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Found 8 results

  1. I am preparing to send my 601a waiver , but my lawyer seems to think I have no enough proof of extreme hardship. I am not sure what to think. my husband (petitioner) has no medical issues. Has anyone had their waiver approved without adding any medical hardships? If so what were your hardships. I just want to know if my lawyer is right or if I should look for another lawyer. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hello everyone, So I am a natural born US citizen. I married my husband 12/2006 he is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. We have 2 daughters together and I have 2 sons from a previous relationship whom he treats as his own. So I'm basically wondering if anyone can relate to our situation has done the papers and how thier process went? 2004: He crossed the border illegally to US 2005: he went home on a plane to mexico on his own for funeral 2005: he attempted cross, was caught and released - no deportation 2005: made it across border 2006: we married 2007 had daughter #1 2014: daughter #2 We never filled out papers because we were told to wait for a reform, and here we are almost 12 years later no reform. I'm not sure if he can qualify for a waiver? I work, have a good job so supporting him is not a problem. He also works, pays his taxes so that helps. He boss is willing to help if he can. Hardship: my 2 son's father will not let me take them to Mexico. Our 1st daughter has been medically diagnosed with anxiety, and sees counseling for that. My job won't allow me to move to Mexico. I obviously will be under extreme stress and have to apply for daycare assistance, food assistance, have to move if he would have to go as I'll be out his income (he does construction). Not sure what else they'd look for for a hardship waiver and if he can really apply for it? Any advice, experiences anything will help just frustrated with all this stuff.
  3. hello guys, I needed to know what happens after waiver has been approved and they have set up the appt. Do you have to do medical exam in the host country or would it be okay if i did it in the United States. I wanted to do at least the vaccines in the US that way only thing left would be the exam itself if i have to do in the my home country. Would we expect the decision at the end of the interview or afterwards.... is there a guide for what kind of question they would ask... I am really anxious/nervous/scared any help would be helpfull... Thanks
  4. KimberlyNMustpha

    AssalamAlikum from Delaware <3

    Hello from Delaware. My name is Kimberly and up until this point I have just been learning and reading and taking all this in. My husband, Mustapha and I were married in September 2018 and now we wait..... In July, on his way here to visit and meet my family, he was denied entry to the US under suspicion that he was not planning on leaving, though we had planned for him to only be here until January to get through the holidays. He was banned for 5 years. Knowing our plans were to marry anyway and that marrying in Morocco may not be easy, we started the marriage petition in Casablanca in September. Unlike many others, our paperwork took less than a week and we celebrated our marriage with a traditional Moroccan celebration and my moroccan In-Laws. Due to the ban I began the paperwork for 'hardship,' and for the spousal visa. The spousal visa was filed mid December and I received confirmation of receipt soon after. The 601 has not been filed yet, as the lawyer is telling because he is now an immediate relative and the reason for his bar (misrepresentation), we may not need to do this for the I-130 approval. Either way, supporting documentation and argument has been included with the original I-130 petition. Like all of you, we are in waiting. Up until now, the waiting was okay. I kept myself busy. Since September, I've been back to Morocco twice. A month Dec/Jan, 10 days (with my son) April, and I have my ticket in hand to return in June for 3 weeks. The traveling is getting expensive (on top of lawyer fees) but the good side is that I am really getting to know my in-laws, the culture and spending time traveling in Morocco. Up until now, I have been in good spirits and stayed positive. I do not know what happened but in the past two weeks, I have felt depressed and hopeless. It is not how I want to feel, but the not hearing anything is difficult. I look at the timelines and they all vary and I worry about the I601 not being filed, though if it is not needed, it certainly saves a lot of money. I am blessed to have time to travel and a great family and husband to have married into. I have a lot of responsibility with my work here in the US, but am trying to find a way to go to Morocco on an extended time without jeopardizing the 29 year career and salary. This waiting is getting increasingly difficult. What are all of you doing to help with the passing of time???
  5. hi, VJ members: Does anyone has been through a consular processing after I-601A approval? My category is F2B, and want to know what questions were asked during interview. My timeline: PD: 2006-8 601a Lockbox: 2017-9-14 601a Approval: 2018-1-19 NVC SD: 2018-02-01
  6. Question: we are currently awaiting interview date for the consulate in Juarez. We have an approved I130 and I601A for a IR1 visa. Our case completed with NVC 1/11/18. From what I have seen, we are likely to be scheduled in April. We cannot go until May and thereafter. I have contacted NVC whom stated we can place a hold on the case and then place it into processing at a later date. I also understand we can miss the appointment and reschedule. What is the better process? What are the timeframes? How are theses processes carried out exactly? Hope you can help. TIA.
  7. Hello Everyone. I am very confused I need help to see if anyone has had this happen or something similar. My husband filed an I-601A in May. We have NOT had it approved yet but our consular interview appointment has been scheduled. Our Attorney said I-601A had to be approved before the appointment was scheduled. He is on Vacay, there for cannot reach him and Am currently freaking out (lol). Has anyone had this happen? Filed I-130; April 07, 2016 I-130 Approved: August 19, 2016 Filed I-106A: May 03, 2017 Bio Metrics Taken: August 04, 2017 Consular Appointment Notice: December 04, 2017
  8. I'm trying to find out if my husband has any options to apply for any waiver or if he must wait outside the US for 10 years before applying. He is a Mexican citizen. He first attempted to cross illegally to the US in 1999; he was 15 years old. He was caught and fingerprinted, but sent back within a few hours as a voluntary departure or return. He waited a few weeks and crossed again without being caught. He was in the US from 1999 (15 years old) to 2003 (19 years old). In 2003, he went home for 6 months. At this time, he was 19 years old. After staying in Mexico for the 6 months, he attempted to cross again and was caught again. Basically the same deal as last time, he was caught and fingerprinted; they were going to set him to go before a judge, but the NTA was cancelled due to overcrowding, so he was sent back as voluntary departure again. A couple of months later he crossed and was not caught and has been in the US since 2003. My question is complex because I've read that voluntary departures don't count as illegal entries, rather attempts, is this accurate? I've read two sides to this, so I'm not sure. Then, I've also read that any time accrued, while a minor doesn't count. So if the following statements are true, does that mean the only time that counts is when he crossed illegally at 19 years old in 2003 and wasn't caught, so he has accrued over a year of unlawful presence, which I believe automatically makes him subject to the 10 year bar, but I'm not sure if the voluntary departures make him subject to the permanent bar and he must leave the US for 10 years before applying for anything. If what I read was incorrect and the voluntary returns do count as illegal entries, is this true while a minor as well, or only the time he was 19 and caught and then 19 and returned to now? If only when he was 19, do these two make him subject to which bar? Sorry if I'm not explaining this well. At the end of the day, we just want to know if he has any options given his history.