130. My Case started From November 2016.Then After 9 months i Got my Approval From Uscis. And then NvcProcedure Began. Everything Were Fine Until Interview. I Gave My Interview At Islamabad Embassy 2nd Of April 2018. Consular Officer Told Me My Petitioner Income In Not Sufficient . She Gave Me A White Paper 221G Tick With Submit Joint Sponser.So I Need To Send An Joint Sponser. They Kept My Passport .I Came back to Karachi. With In 5 days i sent them joint sponser 7th Of april 2018. I thougth after sending joint sponser within month passport would come back with visa.first month i did not worry. But after 2 3 4 5 now 12 i am so so so worried about my case.Now Today Is March 12 2019. My case Status Shows administrative Processing.Its Been One Year. How Can I living Far Away From My Spouse Such A Long Time. Please some one help me what is this? Its completly abnormal timings. Any body else who is In same boat Like Me please share ... I Am Considering Temporary Passport Withdrawel And apply For Visit Visa for Short Time Stay With My Spouse.is This Right Thinking Or It Will Dinied? Please Some One Help Me I will be waiting for your response
  5. Hello everyone, I'm an American citizen and my husband's interview was on Feb 20th 2018. He had all of his documents but had to go under administrative processing because of the travel ban on Syria. He's been under administrative processing since then and the CEAC site states that his case was last updated on Feb 22nd. Does anyone know how long the AP could take and is there anyone that is/was in a similar situation? Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone ~ my fiance had his K1 Visa interview at Colombo Embassy, Sri Lanka on 4 September 2018. After his interview, he was given 221g with no additional documents needed. CEAC site said "Ready" from day of interview up until just yesterday. It now says "Administrative Processing." Has anyone had a similar experience? Is this maybe a good sign?
  7. Hi Guys, My fiance and I filed the I-129F on the 22nd of October 2018. We still haven't recieved the NOA2 but we're still within reported processing times on the USCIS website for the service center it was received at. My fiance and I have a solid case: She's been here for over 2 years doing her masters at the American University in Cairo while I finish my bachelors. We met during her senior year study abroad at AUC. I met a lot of her family, specifically her dad and brother, her mother passed away in 2013. I met her dad when he came to Egypt for a brief visit and another time when I went on a family vacation with them in Europe. On the Europe trip I met her aunt, her brother, the dad's girlfriend and the brother's girlfriend. All of this is documented with photographic evidence. We have affidavits of support from her dad, a friend of hers from the US who came to visit, a friend of mine here (He's the once who told me I should grow a pair and start talking to her at the start of our relationship), and her roommate during her first year here (also a US citizen and a professor at AUC). We hired a lawyer in the Boston area to help us with filing. We also have evidence of a wedding dress, wedding bands, and within a few months a wedding venue if we get the NOA2. The only red flag we have is that I didn't get an affidavit of support from my family because they didn't like her that much and didn't want to help me because they just didn't approve of the marriage. Post filing, my situation has changed a bit and they've stopped outright rejecting my desire to marry her. From what I can tell this is apparently a death sentence when it comes to administrative processing in Egypt. She has no problem staying in Egypt for as long as necessary to get the Visa assuming she can find work. The only problem with that is we can't realistically live together unless we get married here because Egypt is incredibly conservative. If we decide to get married here we'd have to withdraw our application for the fiance visa and start the process all over again with the CR-1. I realize this fear may be incredibly premature but to be honest I am absolutely terrified and I'm genuinely losing sleep over this. Has anyone every experienced a scenario like this before?
  8. On 13-July-2018, we had our interview for F4 category. It was a bitter experience and we are very confused about it. It would be great if anyone clears our situation. Our interview was at 8 AM at Islamabad Embassy. Our priority date is 27/10/2004. We were 5 persons in total. My parents and their three children in which two were under CSPA with ages 23 and 26. We reached embassy and took tokens by 8:30 AM. First we went to a window in which the officer took our Interview letter, Pictures and took our finger prints. Then, after a while we went to another window where one officer collected our documents and it turned out that the birth certificate was not original. We protested a bit and then he said that if you wish me to put it with documents, I would but it would affect your case as you are under oath and this would be considered a lie. On hearing that, we asked him to give it back and then he told us that you could send it after wards. He was rude and asked us in a bitter way that whether we children are married or not. We told him that we are not. He also asked us what do we do and we answered him accordingly. This whole situation created an upset in my family and we got nervous as something terrible had happened. After a while we were asked to come to a window where there was a female visa officer with a male interpreter as we chose to give our interview in Urdu (native language). My uncle sponsored us but his income was well under poverty line so we had our cousin as joint sponsor as his income is on the higher side. First he interviewed my Father Q: Who was the petitioner? A: My little brother and (HIS NAME) Q: Where does he live? A: California (did not answer with the whole address) Q: From when is he living there? A: The answer was 2010 but my father answered it 2004 because my uncle shifted from NY to Rochester in 2004 so father confused it with. He corrected it after we cleared it to him. Q: How many children do you have and what do they do? A: Answered Properly but nervously Q: Have you all visited US before? (Question where it started to go wrong) A: Father told him that he had visited a couple of times in the fast. Q: You stayed for 6 months? A: Yes, i stayed for 6 months. Q: Did you over stay? A: Father said No. (and it was true) Q: You sure? A: Yes Q: Why did you stay for 6 months? A: I am a keen traveler and i visited my family (Answered nervously) Q: What did you do there? A: I like to travel, I traveled to many places with my friends and family. (The interpreter did not translate it to the VO) Q: But what did you do there? (asked again) A: Traveled alot and some other general statements. (interpreter did not seem to be satisfied so he did not translate it again and asked the same question again) Q: But what did you do? A: Some general statements but when he did not seem to be satisfied my father said that my brother had stores there and i sometimes used to go with them. The interpreter shrugged his shoulders and said something to VO which i could not hear properly and i was standing with my father. (I have two uncles in USA and they used to have stores but my petitioner is not an owner of property now and he works as an associate in a store officially owned by other relatives that is why his income is below poverty line significantly) At this point the VO peeked to another window, talked to some other fellow and put a stamp on the passport of my passport which i believe is that she revoked his existing visit visa which was still valid. Q: Do you have any domicile proof of joint sponsor? A: i gave them the copy green card of my cousin. They did not ask any question about him but my father volunteered and told them about our relationship with the joint sponsor but the interpreter did not translate it to VO. That was the last question they asked my father and situation got very nervous there. The they asked my elder brother who is 26 and working in QATAR right now. Q: Where do you work? A: answered properly Q: Do you have your police clearance certificate with you? A: I gave the the PCC as i was holding all the documents with me. The PCC had Arabic on right side and English translation on left side of the document. She asked that where is the English translation? My brother answered properly that it is on the same document and it is the one they provide officially. She looked on it for a while and then returned. She did not seem to look very happy. Q: From how long have you been in Qatar? A: 8 months but i visited for a month in between as he visited on eldest brothers marriage. Then he asked me one question that what do you do? I told him that i am engineer doing job right now. Situation was quite tense and we were not very confident as she seemed to be strict from the very beginning. Then she gave us 221g form on which it was marked that we have to provide birth certificate of my father. The thing that happened after it is the thing that is particularly bothering me. She kept all of our passports but gave my elder brother his passport so that he can go back to Qatar for his job. My brother refused to take it saying that he is here for a while. Then she said that we will process your case and if your visa gets ready, we will ask you to give us your passport. My brother insisted not to take it and said he can wait. She replied, "IT WILL TAKE A VERY LONG TIME". My brother said he can wait for two months and if it would not get worked till then he would take it back. This statement terrified us badly. After that she went away and I asked our interpreter how to submit birth certificate. He told us to to go to another window to get instructions. Then i asked him is there and remarks on our interview, he replied that your interview is concluded and now we would do a departmental verification. I asked is there any time frame for this process? he replied negatively. After that we went to the other window and got information about where to submit the document? We got it and we will submit the document is a couple of days. Now, we are very confuse about what would happen next and how long we have to wait? whole family is upset about it. Her statement about "LONG TIME" particularly is hurting us. My brother`s job is on stake as well. We are confused whether to ask for his passport as we are unsure about how much time would it take. There is nothing fraudulent in our documents, its just we gave the interview nervously which we think have created some doubt in their mind. The status of case is changed to administrative processing. During whole this process the VO stamped 5 or 6 of our documents, does anyone have idea what that stamp is about? It would be great in some expert analyzes the situation and gives us some advice about what to do.
  9. Hi All, I have been with my fiance for a little over 2 years. We were going to get married later this year. (We are both British citizens). I moved here on an E2 Visa last February. My at the time Fiance (Now my wife) came over to see me on back to back ESTA's. She was advised to get a B1/B2 Visa. Unfortunately this was denied twice under 214b. As a result, we decided to bring the wedding forward and got married on 4th January in Tobago. She had her interview at the Embassy last Monday, 14th January. They took a copy of my visa and our marriage certificate and issued her a 221g letter stating Administrative Processing; no further information was necessary and was told that she would "receive an E-Mail shortly" Any ideas why this may be the case and it wasn't issued there and then? Do they do additional security checks or are they checking our marriage is legitimate as she went from a B1 application to an E2 spouse? They did not request any further information. And the ticked box on the 221g is that "no further information is required" To add some more information sorry: She was questioned a lot about our relationship during the interview: "How long have you been in a committed relationship" - 2 Years "Have you ever lived together" - yes, in England throughout 2017 to Feb 2018 when I traveled to USA "When have you seen him since August" (When she last left USA) - for 2 weeks Sept / October in Canada, then in Tobago for 2 weeks at end of December early January when we got married. I don't know if this indicates they are investigating the validity of our Marriage and how they would do this? When I applied for my E2 I was going through a divorce so as I was legally Married at that time, obviously my Ex-Wife's name was on my petition. Could this of caused any flags? I would be grateful to hear of anyone else's similar experiences and expected wait times? Many thanks,
  10. Has anyone heard of a man getting a fiancé visa from Afghanistan recently? My fiancé is there now and has been waiting 6 months since his interview. Our case is in AP. Has anyone heard of AP taking less than a year for a man from Afghanistan in 2018/2019? I know 2 women who were only in AP for less than 2 months. But I haven’t heard of any men getting visas.
  11. Good afternoon, I had the first interview last November 16 and was given 221g and passport returned. They then email for a 2nd interview last January 17 and still AP. Although they just recently updated the date in CEAC last Tuesday, Feb. 5, I was wondering if some had experienced this before? The 2nd interview was a lot tougher than the first and more questions. They ask me to bring proof of employment and paystub which I did (I am in E-31 and 601waiver). They didn't ask for the documents and they asked questions right away. I just told them that they ask me to bring documents in which she took and made copies. Then goes back to asking questions. What is your assessment on this?
  12. Hi Friends, So my fiance was given a white 221g with administrative processing marked on it. His passport was also kept. I emailed the Islamabad embassy asking them why he wasnt issued a visa. I got a reply back from them today. This is the reply:Dear Sir/Madam, Our records indicate that this case is in its final review. Please feel free to check back with our office after four weeks. So guys should i consider this a good sign? They didnt write the usual its in AP so just wait for it response. Plz give any feedback you guys might have!
  13. Hi I got my tourist visa renewed and a week later got my wife's visa after her interview. Both visas received within 4/5 days Subsequently, I submitted application from our daughter's visa in dropbox, but I have not received even after 10 days. The status says its under administrative processing. Why should a child's visa need administrative processing. Could there be some problem Please let me know Thanks
  14. Hey all, Just hoping to get some help and support on my case. My wife is American, I am Italian, and we have both been living in Canada for over 3 years. -Interview Date for Green Card 12-JUNE-2018 At the interview the lady said I passed and that I would get the card soon after (it could take from few days to a few weeks) we sent in some more documents, so I had to leave my passport there. The consulate required more documents from my wife to show she was serious about moving back to the US -Documents sent on 15-JUNE-2018 -Received by consulate on JUNE 27- Update status to "AP" After a few weeks we started calling (no one picks up) and emailing -AUGUST 6 case update - still AP -AUGUST 20 we went to the US consulate in Vancouver (where we live) to see if they could give us a direct line to talk to the US consulate in Montreal, no help. -AUGUST 21 case update - still AP We have no idea how long will my case be in AP and when I'll get my passport back. Any info from other people would be appreciated! We are so frustrated and desperate!
  15. Hello everyone, I am a Syrian applicant, my case has been under AP for 8 months now. I contact the embassy on monthly basis and all I get is a automatic response with the same words every time. I am thinking of filing a lawsuit but I am scared from the outcome, I have heard of some cases getting approved after filing a lawsuit (Iranian citizens). Does anyone have a background about this?? Thank you
  16. We had our interview this morning, April 13th, at Mumbai embassy. I flew abroad from Oregon to attend. We have a solid relationship, history and madly in love but have children to consider and bills to pay so the K-1 was the fastest (at the time) option to be together and get settled. My fiance was questioned about how we met, the timing of his divorce (failed arranged message from 12yrs prior and divorced a month before we applied). The officer looked at a few photos, questioned him again about his divorce date and issued 221g with no additional information. He did not ask about our children, life plans, etc. After we left (heartbroken) they called him back to embassy for fingerprints and took his passport. We now must wait for contact regarding next steps and no input on what or how to prepare. One thing we noted during document review was that he took local PCC rather than regional PCC from passport office. Questions: 1. They now have his passport so if we order proper PCC online will get accept copy of passport to pick up PCC? 2. Where can we submit new PCC against our case in AP before they call on us to submit? MOST IMPORTANTLY, has anyone else been through similar and have a timeline or experience to share (with focus on divorce - two for me and one recent for him- or PCC issues or similar officer behavior at interview)??? Thank you, Annie & Prasad
  17. Long story short i was studying in LA 2012-2014, took a leave of absence with intention to return fall 2015, in march 2015 i went to renew my visa which was expiring in may, the visa was renewed, in may i flew over to LA to spend the summer there before school started. I was turned away at POE because my sevis was cancelled (which i had no clue about and was not informed when i renewed my visa). I was given a 5yr ban because i didnt have $3k on me to pay for a return ticket. I want to finish my degree so I got a lawyer who prepped the 212(d)(3), went for the interview this july. The officer asked me to explain what happened and why I got the expedited removal. I told her what happened she said she believed me. She gave me a green 221g but said she didn't need the waiver packet and didn't look at it. I tried to insist but she said it wasn't necessary, she was going to 'make my application nice' and would get back to me. She said she wanted to keep my passport so that I could just "pick up the visa". The only document she looked at was my i-20. Its been 3 weeks and they havent requested any documents, status is still under AP. Uni starts in 2 weeks. I cannot find anything online anywhere about a 5yr ban 212(a)(7) waived with a 221(g) with zero documents so i dont get whats going on. Anyone know anything about this or had a similar experience? TIA
  18. If I’m visiting my fiancé! Can I go to the embassy and ask them regarding my fiancé’ Visa? We’ve been in ap since April 26 which is interview date. They also asked us for the forms-5355 and we emailed it to them back. Thanks for the in advance
  19. Heard this this morning and it gave me renewed fight (after making me cry) and rang true for those of us waiting in this visa process. 32 days/21 working days since interview The Impossible Dream by Andy Williams “To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow To run where the brave dare not go To right the unrightable wrong To love pure and chaste from afar To try when your arms are too weary To reach the unreachable star This is my quest, to follow that star No matter how hopeless, no matter how far To fight for the right Without question or pause To be willing to march Into hell for a heavenly cause And I know if I'll only be true To this glorious quest That my heart will lay peaceful and calm When I'm laid to my rest And the world will be better for this That one man (or woman)scorned and covered with scars Still strove with his (or her)last ounce of courage To fight the unbeatable foe To reach the unreachable star”
  20. We had our interview on April 17th, and the woman interviewing my fiancé told him to come back in 2 days to pick up his visa. The very next day, he got a call that our case was actually going through additional administrative processing and that we would just have to wait. On monday 60 days will have passed since our interview, and the travel.state.gov website says that we may now make inquiries about the status of our visa... but is there anything else we can do? Is there ANY action I can take? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  21. Hello all, we applied for IR1/CR1 visa and we have been on administrative processing for 20 months without given reason or update since the interview when no papers or additional info was required from us. so we are thinking about takin some legal action at least to know what is going on and where we are standing and shake things a little bit. so please tell us what you think and recommend good immigration lawyers that handle similar cases successfully. thank you.
  22. Hey everyone I hope you are doing great!, Well, I had my K1 interview yesterday in the US Embassy Algiers,Algeria, the whole process was smooth, not too many applicants, the staff was very friendly, the embassy officer asked me usual question : What is your fiancé's name? How long have you been together? How did you meet? Where did you meet in person? How many days you spent together and where? How did your relationship became romantic? What do you love about him? What does he do for living? Can you list his family memebers and where do they live? Does he live alone? And then he told me "Congratulations! Your visa has been approved" I was very happy and felt a mountain was off of my back, then he told me i will be back with you, he went for about 10 mins, when he came back he gave me a a form to fill that contains my informations such us Name Address Siblings and their date of birth Employers (name, address and employement date) My emails My social media accounts Told me to fill it and give it back to him After i did, he gave me a white slip (221g) and told me my case needs some administrative processing and he gave me back my passport and told me we will email you when we are done and ask you to send us your passport, I left the embassy heart broken, waiting for (god's know how long) they email me... What made me feel sad is because they gave me back my passport. And i am more confused because he approved my application at first, so can you please tell me if you know cases like this or what do you think about it?
  23. So we just checked our status and we got this... we were approved on January 16th 2019. At the montreal embassy. Now I know there were a few flags for my fiances part. We sent in the petition (i29f) in a few times and it got sent back to us for silly reasons such as not having the correct payment (where we did, just two different money orders totaling to the 535 amount) and another time for not having a signature. They did turn my fiance around at the border when he was coming down to visit me for thanksgiving and told him he had to be patient and wait for the k1 process to be finished (in which he did) so im hoping the clear this up soon and offically approve us and send the visa its been well over a year and a half at this point i just want this happily ever after to start with him 😕
  24. Hi guys .. My interview took place on Nov 13, 2018 for F2A Category in Islamabad.. MASHA ALLAH the interview went well .. after the interview, I was handed white paper 221G .. I created the profile on the same day .. since then, there have been only 2 updates .. one on Dec 4th and the next on Dec 7th .. I'd really appreciate if anyone can plz guide me as to how long it's going to take ..
  25. I recently had my H1B visa interview in Amsterdam Consulate. The interview went well but the Consular Officer asked additional documents and gave a yellow form under 221g administrative processing. I submitted the documents immediately on the same day of the interview but the case status on ceac website has not changed since then. How long will it take to get the admin processing to complete. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated and if anyone else had faced the similar situation in the past Thanks in advance